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Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian (Sains Pendidikan Rendah) Course Title Course Code Credit Contact Hours Medium of Instruction Pre-requisite to entry earnin! outcomes Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Ekosistem dan Biodiversiti) SCE 3 !" 3(#$ ) %! hours Eng&ish 'one 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. (escri)e the diverse nature o* &iving organisms and their ecosystems+ E,p&ain ho- ecosystems *unction and the ecosystem services they provide and the va&ue and threats o* )iodiversity.+ E,p&ain the app&ication o* eco&ogica& and )io&ogica& princip&es to conserving g&o)a& )iodiversity+ E,p&ain the too&s avai&a)&e to assist -ith )iodiversity conservation+( (iscuss di**ering cu&tura& attitudes to -i&d&i*e and the impacts these have on conservation+) /rticu&ate the &inks )et-een theory0 kno-&edge and practica& investigations in 1Ecosystem and Biodiversity through the pedagogica& content kno-&edge o* the primary schoo& science curricu&um+


2his course is designed to deve&op students3 a-areness o* the *unctions o* ecosystem0 and issues re&ating to )iodiversity conservation+ 2he topics covered inc&ude ecosystem *unctioning0 ecosystem services and ecosystem disruption0 threatening processes such as e,otic species invasion0 ha)itat &oss0 and direct e,p&oitation o* se&ected species0 speciation and e,tinction+ 2his is *o&&o-ed )y the study o* )road conservation strategies0 p&ant and anima& diversity. genetic diversity. data ac4uisition and monitoring techni4ues in )iodiversity conservation+ 2his course -i&& a&so enhance students3 kno-&edge and understanding a)out the *acts0 concepts and princip&es *ound in the &earning area 56nvestigating 7iving 2hings8 o* the primary schoo& curricu&um -i&& )e e,p&ored+ Pedagogica& content kno-&edge -i&& )e ac4uired through the use o* activity9)ased &earning -hich are stated in the 5Suggested 7earning /ctivities3 co&umn o* the primary schoo& curricu&um+ Kursus ini direka)entuk untuk memperkem)angkan kepekaan pe&ajar terhadap *ungsi ekosistem dan isu9isu yang )erkaitan dengan

pemu&iharaan )iodiversiti+ :nit ini me&iputi *ungsi ekosistem0 ecosystem services3 dan kemusnahan ekosistem proses ancaman seperti penak&ukan spesis eksotik0 kemusnahan ha)itat dan eksp&oitasi spesis yang )erkaitan0 5Speciation3 dan kepupusan+ 2ajuk &ain yang dipe&ajari ia&ah ia&ah strategi pemu&iharaan yang &uas0 kepe&)agaian hai-an dan tum)uhan. kepe&)agaian genetic. pengumpu&an data dan teknik ka-a&an da&am pemu&iharaan )iodiversiti+ Kursus ini akan menam)ahkan pengetahuan dan ke*ahaman murid tentang *akta0 konsep dan prinsip yang terdapat da&am )idang pem)e&ajaran 1Menyiasat Benda ;idup8 da&am kuriku&um sains seko&ah rendah+ Pengetahuan kandungan pedagogi akan dipero&ehi me&a&ui penggunaan pem)e&ajaran )erasaskan aktiviti yang dinyatakan da&am &ajur 1Cadangan aktiviti pem)e&ajaran8 da&am kuriku&um sains seko&ah rendah+ To"ic Content T#eory$ Ecosystem -hat are they < ho- do they *unction< Ecosystems types o* ecosystems &ocations )iodiversity0 comp&e,ity and sta)i&ity Ecosystem services case Study = -ater case study = nutrient cyc&ing Biodiversity ?hat is it< ?hy do -e va&ue it< 2he concept o* the species Biodiversity ;o- do ne- species arise< ?hat is e,tinction< In-situ Conservation 'atura& popu&ation 'atura& ha)itats Ex-situ Conservation Aoos0 a4uaria0 Botanica& gardens0 ar)oreta Seed )anks Hours



P&ant (iversity Species richness Species evenness Measuring species diversity /nima& (iversity Species richness Species evenness Measuring species diversity :nderstanding popu&ation trends 6nitia& popu&ation siDe Popu&ation gro-th *actor Carrying capacity ;idden Biod 2hreats to Biodiversity ?i&d&i*e poaching ?i&d&i*e tra**icking

Eenetic diversity 6 Eene poo& Eenetic variation Eenetic diversity 66 Pro)&ems o* sma&& popu&ations Measuring genetic diversity /coustic eco&ogy So&ving pro)&ems using mo&ecu&ar techni4ues Co&&ecting data using remote techni4ues Conservation and sustaina)i&ity Conservation and human societies Biodiversity and sustaina)i&ity Total PC'$ Soi& ecosystem data co&&ation


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# 3

ex-situ Conservation presentation /coustic eco&ogy Total Practical Soi& Ecosystems F Soi& )iota and *ood -e)s

?hen is it a species< 2a,onomy and Keeping F 2rack o* Bio&ogica& (iversity

3 > @ %

ex-situ Conservation= Aoos and Botanica& Eardens Measuring and Comparing Species (iversity :nderstanding Popu&ation 2rends Measuring Eenetic (iversity Total +rand Total Course-ork= %!G E,amination= >!G

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Assessment Main Reference

Primack RB (#!!#) Essentia&s o* Conservation Bio&ogy+ 3nd edition Sinauer /ssociates0 Sunder&and+ Mi&&er E2 (#!! ) Environmenta& Science+ Bth edition+ BrooksHCo&e 2hompson 7earning+

Additional Reference

7indenmayer0 (+B+ and Burgman0 M+/+ I (#!!@)+ Practical Conservation Biology CS6RJ Pu)&ishing0 Me&)ourne+ Primack0 R+B+ #!!>+ A Primer of Conservation Biology+ 3rd edition+ Sinauer /ssociates0 Sunder&and Kan (yke0 L+ (#!!3) Conservation Biology+ McEra-9;i&&+