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Updated January, 2014 PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: June 22, 1986 Citizenship: United States EDUCATION B.A. Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles Minor in Human Complex Systems Thesis: Can Tests Overcome the Failure to Learn from Rereading? GPA: 3.48 FELLOWSHIPS AND AWARDS 2009 2008-09 2008 2008 2008 2008-09 2007-08 2006


600 Hunters Trail Dr Apt 38, Glendora, Ca 91740 * Phone: (626)328-6344* Email: r.israel.gonzales@gmail.com

June, 2009

Deans List (Spring Term) Psychology Departmental Honors Program UCLA Undergraduate Research Center Travel Grant American Psychological Association/NIGMS Summer Research Fellowship Psychological Research Opportunity Programs Scholar Undergraduate Research Center Research Scholar Award Transfer Alliance Research Scholar Award Man of the Year, Citrus College

MEMBERSHIPS 2006-2009 2006-2009 Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sedna Design, Los Angeles, CA | Project Coordinator/UX Researcher | February 2013-Present

Coordinated client-side user experience research studies for web, mobile, and back-end user interfaces. Collaborated with researchers and clients to establish study goals and deliverables. Closely monitored team activity and progress towards research objectives. Managed data collection and performed qualitative statistical analysis. Coordinated research duties including participant scheduling and test site administration. Organized collection and management of digital assets. Generated wireframes sketches for mobile and e-Commerce applications.

GameDesk, Los Angeles, CA | Project Manager (Internship) | February 13-August 13

Managed a team of developers, composed of game designers, content creators, and educational researchers, to create a fully-immersive 3D game on Earth Science Education. Collaborated with stakeholders to establish timelines for product development cycle, including storyboarding, prototyping,

and testing. The team successfully developed a high-fidelity prototype in 12 weeks. Other tasks included liaising between development groups, monitoring progress, coordinating meetings and test site conduct, participant recruitment, and ideation of in-game interactions and content ideas. Developed organization system for digital assets, and wrote progress reports for grant funding. Designed a usability testing study for a web-based teaching platform. Collaborated with interaction designers, creative director, and other stakeholder groups to establish study goals and deliverables.

ELT Systems, Los Angeles, CA | Sales & Market Research Analyst| February - December12

Primary responsibilities involved performing research duties for an international business expansion in Australia for an e-Commerce company. Analyzed industry trends and product demand, leading to new product lines and brands. Compiled customer demographic data to inform locally-targeted digital ad campaigns. Additional duties included personnel recruitment for sales and marketing, customer service, and digital advertisement departments. Holistically trained in all major company departments, including sales, inventory management, and digital advertisement. Sourced foreign and local manufacturers for future product lines. Trained new sales and customer service personnel in technical aspects of product lines.

Veterans Administration, Los Angeles, CA | June 09 September 2011 Research Assistant 09-10 | Research Coordinator 2010-11

Coordinated a multi-million dollar government-sponsored research study on smoking addiction in U.S. veterans. Worked with a team of 6 research personnel across two independent research sites. Managed sensitive-data collection, medical screening, and study sessions for 200 research participants. Performed data management and organization, including preliminary statistical analysis. Collaborated with statisticians and senior researchers on data collection protocols. Collaborated on a small development team to build an educational training.

UCLA Dept. of Psychology, Los Angeles, CA | Research Assistant | September 07 - May 09

Designed and managed two 12-month research studies on learning and memory, based on 2 merit-based research grants. Developed study protocols and data collection procedures, and trained 8 research personnel on ongoing studies. Presented research findings at local and state-wide conferences.

Brain Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA |Research Assistant| September 06 - May 07

Provided research support for a medical study examining commercial advertisements in pharmaceuticals. Tasked with data collection and organization. Prepared grant proposal documents for submission to the National Institute of Health. Developed and implemented a new system for organizing patient files.

SKILLS Experimental Design, Data Management and Statistical Analysis, Participant Recruitment, Project Coordination and Management, Reporting and Findings Presentation.

User Experience Design Methods Prototyping, Wireframing, Competitive Analysis, Process Flows, Cognitive Modeling, Survey Design, Usability Testing, and User Interviews. Software MS Office 2007, Web Technologies (Cursory: PHP, CSS, HTML), Axure RP, Protoshare, Balsamique, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop (Cursory). REFEREED PUBLICATIONS Under Review Schneider, NG, Panizzon, Hubert, R., Gonzales, R. I., Arenas, A., Tran, C., Archambeault, M., Marken (submitted Nov 2012). Veteran Training in Smoking Pharmacotherapies: Effects on 6 Month Smoking Status. PAPER PRESENTATIONS Gonzales, R.I., Hays, M.J., Kornell, N., & Bjork, R.A. (April 2008). Feedback: The costs and benefits to student learning. Paper presented at the 8th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Stanford, California. POSTER PRESENTATIONS Gonzales, R. I., Hays, M. J., Kornell, N., & Bjork, R. A.. (May 2009). The costs of increased feedback on verbal learning. Presented at the UCLA Science Poster Day. Los Angeles, California. Gonzales, R. I., Kornell, N. Hays, M. J., & Bjork, E. L. (May 2009). Correcting Errors with Tests: Overcoming the Failure of Further Learning Effect. Presented at the 9th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Stanford, California. Gonzales, R.I., Nate Kornell, Matthew Jensen Hays, and Elizabeth Bjork (May 2009). Correcting Errors with Tests: Overcoming the Failure of Further Learning Effect. Presented at the 18th Annual UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference. Los Angeles, California. Hays, M. J., Kornell, N., Gonzales, R. I., & Bjork, R. A. (November 2008). Skipping feedback can improve retention. Poster presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society. Chicago, Illinois.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Veterans Health Administration Primary Investigator: Nina Schneider, Ph.D Role: Research Assistant / Research Coordinator June, 2009 September, 2011

U.S. Veterans smoke more on average than non-veteran populations. There is approximately a 95% failure rate on the first attempt to quit smoking. The study aimed at determining whether a computer intervention program aimed at educating these populations on alternative medications would improve understanding and ultimately lead to more quite attempts. Department of Psychology, UCLA Primary Investigator: Elizabeth Bjork, Ph.D Role: Research Assistant September, 2008 June, 2009

A majority of the literature on learning and memory has focused on how to increase retention and retrieval. Far less is understood about error stability and correction. Studies on error stability have demonstrated that learners persist in their errors even after being re-exposed to original study materials, even when feedback is present. The study demonstrated that tests can be used to entrench correct information and lead to error updating. Department of Psychology, UCLA Principle Investigator: Keith Holyoak, Ph.D. Role: Research Assistant January, 2007 June, 2007

This project examined the use of analogies in learning complex problems. Research has shown that presenting an analogy to students enhances their ability to comprehend and learn complex concepts. Analogies have also been used in many other domains, such as negotiations in foreign policy. The objective of this project was to understand the underlying mechanisms that drive analogical reasoning the human minds ability to learn and comprehend by processing analogies. Department of Psychology, UCLA Primary Investigator: Robert A. Bjork, Ph. D. Psychological Research Opportunity Programs Role: Research Assistant August, 2007 June, 2008

When is selecting to receive feedback a detriment to learning? It is commonly held that feedback is very beneficial to learning. However, always selecting to receive feedback may come at the cost of further learning. Our results showed that always providing feedback could lead to poorer performance, if it comes at the cost of further study. Further, we found that students may improve their learning when they are aware of how to use feedback effectively. Department of Psychology, UCLA Primary Investigator: Elizabeth Ligon Bjork, Ph.D. Research Mentor: Nate Kornell, Ph.D. APA/NIGMS Summer Research Fellowship Role: Research Assistant June, 2007 September, 2007

The study investigated optimal learning schedules. Learners vary at the rate in which they can obtain information. The goal of this study was to design a learning schedule which adapted to learners

individual rates of learning and to determine if such a schedule would produce greater retention than other widely established learning sequences. LEADERSHIP AND INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE UX Lead / Project Manager , AT&T Internet of Things Hackathon Language Instructor, GeoVision, Madrid, Spain Editor-in-Chief, Undergraduate Psychology Journal at UCLA Mentor, UCLA Youth Mentorship Program Staff Volunteer, Zimbabwe Outreach Project, Harare, Zimbabwe Staff Volunteer, San Quintin Construction Project, San Quintin, Mexico 2013 2011 2007-2009 2007-2009 2005 2004