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About Bombardier
Bombardier is the worlds only manufacturer of both planes and trains. Looking far ahead while delivering now, Bombardier is evolving mobility worldwide and making it easier for people to connect with one another. The vast offering of products includes high speed trains, public transit thats smarter than ever, category-defining business jets and commercial aircraft designed for the realities of today. Bombardier answers the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere. ll the vehicles, services and, most of all, the employees are what make this company a global leader in transportation. Bombardier partner with customers, local organi!ations and all stakeholders to help build communities and improve "uality of life wherever we do business. Bombardier is present in more than #$ countries , with 76 production and engineering sites among them. 70,000 employees push mobility forward by creating aerospace and rail transportation products adapted for the travellers of today and tomorrow. Bombardier is head"uartered in %ontr&al, 'anada. (n the fiscal year ended )ecember *+, ,$++, we posted revenues of -+..* billion /0). Bombardier Transportation 1ith #, production and engineering sites in ,2 countries and more than 40 service centres at customer premises across the world, Bombardier Transportation is the global leader in the rail industry. They cover the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from complete trains to sub-systems, maintenance services, system integration and signalling.

The installed base of rolling stock e3ceeds 100,000 rail cars and locomotives worldwide. 1ith 6,!00 employees continue a proud tradition of delivering ingenious rail transportation solutions, including4

"ail vehicles - automated people movers, monorails, light rail vehicles, advanced rapid transit, metros, commuter5regional trains, intercity5high-speed trains and locomotives

#ropulsion and controls - complete product portfolio for applications ranging from trolley buses to freight locomotives. Train control and management 0ystems Bogies - product portfolio for the entire range of rail vehicles $ervices - fleet maintenance, operations and maintenance 678%9, vehicle refurbishment and moderni!ation, and material management Transportation systems customi!ed :design-build-operate-maintain;

transportation system solutions

"ail control solutions - advanced signalling solutions for mass transit and mainline system Bombardier Aerospace 1ith more than Bombardier ,600 employees and a leadership position in global markets, erospace designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation

products for the business, commercial, speciali%ed and amphibious aircra&t mar'ets. They have the most comprehensive aircraft portfolio and hold the number one position in business and regional aircra&t. <igh-performance aircraft and services set the standard o& e(cellence in several markets, including4

Business aircra&t - Learjet, 'hallenger and =lobal aircraft families )ommercial aircra&t - new '0eries program, '>? 0eries and @-0eries aircraft families Amphibious aircra&t - Bombardier A+2 and Bombardier A+2 %B aircraft *et travel solutions - Cle3jet

$peciali%ed aircra&t solutions - Bombardier aircraft modified for special missions Aircra&t services and training - aircraft parts, maintenance, comprehensive training, services technical support and publications, and online

!. +istory
1,!! =ift for (nvention4 BD 0nowmobile Launched in %ontreal 'anada

Todays Bombardier grew out of a young mechanics inventive genius and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in +E$D, ?oseph- rmand Bombardier builds his first :snow vehicle; at the ripe age of +2. <is motivationF To help people travel across the snowcovered roads of rural @u&bec in 'anada. (n +E*D, ?.- rmand achieves his first major commercial success with the launch of the seven-passenger BD snowmobile. 1,4! - Transforming 'hallenges into 7pportunities ?oseph- rmand Bombardier founds L uto-Geige Bombardier Limit&e to manufacture the +,-passenger B+, snowmobile. %anufacturure trAacked vehicles for transportation on snow covered terrain. series of other snow-going vehicles follows for ambulance, freight transport, mail delivery and school transportation services. 1,-, - 0nowmobiling4 Brand-Gew (ndustry

Bombardier enters mass production of the snowmobile the 0ki-)oo 1,64 - ?oseph- rmand Bombardier only lives to see the first signs of the snowmobiles phenomenal success. <e dies in +E#A, leaving behind a healthy and financially sound company. 1,67 - 'hange its name to Bombardier Ltd 1,74 . Bombardier wins its first mass transit contract to manufacture A,* cars for the city of %ontr&als subway system. 1,/1 - 'ompany changed to Bombardier (nc. 1,/4 - Bombardier gains ownership of the diesel engine technology which powers its locomotives 1,/6 transit breakthrough -+ billion /0 contract to supply .,2 subway cars for the Gew uthority positions Bombardier as the Gorth merican leader in rail

Hork 'ity Transit

1,/6 - Bombardier e3pands in Iurope, the worlds largest rail e"uipment and services market, ac"uiring a A2J interest in the Belgian manufacturer BG 'onstructions Cerroviaires et %&talli"ues 0. . Bombardier enters the aerospace industry with the ac"uisition of 'anadair 1,,0 - Bombardier makes a series of ac"uisitions that further strengthen its geographic and technological leadership in rail transportation. (n +EE$, it enters the /.K. market for the first time, ac"uiring Brocor Ingineering Limited, a manufacturer of body shells for locomotives and rail passenger cars. (n +EE,, it ventures into %e3ico, ac"uiring rail rolling stock manufacturer 'onstructura Gacional de 'arros de Cerrocarril. (n +EE2 and +EE. respectively, it ac"uires 1aggonfabrik Talbot =mb< 8 'o. and )eutsche 1aggonbau largest rail market. 0rowing $tronger in "ail Transportation Becoming the 1orld2s Third.3argest )ivil Aircra&t 4anu&acturer 5ngoing 6nnovation in Aerospace = 6)1 9 , rail transportation e"uipment manufacturers in =ermany. These ac"uisitions e3pand Bombardiers foothold in Iurope, the worlds

,$$$ - Bombardier ac"uires 0kyjet.com, a pioneer in real-time online air charter reservations. Bombardier e3pands this service in ,$$2 with the launch of 0kyjet (nternational, giving travellers unrestricted access to more than E$$ business jets worldwide. ,$$+ - Bombardier becomes the largest players in the international railway industry. Bombardier becomes number one in the global rail transportation industry ,$$, - Bombardier moves its head"uarters from %ontreal, 'anada to Berlin =ermany. ,$$A -,$$2 - Bombardier Transportation undergoes significant restructuring ,$$# - Bombardier Transportation moves to new head"uarters building in downtown Berlin - a historical building which was ones home of the Brussian >ailway since +.E2 (n ,$$#, Bombardier establishes a manufacturing facility in @u&retaro, %e3ico, for its aerospace business.

,$$. - BT strategically realigns its organi!ation into si3 )ivisions from eleven4 0ystems, >ail 'ontrol 0olutions, 0ervices, Gorth merica

. 3ocation
Blanes. Trains. 1orldwide.

4anu&acturing, engineering and services &acilities in !- countries. A global networ' o& service and support representatives. Bombardier Aerospace is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative aviation products and provides services for the commercial, business and amphibious aircraft markets. Bombardier Transportation is the global leader in the rail e"uipment manufacturing and servicing industry. (ts wide range of products includes passenger rail vehicles and total transit systems. (t also manufactures locomotives, bogies, propulsion and controls and provides rail control solutions.

Bombardier in "omania Bombardier in *apan Bombardier in 0ermany Bombardier Transportation in 9rance Bombardier in $weden Bombardier in )hina Bombardier T. in )%ech "epublic

Bombardier in 7enmar' Bombardier in the 8$A Bombardier Aerospace in Bel&ast Bombardier T. in $wit%erland Bombardier in "ussia Bombardier Transportation in +ungary

W orldwide Presence

rgentina ustralia ustria Belgium Bra!il 'anada 'hina '!ech >epublic )enmark Cinland Crance =ermany =reece <ungary (ndia (srael (taly ?apan %alaysia /0

%auritius %e3ico Getherlands Gorway Bhilippines Boland Bortugal >omania >ussia 0ingapore 0lovenia 0outh frica 0outh Korea 0pain 0weden 0wit!erland Taiwan Thailand /nited rab Imirates /nited Kingdom

4. 9inancial $ituation

ctuals in % Ciscal Beriod 7ecember 0ales 7perating income 6IB(T) 9 7perating profit 6IB(T9 Bre-Ta3 Brofit 6IBT9 Get income IB0 6 -9 )ividend per 0hare 6 -9 Hield nnouncement )ate ,$$E 1, 7!1 1 ,66 1 411 . 1 00/ 0,-6 0,0/ 1,,6:
$A5$,5,$$E +$4$+am $A5$+5,$+$ +$4$$am

Istimates in % ,$++ 1/ 47 1- 1 !0! . / 7 0,47 . .

$*5$+5,$+, ++4$$am

,$+$ 1, 66 1 -,6 1 0,/ . 6,/ 0, , . .

,$+, 17 14! 1 0/ ,4/ . 761 0,4! 0,11 !,61: -

,$+* 1/ -0/ 1 -/4 1 !00 . /71 0,4/ 0,0/ 1,,4: -

,$+A 1, ,-, 1 /-6 1 40 . ,0,-! 0,06 1,-1: -


1e analy!e Bombardier capital structure using global metrics, which are based on a broad economic view of the 'orporation. BT manage and monitor the global metrics in a way as to achieve an investment-grade profile over the medium to longterm. These global metrics do not represent those re"uired for bank covenants BT objectives with regard to the global metrics are as follows4 L adjusted IB(T to adjusted interest ratio greater than 2.$M and L adjusted debt to adjusted IB(T) ratio lower than ,.2.

6. 9unctions and 5rganisational )harts

This business is organi!ed into +$ supporting Cunctions which offer e3pert support to all the business worldwide4

'laim %anagement 'ommunications 'ontracts, Legal ffairs 8 Bid pproval Ingineering 6IG=9 Cinance <uman >esources 6<>9 <ealth, 0afety 8 Invironment 6<0I9 (nnovation %anagement (ntellectual Broperty

(nformation 0ervices 6(09 Broject %anagement @uality, 7perations 8 Brocurement 0ales and Business )evelopment 0trategy

;Become a world.class employer<

Bombardier was recogni!ed for its incredible range of career development opportunities at home and around the world - employing nearly D$,$$$ full-time employees worldwide and adding over +,DE$ full-time employees in 'anada alone last year. Bombardier also supports ongoing employee development through tuition subsidies for job-related courses as well as subsidies for professional accreditation, and in-house and online training programs. s we shape the evolution of mobility, the employees lie at the heart of the category-leading planes and trains,N said Bierre Beaudoin, Bresident and 'hief I3ecutive 7fficer, Bombardier (nc. t Bombardier, ensuring that all the employees are highly trained, engaged and enabled, as well as healthy and safe, is a must for sustaining a dynamic workforce and a strong competitive advantage. Imployees are arguably BombardierOs most important stakeholder group and key resource. 1ith D$,$$$ employees in A$ countries around the world - including some ,A,$$$ in 'anada - Bombardier has taken decisive steps to transform how it manages this crucial stakeholder group in recent years, by harmoni!ing its people policies, programs, systems and tools. (nvestments in leadership and development training as well as wellness programs allow people to reach their highest potential while enhancing employee retention.

7. )orporate $ocial "esponsibility The best way to understand the commitment to corporate social responsibility 6'0>9 is through all Bombardiers products.

t Bombardier, the goal is to develop market-astute aircraft and trains that generate increasing social and economic value while consistently setting the benchmark for environmental performance. 1e call it the Ivolution of %obility. =uided by the <ealth, 0afety and Invironment Bolicy , the lifecycle-based product responsibility strategy drives the Ivolution of %obility. (t leverages policies, directives, systems and tools that allow them to foster wealth and well-being by connecting people, businesses and nations, safely and comfortably, with sustainable mobility solution. t Bombardier, the product responsibility is overseen through engineering and is embedded within our )esign for Invironment, )esign for 0afety and innovation teams, comprised of highly skilled e3perts. Through these teams, their know-how and skills, theyre shaping the Ivolution of %obility in several ways.


1+AT T+=> 767


t erospace, pursued deployment of the 0afety %anagement 0ystem 60%09 Gew roadmap and structure for 0%0 and dvanced 0afety Blanning 6 0B9 I3panded erospaces 0afety 0tanddown forums to 0Po Baulo, Bra!il and 0hanghai, 'hina, in addition to the original 1ichita, /nited 0tates )eployed 0afety >ecognition ward )eveloped 0afety *#$Q >eport T"A?$#5"TAT65?

Inhanced the support for the 'enter of 'ompetence for Broduct 0afety and confirmed management structure in each division

/pdated Broduct 0afety %anagement documentation and created a common database for Transportation to collect product safety-related information Istablished plan to review database status every si3 weeks Launched training development in product safety for employees !01 5B*=)T6@=$ A="5$#A)=

'ontinue deployment of the 0%0 to achieve our ,$+2 full-implementation target and leverage our e3pertise to guide our industries Istablish a total of *$ 0%0 0ite 'oordinators across erospace 'ommunicate new Broduct and 7perational 0afety Bolicy Lauch dvanced 0afety Blanning 6 0B9 for '>? Brogram Bursue continuous improvement of erospaceOs 0afety 0tanddown forums and related communication with relevant industry stakeholders T"A?$#5"TAT65?

I3ecute benchmarking of the achievements against other safety leaders in the industry 'ontinue rigorous application of the measures undertaken in ,$+, while tracking the number of open product-safety cases and the efficiency in resolving them

Bombardier Transportation has its global head"uarters in Berlin, =ermany with a presence in over #$ countries. (t has an installed base of over +$$,$$$ vehicles worldwide. The =roup offers the broadest product portfolio and is recogni!ed as the leader in the global rail sector.

world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation e"uipment, systems and services, Bombardier (nc. is a global corporation head"uartered in 'anada. (ts revenues for the fiscal year ended ?an. *+, ,$++, were -,... billion /0, and its shares are traded on the Toronto 0tock I3change 6BB)9. Bombardier is listed as an inde3 component to the )ow ?ones 0ustainability 1orld and Gorth merica inde3es. The entire organi!ation is working together to4

develop key performance indicators improve the ability to track, compile and share accurate data roll out effective action plans to support our '0> commitment help employees, suppliers and other partners understand our '0> commitment and what they can do to reinforce it %ore information are available at www.bombardier.com.