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It has been my intention for a long time now to briefly share some tho !ht"# on the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipses. These eclipses are also referred to as Blood Moons due to the red colouring the moon takes on during such an eclipse. see http!""www.space.com"#$%&'(lunar(eclipses.html) *or those who are not familiar with what Im talking about+ ,-.- has $ro%e&te'# that four /) such moons will occur+ both in the spring and fall seasons of this year 01#/) and ne2t year 01#$). see http!""eclipse.gsfc.nasa.go3"45"4501#/.html) 6hat7s ($ote)ti*lly "i!)ifi&*)t( about the timing of these eclipses+ is that they7re -LL scheduled to occur on or around the Biblical *easts of 8565 Le3iticus 09: ,umbers 0&!#%(9#: 0'). To fully appreciate what this might mean+ one needs to ha3e a knowledge and an understanding of these feasts... which are set on 85657s calendar+ beginning in the spring months of March"-pril+... and ,4T ;ope <regorys roman calendar+ which begins in the winter month of =anuary. I point this out because there are M-,8 things that 8565 has established+ which man has corrupted: and 5I. calendar is one of these things. .cripture states that 8565 has placed the sun+ moon and stars in their place for specific purposes and to fulfill specific functions. 4ne of these was"is to determine feast times....as <enesis #!#/ reads that they are to be for signs and seasons. These two words in the hebrew are owth and mowed... meaning! #. - distinguishing mark+ banner or warning... and 0. -ppointed time+ meeting or set feast pertaining to the feasts). 5istorically+ ma>or e3ents ha3e tended to happen at *east Times... e.g.+ 87shua7s"=esus7 death at ;asso3er ;esach): 5is resurrection at *irstfruits: 5is ascension and the outpouring of the 5oly .pirit at ;entecost .ha3uot).... and it is also belie3ed that 5is birth was at or around Tabernacles .ukkoth). -lso noteworthy is that these feasts are ,4T =ewish feasts: but are 5I. 5oly *easts+ which 5e has set for 5is people+ both of the 7natural7 branches and of the 7grafted in7 ones: and according to scripture+ these feasts are to be kept *4?E@E?.. Le3iticus 09+ ,umbers 0&!#%(9#: 0').

There are M-,8 scriptural references to the sun+ moon and stars.... some of which include the moon being described as blood+ or ha3ing a reddish appearance. Many of these scriptures are prophetic in nature+ meaning+ they ha3ent happened yet. But again+ the significance is that theyre all closely linked with the *easts.. ?e3elation %!#0A#9: =oel 0!9#) .o+ while it is good that people"belie3ers are currently being made aware of these eclipses+ whether or not anything happens on these $ro%e&te'# dates+ what is MORE +MPORTANT is that 8565s people should be found being diligently engaged in keeping and obser3ing 5is feasts+ as we3e been instructed to..... not out of fear that something big is going to happen+ but o t of lo,e *)' obe'ie)&e to Hi" &o--*)'" *)' i)"tr &tio)"+... where again+ 5e says that -LL Israel is to keep these 5oly con3ocations+ *4?E@E?... seeing that we benefit greatly from doing so. - little about these *easts! - detailed study and research will show that they are a Ro*' M*$# of sorts+ in understanding 8565s ./// Ye*r Ti-e Pl*)( for mankind E2odus 01!##: 0;eter 9!&): in that they portray the entire story and work of 8shua... from .al3ation to ?estoration: from 5is #st coming all the way through to 5is 0nd coming: from what 5e fulfilled to what 5e will fulfill when 5e returns..... all culminating to the last #111 years+ which will be the 7.abbath7 rest+ the 7Millennial7 period or the 7Bingdom7 period ECekiel /1(/&: ?e3elation 01!$)+... where at the end of all of that+ ?e3elation 0#A00 will be fulfilled which actually represents the fulness of the &th day of Tabernacles".ukkoth... Le3iticus 09!9%+ ,umbers 0'!9$+ =ohn D!9D(9'). I say all this to show the significant role these feasts play in understanding biblical prophecies: especially those pertaining to end times+ as end time e3ents simply E-,,4T be accurately understood nor interpreted+ without e2amining these feasts. Eurrently on this road map+ we are at the feast of ;entecost. But+ the door to this feast is Fuickly closing+ and the opening of the door to the fall feasts of Trumpets 8om Teruah)+ -tonement 8om Bippur) and Tabernacles .ukkoth)+ is 3ery near the horiCon+ where they will be fulfilled and completed at Messiahs return. ,ow+ I3e also mentioned the word ?apture in the title of this note....which is a 7doctrine7 stating that the church will be taken up or raptured away+ BE*4?E the time of tribulation... a 3iew I once held+ but no longer do+ after ha3ing e2amined the .criptures more closely.

My reason for connecting this doctrine with these blood moons is that I belie3e it to be a deception+ which has the potential to bring about massi3e disappointment and disillusionment in the hearts and minds of many belie3ers: who+ when ma>or e3ents start happening+ may realiCe that theyre still here+ and ha3en7t been 7raptured7 away.... and may lament with the words of =eremiah #%!#' saying+ G.urely+ our fathers ha3e inherited liesG.... ,ot only that+ but because it promotes a mentality of escape+ it dissuades persons from del3ing further into scriptures pertaining to the T?IBHL-TI4,+ whether during or after: thereby pre3enting any kind of physical preparation+....which+ in addition to spiritual preparation+ is necessary. I share this to encourage anyone who belie3es this 7doctrine+7 to carefully re( e2amine the scriptures again+ noting that 8shua in 5is answer to 5is disciples when they asked about 5is 0nd coming+ begins by saying+ Itake heed that no man decei3e youJ.... plus 5e also says+ Ithose who endure to the E,K+ shall be sa3ed.J Matthew 0/!9A/+#9) 8es+ I belie3e there7s going to be a resurrection+ but not before the tribulation period. 8565 has said in Isaiah /%!'A#1+ that 5e declares the end from the beginning.... -nd the beginning starts from <enesis... where M-,8 treasures and shadow pictures can be found embedded in the pages of these beginning books of the Bible. =ust as there was a first E2odus+ so too will there be a second+...e3en greater than the first.. =eremiah #%!#/A#$: 09!DA&). I7ll close here by emphasiCing again that these are my (tho !ht"( that I share. -gain+ I7ll encourage e3eryone to study for themsel3es+ so that none of us would be found 7destroyed7 for lacking knowledge+ or re>ected+ from re>ecting knowledge and forgetting the Law"Torah the beginning fi3e books+ which ha3e included in them+ information about 8565s feasts)... as the scripture reads in 5osea /!%... GMy people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you ha3e re>ected knowledge+ I also will re>ect you from being priest for Me: Because you ha3e forgotten the Law"Torah of your Elohim+ I also will forget your children.G