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Cori Brooks 9372 Loren Dr. La Mesa, CA 91942 619-920-9483 cori.brooks@yahoo.

com January 20, 2014 To Whom it May Concern,

I have always been fascinated with the larger world and the people in it. In elementary school, I remember perusing the pages of my grandmothers National Geographics, turning each page with excited anticipation for what my eyes would behold next. I always dreamed of going to those far off places. I wanted to embed myself in the culture and actually experience all that was, at that time, only available to me in pictures. In high school, I went to see my guidance counselor to inquire about the Peace Corp. I still remember the heartbreak of learning that I would first need a bachelors degree before joining. I wanted to take flight and leave straight from graduation. In my early twenties I worked for a travel agent and went on several amazing mini adventures myself and loved being a part of others travel experiences. I then turned to a career in education. Although I have not explored the globe to my hearts content, I have had amazing cross-cultural experiences in many countries. I have been throughout the United States, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. I have led a group of students and parents to London, Paris, and Rome. I held several meetings to discuss and review safety, cultural norms, key language and phrases among other topics. While overseas, I led the group as we navigated planes, trains, subways, metros, and various other forms of transportation and issues that arose (including calling a doctor for one of our sick students in France). Traveling is one part of my heart. However, as an educator, I began to feel that I wanted to also open mine and others eyes to service learning and helping. I realized this many years ago but it became more defined as I worked through my thesis in my masters program. My thesis topic was Fostering Global Citizenship and my main unit of study with the students was a unit I created entitled Access to Water Around the World. I first fostered the thought of how we are all connected no matter where we are in the world. We ended the unit by raising money for water filters for families in need in Ghana, Africa. It became clear as I worked through my thesis that my own experience growing up on a well with an outhouse for a bathroom really helped foster my own passion for this cause. Through my own epiphanies and actions working through my thesis, I realized that my perfect career would be creating quality education for students, clients and patrons of a global organization. I want to inspire in students and adults alike the passion I have for the world. The feeling of being in a far off place that you have only previously learned about in books or magazines is magical. Whether it is in Rome, Italy or traveling to Macchu Picchu in Peru, experiencing the culture and people in any region of the world enhances our world view. I know a global organization such as yours would benefit from my passion and years of experience in education. I know you will benefit from my years of researching and implementing global citizenship in and outside of my classroom as part of my action research related to my thesis for my masters degree. I want to ignite students and adults desire to want to travel to far off places and ultimately to want to be a

part of the global community by inspiring them through deeper learning of the experiences they encounter. I am passionate about the global community, education, and travel. To support students of any age in becoming respectful global citizens would be the greatest achievement of my schooling and teaching. It is important to know the globe and ultimately know the shared needs of others around the world. It is my belief that students at any age can learn the significance of, not only traveling and learning about other countries and cultures, but also learning how we are connected to and can help others in different parts of the world. In working for your dynamic organization, I will use the skills and knowledge I have to implement quality curriculum and help create even more quality programs by using my expertise in sales, education, global citizenship, and 21st century skills. Sincerely, Cori Brooks