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50 Jalan Zuhrah U5/151 Taman Subang Murni, 40150 Shah Alam Ph n! "# m!$% 0&'()4(514* "#P$ % 01('+)5(54( ,'mail % -i.inurulain/h .mail01 m
CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking for practical training opportunity especially in internal audit or accounting department in Maybank Group. EDUCATION July 2005 Apr 2009 May 200, Apr 2005 2002 0 200* ac!elor of Accounting "#ons$% &ni'ersity of Malaya (G)A *.++ Matriculation )rogramme "Accounting$% -ole. MA/A Seremban (G)A *.92 Si.il )ela.aran Malaysia% Sekola! Menenga! 1eknik -uala 2umpur S)M 5A% * % 2( EXPERIENCE May 2003 July 2003 Attac!ment staff% 4peration Section% 5e'elopment 6inance 7 8nterprise 5ept% ank 9egara Malaysia #andling complaints from public "from data entry process to case closed$ Assisted in department:s pro.ect e.g. 1a; <ncenti'es for SM8 pro.ect% family day% -no=ledge S!aring Session 5rafted first standardised operational report to be presented to !ig! managerial le'el May 200> June 200> 1rainee% (onsumer anking% Maybank S!a! Alam ranc! Greeter% customer ser'ice% !andling complaints from customers Assisted customers at e0banking terminal "e.g. A1M% (as! 5eposit Mac!ine% (!e?ue 5eposit Mac!ine% Maybank2u.com% etc$ )romoted banking products "e.g. credit cards% insurance% AS loan% in'estment product% etc$ RELEVANT SKILLS

Pr bl!m'- l2ing -3illAnal4.i1al -3ill-

Successful in !andling and closing backlog cases since 2005. (ontinuously seek possible solutions on customer complaints and problems. 8;ercised in?uisiti'e mind on business structure and to add 'alue to t!e business. Generated uni?ue ideas and using factual and logical information to buy in people. #andle customer re?uests and en?uiries. (reated a=areness and build customer confidence in using electronic banking facilities and ot!er bank:s products. 6amiliar =it! computer soft=are e.g. Microsoft 4ffice @ord% 8;cel% )o=er)oint% & S Accounting% Microsoft )ro.ect and Aisual asic. @illing to learn attitude in ac?uiring kno=ledge and e;perience. (ommitted to=ards professional ?ualification

In.!r5!r- nal -3ill-

6.h!r -3ill-

ACTIVITIES April 2003 Mar 200> Jan 2003 Aug 2005 Apr 200B )articipant% 6inancial <n'estment (!allenge (ompetition% &-M Secretary% Accounting (amp 2003 pro.ect% &M Accounting (lub 5irector% Girls Gat!ering pro.ect% *rd /esidential (ollege% &M (ommittee member% Academic and <ntellectual ureau% *rd /esidential (ollege% &M (ommittee member% alai <slam ureau% *rd /esidential (ollege% &M Marc! 200B January 200B AFFILIATION 2003 0 present AWARDS 2005 BIODATA 5ate of irt! 9ationality <( 9umber A'ailability REFERENCES )rofessor Madya 5r. (!e /u!ana <sa Aice 5ean )n 9urmaDila! inti Ma!Dan 2ecturer Maybank Sc!olars!ip A=ard A((A Accelerate )rogramme )articipant% )ertandingan. Manifestasi )uisi% Malam 6esti'al Seni &M 8nglis! 5ebate (ompetition% &M "*rd place$


*0 4ctober +93B Malaysian 3B+0*005B0B,0B After +st May 2009

6aculty of usiness and Accountancy &ni'ersity of Malaya 50B0* -uala 2umpur 1el C 0*>9B>*95> 80mail C cru!anaEum.edu.my

6aculty of usiness and Accountancy &ni'ersity of Malaya 50B0* -uala 2umpur 1el C 0* >9B>*9B2 80mail C nurmaDila!Eum.edu.my