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EEE 513 Nanophotonics

L T 3 0 P 0 C 3

Course prerequisites: Quantum Physics, Electromagnetics, Solid State Physics. Aim:

To expose students to the emerging area of Nano-photonics and Plasmonics, the phenomena involved in such devices, types of devices in the present context of the technology and the photonic crystal based nano-photonic systems and surface plasmon based applications. Foundations of Photonics (10 Photons & Electrons: Similarities and differences, Free- Space propagation, Confinement of Photon & Electrons, & Co-operative effects for Photons and Electrons. Fundamentals of Max ell e!uation for Photonic s"stems, Concept of #ear-Field phenomena in Photonic Cr"stals, Scala$ilit", Polari%a$ilit" in dielectric media, effects of nanostructures, )and structures for Photonic )and gap materials. Confinement and Propa!ation (5 Confinement in *-+, ,-+ and --+ structures, P). and /ndex guiding s"stems, +ispersion relation, Propagation through Classicall" For$idden 0one: 1unneling, 2ocali%ation under a periodic potential: )andgap, Photonic Cr"sta#s (1$ )asic Concepts, 1E 31M modes, +ispersion relation, 1heoretical Modeling of Photonic Cr"stals, Features of Photonic Cr"stals, Methods of Fa$rication, Photonic Cr"stal Circuitr", #on-2inear Photonic Cr"stals. -! , "-! and #-! Photonic $rystals % Multila"er film, Ph"sical (rigin of Photonic )and gaps, Evanescent Modes in Photonic )and .aps, Propagation, ,-+ )loch States, 2ocali%ation of light $" linear +efects, Planar 2ocali%ation: Surface States. 2inear +efect and surface defects. App#ications (& *-+, ,-+ and --+ P).C structure $ased devices vi%. dela" lines, filters, s itching devices, 4err effect devices, 5+M and 5++e-M, Supper 2enses, Prisms, Collimators. Meta-materials, Metamaterial characteristics and structures. Fundamenta#s of P#asmonics (' /ntroduction, Surface Plasmon Polaritonsat Metal-/nsulator /nterfaces- 1he 5ave E!uation, Surface Plasmon Polaritons at a Single /nterface, Excitation of SPP at Planar nterfaces Excitation upon Charged Particle /mpact, Prism Coupling, .rating Coupling. Loca#i(ed )urface P#asmons (* #ormal Modes of Su$-5avelength Metal Particles, 6eal Particles: ($servations of Particle Plasmons, Coupling )et een 2ocali%ed Plasmons, 2ocali%ed Plasmons and .ain Media Te+t ,oo-s: *. #anophotonics 7 Paras Prasad, 5ile"-/nterscience, ,889

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,. Photonic Cr"stals: Molding the Flo of 2ight, :ohn +. :oannopoulos, Steven .. :ohnson, :oshua #. 5inn, 6o$ert +. Meade, ,nd Edition, Princeton ;niversit" Press, ,88< -. Plasmonics: Fundamentals =nd =pplications, Stefan =. Maier, Springer Science, ,88>