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Communist Manifesto

Derek Williams and Tannor Witt Senior division Group Website

We chose this topic because we have a shared passion for World War I and the Cold War. We thought the Communist Manifesto was a good place to start researching because we wanted to learn more about the governments that the United States were fighting against and that included communism. We also thought communism was interesting in the way the leaders ran the government and how it is unique from any other government. We mainly used online internet sites for our research and also the Communist Manifesto itself. Our research also included databases and encyclopedias found on our schools website. We got most of our quotes from what Karl Marx said in the Communist manifesto. We used many online articles for most of the information we pulled and put on our project. We used many secondary sources to put together this project because we could not find any primary sources other than the book itself. We did use the book for many quotes though and we based a lot of what we said off of the quotes and also added extra research to support the quotes that we obtained from the book. We learned many valuable skills during this project including how to make a website, and more importantly time management. We learned how to use creative ways to create a website. We used many different techniques for creating pages and different ways of delivering our information. We had to manage our time very wisely to complete this project on time. This was a big project and we had to work very hard and use our time wisely to complete it on time and do our best on the project as well. Our topic related to the theme of Rights and Responsibilities in multiple ways. Under governments there are many rights the people did not have and Karl Marx, who

wrote the Communist Manifesto, wanted to change the amount of rights that the people had. There were many ways the peoples rights changed with the Communist Manifesto although it did not occur right away. The Communist Manifesto changed the people rights to what they wanted instead of a government who was too controlling. The Communist Manifesto paved the way to new governments and for new ideas. Karl Marx changed the way governments were run and he changed how people thought about governments. It gave nations a solid base government that lasted many and many years. Communism played a part in multiple wars in history including World War I and the Cold War.