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Volume 3 Issue 12 FREE October 2, 2009

Sewing the seeds of celebration

By Kristin Hackler

(above) Louetta Davis, Lorraine McDermott and Earthalee McPherson of the Quilting Lives group. Louetta is holding her quilt called “Sweet & Warm”
and Earthalee is holding her quilt called “Heritage Star”. Both quilts will be for sale at the Our Lady of Mercy 20 year Anniversary Party on October 17.
(left) An assortment of quilted items will also be for sale.

here is something so special about a handmade quilt. across most of the country, little pockets of dedicated quilters
The small imperfections in the stitch, the almost continue to meet here and there, sharing their ideas, experience
imperceptible size irregularity in the fabric squares; and passion for patchwork with anyone who wants to learn.
each unintentional difference is a small note from the quilter, One of these groups meets nearby at the Our Lady of Mercy
a reminder that the warm tones of fabric were not chosen by Outreach Center on Johns Island. Every Thursday from
a machine and whipped together in a factory. It is a work of 9:30am to noon, women of all ages and race come together
art and it was made with love.
Though the art of quilting is slowly fading into obscurity Quilters continued on page 10

I n s id e t h e I sl a nd Con nection. . .

page 7 pedaling the creek page 12 Island House opening page 15 beach sweep
2 October 2, 2009

Seabrook Town Council – September 22, 2009

A public hearing was held at 2:25pm on about $112,170 behind last year, which is 47kw generator, as opposed to a 30kw repaired.
Ordinance 2009-05 for the rezoning of a difference of 15%. which would be able to completely power
two parcels in Jenkins Point Plantation. Expenditures for this year-to-date are the Town Hall, but that would be its What happened to the grass?
As there were no comments, the public $330,184.15, compared to last year-to- limit. The next one up, a 47kw generator, Mayor McNulty noted that the lengths
hearing was closed. date of $343,296.94. “The whole story is would be able to power the Town of dead grass along Seabrook Island Road
the excess of revenues over expenditures,” Hall, as well as the exterior lighting on the approach to the front gate were
Financials said the Mayor. This year-to-date’s excess or a possible hook up with a mobile intentionally killed as part of a project to
Mayor McNulty noted before reading is $299,944.46, compared to $399,001.67 unit. Both companies bid under the correct the grade level for water drainage.
the financials that neither the $400,000 last year. “We’re almost exactly $100,000 $40,000 allocated for the new generator It will be replaced by a type of grass
plus loan to the Utility Commission, nor behind last year because of building and and the Town agreed to purchase a which is resistant to salt water; however,
the rebate that will be sent to residents licenses,” the Mayor noted. 47kw generator for $31,000. It should the grass might not be planted until
will appear in this month’s financial be installed by the end of October. spring, in which case the area will be
statement, so the figures for this month Public Safety Councilman Savin later asked if there planted with rye for the winter.
do not reflect those amounts. Council Savin reported that the Town was a resell value for the old generator,
Revenues for this year-to-date are is continuing to update the Town’s to which Pierce replied that he had asked A word on the roads
$630,128.61, compared to last year-to- Disaster Plan and ironing out the both companies, and they both said that Councilman Holtz took a moment to
date of $742,298.61, putting the Town communications between the Town’s it probably couldn’t be sold. Council discuss the roads issue on Johns Island.
major entities. Savin stated that they were briefly discussed donating it, but no “The roads are getting commented on

The Island making good progress and everything

should be done in two months.
official decision was made during the
As for the other projects, Pierce
every day,” said Holtz, mainly referring
to recent letters to the editor in local
newspapers. “Some attack the gate at
Connection Mayor’s report
Mayor McNulty reported that the
reported that the coding of the Town
Ordinances was going well. All of
Kiawah, others attack safety laws. No one
is looking at the issue of big landowners
Town has signed a loan agreement with the Ordinances have been scanned on the island and the eventual growth
Lynn Pierotti the Utility Commission for a two year and uploaded. The Municipal of Johns Island, which is projected to
Publisher CD. “The only change that the Utility Code Corporation, which is doing double the island’s population in 10 to
lynn@luckydognews.com requested was one that we’re glad to the codification, is formatting the 20 years. None of these letters look at
make,” said the Mayor, noting that the Ordinances in such a way so that they tomorrow, at the future.” He pointed out
Kristin Hackler Commission wanted the loan agreement can be searched by word instead of by the that most of the comments were based on
Managing Editor to include that they could pay the loan full document, as it had previously been emotion, either about the land or about
kristin@luckydognews.com off in less than two years, if possible. The set up. The task of replacing the color safety, not on facts, and that most of
loan was expected to transfer by Friday, copier was done with $1,300 to spare the people on Johns Island are actually
Swan Richards
September 25. out of the $10,000 allocation, and Pierce for the Greenway. “I’m not writing any
As for the rebate on the Utility bill noted that the cost of updating the men’s letters, but when people try to get you
Graphic Designer
for Seabrook residents, the Mayor bathroom at Town Hall had come in at into a discussion [about the roads], you
swan@luckydognews.com pointed out that in the end, he found $7,600; $2,600 above what the Town should know the facts.”
that it would be too complicated to send had allocated. “$7,000 for the men’s Town Administrator Pierce noted that
Ali Akhyari separate rebate checks to all the residents, room?” The Mayor asked incredulously. he attended the most recent CHATS
Assistant Editor so the credit will appear on one, if not The Council later jokingly discussed meeting and delivered a copy of the
ali@luckydognews.com two, of Seabrook residents’ next water that they “didn’t need marble in the proclamation made by the Town last
bills. men’s room”, and Councilman Holtz year which supports improvements to the
Lori Dixon stated that they wouldn’t be “holding Johns Island roads as long as the plans
Account Executive Capital projects well underway any meetings in the men’s room”. In the include the Greenway or a similar road
lori@luckydognews.com Town Administrator Randy Pierce end, the Council determined that the as part of the solution. Pierce remarked
gave an update on the capital projects bathroom project will be re-evaluated in that the last thing the executive director
Chelsea Langan approved at last month’s meeting. All order to lower the costs. Finally, Pierce mentioned before closing the meeting
Advertising of the projects are moving along well, reported that he will be collecting prices was that Charleston County has passed
chelsea@luckydognews.com and Pierce reported that he met with this month on re-tiling and re-carpeting the request for a study of traffic from
the two companies that bid on replacing the Town Hall, and noted that a piece of one end of Johns Island to the other to
the Town’s generator. Both companies rotting wood above the stairs at the Town
Interns Council continued on page 3
recommended that the Town go with a Hall entrance is in the process of being
Dylan Sharek

Civic Calendar
Paul Robinson

Jennifer Barbour Monday, October 5 Kiawah Island Town Hall
Lynda Fox
Sue Holloman
Kiawah Island Environmental Monday, October 12 21 Beachwalker Drive
Committee Kiawah Island, SC 29455
Dwight Ives St. Johns Fire District Commission Phone: 768-9166
3pm - 5pm 7pm
Helen Legare Fax: 768-4764
Town Hall - 2nd Floor Conference Room St. Johns Commission Building
Sam Reed Email: cwilson@kiawahisland.org
Smoky Weiner 3327 Maybank Highway, Johns Island
Tuesday, October 6
Seabrook Island Town Hall
Published by Kiawah Island Town Council Wednesday, October 14 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Lucky Dog Publishing 2pm - 4pm Seabrook Island Planning Commission Seabrook Island, SC 29455
of South Carolina, LLC Town Hall Council Chambers All Planning Commission meetings will Phone: 768-9121
P.O. Box 837 be held at 2:30pm at the Town Hall Fax: 768-9830
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 Kiawah Island Ways and Means unless noted otherwise on the Town Email:
843-886-NEWS Committee meeting bulletin board. lmanning@townofseabrookisland.org
Kiawah Island Municipal Center’s 2nd Monday, October 19 Johns Island Council
Future deadlines: Meetings are held at the Berkeley
October 7 for
Floor Conference Room
Kiawah Island Board of Zoning Electric Co-op located at 3351
submissions. Appeals Maybank Hwy, John’s Island.
Op-Ed articles do not necessarily reflect the
Wednesday, October 7
4pm - 5pm Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
opinion of Lucky Dog News or its writers. Kiawah Island Planning Commission Town Hall Council Chambers
3pm - 5pm Charleston County Council
Town Hall Council Chambers Tuesday, October 20 4045 Bridge View Drive, North
Kiawah Island Public Safety Charleston
Seabrook Island Planning Commission (843) 958-4700
– work session Committee Meeting
All Planning Commission meetings will be 3pm – 5pm
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC Town Hall
City of Charleston
held at 2:30pm at the Town Hall unless 75 Calhoun St.
Publishers of Island Eye News, noted otherwise on the Town bulletin 2nd Floor Conference Room (843) 724-3745
The Island Connection and board.
The Folly Current.
October 2, 2009 3
Council continued from page 2 resignation, purely for health reasons. Mayor. There are 20 volunteers this year and a line addition to Section 1.2.54.
“He was extremely influential in on the election committee and they will The new sections state that in the state of
CHATS. “It’s in the system,” said Pierce. attaining the $1.6 million grant from work in four hour shift cycles on election an emergency, the Mayor shall become
“It’s just way down on the list.” FEMA,” said Hall, and the companies day, which is November 3. “Not a hitch vested with the following extraordinary
he hired to handle each stage of the to be seen,” said Corrigan, smiling. powers: (g) to request the assistance
Water bill rewards application process did such a good “I’m sure it will run smoothly,” said the of the military and/or police forces of
Joe Hall of the Utility Commission job with the application, that FEMA is Mayor. “You all do a great job.” federal, state, and/or other local agencies;
announced that the rebate on water bills using some of the Town of Seabrook’s and (h) to take such action as appears
has been calculated and the day after application forms to teach people how to Ordinance 2009-06: adopt the Town necessary to protect life and property
the Town Council meeting, the tape complete the application process. “Bob budget and maintain peace and good order. The
would be sent to the printer to write has done a great job and he’s a terrific “This is the first reading and I know you addition to Section 1.2.54 reads that
the bills. A letter from the Mayor of asset,” said Mayor McNulty before just got this today,” the Mayor said to “The state of emergency shall legally end
Seabrook Island will be included with announcing that Jeff Bostock has been the Council. “If you have any questions, when the Mayor determines that the
each bill, explaining the rebate. As for appointed to take Stief’s place. “it’s the we can iron them out between now and peace and good order of the Town are no
the loan from the Town to the Utility Council’s job to replace the members of the next reading.” He noted that the longer threatened and declares this in a
Commission, Hall stated that he had the Utility Commission, and Jeff Bostock budget for 2010 is less than the budget proclamation which shall be posted upon
been in touch with U.S. Bank, which is was recommended,” said the Mayor. for this year as the Horizon Plan won’t the Town’s official bulletin board(s) or
the trustee of the loan, and they are in “He worked for 40 years in weapons be included in next year’s budget. The upon a majority vote of Town Council,
the process of completing the paperwork technology, so I don’t think he’s over his first reading of the budget was approved whichever occurs first.” The Ordinance
for the bonds. Lee Vancini, the current head on this one. I can’t think of a better unanimously. was approved unanimously.
Utility Commissioner, will be handling replacement.” Bostock’s appointment was
most of the process. Mayor McNulty approved unanimously. Ordinance 2009-07: emergency Ordinance 2009-05: Rezoning of two
remarked that Vancini feels it will be powers of the Mayor parcels in Jenkins Point Plantation
possible for the Utility Commission to Preparing for the elections The Mayor gave the first reading for The second reading of Ordinance 2009-
get their insurance again before the end Gene Corrigan of the Town’s election an amendment to Section 1.2.51 of 05 passed unanimously. The Ordinance
of two years. committee reported that everything is in the Town Code, which amends the allows for a .25 acre portion of TMS
Lastly, Hall reported that one of the good shape for the elections. There are emergency powers of the Mayor to #149-00-00-059 to be rezoned in the
members of the Utility Commission, six candidates for four Council seats, two include the line “The Mayor or in his Single Family Residential District.
Robert D. Stief, had given his for the Utility Commission and one for absence, the person designated by the This rezoning is intended to ensure
Town of Seabrook Island Ordinance that the entirety of Lot 62 shown on
To the Editor, River Rd.  This is exactly what River Rd. 2009-03 (hereinafter ‘the Mayor’), may said plat is zoned to be in the Single
  does, a country road that is very lightly declare a state of emergency to exist Family Residential District. The Town’s
I’d like to thank Sam Reed for traveled.  Just yesterday morning I made within the corporate limits of the Town.” official Zoning Map shall be amended
this approximately 10  mile drive and Other changes include the additions of accordingly.
conceding he doesn’t speak for everyone sections (g) and (h) to Section 1.2.52,
on Seabrook Island concerning the counted a total of 37 vehicles going toward
oxymoronic “Greenway” highway the islands. As I said, lightly traveled. 
construction project; a misnomer
that  evokes images of  lipstick-wearing
The safety argument I think is a red
herring. What I think the developers and
their friends are after are development
Kiawah River Plantation
A correction is in order for his
assertion that I favor a bridge from
opportunities and a golf tournament in
2012. Follow the money! planning dates
Kiawah to Folly Beach as the road  Why isn’t reducing the hazards of River

problem solution. Actually, I’m a fan of Rd even on their table? It would certainly he developers of Kiawah River Plantation (also known as Mullet Hall
River Road.  Two men and a chainsaw be more cost effective than carving Johns Plantation), which is adjacent to the current Kiawah River Estates (formerly
could make it perfectly safe with change Island in half.  Hope Plantation), held a workshop on Monday, September 21, with the
left over if $200K is invested.  The proponents of the new road Charleston County Planning Commission to discuss the upcoming development.
The bridge to Folly proposal subvert their own safety argument by If you are interested in the planning of Kiawah River Plantation, the developers
was meant to divert the “new road is the acknowledging that inattentive drivers have released the following list of tentative dates for public hearings and County
only solution (as long as its not in my cause most of the accidents on Johns Island. Council approvals:
backyard)” crowd. Do we need a new road for drivers to be The Charleston County Planning Commission
Below was my statement to the County inattentive on?  October 12 @ 4pm, County Public Services Building
Council concerning the Greenway: My skepticism would be allayed if the Public Hearing
I’ d like to advise County Council to new road proponents were willing to spend November 3 @ 6pm, County Public Services Building
$200K on the feasibility of opening the Planning / Public Works Committee
shelve and think carefully about approving
roads of Kiawah to the public and building November 12 @ 4:15pm, County Public Services Building
this measure.  A go-ahead vote will First Reading at County Council
unalterably change the character of Johns a bridge to Folly Beach since they think
November 17 @ 7pm, County Public Services Building
Island.  And for what purpose River Rd. is so hopelessly dangerous. Second Reading at County Council
The proposed road starts from Betsy   December 1 @ 7pm, County Public Services Building
Kerrison Parkway and ends in the vicinity Harry Polychron Third Reading at County Council
of the junction of Maybank Hwy and Seabrook Island December 15 @ 7pm, County Public Services Building

4 October 2, 2009

Seabrook Council candidates, part two

Staff report

n the last edition of The Island Savin first ran for Council, he had a lot of club and the non members alike.” Editor’s note: In the last issue of The Island
Connection, we spoke with several planks in his platform, “and I’ve found that Seabrook Island elections will be held Connection, we incorrectly stated that
candidates for Town Council, as well I’ve accomplished most of those planks,” on November 3. candidate Sam Reed was the president of the
as William Holtz, the sole candidate he smiled. Some, he noted, turned out POA when it is in fact Scott Wallinger. We
for Town Mayor, and Lee Vancini, the to be impossible, such as having a public apologize for the mistake.
incumbent running against Charles health office, as even the large Town of
Measter for Utility Commissioner. At the
time, we were unable to reach two of the
Town Council candidates and the second
James Island doesn’t even have one, and to
supply flu vaccines to residents; a problem
which the federal government corrected.
Senator McConnell at
candidate for Utility Commissioner.
In this follow-up, we wanted to give
Council candidates Terrence Ahern and
Savin was instrumental in starting the
island’s CERT (Community Emergency
Response Team) organization, which is
the Exchange Club
incumbent Dr. Robert Savin, as well as the largest single CERT organization in By Sue Holloman

Utility Commissioner candidate Charles the State. “In the long term, I would like lenn McConnell, President on the islands. He also stated that he was
Measter, a chance to state their reasons for to continue our good relations with the Pro Tem of the South Carolina in favor of making Bohicket a four lane
running and what goals they might have Club and the POA,” said Savin. “I feel Senate, was the guest speaker road, similar to what was done with the
if elected. that the new facilities are a great benefit at the Kiawah/Seabrook Exchange Betsy Kerrison.
Terrence Ahern, Council candidate, to the island and I would like to continue Club meeting held on Kiawah this Senator McConnell also stated that
noted that, with his past experience as a promoting them.” While in office, Savin past Wednesday, September 16. He he was in favor of the Governor and
member of the Seabrook Island Property stated that the ecology and the use of was welcomed by a large audience and Lieutenant Governor running together
Owners Association and as a past vice the island in a responsible manner is discussed what the legislature is doing as a slate. He felt that would help the
president and president of SIPOA, as well important to him, as is the preservation to help bring new business to South state run in a more orderly manner.
as his service with another POA before of green space; and as for the safety of the Carolina. He told the group that several The meeting concluded with questions
moving to Seabrook, He has proven to island, Savin firmly stated that “the gate large companies were considering and answers.
be someone who will be actively involved is inviolate.” relocating to South Carolina, bringing
many jobs with them. The Kiawah Seabrook Exchange Club
in the community. “While working with Finally, the second candidate for meets twice a month and is always ready to
the POA, I helped with the surveys and Utility Commissioner, Charles Measter, A topic of interest to the Club was his
discussion of extending the Mark Clark welcome new members. Contact President
found that people really like living in a explained that his main interest is to Jim Tilson 243-8522 if you would like
gated community because they feel safe ensure that the island’s water needs are Expressway. He indicated that it is going
to happen and the road itself is needed more information.
and secure,” said Ahern. “So my primary sufficient for the next generation. “I am
objective is to continue to have our gate also concerned about the cost of our
system and to not violate that position of water,” writes Measter. “I think we are
keeping our island safe and secure.” Ahern paying higher water rates than people in
also noted that there is a need to work on other States with which I am familiar.”
our safety outside of Seabrook; specifically Measter believes that his knowledge
the Johns Island roads. “Whether it’s and experience as an attorney and
with a better road system or expansion of former manager of a shipping company
existing roads,” said Ahern. “But it needs give him the appropriate background
to be done with as little damage to the for understanding the financing of
environment as possible.” large projects. His future goals include
Current Council member Dr. Robert improving the infrastructure behind the
Savin first ran for Seabrook Town gate, in particular the dredging of the
Council four years ago and has found that lake on number four of Ocean Winds
he enjoys learning how small government which is a holding a basin of effluent
PHOTO BY Sue Suffel

works and how it interacts with the water for the spray fields. “I am aware that
State government. “I also learned about the commission is selling effluent water at
other small town governments and how times to the Oak Point Golf course and
Seabrook Island works in particular,” said giving the Club water from a deep water
Savin. “It is unique, with a large POA that well which is higher in salt content. This
handles many of the larger problems that affects the live oaks on the golf courses Exhange Club President, Jim Tilson, Senator Glenn McConnell and Program Director
a Town would normally handle.” When which is a concern to all members of the Mike Morris.

October 2, 2009 5

Legislature to hear seniors

by Sam Reed

he Silver Haired Legislature, made only withstand a category two hurricane, in South Carolina until it finally became suckers”. Her comments were spiced with
up of 152 members each over 60 and that solar does not provide a steady law. She listed: (1) Transportation; (2) much good humor, but she also brought a
years of age and representing all source of power. On the other hand, the Fraud; and (3) General Physical Care; as great deal of information to the meeting.
46 of South Carolina’s counties, met in average nuclear plant takes more than 10 areas where she believes seniors need more She stated that Social Security “would not
session in Columbia on September 15, 16, years to build, and can cost roughly $15 attention. go broke”, but that as things stand now,
and 17. billion. He stated that South Carolina Teresa Arnold, an employee of AARP, there would be a 20% shortfall by the year
Three resolutions were adopted to be must improve its economic climate, discussed the various health care proposals 2037. She also stated that Medicare is not
presented to the coming session of the promote further development, and greatly being discussed at the federal level, and sustainable as it now exists.
South Carolina General Assembly for improve its educational system. explained why AARP supports most of She also pointed out that seniors are
consideration in 2010. They call for: (1) He said that the South Carolina the aspects of the proposals. She pointed not high on the priority list in the U. S.
Adoption of licensing of non-medical House has passed: (1) Spending limits; out that AARP’s efforts are aimed at; (1) Congress, so it is important to figure out
in-home service providers, including (2) Preservation of the secret ballot; and Reducing costs; (2) Reducing waste; and a way to effectively advance senior issues.
criminal background checks; (2) (3) Increased cigarette tax; but then have (3) Eliminating medical mistakes. Her mantra was; (1) Educate yourself;
Additional funding for in-home and become stalled in the South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer (2) Motivate yourself and others; and (3)
community-based services; and (3) Senate. He believes that real estate talked about the importance of the Silver Activate the decision-makers. Finally, she
Mandatory minimum penalties for persons reassessments should all occur at the same Haired Legislature to the South Carolina said that improved health care will cost
guilty of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of time on a regularly scheduled basis, rather legislative process. He encouraged all money ( lots of it ) - so, the $64 question
vulnerable adults ( as already exists when than at the time of each sale. senior citizens to stay involved, and to is from whence it will come ? She believes
the victim is a child ). He further stated that there are few let their voices be heard. He discussed it is premature to be overly critical of any
Many other topics were advanced and state funds for roads, unless some funds Medicare at some length, pointing out that health care bill at this time, since there
will be suggested to the legislators, but are moved from the General Fund (such annual Medicare expenditures in South really is none. There is only a mish-mash
these three will have the most emphasis. as the sales tax on auto sales). Carolina were equal to the entire annual of early preliminary drafts (three from
Two South Carolina legislators, the State Representative Denny state budget. He also stated that 10% the U.S. House and two from the U.S.
Lieutenant Governor, a D.C. lobbyist, Neilson pointed out that she was the of those on Medicare make up 30% of Senate).
and an AARP representative spoke during Representative who introduced the bill to Medicare expenditures in South Carolina. All in all, it was a good, productive,
the sessions. Representative Bill Sandifer, create the Silver Haired Legislature about The average annual Medicare expenditure and informative session. There were
chair of the House Labor and Economic 12 years ago. It was patterned after such for that 10% group is $44,220. numerous questions and ideas, but few
Development committees, commended laws in California and North Carolina. Laura Feldman is a representative of the sure-fire answers. The group will meet
the Silver Hairs for being less rowdy than She recognized the successes of the Silver National Committee to Preserve Social again this coming spring to work on other
the actual House members. He discussed Haired Legislature, and assured the body Security and Medicare, a non-partisan legislative proposals involving seniors. If
South Carolina’s need to move from that their voices were important to South group based in Washington, D.C. She you have thoughts or ideas, send them to
commercial coal usage to nuclear, and Carolina legislators. She also mentioned defined the word “politics” as being your Silver Haired representative, Sam
possibly wind and/or solar. He pointed that it was this group that pushed for derived from “poly”, meaning “many Reed, at slr729@aol.com or 3114 Baywood
out that wind turbines in the ocean can the elimination of the sales tax on food types” and “tics” which means “blood Drive, Johns Island 29455-6157.

6 October 2, 2009

The National Solar Tour Taste of Charleston

comes to Charleston expands its palette
he non-profit American Solar showcases residential solar projects, Get ready for the 29th annual Taste of Charleston scheduled October 9-11,
Energy Society (ASES) and the the explosive growth of solar incentives 2009. The three-day celebration of Lowcountry cuisine is being hosted by the
South Carolina Solar Council for energy-intensive businesses and Greater Charleston Restaurant Association and will feature some of Charleston’s
finest nationally-renowned chefs. \
have announced that this year’s National schools helped drive the decision to
There are four special events this year, including:
Solar Tour will take place on Saturday, expand the scope of the tour to include
Iron Chef Competition will be held Friday, October 9, at the Culinary Institute
October 3, 2009. This annual event solar solutions implemented in these of Charleston’s Palmer Campus in downtown Charleston and will showcase the
allows home owners, businesses and sectors as well. The U.S. Department Institute’s new $7-million facility, pitting some of the best local chefs in a heated
non-profits to showcase how they are of Energy provides funding for the tour head-to-head battle in their state-of-the-art amphitheater kitchen. This event will
using solar power to slash energy costs, to help extend its reach to people in all be held 6 – 9pm and is $20 per person.
improve property values and reap rich 50 states. Taste of the Kitchen will be held Saturday, October 10, also at the Culinary
new government incentives, while also Institute of Charleston’s Palmer Campus in downtown Charleston. There will be
This year, four solar powered
two sessions for the event: 10:30am – 12:30pm and 12:30 – 2:30pm. Cost is $45
helping the environment. Last year, the structures will be on display in per person. There will be fun by the forkful as celebrity chefs take the culinary
National Solar Tour hosted 140,000 Charleston: 1316 Briiarfield Avenue, stage to show how chefs do it and Culinary Institute chefs take participants into
people in 49 states; Washington, D.C. Charleston James Island; 738 Old the kitchens to cook hands-on. Add the wine and beer classes and the buffet
and Puerto Rico participated. This Plantation Rd., Charleston, James lunch, and you have a full plate.
year, over 150,000 in all 50 states are Island; 611 North Shore Dr., Charleston, Taste of the Arts on Gallery Row will be held Saturday evening, October 10,
anticipated to participate. James Island and 3655 Rivers Ave., 6 – 8pm, at various art galleries in downtown Charleston. The art walk combines
Lowcountry art with the culinary arts and will showcase the talents of local
“With a perfect storm of national North Charleston. These houses and artists while offering guests a sampling of appetizers from a variety of Charleston’s
leadership that recognizes the stores will be open between 1 and 5pm. favorite restaurants. This event will be held 6-8pm and is $20 per person.
importance of renewable energy, a You are welcome to visit and discuss Taste of Charleston (Main Event) will be held on Sunday, October 11, at
menu of enticing new government the advantages, the costs and problems Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant. The event will showcase a sampling
incentives, rising energy costs and encountered with the hosts at each site.  of the taste-tempting delights served at more than 40 of Charleston’s finest
a groundswell of public support for Registration or advanced booking are restaurants. Additional highlights include the legendary Waiter’s Wine Race,
food and wine pairings, a selection of specialty and imported beers, cooking
clean energy alternatives, interest in the not needed; just come, see and learn. demonstrations, the Best of the Taste contest, live music with East Coast Party
benefits of solar is off the charts,” said Band on the main stage and a Kids Corner (complete with a petting zoo). Tickets
For more information about the solar
ASES National Solar Tour Manager are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.
tour or solar workshops you are invited to
Richard Burns. Tickets for all events may be purchased at local Kickin’ Chicken restaurants or
visit www.scsolarcouncil.or or contact
While the tour traditionally Erika Myers at (803) 737-7951. online at www.charlestonrestaurantassociation.com.

October 2, 2009 7

Trading a paddle for a pedal

Staff report

ast week was a typical example of why so many
people decide to settle in the Lowcountry.
Perfect temperatures in the mid 70s, low
humidity and skies so clear you could almost see
Bermuda from our coastline. The beaches return
to empty stretches of cool sand and softly tumbling
surf and the waterways wave goodbye to yachts
bound for the Virgin Islands. This is when locals
hit the waters in every means of buoyant conveyance
they can find; and recently, they’ve been finding
some incredibly unique and entertaining ways of
enjoying the thousands of miles of waterways in the
On a recent trip along Shem Creek, some
exhausted novice kayakers were just making their
way back from Crab Bay in the Charleston Harbor
when another set of kayaks whipped by them, kicking
up a small wake. Besides the speed and ease with
which the new kayaks slipped through the water, you see a set of army-green kayaks kicking down a nearby the Hobie Mirage comes with standard paddle options
what struck the struggling kayakers as odd was that the creek, it’s probably a pair of their demos. As more and (just flip the rudder in and tuck the flippers so they’re
other kayakers weren’t using their arms to paddle; they more people learn about these low-impact, long distance flush with the underside of the kayak), we were able to
were using their feet. kayaks, Half Moon has been making their store demos shake up the routine a little by paddling with our arms.
available for rent; and at $40 a day, the cost is well worth This option also makes it easy to cruise through shallow
Using a unique set of underwater flippers, the new
the experience. waterways in which the flipper system is a little too deep
Hobie Mirage kayak moves through the water by kicking
Having poor upper arm strength, I opted to take one to handle.
a set of shallow fins from side to side. The kayaker simply
places their feet on the pedals and “steps” in a motion of these kayaks out with a friend during the first few days If you have racks, Half Moon Outfitters will let you
similar to stair stepping while reclining. The movement of gloriously cool post-Labor Day weather. After being take the Hobie Mirage demos wherever there’s water, as
of the fins from side to side allows the kayaker to convert out on the water for four hours I was tired, but not overly long as you have it back at the end of the rental period.
the effort of the human body into forward thrust, and so, and we had seen more of Charleston Harbor than The peddling system is fairly self-explanatory, but their
the movement creates less exertion on the body, so even either of us had seen by standard kayak. The trip around staff is more than happy to walk through it with you.
someone who exercises on a minimal basis would be able Crab Bay was extended to “Well, we can make it to the If you’re in Mount Pleasant, the Shem Creek Marina is
to peddle for long distances. Mount Pleasant shoreline” and then, “But the Pitt Street a perfect launching point for either up-creek peddling
Bridge isn’t that far away”. After beaching at the Pitt or gliding out into Charleston Harbor. But longer trips
One of the pioneers of the Hobie Mirage movement is
Street bridge, we stretched our legs and took a leisurely are possible, with kayakers having taken the crafts as far
Half Moon Outfitters on Coleman Boulevard. In fact, if
peddle back to Shem Creek, slipping under the docks of as Morris Island (from Shem Creek) and Capers Island.
several beautiful waterfront An added bonus is that the kayaks are incredibly well
homes along the way. Since balanced and come with plenty of storage room, which
makes them ideal for fishing
For more information
on the Hobie Mirage and
other wild water sports and
sports equipment, visit www.
halfmoonoutfitters.com or drop
by one of Half Moon Outfitters
stores, located at 425 Coleman
Boulevard (Mount Pleasant -
881-9472) or 94 Folly Road
Blvd. (West Ashley in the
South Windermere Shopping
Center - 556-6279).

(top) Reporter Kristin Hackler tries to decide how far she can paddle in the Hobie Mirage. (above) The
pedal system is easy to use and the navigation, simple to maneuver.

8 October 2, 2009
Friday, October 2
Seabrook brown and white pickup day
Green. Join us for an Oyster Roast provided
by Lowcountry Eats and music by The
Coppertones. For more information call
Island Connec
Items should be placed curbside by 7:30am.
Brown goods include mattresses, couches,
Guest Services at 768-6491.
October 2 -
chairs, box springs, tables, televisions, and Saturday, October 3
miscellaneous non-metal items. Please Orchard between 8am and 4pm. Cost is painter and pumpkin painting will be
contact John Wells at 768.0061 if you have SCARE Hunter Pace & Trail Ride at
$40 for riders and $15 for non-riders and available for children, and the Seabrook Art
any questions. Poplar Grove
includes lunch. To register, call (803) 720- Guild will have paintings on display and for
Saddle up to help horses in need! Poplar
7062 or e-mail sommerdressage1@yahoo. sale. Music by Yeehaw Junction from 11am –
Freshfields Fall Festival Oyster Roast & Grove and SCARE (South Carolina
com. 2pm. Entry is free to the public. Please call
Music on the Green Awareness and Rescue for Equines) are
Guest Services at 768-6491 for more info.
From 6 – 9pm at the Freshfields Village hosting a trail ride at the Poplar Grove Seed
Moja Arts Festival presents: CSO Gospel
Choir  Sunday, October 4

Ta k e a p a g e
African-American Sacred Songs III will
highlight the evolution of gospel music. Freshfields American Music Festival
Saint Matthews Church, 405 King Street, From 2-7pm at the Freshfields Village
downtown Charleston. Tickets are $10 and Green. The American Music Celebration is
Johns Island Regional Library years) Thursdays, October 1, 8, 15, 22, sponsored by the Town of Kiawah Island
3531 Maybank Highway and 29 at 4pm are available at the Gaillard Auditorium
ticket office or at the church one hour and art displays by Kiawah and Seabrook
before the performance. Artist Guilds will be featured. Please call
Club Anime! (ages 12-19)
Hours: Saturday, October 3 from 3 - 4:30pm Guest Services at 768-6491 for more info.
Monday – Thursday: 10 – 8 and Tuesday, October 13 from 4 - Duda Lucena Trio
Friday & Saturday: 10 – 6 5:30pm Starting at 7:30pm at the Turtle Point Monday, October 5
Sunday: 2 – 5 Clubhouse, enjoy Brazilian music by Duda Annual delinquent tax sale
Conversation with the Artist: Othell Lucena. The trio will also feature Quentin
Wee Reads (under 24 months with Brown (all ages) The Charleston County Delinquent Tax
Baxter on the drums, Kevin Hamilton on Division will hold the annual Delinquent
adult) Saturday, October 3 from 4:30–
Mondays, October 5, 12, 19 and 26 at 5:30pm bass and Gerald Gregory on the keyboard.   Tax Sale for unpaid real estate and mobile
10:30am This event is free and open to the public. home property taxes.  The sale will begin at
Looney Toons Tuesday! (11 years and Tickets are available at Town Hall starting 9:30am in the Charleston County Council
Time for Twos (2–3 years old with younger) September 24. For more info, call 768- Chambers on the second floor of the Lonnie
adult) Tuesday, October 6, 13, 20 and 27 at 9166. Sponsored by the Town of Kiawah Hamilton III, Public Services Building
Tuesdays, October 6, 13, 20 and 27 at 2pm Island Arts Council. located at 4045 Bridge View Drive in North
10:30am Charleston. For more info, contact the
Never Too Cool for Jewels (grades Legare Farms Multi-Family Yard Sale Delinquent Tax Division at 958-4570.
Preschool Storytime (3–6 years) 6-12) The Yard Sale will correspond with the
Wednesdays, October 7, 14, 21 and 28 Wednesday, October 7 from 3:30–
at 10:30am 4:30pm
opening day of Legare Farms’ Pumpkin Tuesday, October 6
Patch and Corn Maze and will run from 8
am - 12 noon. For more info, call Legare Seabrook Island Art Guild (SIAG)
Saturday Family Storytime (all ages) Saturday Movie: Monsters vs. Aliens meeting
Saturdays, October 3, 10, 17, 24 and (all ages) Saturday October 10 at 2pm Farms at 559-0788 or e-mail legarefarms@
bellsouth.net. The Seabrook Island Art Guild meets
31 at 11:00am Rated: PG: 94 minutes. Learn more
about the actors and check out books on the third Tuesday of every month at
*Word Basics (adults/young adults) to take home from our book display. Dogtoberfest the new Lake House at 7pm. The Guild
Monday, October 5 from 6 – 8pm Sponsor: The UPS Store, 3575 Join the Kiawah Island Community also meets each Tuesday and Thursday
Maybank Highway, John’s Island. Association at Night Heron Park from at 1pm. For more info, please contact
*Computer Basics (adults/young 10am to 2pm for presentations on canine Robert McBride at 768-3696 or visit www.
adults) Tuesday, October 6 from 10am TLT: Teen Lab Time (grades 6-12) health and nutrition, a blessing of the seabrookislandartguild.com.
– 12 noon Wednesdays, October 14 and 28 from animals, a pup costume contest, raffle prizes
4 - 6pm and more. For more info call Night Heron Wednesday, October 7
*Word: Beyond the Basics (adults/
young adults) Monday, October 12 Read Beyond Reality @ Your Park at 768-6001 or visit www.kica.us. The League of Women Voters presents
from 6 – 8pm Library to Celebrate Teen Read “Health Care Reform – What’s Next?”
Week (grades 6-12) Freshfields 4th Annual Fall Festival Starting at 6:30pm at the Charleston
*Keyboard Basics (adults/young Sunday, October 18–Saturday, Market & Antique Car Show County School District Building Board
adults) Tuesday, October 13 from October 24 From 10am – 2pm at the Freshfields Village Room at 75 Calhoun Street, downtown
10am – 12 noon Green. The Village Green will host a Fall Charleston. The event is free and open to
Sea Islands Book Club (adults) Farmer’s & Art Market with lots of fresh
*Excel Basics (adults/young adults) Tuesday, October 20 at 2pm the public. Ask questions and get answers
produce, flowers, and local crafts. A face on the many facets of healthcare reform.
Monday, October 19 from 6 – 8pm Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission
to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations-
*Files and Folders: File Organization -One School at a Time by Greg
and Management (adults/young adults) Mortenson.
Tuesday, October 20 from 10am – 12
noon Teen Read Week Movie: Fast and
Furious (grades 6-12)
*Access Basics (adults/young adults) Wednesday, October 21 from 4 – 6pm
Monday, October 26 from 5:30 – 8pm PG-13, 99 minutes.

*Internet Basics (adults/young adults) Free Legal Clinic: Heirs’ Property

Tuesday, October 27 from 10am – 12 (adults) Thursday, October 22 at 6pm
Fifth Anniversary Celebration (all
*All computer classes are free. For more ages)
information please call 559-1945 and Saturday, October 24 at 1pm
ask for the Reference Department. Class
space is available for 8 participants per Saturday Movie: Coraline (all ages)
session. Saturday October 24 at 2pm
Rated PG: 100 minutes.
MOJA Festival (all ages)
Thursday, October 1 - Sunday, Halloween at the John’s Island
October 4 Regional Library! (all ages)
Saturday, October 31 at 11am
Toddler Time Fall Session (0 – 3

October 2, 2009 9

ction Calendar Wildlife Photography with Eric Horan

A three day class from Monday -
Thursday, October 15
Yappy Hour

October 17 Wednesday from 8:30am - 3pm in

Beaufort, SC. Explore the South Carolina
From 4 - 7pm at the James Island County
Park Dog Park. Enjoy live music and
Lowcountry with Eric Horan. Designed beverages, available for purchase, while your
For more info, go to the LWVCA web site parking lot at the corner of Maybank for the serious amateur to professional canine companion enjoys the dog park and
http://charleston.sc.lwv.org. Highway and Bohicket Road. From 6 – photographer, Horan’s focus is taking small meets new friends.  This event is free with
9pm. groups or individual photographers to your park admission. Ages 3 and up. Call
Piano Bar at the Sandcastle series outdoor destinations they can explore again 795-4FUN (4386) for more information.
For three Wednesdays in a row, relax Taste of Charleston on their own. Class cost is $350. Lodging
outside on the Sandcastle patio with the October 9-11, 2009 this three-day packages available. For more info or to Friday, October 16
beverage of your choice or inside closer to celebration of Lowcountry cuisine will register, visit www.beaufortcountyarts.com
An Evening with the Stars!
the music. The show starts at 5pm.  Bring feature some of Charleston’s finest, or call (843) 379-ARTS.
Goodwill’s 30th Anniversary Gala will be
the beverage of your choice and any snack nationally-renowned chefs. For more held at the Francis Marion Hotel, beginning
to “tide” you over.  Tonight’s performance info or to purchase tickets, visit www. Tuesday, October 13
with a Registration Cocktail Reception
features Bill Howland on piano. This event charlestonrestaurantassociation.com or call at 6:30pm. The gala will feature heavy
Seabrook Island Art Guild (SIAG)
is free and open to the public. For more 452-6088. hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment, a silent
info, call 768-9166. Sponsored by the Town auction and a Fashion Show. Tickets are
The Seabrook Island Art Guild meets on
of Kiawah Island Arts Council. THAT Big Book Sale $65 per person or $120 per couple. Francis
the third Tuesday of every month at the
The Friends of the Library will be holding Marion Hotel, 387 King Street, Downtown
new Lake House at 7pm. The Guild also
Flu shots available their biggest annual book sale at the Charleston. Visit www.palmettogoodwill.
meets each Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm.
Flu season has arrived and Kiawah- Gaillard Auditorium on Friday and org/gala or call 377-2845.
For more information, please contact
Seabrook Medical & Urgent Care will be Saturday from 9am - 7pm, and Sunday
Robert McBride at 768-3696 or visit www.
offering flu shots again this year beginning from 10am – 3pm, with items marked half
at 1pm in our Wednesday afternoon flu price on Sunday. For more info, visit www.
seabrookislandartguild.com. Saturday, October 17
clinics.   As the CDC gives out information charlestonlibraryfriends.org or call 805-
Wednesday, October 14 Reggae Concert Series: Reggae Infinity
on a possible H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine, 6978.  Bring your chair or blanket, kick back,
Kiawah-Seabrook Medical & Urgent Care Piano Bar at the Sandcastle series and enjoy this outdoor reggae concert at
will keep you informed.  Call 768-4800 for Saturday, October 10 Tonight’s performance features Show & James Island County Park.  gates opening
info. Stedman on piano. The show starts at 5pm.  at 7:30pm and music beginning at 8:30pm.
Greater Park Circle Indie Shorts Festival
Bring the beverage of your choice and any snack $8 for adults (13 and up) or five Greenbax;
St. Johns Rotary Club A new collection of indie short films will
to “tide” you over. This event is free and open children 12 and under are free.  Annual
The St Johns Rotary Club meets regularly be shown at The Olde North Charleston
to the public. For more info, call 768-9166. Gold Passes will be honored.  For more
at 7:30am each Wednesday morning in the Picture House, 1080 E. Montague in Park
Sponsored by the Town of Kiawah Island Arts info, visit www.ccprc.com/reggae or call
multipurpose room at Berkeley Electric Circle. Films will be shown in blocks at
Council. (843)-795-4FUN (4386). 
Cooperative located at 3351 Maybank 5pm and 7pm. Films include “Fiore” by
Highway, Johns Island.  For more info, Owen Hamilton and Corey Corbett, “Le
St. Johns Rotary Club
contact Martha Harris at 559-6955. Croisement” by Brad Jayne and “Vertigo”
See Wednesday, October 7.
by Blake Williams. For more info, visit
Thursday, October 8 parkcirclefilms.org. Tickets are $5.

Stone’s Throw Dinner Sunday, October 11

Enjoy a dinner at the Sanctuary on Kiawah
starting at 6:30pm, where all of the food Tour of Bulls Island with naturalist Rudy
has been grown or caught within 100 miles. Mancke
Call 768-2121 for more information or to Proceeds will benefit the education
make reservations. programs at Sewee Center. Two hour
tour/35 people each tour. Cost includes
Friday, October 9 ferry ride, transportation on the island,
lunch and a one year membership in the
National Fire Prevention Week SEWEE Association. Cost: $75. Call 928-
celebration 3368 to register.
To celebrate National Fire Prevention Week
and the 50th Anniversary of the St. Johns
Fire District, the Fire Department will have
equipment and fire safety displays along Monday, October 12
with hot dogs and soda at the Piggly Wiggly Columbus Day

10 October 2, 2009

Daily Discoveries: Hurricanes & Wildlife, part 2

By Jennifer Barbour
How does a large storm affect our wildlife? If we were to habitat. a height of four feet, and immediately disappear inland
measure the effect in terms of damage or loss of personal • Deer - At first the deer can find food that has been at 75 miles an hour. A few individual birds no doubt
property, wild animals clearly weather storms well. blown down by the winds, but this rots quickly perished, but the long-term damage to native shorebird
However, high winds and water have the ability to affect and in some cases, there is not enough food left bird populations was minimal.” While there are
our wildlife’s habitat more than we may realize. Below for later in the season. certainly deaths or injuries to wildlife as a result of large
is a list provided by the National Wildlife Federation • Mussels and oysters - Because they are immobile, storms, the majority of wildlife seek safety before a storm.
showing how wildlife and their habitat can be negatively they cannot move away from a hurricane and are Many species will move miles from our island habitats in
affected by hurricanes. sometimes blown to habitats where they cannot search of safety, staying in their new area to restore food
• Wildlife refuges - Buildings and habitat survive. reserves before returning to their former habitat. Some
reconstruction efforts can take a beating from wildlife may never return to their original habitat if it has
• Marine mammals - While many can seek shelter
hurricanes. changed radically. In this case, wildlife may continue to
in open water or in near shore shelter, some
• Endangered species - Any animal that is on the wander, looking for more optimal conditions. Some may
dolphins and manatees have been blown ashore
brink of extinction due to human causes can die, while others may colonize new areas. This is one of
during hurricanes.
go over the brink when a hurricane strikes their the ways a species naturally expands its range.
What does wildlife do when a storm hits? Dr. Whit
habitat. In the end, wildlife can adapt to catastrophic events
Gibbons tells a story about his experience on Kiawah
• Migrating birds - Birds are blown off course to extremely well. We can help increase their odds of
many years ago when Hurricane David came ashore with
new habitats. Sometimes younger or weaker birds survival by continuing to protect their natural habitat.
category one winds. “We noticed that the underbrush of
are separated from their flock. Some take weeks With little large-scale green space remaining for wildlife
bushes were alive with shorebirds that hunkered down
to return, assuming they can find a food source in to thrive on along our barrier islands, efforts to maintain
beneath them. Occasionally one would try to fly, reach
their new habitat. an understory corridor will ensure a healthy wildlife
population for years to come. To learn more about
• Squirrels - After storms, animal rescuers get a
how your landscaping can provide habitat for native
big influx of baby squirrels tossed from their nests
wildlife, view The Kiawah Island Natural Habitat
because squirrels are often at their most vulnerable
Conservancy’s Landscaping for the Legacy at http://
during hurricane season. Also squirrels’ food
source of nuts can be wiped out.
• Sea turtles - Their nests can be washed out to sea About the Author: Jennifer is a Naturalist with the
from the dunes, and volunteers must scramble to Kiawah Island Nature Program. To contact her with
save hatchlings before that happens. comments or personal stories, email her at Jennifer_
• Fish - Electrical lines falling into water can Barbour@kiawahresort.com.
electrocute fish. Heavy rainfall can cause sudden * Information from articles by Whit Gibbons, Craig
drops of oxygen in water. Flooding can wash Tufts, & The National Wildlife Federation
sediment or larger items into streams, destroying
photo by Jamie Rood

residents. Their new Wellness Center

Quilters from cover
is a shining example of how far they’ve
from across Charleston County to work come in the past 20 years, and this
on various quilts and crochet projects. anniversary party is a chance for the
They call themselves “Quilting Lives” community to show how much they
and they have been meeting at the appreciate the tireless service, help and
Outreach Center for more than 14 years. guidance of the staff and volunteers
The brainchild of Seabrooker Lorraine at the Outreach Center. On Saturday,
McDermott, Quilting Lives gives local October 17, from 11am to 4pm, crafters
women a chance to learn to sew and an from across the islands will set up shop
opportunity to socialize. “Sometimes on the front lawn of the Center and sell
we have as many as 20 people here,” their homemade goods; from jewelry
said Lorraine, gesturing toward a to sweetgrass baskets to sculptures and
dozen or more women bustling about paintings, all of the sales made that
the Outreach Center’s small cafeteria. day will go directly to the Outreach
Fabrics of all colors and textures were Center. And that big pile of knitted
draped over every surface; from half wraps and shawls, patchwork handbags
finished sheets of pinned squares to and quilts will be on sale, as well. Some
simple nine by nine practice squares. A of the quilters’ personal works will be
crochet group clicked away diligently on display in a quilt show, music and
in the corner and in the center of the entertainment will be provided and
room, a pile of completed projects was lunch will be available from Durango’s
slowly building up. of Hollywood and Jim & Nick’s of
Although the purpose of Quilting Charleston.
Lives is to learn and practice the art of Quilters, stitchers, and knitters of
quilting, the group members have been every experience level are welcome
working extra hard for the past several to join the Quilting Lives group on
months to complete as many projects Thursdays. Lorraine and her group of
as they can for the upcoming 20 year regulars are always happy to welcome
anniversary celebration for Our Lady a new face and share some tricks of the
of Mercy. trade. “After I retired, this [Quilting
Founded less than a month after Lives] just filled my life,” said Lorraine.
hurricane Hugo tore through the “It’s just been a wonderful experience.”
Lowcountry, Our Lady of Mercy For more information about Quilting
has been instrumental in the lives of Lives or the anniversary party, call the
thousands of underprivileged local Outreach Center at 559-4109.

October 2, 2009 11

A moon for all seasons

by Lynda Fox

eople have always been fascinated their velvety new antlers.
by the night sky. Giving names to Blue moon is something entirely
constellations, stars, moon phases, different. Because the time between full
and even specific full moons helps bring moons (the lunation) is 29.5305882 days,
these celestial observances into everyday sometimes there is an “extra” moon. Some
life. months have two full moons instead of the
Hundreds of years ago, Native usual one, some seasons have 4 full moons
Americans living in what is now the eastern instead of the usual three, and some years
US kept track of seasons by naming full have 13 full moons instead of the usual
moons. “Harvest moon” is the name they 12. The “extra” moon is the Blue Moon.
gave to the full moon occurring closest But there is confusion about how to define
to the Autumnal Equinox that marks the which moon is the “extra” one.
beginning of autumn. In 1937 the Maine Farmer’s Almanac
All full moons rise about the time of named the three full moons in a season
sunset. But in autumn in the northern the early, mid, and late moons. In a season
hemisphere, full moons rise earlier than with four full moons, it defined the 3rd
in other months, usually even before full moon as a blue moon, so that the last
sunset. This is due to the geometry of the (fourth) full moon could still be called the
Earth’s plane of orbit around the sun. late moon.
During these months there is no period of In 1946 a writer for Sky and Telescope
darkness between the day’s sunlight and The Harvest moon is a time to gather crops. photo by Lynda Fox magazine misinterpreted the almanac
the night’s moonlight. (The opposite is and wrote that the second full moon in a
true in Spring, when full moons rise about September. But in 2009 the full moon particles scatter the blue components of month was the blue moon. This definition
an hour after sunset.) closest to the Autumnal Equinox the reflected light. was widely accepted until the error was
Harvest moon was named because it (September 22) occurs in October 4. The After gathering crops, Native Americans discovered 53 years later by another writer
comes at the time when crops are ready next October harvest moon won’t occur turned their attention to hunting. So the for Sky and Telescope. So in 1999, the
to harvest and because the continuous until 2017. full moon after the harvest moon became “official” definition of blue moon reverted
light allows people to work into the night. The harvest moon, like other autumn the hunters’ moon. Native Americans to the original Maine Farmer’s Almanac
Native Americans gathered their corn, full moons, appears brighter because, tracked deer and fox and set traps for definition.
pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice rising before sunset, it gets more sunlight beavers. Seasons begin at Solstices and
during the day and night of the harvest to reflect. Rising autumn moons also The last moon in December is the long Equinoxes. Solstices mark the longest
moon. appear redder because of the seasonal night moon. The Winter Solstice, which (Summer Solstice) and shortest (Winter
Most harvest moons occur in tilt of the Earth. All rising full moons marks the beginning of winter and comes Solstice) days of the year. Equinoxes
appear somewhat red because atmospheric on December 21 this year, is the shortest (Autumnal and Vernal) mark the days
day and longest night of the year. The midway between. In 2009-2010 in the
moon has its highest path across the sky northern hemisphere, the Autumnal
and is above the horizon for the longest Equinox is September 22; the Winter
time. Solstice is December 21; the Vernal
The wolf moon of January is named Equinox is March 20; and the Summer
for the hungry wolf packs that howled Solstice is June 21. The dates are opposite
outside villages during the long cold in the southern hemisphere.
winter nights.
After winter, spring is a time for Happy Harvest moon to you!
planting. The March full moon is the
worm moon because earthworms reappear
Lynda Fox was a physicist at the Naval
as the ground softens.
Research Lab working on solar spectroscopy
We know that “April showers bring before becoming a veterinarian. She is now
May flowers.” The Native Americans retired and lives on Seabrook Island. Her
knew it too, naming the May full moon first book A Wood Stork Grows Up was
flower moon. recently published.
Buck moon is July’s full moon. It’s the
time of year when male deer begin to grow

12 October 2, 2009

Completing the Over the Edge

Seabrook community C
ontinuing to bring legitimate art to Folly Beach, At the Bridge Gallery
owner Suzan McNeil will be hosting a new art exhibit called “Over the
Edge” featuring two of Charleston’s most talented artists. The event kicks
off with a free open house on October 17 from 5-10pm with heavy hors d’oeuvres
and drinks provided.
The exhibit will display the art work of Tyler Blanton, whose art is intelligent,
thought provoking, and created using a variety of mediums. Blanton has been
featured in various downtown galleries and has received several awards at
Shepherd will be returning to “the Bridge” for the second time. Last year he
blessed Folly Beach with unique constructions of art that you rarely see in today’s
watered down art culture. He has a very interesting way of showing the world
the fantastic that we often overlook in everyday life. It is a refreshing view that
reminds one of the wonder of life and reinvigorates the soul to seek it out. If you
missed R.T. the first time around, do not punish yourself by missing it again.
Over the Edge is a fantastic opportunity for Folly Beach to connect with world-
class art. Give yourself a treat and come to At the Bridge on October 17. The
exhibits will be on display through November, but the opening party is a one time

Though the Island House is an impressive size there is still comfortable places to sit, relax and socialize.

hanks to the recently completed The inherent passion is evident throughout
Island House, residents of the structure.
Seabrook have the final piece Between the three structures
of a $31 million puzzle, completing composing the Horizon Plan - The Island
the island’s goal of becoming a truly House, the Lake House and the Beach
residential community created by and for House - Seabrook Island now boasts two
the island residents. indoor/outdoor and heated/unheated
The new Island House is a 34,000 pools, a 6,000 square foot ballroom, an
square foot multi-use facility designed impressive golf shop, two restaurants, an
to accent the natural beauty of the expanded exercise center and an inviting
Lowcountry barrier island while providing library that overlooks a thriving pond and
quality dining and space for entertaining. sprawling live oaks. The Beach House
Its humble earth tones are juxtaposed highlights the ocean with an uninhibited
against an elegance completely designed 180 degree view of the salty Atlantic and a
by the residents who have anticipated swimming pool for a peaceful break from
the Island House’s completion since its the ocean water.
conception. The facility succeeds as an
The Island Clubhouse is, perhaps,
icon of the community not only because
the pinnacle of an amazing community
of its design but also because it is the
achievement. This triumvirate promises to
manifestation of the community’s, not
harness the spirit of the island’s inhabitants
hired consultant’s or contractor’s, desire.
and irresistibly call on those fortunate
This is a collective masterpiece in which
enough to hear her voice.
every resident of Seabrook can take pride.

October 2, 2009 13

News from Legare Farms Recipe of the Month

Provided by Helen Legare
Provided by Helen Legare of Legare Farms
Fall Harvest Dinner for $3 and up depending on the size,
Tickets are on sale now for our Fall take a hayride out to feed the cows from
This is a recipe my mother-in-law Shirley Floyd gave me. I made it the other day and
Harvest Dinner on November 8, 2009. the wagon for $2 each, shoot a floating
remembered how much I liked it. It’s so simple even I can make it. I know it doesn’t
Tickets are $50 each. All food will be pumpkin for a prize or build a scarecrow
really require any fresh vegetables and I’m sure it’s not good for us, but I like it.
Legare Farms meat and vegetables and for $10. We provide all the materials, so
will be prepared by some of Charleston’s you can build your scarecrow, then take Veg-All Casserole
finest chefs. Call or e-mail if you want it home for decoration. Pony rides are
to get tickets. We can charge tickets over also available, and don’t forget to pet and Ingrredients:
the phone. This was a great event last feed the animals in the barnyard, or go 2 cans Veg-All, drained
year, so I hope all of you will join us. to the pond to feed the fish and turtles. 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
Shoot a water balloon at the floating shredded sharp cheese (1 cup or more if desired)
Beefing up the Charleston Food Bank pumpkin to win a free pumpkin. 1 onion, cut up
We have an opportunity I want to New this year will be a Fossil Mine. 1 stick butter
mention for any of you that might like Pan for pre-historic shells and treasures 1 package Ritz crackers, crushed
to make a tax deductible contribution in the fossil mine. We will have a
to the Food Bank. If you write a check wooden flume with water running down Directions:
to Legare Farms for whatever amount it so young prospectors can wash their Mix together the
you want to donate, we will deliver that tins of sludge and stone in search of first 4 ingredients.
amount of beef to the Food Bank in your treasures. Melt stick of
name. The Food Bank will send you a Unfortunately, worms have made butter and stir into
receipt so you get the tax deduction and a corn maze impossible this year, so the crushed Ritz
all the credit, but you can also remain instead, we will have a myrtle maze. crackers. Place
anonymous, if you would like. It’s a great The myrtle maze will be cut in a field crackers on top of
opportunity to help a local charity with a completely covered with wax myrtles. It other ingredients.
great donation of healthy, local beef. You will be the same as the corn maze with Bake for 30 minutes
can contact our office by phone (559- dead ends and short cuts. The maze will
at 350 degrees.
0788) or e-mail (legarefarms@bellsouth. also have a game that requires you to get
net) if you want to get involved with this. a card punched in seven locations. Each
person that brings back a completed card
Pumpkin Patch and Myrtle Maze will get a small prize and a chance to win Daddy is up in heaven laughing because he be haunted from 8pm until midnight.
The pumpkin patch and maze will open a big prize at the end of the month. We spent his whole life fighting wax myrtles as Come ride if you dare.
this Saturday, October 3. Our hours will have different big prizes for adults and weeds and now we’ve figured out a way to
for October will be: Fridays from 3pm children. We are excited about the myrtle For more information, visit www.
make those weeds work for us. legarefarms.com or call 559-0788.
– 10pm, Saturdays 10am – 10pm, and maze and everyone we have told about it October 23 and 24 will be our haunted
Sundays from 1pm – 6pm. You may has been excited so we hope it will be a weekend. The hayride and maze will
pick your own pumpkin in the patch great adventure for all of you. I know my

14 October 2, 2009

As IVes sees it

An afternoon of Cash in confinement (part III)

ocean Polo by Dwight S. Ives, MA, MA, LUTCF

n my past two articles, I described how I was into specifics.  According to Jim, he was so successful
By Paul Robinson arrested and sent to the Charleston County Jail that he kept his mortgage payment current and paid

for an expired driver’s license resulting from the off two vehicles while maintaining a comfortable
pectators and enthusiasts gathered for the 1st Annual
Clerk of Court’s failure to properly process paperwork lifestyle for his family.
Beach Polo Exhibition benefitting the Kiawah
Conservancy on Sunday September 20, 2009. The on my behalf.  The following is an amazing story of Jim was not bragging.  He only answered what I
325 supporters in attendance enjoyed an afternoon of what I learned during my one day in jail: asked and never really volunteered information, but
horses, sand, cocktails, and dancing; raising $3,750 for There I sat among those who had questionable he seemed to trust me, so he gave me the basics.  He
the Kiawah Conservancy. legal and sometimes moral lifestyles. I moved to the was also not proud of all that had happened, and he
Buck Limehouse, father of the Kiawah team’s three other side of the room, away from those who were was fully aware that what he had done was totally
players Chip, Brad and Brien, announced the match like talking to themselves or drooling.  It was here on the his fault.  Still, he was a success in his own right.  I
it was second nature. Kiawah’s beaches were filled with other side that I met a man approximately 15 years imagine that this seemingly average guy could, with
the captivating athleticism of mallet swings, the defensive younger than myself named Jim.  He was about six the proper training, become an upper level manager
maneuvers of bumping and hooking and a definite sense feet, medium build, clean cut, and dressed like he was since he clearly had powers of persuasion, innate
of professional sportsmanship. ready to shop at the mall.  management ability, and enough intelligence to run
The match was followed by a celebration at The Beach Despite the late hour, Jim assured me that  I such a successful internal business.
Club and with the help of The East Coast Party Band, would be out before midnight, but this still gave me For guys like Jim, confinement is just another
supporters of the Conservancy mingled, danced and enough time to hear his story.  He had been in prison business venture.  So, why punish him this way?
reminisced on the not forgotten tradition of horses on the for several years somewhere in SC.  By trade he is a Community service might be a better venue.
beaches of Kiawah Island. painter and does fairly well, but during his years in It is obvious that bars are a confinement for some,
confinement, he learned to provide for his family as a filter for others, and a playground for many, yet for
well or even better than he did in the real world. I was the determined, it is only another one of life’s hurdles
intrigued with what he had to say. to be easily passed over.
At home, he has a wife and several boys of varying
Dwight graduated from the National College
ages. He loves them very much, but several years of
Republican Fieldman School to become a political
confinement took him away from them. Whatever
instructor/consultant.  Returning from Washington,
his crime, it was neither violent nor extremely serious,
DC, he earned dual Masters in Business Administration
but serious enough to take him out of the main
and Management.  He has done PR work for Crystal
stream of society for a while. This posed a serious
Gayle, Frank Abagenal of the movie “Catch Me If You
problem for Jim, especially since he seemed to be the
Can”, and the “Christmas Show” produced by Brad and
primary bread winner in the family, so he became a
Jenifer Moranz.  Dwight works Security at Kiawah
merchandiser and started selling various items from
Island for KICA.
behind bars. I’m sure more than one item in his
inventory was probably contra-ban, but he never got

Kiawah Islander
releases third CD All about Town
Provided By Smoky Weiner

ill Howland announces the release of his third solo piano CD Seascape he American Music Celebration will take place this Sunday, October 4,
(Graycat Productions). Seascape features a selection of classic jazz recordings from 2-7pm on the Freshfields Village Green. This event will feature Hilton
including “All Blues” and “Nardis” (Miles Davis); “Lullaby of Birdland” Valentine, formerly of the seminal 60s group The Animals, nationally known
(George Shearing); “Seascape” (Johnny Mandel); “On Green Dolphin Street” blues touring artist Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones, regional favorites Barbara Carr & Roy
(Kaper, Washington); “My Favorite Things” (Rodgers, Hammerstein); “Speak Roberts and local up and coming rockabilly and blues act, Skye Paige & the Original
Low” (Weill, Nash) and “Like Someone in Love” (Van Heusen, Burke). Two Recipe.
original compositions by Bill Howland, “Surfsong” and “Johari’s Window”, are
It’s always a real nice day when Shrimp City Slim and the Kiawah ATAX Committee
also included on the CD.
put together a show on the Green. I’ve seen soul singer Johnny Rawls, Zydeco, Cajun
Bill has resided in Charleston, South Carolina, for the past four years. Prior to
and Blues bands galore and even an Australian guy who doubles on the harmonica and
this, he lived in Brewster, Massachusetts, where he played regularly throughout
didgeridoo. The food and drink vendors always seem to have things that interest kids
Cape Cod.
and adults alike and they don’t gouge as one might have come to expect at an outdoor
Bill Howland currently appears at the Swamp Fox Restaurant and Bar in the
show. These shows are unique offerings in nice surroundings and you’d be hard pressed
Francis Marion Hotel in
to find anything to compare, even if you drove 100 miles.
downtown Charleston
on Friday and Saturday Pianist Mark Rosenberg plays nightly in the Sanctuary’s Lobby Bar. With all the
evenings from 6-9 pm. He money and class of the Sanctuary, I would think they could come up with a better
will be performing for the name for the bar though! Anyway, Mr. Rosenberg heads a rotation of talented pianists
Town of Kiawah Island Arts there and it’s a nice place to have a drink and let a little music massage your ears.
Council’s Piano Bar Series Saturday, October 3, is Dogtoberfest at Night Heron Park. For more info on this
on October 7 and 21. call the Kiawah Island Community Association at 768-3875. The event involves dogs,
Howland’s prior releases a park and a chance for your dog to network with other dogs. Yes, all dogs are social,
include On A Clear Day but Kiawah dogs “network”. Most of them have attended graduate obedience school.
(2005) and Moon Rays October 8 is the Stone’s Throw Dinner event at the Sanctuary, where all the grub
(2008). All of Howland’s will be grown, caught or hunted down like a dog within 100 miles. It’s part of the
releases can be found via nationwide “eating locally” movement. The idea is that your food shouldn’t have to go
the internet on Bill’s website through three time zones before you get it. I have a feeling that squash and pumpkin
www.howlandonline.com as
will be involved. Call 768-2121 and the concierge will tell you all about it. I wish I
well as iTunes, Amazon and
had my own concierge. I could keep one busy all week!
CD Baby.

October 2, 2009 15

Kiawah Beach&River Sweep 2009

On Saturday, September 19, volunteers from Kiawah hit the beach with bags and gloves as part ot the annual state wide Beach and River Sweep.
Among the interesting items found this year were a plastic toy soldier, a plastic dinosaur and half of an umbrella stand.
As usual, plenty of bottle caps and cigarette butts were found and disposed of. Thanks to the Night Heron Park for hosting this event.