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VOL. 16. NO. 66 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2014 PRICE: LD 40


Can Ellen Jump-start Agriculture?
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Boakai Wants TRC Recommendations Implemented


Should The LTA Be Allowed To InstallA Spy Machine?
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By Keith Morris

ice President Joseph N. Boakai says the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRC) recommendations need to be implemented in order to resolve problems facing the country.

The Commission came into being as a result of the Comprehensive Accra Peace Accor (CPA) that put an end to the 14 years civil conflict in Liberia. In 2010, the TRC concluded its operations and made several recommendations to the national government. Some of the recommendations included, banning the few Liberians responsible for insecu-

rity in the country for 30 years from holding public office, establishing an Independent National Human Rights Commission and conducting palava hut discussions across the country to resolve political, social and ethnic differences. In an exclusive interview with Daily Observer recently in Monrovia, the Vice Presi-

Rotarians Are Big Hearted Distinguished Men & Women
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UL Students Face Transport Constraints

-As Academic Activities Resume

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Messengers Of Peace
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Liberians to Take Charge of AFLs Top Posts

Declares C-I-C Sirleaf
By C.Y. Kwanue

As Nigerian Ends Tour of Duty:

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Ellen Insists on Proper Resource Exploitation

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BYC Disappoints Fans in Dull Game
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he Commander-InChief (C-I-C) of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has declared that by February, Liberians would fully take charge of the nations armed forces. They will, accordingly, serve in the echelons (levels in a hierarchy) of the AFLs command structure. President Sirleaf described as tough the times when a Nigerian officer had to be in charge of the AFL. A turn

of events that took place in keeping with the crafting of 2003 Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). The President was pleased to announce this situation was now something of the past. According to C-I-C Sirleaf, with the support of the international community, especially the United States and United Nations peacekeeping and peace-building efforts, Liberia has rebuilt a new, ethnically balanced and professional army. The President maintained that her government has

UL students struggling to board NTA bus for Fendell: We are faced with serious transportation difficulties.

Send and receive money

across Africa
Fast Convenient Reliable

The future is pan-African

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THURSDAY, JAN. 30, 2014, vol. 16, No.67indd 2

1/30/14 12:47 AM

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 DAILY OBSERVER Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Thursday, January 30, 2014

World News

Nothing substantive from Syria Talks Brahimi

(BBC) UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi has said he does not expect to achieve anything substantive in the first round of Syria talks before they end on Friday. He said he was not disappointed and that the ice is breaking slowly. He also said that the UN and Syrian government were still negotiating on access for a humanitarian aid convoy into the besieged city of Homs. The idea of a transition process has proved to be a major sticking point at the peace talks in Geneva. Mr Brahimi told reporters that the gap between the two sides remained quite large but there was a willingness to continue the talks. He voiced hope that Russia and the US would exert greater influence over the two sides to help bridge that gap. A timeframe for the second phase of the talks would be decided on Friday, he said. The UN-Arab League mediator said he hoped the second session would be more structured and hopefully more productive. Stopping terrorism Following the talks on Wednesday morning, Syrian presidential adviser Bouthaina Shaaban said they would discuss the Geneva Communique paragraph by paragraph. She said the first issue the government wanted to discuss was the first issue in the document, stopping terrorism. The government generally labels any armed opposition as terrorism. She claimed that the oppositions aim to jump to the item that speaks about transitional government proved they are only interested in being in government. Louay al-Safi, a spokesman for the opposition National Coalition, said the fact that the document was now on the table was a positive step forward. For the first time now we are talking about the transitional governing body, the body whose responsibility is to end dictatorship and move toward democracy and end the fighting and misery in Syria, he told reporters. However, he stressed again the opposition view that the transfer of power issue must come first, because nothing else can be achieved before we form a transitional governing body. In a separate development on Wednesday, the UN welcomed the UKs decision to take in hundreds of the most vulnerable refugees from Syria.

South Sudan Coup Leaders Face Treason Trial

(BBC) Seven South Sudanese politicians face charges of treason over an alleged coup attempt in December that sparked weeks of fighting, the authorities have said. Eleven officials were arrested at the time and the rebel side has made their release a condition of any peace deal to follow last weeks ceasefire. Those to be tried include three people not in custody, including ex-Vice-President Riek Machar. Seven of the other detainees have been released to the authorities in Kenya. They have appeared at a news conference with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in the capital, Nairobi. Correspondents say the treason charges, announced by South Sudans Justice Minister Paulino Wanawila, could jeopardise the ceasefire deal. The government had previously indicated that it might grant an amnesty the detainees, who are prominent political figures from a faction of the governing SPLM party. It underscores the animosity between the government of President Salva Kiir and the rebels, many of whom are loyal to Mr Machar. Although both men have

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Foreign Briefs

Taking a tough line, South Sudans Minister for Justice Paulino Wanawila explains plans to try rebel leaders
supporters from across South Sudans ethnic divides, fighting has often been communal, with rebels targeting members of Mr Kiirs Dinka ethnic group and government soldiers attacking Nuers. Mr Kiir accused Mr Machar and other former officials of attempting a coup after fighting broke out in the capital Juba on 15 December, something Mr Machar denies. Mr Wanawila said treason charges would be brought against four men who were already in custody, plus three men on the run. If someone violates the law you dont go and torture that person, you prosecute that person according to the law, he said. The seven men targeted for trial include: Riek Machar, whose sacking in July as Mr Kiirs deputy sparked much of the unrest Pagan Amum, former secretary general of the ruling party Former National Security Minister Oyai Deng Ajak Former ambassador to the US Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth Chief rebel delegate Taban Deng, who signed the ceasefire.

Ex-president Warns Ukraine On Brink of Civil War

One of the detainees released in Kenya, former South Sudan Justice Minister John Luke, said they wanted to work with mediators to quickly resolve the crisis. We dont feel bitter, we dont feel that the president is our enemy... we are all feeling sad about the tragic situation, he said at the news conference. Both sides say they are committed to the ceasefire, but there is still fighting in some areas, and the United Nations has described the situation as fragile. Aid groups say up to 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict. The UN says more than 646,000 people have been displaced inside South Sudan and more than 123,400 people have fled to neighbouring countries. The UNs aid chief Valerie Amos has wrapped up a threeday visit to the country with a trip to Malakal, where she said some people were afraid to return home despite the truce. Baroness Amos said the people she spoke to said they had completely lost faith and wanted to be relocated to other parts of South Sudan, or even out of the country.

(BBC) Thousands of people were left stranded overnight on motorways, in schools and churches as a snowstorm spawned traffic chaos in the US deep South. Airports and roads were closed as five states declared emergencies. Military vehicles were deployed to aid stranded motorists and to reach those in need of food and water. Barely 3in (7.6cm) of snow caused havoc in a warmweather region where many cities do not even have snow ploughs or fleets of salt trucks. Hundreds of road accidents were reported, a number of them involving lorries jackknifing on highways. Despite ample weather warnings, school officials waited until the middle of Tuesday when snow was already falling to send students home on routes where traffic was grinding to a halt. Nearly 8,000 students across Georgia and Alabama spent the night in school gyms or on buses, reports ABC News. Many commuters abandoned cars along jammed motorways to seek shelter in churches and fire stations. Gridlock on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, was so bad that a police officer had to deliver a baby on a snowy motorway.


Steve Rosenberg visits Kievs protest town, which is equipped with food stalls, a church tent, and a makeshift hospital
(BBC) Ukraines first postindependence president has warned the country is on the brink of civil war. Leonid Kravchuk, president from 1991 to 1994, urged parliament to act with the greatest responsibility as it debates an amnesty for detained protesters. President Viktor Yanukovych wants any amnesty to be conditional on protesters leaving official buildings and dismantling barricades. The EUs foreign policy chief said all parties must hold real dialogue. Catherine Ashton, who is holding talks in Kiev with the president and opposition leaders, said she was shocked by the unrest, and that there was no question that the importance of finding a quick and peaceful way forward is on everyones minds. The solution has to be found thats going to help move the country forward, and it needs to be a political process that is engaged in quickly and properly by everyone, she said. The responsibility is inevitably going to fall on government to do that as quickly as possible. The protests began in November after Mr Yanukovych reversed a decision to sign a long-awaited trade deal with the EU, instead favouring stronger ties with Russia. At least five people have been killed and a number of government buildings across the country have been occupied. Hundreds of people remain on the streets of the capital, Kiev. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to push for a constructive dialogue between the opposition and government to defuse the crisis. Following a telephone call with Mr Putin, she said that all parties must accept their responsibility to stabilise the country. The Kremlin later re-iterated its stance of recent days that any outside interference in Ukraine was unacceptable. Last year, Moscow promised a $15bn (9.2bn; 10.9bn euros) loan to Ukraine, a move

widely seen as a reward for Kievs rejection of the EU deal. Mr Putin has insisted he will honour the deal, but there are suggestions now that Moscow could delay delivering the payments until a new government is formed. Dramatic situation A policeman was shot dead in Kiev on Wednesday, said officials. It was not immediately clear whether the shooting was related to the protests. Ukraines parliament is debating an amnesty for the scores of protesters detained since demonstrations began, in the hope of calming the unrest. Mr Kravchuk told MPs: All the world acknowledges and Ukraine acknowledges that the state is on the brink of civil war. It is a revolution. It is a dramatic situation in which we must act with the greatest responsibility, he said in an emotional address that earned him a standing ovation. MPs are expected to vote on the bill later, but the BBCs David Stern in Kiev says it remains unclear whether it will pass, and if the protesters will accept its conditions. Opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said the requirement that protesters leave their main protest camp in Kiev was unacceptable.

(BBC) At least 11 senators from Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathans party have quit to join the opposition, the latest in a series of defections. The senators signed a letter that cited factionalisation in the governing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), without specifying further. The PDP still has a Senate majority but needs opposition help to pass bills. Analysts say many in the PDP are upset because they believe Mr Jonathan intends to stand for a second term. The PDP has won every national election since the end of military rule in 1999. But some 37 members of the house of representatives defected last year, wiping out the partys majority in the lower house. Several state governors have also defected to the APC, and the BBCs Sola Odunfa in Lagos says that many more may be waiting to do so. The senators and the representatives joined the All Progressives Congress (APC), which now has 33 senators in the 109-member chamber. The APC has called on its members to block all legislation, including the 2014 budget.


Rotarians Are Big Hearted Distinguished Men & Women VP Boakai Tells Liberians, Rotarians, Others
ice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has described Rotarians as distinguished and exemplary world class citizens and professionals that are responsive to the critical needs of humanity. VP Boakai made the statement last week Friday at a lunch hosted by the Rotary Club of Monrovia intended to honor founding member Joseph Richards, Al Browne and Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, Sr. He pointed that the visionary founding father of Rotary International was far back as 1905 endowed with so much urge to serve. VP Boakai reminded Rotarians and Liberians that the selfless and astute Chicago Attorney Paul P. Harris as far as back in the last century, could picture the enormous positive impact that such human bonding and drive could exact on his fellow beings in their respective communities even a century later to this

DAILY OBSERVER Thursday, January 30, 2014

Page 3

By Edwin M. Fayia III

day. The Liberian Vice President also noted that the ideals that attended the birth of this humanitarian organization more than 100 years ago and the embrace of its foothold in Liberia some 50 years find serene expression in the thoughtfully crafted motto. We convene at this lunch meeting today, just as in beginnings when pioneering Rotarians then a handful of big hearted and broad minded men- held similar regular meetings during their lunch hours on a rotational basis to plot their own service map as professionals with the urging to serve humanity, VP Boakai asserted. VP Boakai also added that as a mark of their absolute accession to the highest of ethical standards, Rotarians carved for themselves a model guide in what they refer to as the four way test. He further stated that in aspiring to the pinnacle of ethics, Rotarians are duty bound to ask themselves in any enterprise they are set to undertake.

VP Joseph Boakai addressing members and other invited dignitaries

Ambassador Boakai also explained that Rotary Clubs, like ours in this country, are noted for championing health issues, supporting hungerfighting initiatives, providing safe and clean water in villages as well as responding to and helping rebuild when natural disasters strike. VP Boakai intimated that Rotarians rightfully designate their movement as a global network of over a million volunteers dedication to tackling the worlds most pressing humanitarian challenges. In remarks, honoree Joseph Richards urged the current generation of Rotarians concentrate their energy and time on the decentralization of programs across in order to meet the socio-economic needs of other Liberians. Rotarian Richards regretted

the conspicuous absence his wife at the auspicious occasion of the Rotary Club of Monrovias lunch and honoring ceremony in Monrovia. Earlier, Rotary Club of Monrovia President Milton A. Weeks welcomed VP Boakai, staff, and Rotary members and guests for the lunch and honoring program. In brief statement, the Sinkor Rotary Club underscored the need for their participation in the official celebration of the 50th jubilee anniversary. Meanwhile, the Rotary Club of Monrovia was founded on January 24, 1064 by few distinguished, business and professional Liberians in an effort to buttress the Liberian Government and other support partners in the country.

LWSC Pumps 6M Gallons of Pipeborne Water into Monrovia

As Water Agency Comments on Expansion Program

Budgetary Constraints Hamper Development in Nimba

Rep. Dunah, right in handshake with Rep. Tinkpan during last county council in Sanniquellie

cute budgetary constraints are said to be hampering develop ment initiatives in Nimba County since the last County Council sitting in April 2013. Speaking on a local radio station in Ganta on the 28th January, the Secretary of Nimbas Legislative Caucus, Nimba Electoral District # 7 Representative Worlea Dunah said the Government of Liberia has owed Nimba County US$ 3.8 million since 2011. He said the delay in releasing the budget is causing problems in the implementation of the projects that were earmarked during the last Nimba County Council Sit-

By Ishmael F. Menkor, Nimba County Correspondent

ting. Rep. Dunah quoted the Minister of Finance as saying the said amounts were in the governments escrow account; and added that and it could be released at any time. We have outstanding debt owed to us from 2011/2012 to 2012/2013 budget years totaling US$ 3.8 million; members of the caucus have been advocating tirelessly to the government. We believe that this amount will be released soon, he said. He quoted the Minister of Finance as saying that the national budget shortfall doesnt affect the US$ 3.8million and that it was safe. There was a budgetary allocation for development last year in the County Council sitting, but most of the projects, including the scholar-

esponding to demands for pipeborne water in Monrovia and other parts of Liberia, the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) is now pumping more than six million gallons into greater Monrovias hard to reach communities. Addressing reporters at a press conference after the presentation of certificates to 20 LWSCs personnel, Managing Director Charles B. Allen intimated that the entity has embarked on an ambitious expansion program. MD Allen made the disclosure Wednesday, January 29, during the closing exercises for 20 middle level personnel of LWSC, who completed nine days of training in Contract Management held at the water agencys head office on King Sao Boso Street in Monrovia. The LWSC boss also intimated that during the course of 12-15 months the corporation was able to train 300 members of their staff in different professional disciplines. He also disclosed that next week Saturday the water agencys employees would be staging a retreat where strategic planning deliberations

By Edwin M. Fayia III

LWSC Manager Charles Allen Addressing Managers, Stakeholders and Workshop Participants in Monrovia
would be discussed regarding the development, growth and progress of its programs. Mr. Allen further indicated that the LWSC has rehabilitated kiosks (hand pipes) in poor communities enhancing the provision of safe drinking water to residents and small businesses in Monrovia and some parts of the country. The Managing Director also stated that the Liberian Government has provided funds for the rehabilitation of one hundred damaged kiosks. Throwing light on youth unemployment, Mr. Allen noted that efforts are being exerted to engage the youth in management of kiosks in the form of sales so they can be paid a twenty percent commission. Shedding some comments on the expansion program of the LWSC for 2014 and beyond, Manager Allen intimated that the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (UWSSP) project being funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) would enhance the expansion of Kakata, Zwedru, and other areas. In closing, Manager Allen pointed out that in order for the LWSC to provide this kind of water service to Liberians the entity needs US$150 million. Earlier, the head of the UWSSP, Mr. Gabriel S. Flaboe, said training in contract management and procurement procedures are critical to the overall enhancement of the water implementation projects. He added that such training would assist those managing the water projects to fast-track procurement processes; thus realizing considerable progress and accomplishment. The Procurement Specialist at the AfDB in Monrovia, Ms. Mose Mabe Koofhthile, expressed her delight to be part of the LWSCs training initiative. For his part, the Chief of Party of the Liberia Municipal Water Project (LMWP), Mr. Alione Fall lauded the efforts of the LWSCs management for the provision of training opportunities for its staff. Im happy to work with the management of the LWSC; as we all strive to provide a quality and affordable water supply to Liberians, Mr. Fall declared. In a brief statement on behalf of the participants, a member of LWSCs staff, Botoe Zinnah, intimated that the fortitude demonstrated by managers of the corporation during the course of the seminar speaks volumes of their commitment to move the entity forward.

ship scheme for Nimba students attending universities and colleges in Liberia, allotment for the disabled and other key projects remain in limbo. Last year, Nimba County Council Projected a US$2.8

million budget; within the projected budget around 23% (US$644,940) would go to development projects in the nine electoral districts of the count. Another 10% (US$ 305,000) goes to scholarships, youth and womens

empowerment, projects for the disabled, the county meet and the renovation of the chief compound in Sanniquellie. In a recent development, Nimba Countys infrastructural development project has

begun the opening of streets and alleys in the city of Tappita, lower Nimba County. The project, which started a few days ago, is said to be destroying property built closely to the streets.

Tuesday, January 28, 30, 2014 DAILY OBSERVER Thursday, January 30, 2014 Thursday, January 2014 You want tell me only that small place people are making farm in this country, with all this rich, fertile land? This Government, these people have got to get serious.

Page Page10d 4

Published by Liberian Observer Corporation P.O. Box 1858, Monrovia

Liberias First Independent Daily 0886812888, 0886472772 www.liberianobserver.com

Can Ellen Jump-start Agriculture?

The Presidents open admission in her Annual Message Monday that only five percent of the nations arable landmass is being cultivated for agriculture is a very sad, very serious, very disturbing admission, but it is a wakeup call. Ever since the Tubman administration, in the early 1950s, with the help of our American friends, established the Government Farm in Suakoko, in an attempt to introduce modern agriculture in Liberia, we should have by now made significant progress in Liberian farming. The Government Farm, now the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), undertook a lot of research that helped to improve farming around the country. It also established the Agricultural Extension Service that deployed Extension Agents in all the then five Counties--Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Sinoe, Grand Cape Mount and Maryland--and the three Provinces--Central, Western and Eastern. When the new counties--Bong, Lofa, Nimba and Grand Gedeh--were created in 1964, at least one extension agent was deployed to each. But these were clearly not enough. In the early 1960s, for example, when Voinjama was still the headquarters of the Western Province, there was only one extension agent there-a young Cuttington Agriculture graduate named Leopold Bundoo. Yet Lofa was the largest Province. When it became a county in 1964 it was the largest county, until it was divided into two, with the creation of Gbarpolu County a few years ago. Yet Lofa, thanks to the seriousness, energy and love for farming on the part of its people, remains the nations leading breadbasket, followed by Bong, Nimba, Margibi and Montserrado Counties. We narrate all this history to say one thing: we as a government and people have not taken agriculture seriously enough. That is why we have not made much progress since the early 1950s. The government itself did not take agriculture seriously. Mr. Bundoo, the agri-extension agent, was never given a cutlass, or a bicycle, yet he was expected to render extension services in the Western Province. That is why, as this newspaper has always said editorially, the GOL has not taken agriculture seriously; that is why it has failed to organize agriculture, as it is organized, say, in Kenya. But let us quickly add: we must stop this nonsense that our failure in agriculture, as in many other areas, is because Liberia was never colonized. When are we going to start thanking God that, unlike all other African countries except Ethiopia, we were never colonized? That, it seems to us, is a blessing. It means that whatever we have, we have achieved by our own bootstraps. Is that not something to be proud of? There is only ONE THING lacking in Liberia: seriousness on the part of the people AND their government. If all the people in all the counties were as serious as the Lofa people, especially when it comes to agriculture, Liberia by now would be self sufficient in food. With only one agri-extension agent in the 1960s, Lofa was still able to feed the nation. You had a man in Foya District alone, named Paramount Chief Tamba Taylor, who taught his people, the Kissi, to farm. Today, long after he was no longer Paramount Chief, Foya is one of the countrys most productive areas. They grow their own rice, vegetables and meat. And if encouraged, Foya alone could grow a good portion of all the rice Liberians need, and all the meat, too, since their area is ideal for raising livestock, especially cattle, goats and sheep. But why hasnt the government seized upon this ONE distinct opportunity to move agriculture forward? Because we are not serious about our business. That is why we are always begging other people for help all kinds of help. The Bible says, Seest thou a [person] diligent about his/her business; they shall stand before kings, and not before mean men. So what is the President thinking now? Is she prepared to muster the SERIOUSNESS to move agriculture forward in this country, and get ALL her lieutenants to do the same? Liberia is one of the few countries we know of where 100% of the land is arable. Why on earth are we still hungry and food dependent? It is a shame; and we better start removing this shame from our faces by getting SERIOUS. This is the Presidents challenge, and the challenge of every one of us.

OBSERVER CARTOON WITH A. Leslie Lumeh E-mail: leslie@leslielumeh.com www.leslielumeh.com

Should The LTA Be Allowed To InstallA Spy Machine?

By Charles B. Yates
I read with dismay that the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) said it does not possess the equipment that is needed to actively monitor the quality of the countrys telecoms networks, Cellular News reports. According to the article, the director of the LTA said at a hearing that the lack of the equipment was enabling some companies to under report their traffic and avoid full regulatory payments to the government. Further, the lack of detailed technical supporting documentation that such equipment would provide is hampering any attempts to enforce shut-down notices on companies that are suspected of fraud. As a student of information technology (IT) and communication, I am taking aback by the LTA desire to undertake such arrangement without a national legislation. The invading of peoples privacy should be protected by GSM providers in all forms. The machine that the LTA is talking about here is a Spy Machine. This equipment is called the Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management System (Cirms). This system is designed to track calls, invade GSM users privacy and to prevent telecoms customers from being overcharged. This system has both positive and negative implications and it should be backed by a national legislation if the LTA must succeed. Without a national legislation the process will be illegal and violation of the GSM users privacy. It can be recalled that the telecommunication operators in Malawi have similar tussles on the matter but was later defeated by the by Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (Macra) over the Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management System (Cirms). Macra bought the Cirms which was later popularised as the Spy Machine from a US-based company, Agilis International, at a cost of USD6.8 million and by August, it had paid USD2 million. Since its acquisition, operators have been protesting its installation claiming it would infringe on the publics right to privacy. They later ended in court over the matter. Here in Liberia, the LTA is claiming that without said equipment it cannot enforce

shutdown on GSM companies violators. The fact here is that, this machine perform beyond that point of enforcing shut down. It is a spy machine and GSM companies are under obligation to protect the privacy rights of their users. This could lead to a crises between the GSM companies and the LTA. Telecommunication operators in Malawi still insist that using the high-tech call tracking equipment is a violation of their users rights, their services and will compromise obligation and duty they have to their subscribers.They also based their argument on the laws of Malawi saying Section 21 sub section c of the Malawi Constitution call for the protection of personal privacy. But parliament which has the bragging rights in the formulation of laws in the country overwhelmingly supported the controversial machine.In their submission, they also challenged the directive by Macra to all telecommunication operators to provide it with subscribers call detail records. Spy fears Amid much tussling over the systems use, MACRA put its foot down and it almost switched on the machine, only to be stopped in its tracks when politicians and human rights activists challenged the implementation by seeking a court intervention. On October 14, 2011 the High Court in Blantyre indeed stopped the Malawi government from switching on the machine. The court gave an order to MACRA restraining it from getting Call Details Records (CDRs) from the countrys telephone operators. Lawyer Ralph Kasambara was hired to challenge the rolling-out of the machine.

The kind of information CDRs provide include who called which number; details of calls received; time and duration of calls; location where call was made or received; SMS sent and received; type of handset used and other detailed subscriber information. Malawi telecommunication operators already provide summarised data from the CDRs and MACRA is not currently able to access detailed subscriber information. But the new system would allow MACRA access to information about the calls made by anyone in the country. In the initial dispute over the matter, Information and Civic Education Minister Patricia Kaliati echoed what her predecessor had said: that the machine would only be used to improve the quality of services being offered by the operators and manage traffic. Government has backed MACRAs intention to implement the Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management System CIRMS Project, arguing that it will help the Malawi Revenue Authority recover lost revenue. What will happen in Liberia if the LTA shall have installed such machine, looking at the political loyalty of our government officials? Will people rights to their privacy be protected? Let the LTA be open enough and tell the Liberian people the fact about this machine and its function in totality. About the author: Charles B. Yates is a student of ITNetworking and Communication at the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), Delhi, India. He can be reached on +91-9818-048750.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Page 5 9

By Marcus Abayomi Flemister No man is an island, so I have heard Every man is a bright light, so I have experienced Like stars in the sky we stand out, each one unique Some stars will fall, others will shine Our differences illuminating the night We burn endlessly, in spite of our limitations All making up part of the endless heavens The ones you love warm you with light Those you hate leave you blind Darkness is only found in ignorance Darkness is a symptom of your fear Live in the light Love in the light Share you radiance Love is the light


Money has taught me line about caution Money is an all timeFamily Breaker

If I Were This Cute Black Bird

Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar I would skim the lagoon as with speed I would wet my black velvet coat often And feel some cool spray to just cool off Then I would fly fast and sit on a tall pole Then with a peek I would look at the world And feel sure I have conquered all obstacles If I Were This Cute Black Bird I would wear a black smart suit to dress in I would walk tall as though I stood on gold And relish delightfully as the word covers me Then I would place my load down below Then all my strides will be seen in the wind If I Were This Cute Black Bird

Understanding Conflicts


By Marcus Abayomi Flemister The beauty of silence strengthens solitudes peace I make my way through life accompanied only by my shadow Thankful he has the sense to leave me when the sun sets Individuality is interpreted as arrogance Privacy deemed a cover for the wicked Do we truly hear the symphonies in the stillness? Have all our pleasures been reduced to visceral moments? Are we only ourselves in the din of the masses? Am I only as good as your expectations? Do you determine what makes a person your friend? Every time you say my name out of my presence I have won Every time you make me a topic of conversation I have won Every time you bite your tongue and hide your feelings before me I have won Free of the need of approval from others Me and my shadow United in silent victory

Silent Scream

Varney L.S. Gean

Falls he on the ground there Ill be to bestow him a helping hand Forlorn he suffers from his failure there Ill be to show him success His Keeper I will forever be Today he is joyous, I was nearby when sadness was his companion Yesterday it wasnt but today another story then tomorrow thus better His keeper I will lastingly be My promise to be there evermore, whenever I can and suffers him not Forward he moves I stand by and watch till his true course he unearths His keeper I will forever be Through days and weeks and months and years and decades to befall Throughout the four seasons, the two seasons that never forgers its time His keeper I will be for eternity Neither time nor place matters much as he rises and falls and rises again Learn he shall, his mistakes he rights, his time he uses, his life he changes His keeper I will be for eternity

Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar Money cracks what is created fine Money surely can lead to many evils Money should not be used to hurt lives Money has brought men to their graves Money has driven the sword right through Money is an all timeFamily Breaker Money should only solve sudden problems Money is the key to getting out of troubles Money the thin strip of paper with a purpose Money a model to the impoverished is mad Money a master to the rich and divides friends Money is an all timeFamily Breaker Money needs sweet talks the eager seeker Money drives a desperate to an acute end Money if not watched carefully spews hate Money stirs the questions you never ask

Family Breaker

Varney L.S. Gean Not much said still my heart bleeds Not much said yet my throat aching Not much said but I grieve inside me Silent I will be for now Not much said but I lament in grief anguish Not much said but should I absolve you? Not much said yet my peace is shattered Silent I will be for now. Now much said but darkness all around Not much said yet nervous I still am over you Not much said but bad words are garbage My silence strengthen deep inside of me Much I wont say but I know you are afraid Much I wont utter but you will still chatter Not much will be said thus I know it hurts My silence that will keep you baffled

Gwendolyn Myers, Executive Director, Messengers of Peace One effect n his taxonomy of reject others. Perceptions negatively. conflict types, Ber- shape people, particularly of sustained conflict is to nard Mayer lists six young peoples beliefs, at- narrow our vision of what faces, or appear- titudes and their behaviors is possible. According to Nelson Mandela, Time ances of conflict to include in a conflict. low impact conflicts, latent Even though I was way and again, conflicts are reconflicts, transient con- too young to understand solved through shifts that flicts, representational con- the Liberian conflict and were unimaginable at the flicts. Others include stub- the ensuing crisis, my par- start. Not talking and not born and enduring conflicts. ents instilled in me the need listening is a symptom of John Paul et al of The Joan and ability to assimilate the being stuck. Understanding what B. Kroc Institute for In- devastating effects of conternational Peace studies flict that consumed the re- makes someone tick or presented four dimensions sources of this country over what drives them to take up arms and engage in vioof conflict to include: Per- a long period of time. sonal, Relational Structural Conflict is a crisis that lence is, in part a psychoand Cultural. forces us to recognize ex- logical question. In our understanding of In whatever form we want plicitly that we live with to categorize conflict, our multiple realities and must conflict, special vulnerunderstanding of conflict negotiate a common real- ability in post conflict situas peace messengers is that ity. Issues in a conflict are ations such as Liberia still of a relationship between interdependent with each exists. These are increased two or more interdependent other. Some issues create poverty that places women parties in which at least one multiple other issues in a and children in precarious situations, loss of social of the parties perceives the conflict David W. Augusburger services, limited investrelationship as negative or detects and pursues oppos- argues that though conflict ment in human security, is inevitable in human life, unequal power relationing interest and needs. A narrower definition of it can be quite constructive. ships that can be exploited, the term conflict would Conflicts, others argue is an loss of access to rights; fear refer to a situation where essential ingredient of so- of reporting and retaliation there is a potential for vio- cial change. What is impor- and higher risk of incidenclence to occur between tant to the peace messen- es of abuse and communigroups or where violence gers is that conflicts should cable diseases to mention has already occurred. be solved in a peaceful and a few. Next week, we will be These are the conflicts with constructive manner. Differences in perspec- dealing with managing conwhich development cooperation is increasingly pre- tive may impede an agree- flicts and how peacebuildment. However, we can ing to some extent requires occupied. People have different reach the point of enjoying perception management perspectives on life and its differences once we learn and changing perception problems. We each have how to understand the requires first understandour unique history and culture, psychological and ing the formation of current character; our values which social background from perceptions and triggers to conflicts, until then, Peace, guide our thinking and our which these emerge A conflict that does not above all, Peace first-Let behavior and motivate us to take certain actions and to move positively moves Peace Prevail.


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P. O. Box 3012, Mailbag: 9036 Tel: 0886 558 468

P. O. Box 3012, Mailbag: 9036 Tel: 0886 558 468


Position Title: Reports to: Location: Senior Internal Auditor Director of Internal Audit Monrovia


Position Title: Chief Accountant Reports to: Comptroller Location: Monrovia Job Summary The incumbent is responsible to assist the Comptroller in all the technical accounting works at the National Housing Authority. Apply principles of accounting to analyze financial information and assist in the preparation of financial reports by compiling information and utilizing appropriate accounting control procedures. He/she is responsible for coordinating activities and ensures/monitor daily recording of all financial transactions. Job Responsibility Prepare all financial schedules, to include receivables, payables, drafting of cash plans, projects, etc. Assist the Comptroller with the budget process and enter all budgets into the system. Prepare monthly bank reconciliation for management. Ensure that policy matters are handled, but specifically design proposals that attend to resource mobilization. Assist income generating areas to plan and execute programs that yield best practice of financial intake for the corporation. Ensure compliance. With approved budget and conduct quarterly variance analyses. Carry out other assignments given by management. Submit a monthly financial report to the Comptroller. Personal Skills & Qualifications Excellent verbal and written communication skills Ability to work independently and collectively with others Strong inter-personal skills, must be a team player BBA in Accounting or Finance; or its equivalent in Accounting or related field Computer Proficiency, especially with QuickBooks, Microsoft, Excel software. At least five year experience, preferably in the accounting field MBA in Accounting or Finance will be an added advantage. Interested individuals should send a letter of application with detailed resume to: The Human Resource Manager National Housing Authority UN Drive, Waterside Monrovia, Liberia Deadline for the receiving of all applications is Friday, January 31, 2014 at 4:00 pm. Females as well as NHA staff are encouraged to apply.
Housing The Nations People Is Our Priority Implementing the goal of the Global Strategy for Shelter

Job Summary The incumbent will be responsible to assist the Director of Internal Audit to plan and conduct operational, financial and compliance audits to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls. Determine compliance with selected policies, procedures, and regulations as set by the General Auditing Commission. Make written recommendations to the Director of Internal Audit to increase efficiency and/or effectiveness of the control systems of functions reviewed. Perform special investigations as requested by management. This position works with all levels of Management and employees within the National Housing Authority, internal audit personnel and external auditors. Consult with Administrators and Staff at all levels to promote good auditing practices. Job Responsibility Assist the Director of Internal Audit to direct Units staff in the development, analysis, and preparation of reports Assist Units staff to resolve complex or out of policy operation problems. Responsible to meet Unit productivity and quality goals. Assist the Director of Internal Audit to plan and coordinate audits to assess controls, operational efficiencies and compliance with selected policies, procedures and regulations. Resolve audit problems that occur and develop modifications to coverage and schedule. Ensure work papers are adequately documented and audit evidence is sufficient. Prepare accurate audit reports for the Director of Internal Audit and conduct exit conference. Elicit information from knowledgeable internal/external sources about areas and functions to determine appropriate audit direction/ methodology. Research and keep abreast of legislative issues, new audit regulations/trends and audit methodology. Discuss updates of new regulations with the Director of Internal Audit relevant departments. Assist external auditors as appropriate. Assist in developing annual audit plan and submit to the Director of Internal Audit. Conduct periodic training workshops to promote awareness of internal audit control and to discuss changes in policies that will impact the system flows of information. Work with Management to ensure a functional Fixed Asset Control System. Personal Skills & Qualifications Excellent verbal and written communication skills Ability to work independently and collectively with others Strong inter-personal skills; must be a team player BBA in Accounting or Finance; or its equivalent in Auditing or related field Computer Proficiency Fully conversant with the PFM Law, PPC Act and other financial regulations of the Government of Liberia Must be a person of high integrity Certifies Fraud Examiner preferred At least five years experience, preferably in the auditing fields MBA in Accounting or Finance will be an added advantage. Interested individuals should send a letter of application with detailed resume to: The Human Resource Manager National Housing Authority UN Drive, Waterside Monrovia, Liberia Deadline for the receiving of all applications is Friday, January 31, 2014 at 4:00 pm. Females as well as NHA staff are encouraged to apply.
Housing The Nations People Is Our Priority Implementing the goal of the Global Strategy for Shelter

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 DAILY OBSERVER Thursday, January 30, 2014 Thursday, January 30, 2014

Maintaining Minster Tah Trainingor Child Labor? Undermines the Law

-Cllr. Gongloe Stresses
of the Supreme Court, was suspended on January 10 by that High Court from practicing law in the country for six months. She was suspended after the High Court held her in contempt for her role played in releasing FrontPage Africa Managing Editor Rodney Sieh, on compassionate leave from detention at the Monrovia Central Prison. According to the leading human rights activist, the Courts action was to defend the integrity of the rule of law. If somebody in authority acts in clear violation of the rule of law, then the High Court is under obligation to take strong action. If the Supreme Court can take such an action against the Minister of Justice, then it is protecting the independence of the Court, Cllr. Gongloe maintained. In my mind the honorable thing for Minister Tah to do is resign; because the law is the source of the Ministry and if you are Attorney General, you are the nations head lawyer, the rights activist explained. And if that is taken away from you what can you do as a Minster of Justice? he wondered. She is not truly Minister of Justice in my opinion, said Cllr. Gongloe, because the functions of that Ministry is to prosecute and defend all actions against the government and to give it general counsel. You are to review and authenticate all contracts and give opinions about what the law is to the executive; and to monitor the action of the executive to make sure it is in compliance with the law. He continued The only Minister under the law who disagrees with the President on the basis of the law and keeps his/her job is the Minister of Justice. No other minister can do that and maintain their position. Commenting further on President Sirleafs reluctance to suspend Minister Tah, Cllr. Gongloe maintained that People--- especially those holding high office in government--- would have said since the President acted, we will be careful with the High Court. But, according to the leading human rights activist, President Sirleaf has chosen to remain silent on the issue. If the President does not obey the High Courts ruling who you think in the other two branches of government will do that? Cllr. Gongloe wondered, It means gradually the court will become irrelevant.

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llr. Tiawon Gongloe on Tuesday, January 28, expressed concerns that the decision made by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to maintain Cllr. Christiana P. Tah as Justice Minister and Attorney General could undermine the rule of law in the country. Since the High Courts suspension of Minister Tah, the President should have acted immediately by declaring that coinciding with the judgment the Minister is hereby suspended, Cllr. Gongloe suggested. If that had been done maybe her suspension would have been for a shorter period, Cllr. Gongloe added. Minster Tah, who is Dean

By Abednego Davis

Little Joseph Flomo selling baskets

Joseph did not reveal the exact location of his two brothers, but was swift to notify this reporter that he is the only child currently living with his father and providing him assistance. I should have been in the second grade, but due to my irregularity in class coupled with my engagement with the selling, I have had difficulty with my lessons Little Joseph Flomo disclosed. Joseph Flomo indicated that he sells at least ten baskets per day with the cost of L$75 each. L$75 might be US$0.85, loose estimate because the exchange rate is now L$80 to US$1. An investigation conducted by this paper established that many school going children between the ages of seven to ten years in Gbarnga are involved in street selling despite its publicized government free and compulsory school program. Even in the face of persistent cries from human rights groups operating in the county condemning the use of minors as bread winners; it appears as if many parents are still making use of their children to contribute to their household incomes. Many parents who spoke to the Daily Observer attributed the rising number of street selling children to the high cost of living. Nyamah Dolo, a mother of five told this reporter that her children are selling not because of extreme hardship but what she termed as training so that they would not be beggars or liabilities to society. You see me, my mother reared me the hard way, this is the reason I am on my own Nyamah emphasized. Another mother, Korto Kollie, a former teacher, stressed that due to the current economic insecurity in the country, specifically in rural Liberia, many parents engaged their children in petit business in order to provide some financial stability to the home. If the children do not sell, how will the home be stable when the man (husband) is unemployed? she asked.

-As AU Leaders Launches 2014 as the Year of Agriculture and Food Security on the Continent Today

Africa Poised to be Self-Reliant

leaders--- could make them self-sufficient. The summit will run from January 30 to 31, 2014. The event will also mark the tenth year since the adoption of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program; a program that was adopted by African leaders and partners to liberate the continents inhabitants from Poverty and Hunger. To bring this dream to fruition African leaders agreed to allot at least ten percent of the national budget to the improvement of agriculture activities and food security in their respective countries, though this is yet to be adhered to by many. According to the Executive Mansion, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf departed the country on Tuesday for AddisAbaba to take part in this historic event at the 22nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the AU. Items on the agenda for consideration include the report of activities of the AU Peace and Security Council and the state of peace and security in Africa, as well as the activities of the Panel of the Wise alongside the renewal of its membership. The AU leaders will also discuss the report on the assessment of the African Standby Force and the operationalization of the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises, as well as launch the final report of the High-Level Panel on Fragile States. Additionally, the Summit will consider the report of President Sirleaf, in her capacity as Chairperson of the High-Level Committee on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, on the proposed draft African Common Position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Yet another report to be reviewed is the outcome document of the African regional consultative meeting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will serve as inputs to the African Common Position. On the heels of the AU Summit, President Sirleaf will hold bilateral meetings with representatives of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN Environment Program and the European Union (EU), among others, the Mansion said through a

n an effort to make Africa self-reliant in terms of food and rid the continent of its endemic poverty, Heads of State and Government attending the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will today, Thursday, January 30, launch 2014 as the Year of Agriculture and Food Security. The AU leaders will launch the themed year in a bid to bring hope to poverty-stricken Africans who go to bed hungry every day; even though their continent is home to an abundance of wealth that--- when properly managed by their

By William Q. Harmon

This is where business meets customer.


press release. Meanwhile, Africans have for far too long lived in abject poverty and been plagued with numerous diseases inspite of its abundance of natural resources. Among these resources are its large virgin rain forests and ideal varieties of soil capable of boosting agricultural activities on the continent. It is often said by political and economic pundits that the continents main problem has always been its lack of patriotic and visionary leaders who have failed and continue to fail millions of Africans by not properly managing the numerous natural resources the continent is endowed with. They say that for far too long the continent has been reliant on external support through aid and donations from donors as African leaders plunder its wealth. Bad governance and corruption are the chief causes of civil unrest on the continent and have become the order of the day. Statistics show that over 70 percent of Africans live on less than one United States dollar a day, a stark contrast to the lavish amounts many of the continents government officials are paid. The designation of this year as the Year of Agriculture and Food Security is a laudable one and if political will and support are injected, it may be the beginning of releasing Africans from the burden of poverty. While President Sirleaf is away from the country, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Morris Dukuly, will chair the Cabinet in consultation with Vice President, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai.

he book of Proverbs 22:6 in the Holy Bible states, Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. This quotation in the Bible coupled with African traditional practices means many Africans-- including Liberians-- are of the strong belief that raising children in an unsympathetic manner means they shall become independent when they grow into adulthood. On the other hand, many people, especially those in the business of human rights advocacy, consider African traditional upbringing of children as a cruel, barbaric tradition and a violation of childrens rights. The typical Liberian believes that rearing children in the customary manner is squarely in the hands of community; hence the African adage that states, It takes a village to raise a child. This means that African children belong to their communities for upbringing, irrespective of tribe or religion. This is the result of people burdened with poverty and extreme hardship; with many parents forcing their children into selling in order for the family to have something to eat at the end of the day, Mr. William Tehtor a communal farmer stressed. Joseph Flomo, 8, a student of the J. F. Clarke Kindergarten School in Gbarnga, told this paper that it is through the sale of baskets that his father is able to send him to school. The J. F. Clarke Kindergarten School is a governmentrun elementary school situated in the Bad Habit Land Community on the Kokoyah Road in Gbarnga. I have to come from school to go and sell the baskets before we can eat anything Joseph Flomo told the Daily Observer. He informed this paper that he is the youngest of three and that his mother died as the result of labor complications; leaving behind he, his siblings and his father who is disabled.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 DAILY OBSERVER Thursday, January 30, 2014 Thursday, January 30, 2014

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CAC of Grand Bassa County Discloses

Climate Change is Serious

still experiencing constant rainfall causing flooding in the fields of vegetable farmers. Our rice farmers, who are in the uplands cannot burn their farms. She said that most farmers are still accustomed to the traditional upland farming methods in her county, making it difficult for them to succeed in agriculture. She disclosed that last year she noticed almost 36 farmers could not burn their farms to start the process of growing fresh crops. This year it is raining more often, which could make the lives of farmers very difficult. They may not be able to succeed in farming to feed their families, she reiterated. She said because of the effects of climate change, she is encouraging farmers in the county to prioritize lowland farming. However, Madam Kolvah stated that farmers are yet to grasp the concept of moving to the swamp for crop production. Our farmers are so use to the uplands that they are not willing to move to the lowlands. We are asking them to compare the yield of their production from the lowland to that of the upland in the hoped they can learn a lesson. She said if the issue of climate change in the county is not fully addressed food production would remain scarce. Madam Kolvah also explained to the Daily Observer that she established a demonstration site at the

By Judoemue Mohmoh Kollie

he County Agriculture Coordinator (CAC) of Grand Bassa County, Joyce Kolvah, has disclosed that most subsistence farmers in her county have become vulnerable to climate change. She made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer newspaper recently in Buchanan City. According to Madam Kolvah, climate change is a serious problem leaving farmers vulnerable in Grand Bassa County. Climate change is a serious problem for farmers in Grand Bassa County. Even this January, the county is

CAC Kolvah at the vegetable demonstration site in Buchanan. countys office to train farmers. The country specific report released on climate change in April, 2013, by the United States Forest Service (USFS) states that the major challenge in addressing climate change is how to improve the conditions of rural subsistence farmers whose livelihood squarely depend on agriculture. It furthers that the opportunity for Liberian farmers to rebuild their lives after the protractive civil crisis is to become resilient in the face of climate change. Lofa, Bong, Bomi, Cape Mount and other counties were named in the report as places where farmers are vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

By Judoemue Mohmoh Kollie

Climate Change Project Makes Progress

he Ministry of A g r i c u l t u r e s (MoA) Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture Project (CCAAP) in Belemu, Panta District, Bong County is gradually making progress. Beneficiaries of the project have described it as educational and rewarding. They made the disclosure to the Daily Observer recently in Panta District. They beneficiaries said through the project they have been able to learn improved methods in agriculture. Moreover, they added that the project empowered them with knowledge to cope with climate change effects, thus improving income. Augustus Kollie , the chairman of the CCAAP in Bellemu, Panta District, disclosed to this paper that there are 25 members of the project in his town. He said that those individuals are trained to assist other farmers in the

Mr. Augustus Kollie, chairman of the Bellemu climate change project.

Victoria Kpoquinyan, a beneficiary of the project in Bellemu in her vegetable garden.

district to cope with climate change. According to Mr. Kollie, before the introduction of the project, climate change made farmers in the district vulnerable. We are grateful for this project in our district; it is helping many of the farmers. Though it was introduced late last year, we are still reaping the results, he said. He mentioned that this years crops consisting of water greens, corn, and other vegetables would be grown on a demonstration site. He said upon the completion of vegetables, they would grow rice in the lowlands. For her part, Victoria Kpoquinyan said the climate change project has helped her to improve in farming. Victoria has established a plot of land with vegetables to generate income. She explained that the knowledge acquired led her to farm in the lowlands. Today I am able to observe the weather and

know how to plan my work on the farm the next day, she said proudly. The MoA CCAAP was introduced in 2011 to enhance resistance to climate change by mainstreaming adaptation concerns in the agricultural sector of Liberia.

The project is the vehicle for implementing priority interventions in Liberias national adaptation program of action for the agricultural sector. It is a four year project piloting in Bong and Grand Gedeh Counties.


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Job title: Administrative Assistant Programme title: Human Security Program Base: Monrovia Reporting to: Finance & Administrative Officer Duration: 3 Months probation period with extension based on satisfactory performance Purpose of the job: Under the supervision of the Finance & Administrative Officer, the Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to the Finance & Administrative Departments. Administrative Assistant will be responsible for implementing program, administration and support activities.


Assist with the timely preparation and distribution of staff Employment Contracts Assist with the monthly payment of Social Security and Income taxes to GoL in a timely manner Assist with the monthly submission of staff insurance list to AOAV HQ in London Update monthly Head Count data base and forward to Regional Manager Ensure that the staff attendance register is signed and information collated. Assist with the update of attendance/sickness/annual leave and overtime databases for submission to the Finance & Administrative Officer. Assist with bookkeeping/accounting functions as needed Assist with the monthly purchase and distribution of phone cards to members of staff. Assist with the arrangement and processing of Entry Visas and Resident Permits for International Staffs Assist with flight requisitions for International Staff as needed Assist with the filing of office documents Process flight booking for staff traveling internally on board the UNMIL shuttle Record all movements in fixed assets. Process the monthly payroll for all programme staff including social security insurance and income tax calculations. Advice and support AOAV management, staff and operations on HR matters as needed. Ensure that Liberia office is provided with IT systems and support that meet the needs of the programmes and projects. Perform any other duties and/or tasks that may be assigned by your Line Manager.

1000 MONROVIA 10, LIBERIA TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) Consultant Services Revision of a comprehensive behavior change communication (BCC) strategy for malaria prevention in Liberia. A. Background The status of malaria prevention and control interventions in Liberia from the 2009 MIS conducted by the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services in collaboration with the NMCP and with technical assistance from MACRO, Inc showed weak case management practices for malaria in children under-five. The 2007 DHS showed that 30% of all households owned at least one bed net. In contrast, the 2009 MIS reported household ownership of any net in Liberia to be 49%; 47% of these nets were ITNs. Only 27% of children under-five had slept under an ITN the previous night. .According to the 2009 MIS, 46% of pregnant women had taken two or more doses of IPTp as recommended during ANC visits, and 33% had slept under an ITN the previous night. Malaria remains the leading public health problem in Liberia, with the entire population of 3.5 million at risk of infection. Only 40% of the health facilities are adequately serving the catchment populations. Access to health care has improved but largely remains at 58% in rural Liberia where the burden of the disease lies. The main purpose of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programme Round 10 entitled Scaling up Malaria Prevention and Control Interventions in Liberia for sustained Universal Impact is to reduce malaria-related morbidity and mortality rates by 80% by 2016 as compared with the year 2007. One of the key strategies is to conduct formative research to inform review of BCC strategies and revise BCC strategies to update National Malaria Behavioral Change Communication Strategy. The NMCPs latest National Strategic Plan for 2010 through 2015 which includes a multichannel approach for health education with emphasis on radio messages; using community health volunteers for dissemination of malaria messages in their communities; using peer educators, trained care-givers, traditional authorities, and child-to-child communicators as agents for behavior change; and using social mobilization and health system support for capacity building at all levels. IEC materials and mass media campaigns are implemented under the Round 10 grant in line with the National Malaria Strategic Plan (2010-2015) and the National Malaria Behavioral Change Communication Strategy (2005) which is overdue for review. A formative research study has already been conducted to identify gaps in the current BCC strategy; data from this research is to compliment a review of this strategy to result in the revision of existing IEC materials and mass media messages to make them more focused and provide new information. B. Purpose of the Assignment 1. Overall objective: To collaboratively develop a comprehensive malaria BCC strategy and IEC/BCC materials with various partners in Liberia 2. Specific objectives:Develop a realistic, innovative, gender and culture sensitive, and effective BCC strategy towards promotion of Malaria control and prevention at the community level and Develop an action plan for implementation of the BCC interventions based on the strategy a) Use of the findings from the Formative research on knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices amongst target groups; b) Review of existing BCC/IEC strategies, plans, messages, tools and materials and institutional arrangements at national/ state/ district levels; 3. Administration 1. Location: Monrovia 2. Supervisor: NMCP andPlan Liberia. In addition, a malaria IEC/BCC Adhoc committee made up of GFTAM malaria
R10, NHPD and partners will monitor and review performance weekly. consulting days from the date of signing the contract with a provision for weekly performance reviews. 4. Deliverables National BCC strategy for Malaria prevention Set IEC materials and BCC messages 5. Work plan Task Specific deliverable Formalization of Malaria IEC/BCC adhoc committee Prepare an action plan for conducting a situation analysis Action plan prepared and approved by BCC strategy and for developing the BCC strategy, including the coordinating committee timeline, activities, consultation strategies, methods, and logistics. Development of a draft BCC Strategy for malaria Draft BCC strategy submitted to IEC/BCC adhoc prevention, including, but not limited to, communication committee interventions, communicators, audiences, channels, and message strategy Dissemination of both the draft Situation Analysis and Facilitate the validation of the draft strategy at the BCC Strategy at a workshop attended by counterparts, workshop and shared with participants partners and other stakeholders.


The core framework of the consultancy will include:

3. Total duration: The period of contract will be from November 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014, not lasting more than 45 1. 2.
1. 2.



Minimum of a BA. in Management, Public Administration or its equivalent Excellent written and oral communication skills 2 years work experience in an administrative role, preferable with an INGO with at least 1 year in an accounting or finance role Excellent computer skills in MS Office applications Good interpersonal working relationship Flexible and easily adaptable to change, and a team player Self-motivated and has the ability to meet tight deadlines


A cover letter, a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the names of 3 references should be hand delivered to the Head office of Action On Armed Violence, Located Mamba Point, or by email to: tmoore@aoav.org.uk. Label the envelope clearly with the position applied for (Administrative Assistant) in the upper left corner of the envelope. All applications should be addressed to: The Finance and Administrative Officer Action On Armed Violence Off UN Drive Road Mamba Point Monrovia, Liberia Application Deadline: Friday, February 7, 2014 FEMALE CANDIDATES ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY

5. Revise and finalize the BCC Strategy and the Situation Final Situation Analysis report and BCC Strategy Analysis based on workshop findings and comments submitted to NMCP 6. Organize revision session of on IEC/BCC materials with Revise IEC materials and BCC messages developed IEC/BCC Core team 7. Provide support to pre-testing of the drafted IEC Set of IEC materials and BCC messages for used by materials and BCC messages malaria stakeholders 6. Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required for the assignment The consultant should have post graduate degree in public health, social science or communication. Minimum 8 years of progressively responsible work experience in the planning and management of health programs in developing countries, with practical experiences in the adaptation and application of communication planning processes to specific programs. In addition: - A proven track record of professionalism and ethical conduct; - Relevant technical knowledge, skills and extensive work experience in: designing BCC strategy, messages, tools and materials, plans including media plans, as well as in capacity building, implementation including media buying and M&E; - Experience in providing consulting services and excellent track record of completion of tasks according to time lines; - Experience with donor-funded projects; - Excellent reporting and writing skills. 7. Application procedure Interested candidates can drop their letter of application in the TENDER BOX situated on the 1stFloor, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Congo Town, Monrovia or sent by email to the Mr. Oliver Pratt @opratt7@gmail.com. Please mark the letter APPLICATION FOR MALARIA IEC/BCC Strategy Consultancy and addressed to: The Program Manager National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) Capitol Hill, Monrovia Deadline for the submission of Applications is Monday, February 10, 2014 at 5 p.m. local time

Peace Corps/Liberia Education Programming and Training Specialist (ED PTS)
REPORTS TO: Programming and Training Manager (PTM) POSITION BRIEF: The ED PTS serves as a member of the Programming and Training (P&T) team and supports 80-100 Volunteers in training, program, administration, and other Volunteer support issues. The ED PTS has responsibility for supporting the planning, development, implementation and administration of Peace Corps Liberias programming and training activities. The ED PTS will support all P&T related activities for the Education Project with support and direction from the Education Program Manager (ED PM) and PTM. During the Pre-Service Training (PST) and In-Service Training (IST) cycles, the PTS will be the full-time technical trainer for the Education Project and will receive support and direction from the TM and ED PM. The ED PTS also represents Peace Corps Liberia with governmental officials and representatives of non-governmental and host country organizations. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES A. Project and Program Support Site Development Site Visits Administrative Program Support Volunteer Program Support B. Development and Implementation Of Training Activities C. Administrative and other Volunteer Support D. Grants Coordination and Management E. Information Resource Center Management F. Safety and Security QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE Education: Bachelors degree in education, project management, community development or relevant field. Experience: Three years progressively responsible experience in Education field and/or community development. Trainer of trainers and adult training experience. Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes: Knowledge of and experience with adult education, education in Liberia, and participatory community analysis for development. Strong experience with group facilitation, session plan design, and cultural adaptation & sensitivity training. Computer skills with Microsoft Office required. Ability to work with minimal supervision Ability to manage and administer small grant programs. Position requires a valid Liberia drivers license and ability to drive a manual vehicle (stick shift). ED PTS must be available and willing to travel throughout Liberia approximately 50-60% of time either accompanied by PM or alone. For a complete Statement of Work please send a request to pcjobs@lr.@peacecorps.gov. Submit a letter of interest, resume and three reference contacts as attachments via email to: pcjobs@lr.peacecorps.gov. No phone calls please. The deadline for applications is January 13, 2014. Applications received after this date may be considered at the discretion of the Contracting Officer. A detailed Statement of Work can be obtained at the guard stations of the Peace Corps Office in Congo Town. 1 December 2013

Thursday, January 30, 2014

he Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC) located in District #3, Grand Bassa County has vacancy for a SENIOR INTERNAL AUDIT ASSISTANT. REQUIRED COMPETENCE: Must possess a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance Under the direction of the Internal Audit Assistant Manager, the Auditor will be responsible for the timely execution of Risk-Based internal audits in accordance with the annual internal audit plan, documentation of Operating procedures/Manual as well as assisting with other audit matters and projects Thorough knowledge of the theory, principles abs practices of accounting and auditing as applied to corporate entity. Must have the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize tasks in order to complete assignments in a timely manner and meet deadliness. Must have a good skill in computer applications (Microsoft Excel and Word); Analytical skills Must have the ability to effectively and discreetly handle confidential information Must have the ability to communicate technical ideas effectively, both orally and in writing Working knowledge of Sun-Systen would be an advantage Must have the ability to determine compliance with policies and procedures He/she should not be more than forty-five (45) years of age MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Conduct risk assessment of assigned Department of functional in established/required timeline. Establish risk-based audit programs (Assess Risks and develop the audit plan) Determine scope of review in conjunction with the Audit Assistant Manager Conduct audit testing of specified area and identify reporting issues and dimension of risk Conduct Regulatory and corporate compliance assurance Ability to document/update Accounting Manual of Procedures Ability to respond to urgent events WORKING EXPERIENCE Must have at least 2-4 years experience of training in a recognized Certified Public Accounting Firm or as Internal Auditor in any recognized business institution. Application, Resume and Supporting Documents including contact cell phone numbers should be submitted to the: HUMAN RESOURCE ASSISTANT MANAGER LIBERIAN AGRICULTURAL COMPANY (LAC) 20TH STREET, SINKOR TUBMAN BOULEVARD MONROVIA, LIBERIA ONLY SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONTACTED FOR AN INTERVIEW OR OTHERWISE. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION IS February 17, 2014.

Do Not Be Enemy to Progress, Senator Nyonblee Kanga Lawrence


Page 8

Dear Mr. Editor, Thanks for the offer to allow Liberians share their views with the public through your institution. I write to let Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Kanga Lawrence know that making a research before commenting on a matter is cardinal to doing the work Grand Bassa people elected her to do. I read in the 29th edition of the Daily Observer suggestion by this Senator to cancel the first Saturday schedule set up by former Mayor Mary Broh to clean the city of Monrovia; something that disappoints a lot. Even the common man or woman, who is not schooled in the academia knows that cleanliness is good and healthy, and despite their differences with former Mayor Mary Broh, the people of Monrovia highly welcome the first Saturday schedule to clean their environment for a few hours. This is something that no one has ever raised qualm about. But for the Senator to question its constitutionality and oppose it, basing her argument on difficult economy is quite unfortunate. This proposal by the Senator to cancel the day only shows that she is an enemy to progress and does not seem to be appreciative to what opposition does, but wants to oppose, reject, and show ingratitude even if there is no need to do so. I know even prior to this letter Senator Nyonblee Kanga Lawrence had withdrawn this unprogressive suggestion as the rest of her colleagues who are equally bitter with Mary Broh could not buy. Senator Lawrence should know that the City Government is here to govern in accordance with the Municipal Law of the city, and he/she in line with Article 12 of the Constitution can design a plan and enforce it with consent of the citizens to do what is good for them and for the city. This is not force labor or slavery, but something that every resident of Monrovia is glad about. Let not the Honorable Senator politicize development for thing she has no reason having interest in. J. Dave Gardner Central Monrovia



RFQ Title: Purchase of assorted stationery supplies RFQ #: 3180-33LTTP-00450 Date of Issue: January 30, 2014 Questions Due: January31, 2014(must be submitted in writing to the address or e-mail stated below) Answers to Questions: February4, 2014(responses will be sent in writing to all participating vendors) Response Due Date: February 5, 2014 at 3:00 PM Local Time

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Procurement of Assorted Stationery Supplies Liberia Teacher Training Program

INTRODUCTION & BACKGROUND Liberia Teacher Training Program (LTTP) is five years follow on project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) [herein after referred to as the client] and implemented by Family Health International (FHI 360) as the prime contractor. LTTP is focused on supporting the development of a coordinated system for placing and developing both new and existing teachers in classrooms. In issuing this RFQ, FHI360 is not acting as agent or on behalf of its client and the client is not a party to any sub-contract resulting from this RFQ. Issuance of this solicitation does not constitute an award commitment on the part of FHI360 or the client, nor does it commit FHI 360 or the client to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a quotation. FHI360 also reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any time during or after the closing date and time. PURPOSE FHI 360/LTTP welcomes the submission of price quotation from suitable entity for the supply of assorted stationery & cartridges supplies for its project at the address below. The detail scope of work is provided in the RFQ document which can be provided upon request. We anticipate awarding the contract to the most responsive offeror based on the evaluation criteria stated in the RFQ. All interested vendors must come along with their entitys official stamp at LTTP head office at the address below for the complete RFQ package including detailed specifications or via the e-mail address below: Liberia Teacher Training Program Sinkor 18th Street & Warners Avenue Monrovia Liberia E-mail: vdonzo@fhi360.org For direction to the office, please call 0886-515-804

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 DAILY OBSERVER Thursday, January 30, 2014 2014 Thursday, January 30,

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Ellen Insists on Proper Resource Exploitation

-As GOL Revokes Licenses for 29 PUPs, Reviews 34

ducive environment for investment for both foreign and domestic is critical for attaining economic growth and development of Liberia. Liberias forest sector is one of the key sectors the President mentioned in her speech as very important the economy. The President did not bite her tongue on the controversy that has marred the issuance of the Private Use Permits (PUPs) to private citizens in accordance with the National Forest Reform Law of 2006. The National Forestry Reform Law of 2006 makes provision for the issuance of five categories of forest resource

resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has maintained that the exploitation of resources in Liberia be done in an appropriate governance framework that protects the national interest. According to the Liberian leader, the management of Liberias natural resources calls for an open and transparent environment which guarantees investors a fair return on their investment, while maximizing benefits for Liberian citizens and Liberian businesses. In her Annual Message on Monday, January 27, 2014, President Sirleaf noted that creating con-

Marketers Express Dissatisfaction with Ellens Annual Message

We all elected her to suffer, they say
By Alvin Worzi

arketers in central Monrovia, and the Gardnerville belt, have expressed dissatisfaction with the Presidents State of the Nation address on Monday. Speaking to a cross section of marketers in Monrovia, some described the Presidents annual message as an embarrassment to the living standards of the majority of Liberians. According to Amelia Tah, the President has failed to address the issue of the nations economic crisis that has resulted in the increase of commodities on the market. She complained that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf---who she described as being the nations mother--- promised to improve the life of

the suffering people during elections in 2011. A promise Ms. Tah feels is yet to be fulfilled. We felt that our mother was going to do something better for her children, but the country continues to get increasingly expensive for its own citizens. The exchange rate continues to increase and the government is not doing anything about it. We are still paying school fees as high as LD$30,000 for our children. Josephine Kortu, who sells around central Monrovia, said The President has not performed to the expectations of the people. Especially in the areas of education, business, and employment; a situation causing many of us to be streets sellers even with our diplomas at home. We are in the streets working the whole day

sion or revocation of their employers say they are disappointed in the government. Speaking on the Theme: Consolidating the Processes of Transformation the President explained that the issuance of 63 PUPs prior to the formulation of relevant regulations to guide the process raised national and international concerns. The government of Liberia (GOL), it may be recalled, constituted a special independent investigating body (SIIB) to probe the PUP saga and made recommendations that led to a moratorium on the issuance and operations of all PUPs pending the validation of the draft regulation. Meanwhile, she emphasized 29 of the 63 PUPs issued have been revoked, while the remaining 34 are being reviewed for further action and possible cancellaPresident Sirleaf delivers her 9th Annual Message to the 53rd National Legislature at the Capitol Building on tion. President Sirleaf clariJanuary 27 fied, however, that the aclicenses to access forest tions taken against the 63 contracts: Forest ManagePUPs have no effect on ment Contract (FMC), the operations of entities Timber Sales Contract with valid FMC. (TSC); Private Use PerIt should be noted, mit (PUP); Forest Use however, that this has no Permit (FUP); and Comeffect on forest operawithout any good busi- munity Forestry. tions which continue for But the Liberian leader ness; I refuse to vote for entities with valid Forest any female President noted that the poor man- Management Contracts, again because I feel like agement of the imple- she stated. Ellen is punishing to us. mentation of those laws She further explained You eat all the money resulted in a setback in at- that the new forest laws and then have the nerve tracting quality investors stress the integration of to talk about school in to the sector and a major community, conservaLiberia! Lets put a man loss in revenue. tion, and commercial forback in power to bring us She disclosed that the est management, while a our daily bread on a regu- government has revoked Community Rights Law lar basis, Ms. Kortu said 29 Private Use Permit empowers communities angrily. (PUP) licenses issued, to fully engage in the Rose Kollie, who sells while 34 PUP licenses management of forest reat the Rally Time Market, are being reviewed. PUP sources. said the President and her license holders have, She called for the paschildren were enjoying however, criticized the sage of a new legislation the work of the poor peo- government for denying relating to bid premiums ple in the country while them the opportunity to to fully revive the forestallowing them to age be- play their role in the forest ry sector so that the sector fore their time. sector and the economy of can adequately contribute She explained that the Liberia. to government to revleaders of Liberia have A number of Liberians enue. no concern for the wel- who are now unemployed The Board of Directors fare of the people they as a result of the suspen- of the Forestry Developlead; especially the poor. ket, expressed his belief dent Sirleaf well done She grumbled about that achievements the to you for information those that take power and are getting rich from the President made are in- that is free without any significant to the overall one going to jail. I dont sweat of the people. care if Liberia now has Sam Johnson, another wellbeing of Liberians. seller at Rally Time MarI will not tell Presi- good international rela-

ment Authority (FDA) has been reconstituted and new management has taken bold steps toward compliance with all laws and regulations, the President declared. President Sirleaf has meanwhile, observed that the voluntary partnership agreement with the European Union should attract quality investors committed to value addition to the sector. She disclosed that the National Bureau of Concessions (NBC) began work, with stakeholders, to develop a uniform national template to monitor and evaluate the compliance of concessionaires in the country, in order to reduce the many and often confusing reportorial lines. According to the President, a National Concessions Cadastre is to be established for the administration and operation of a unified National Concessions Database System that will integrate and consolidate a repository of concession information. The Bureau is to make certain that concessionaires remain in full compliance with the terms and conditions of their respective concession agreements, and ensures that Liberian citizens and firms get the anticipated employment and business opportunities from these concession contracts, she stressed. The Liberian, however, admitted that the NBC faces challenges, including the lack of human capacity, logistics and insufficient budget allocation. Amidst these challenges, the new management is expected to address these challenges to meet the purpose for which the Bureau was created.

tions. All I know is that domestically people are suffering. What is the Presidents image doing for the people of Liberia? He asked.

DAILY OBSERVER Thursday, January 30, 2014

dent indicated that recommendations from the Commission should be dealt with in order to promote stability. Though he failed to name which among the recommendations should be implemented and how, the Deputy

Boakai Wants

Page 10
tained that there are several of the recommendations already being considered for implementation by government. The problem here is that, the war in Liberia was such that after a certain amount of time you couldnt tell who did what and for what reason, he maintained. The President also disclosed that the United Nations Mission in Liberias (UNMIL) transition plan to transfer security management of the state to the government has entered its second phase. The exercise follows the completion of phase one in strategic locations, such as Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County; Foya District, Lofa County; and the Loguatou Border in Nimba County, respectively. According to C-I-C Sirleaf, plans are well under way for trained security units to fill security personnel gaps created by the UNMIL drawdown. In her last years Annual Message, President Sirleaf indicated that government would, at this years Armed Forces DayFebruary 11 celebration, install a Liberian Ambassador Boakai used the medium to caution Liberians about the document, stressing; the TRCs recommendations are something that we consider carefully. He wants the report to serve as a primary tool in reconciling Liberians rather than further dividing them. army Chief of Staff, among other top military brass. The process is the result of close consultation with relevant committees, particularly the security sector. Based on the consultation, We have officially nominated, for confirmation by the Senate, the Chief of Staff, the deputy Chief of Staff and the Brigade Commander, all of whom, if confirmed, would be installed in these positions on February 11; Liberias Armed Forces Day. Afterwards, the government would then bid farewell to General Suraj Abdurrahman of Nigeria, who the President said served so well as the Command Officer-in-Charge of the AFL.

embarked upon a process to enhance the professional capacity of other security apparatuses, including the Liberian National Police (LNP), immigration and intelligence agencies in line with their responsibility to man the countrys borders. However, she admitted that much work remains to be done. As such, government welcomes the recent United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 2116 extending the mandate of UN peacekeepers to September. President Sirleafs statement was contained in her Annual Message to the third Session of the 53rd National Legislature on the theme: Consolidating the Processes


President was quick to mention, recommendations of the document that would reconcile the country should be implemented. Political commentators have said that if the recommendation calling for banning Libe-

rians who took part in the destroying of the country should be implemented as stated by the TRCs Commissioners, than most officials holding top posts, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, would be affected. However, the Vice President noted that as Liberia modelled

its TRC from the South African governments version, it is important that portion of the document which speaks of embracing every Liberian and creating an environment to forget the past that divided Liberians must be of significant interest. The Vice President main-

of Transformation. Referencing the role of the Ministry of National Defense (MOD), the C-I-C said the 1,980-person-strong AFL continues to position itself to support a democratic environment through tactical and technical proficiencies and the development of a robust capacity to defend Liberias territorial integrity. She explained, The Armed Forces Training Command now headquartered at the newly renovated Todee Camp, Upper Montserrado County, assumed responsibility for tactical and proficiency training locally and is presently training 140 new army recruits. The number, C-I-C Sirleaf noted, would be increased by

Defense Min. Samukai with C-I-C Sirleaf

some 400 recruits who have already been vetted and endorsed by the Joint Personnel Board. The AFL is also expanding its engineering and medical units to assist in reconstruction projects and social service delivery. Similarly, the Coast Guard of 82 persons, is expanding and strengthening its capabilities to patrol and protect the country maritime domain, as evidenced by the recent arrests of several illegal fishing vessels in the countrys territorial waters, explained President Sirleaf.

By Joaquin Sendolo

UL Students

tudents studying at the state-run University of Liberia are calling on the National Government and the University Authority to negotiate for more buses to take them to the UL Fendell Campus where most of the undergraduate colleges have been transferred. Speaking to the Daily Observer on January 29, on the Fendell Campus during the first day of reopening, students expressed delight over the resumption of classes after two and a half months of closure. In spite of this, they raised concern over transportation constraints causing them difficulty to leave Redlight to Fendell. The University of Liberia currently has over 30,000 students. Most of the undergraduate colleges are being transferred to Fendell with the exception of the Business College and Graduate Program, including the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. Students come from various parts of Monrovia and Margibi County to converge at Parker Paint in Red-Light, Paynesville to board buses to go to campus. There are less than ten buses rented by the UL Administration to transport the thousands of students to the Fendell Campus. The National Transit Authority (NTA) assists in the process of transporting students to and from campus based on negotiation and understanding. Despite the assistance, it is still difficult for students to cope with the

situation as the number of buses available cannot meet their needs. Students including Morris H. Nahlon, Albert Kermokai, Joseph F. Kamara and others stressed that though difficulties are associated with education and must be endured, they stand ready to pay the transport fare if buses are made available. According to the students, they are often late for their classes because of the difficulties boarding the few buses as they (students) are many in number struggling to get on them. They told the Daily Observer that when they go late it is counted against them at the end of the semester. In President Ellen Johnson Sirleafs Annual Message delivered on January 27, she mentioned that there is a plan underway to transfer all the colleges of the University from the Capitol Hill campus to Fendell. She said the surveying process for the universitys land is at the point of completion, and dilapidated structures there would soon be demolished to build new ones. Even while UL students expressed hope to see these promises kept, they called on government to immediately address their pressing transportation needs. They said tackling this issue would help keep them in school as government works on the long range plan of transferring the colleges. Meanwhile, the students--having stayed out of class for two months--- were quite disappointed when their instructors did not turn out on the first day of opening. They said they paid money

to cover long distances from other parts of Monrovia to converge on the campus. To their disappointment they arrived only to find they could not start classes. They claimed the time they wasted created setbacks to the completion of the first semester; and that they had no idea when the second would begin. They, therefore, called for their instructors to be honest and fulfill their promises by attending classes; since their main demand (the ousting of former Provost Dr. Wede Brownell) for which they (instructors) disengaged has been resolved.

Some disappointed students in class

On the Fendell campus Wednesday, January 29, a few instructors showed up on the first day of reopening. During a tour of the various classrooms, three instructors were seen lecturing students in Geography, Education and Communications.

FeJAL, LIWOMAC Want Women Promoted in Governance

By Gloria T. Tamba

he Female Journalist of Liberia FeJAL and partner Liberia Women Media Action committee LIWOMAC have ended a two day conference with the theme: Promoting Women in Governance. The workshop, which started Tuesday, January 28, brought together some key panelists like Madam Ruth Ceaser, chairperson Liberia, National Women Political Forum, Mr. Nathaniel McGill Secretary General for Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Maureen Sieh, Senior Media Specialist IREX-Liberia and others. Serving as panelists Ruth Ceaser said the history of women in politics shows that women have been dis-

criminated because of societal and cultural barrier. She further that the struggle of the Liberian women for political emancipation has been one of continuous challenges and opportunities. She also said womens participation in politics and political process and every area of decision making is significant because it was significant for Liberian and all African women to rise above cultural barriers and put the kitchen behind them. Madam Ceaser said there was a bill that needed to be passed by the Legislature describing it as the 30 percent Gender Equity Bill that will give women the chance to participate in Governance at this percentage. But the discussions was seen arguable when the

CDC General Secretary Mr. McGill discussing the future of women in politics disclosed that the 30 percent Gender Equity Bill wont be passed because the men are not going to compromise with the women that which to contest because the men also want to occupy the seat. Out of 73 seats in the Legislature women have additional 15 seats and that the men wont compromise the race for women but they will rather fight for themselves, he said. Madam Ceaser said, the issue of women being the care takers of home will come to end contributing the lack of womens participation in politics as the result of Cultural Barrier being the set back We women has seen the light and think cultural barrier

wont be the issue any more because we will make sure to work tirelessly in passing the Gender equity bill that will help us get on the path with males. At the same time Mr. McGill told the audience that his party the CDC has contributed to promoting women in high place mentioning Geraldine Doe Sheriff as one of the beneficiaries. He said he is not against the bill but his opinion is that the bill wont be pass stating that since the 5050 bill was pass and acted into law it has not been implemented but its only on docket so are you people working to have 30 percent in government when the first 50-50 bill has not been implemented? He said this shows that this will only be passed but cannot be implemented, he assure.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 DAILY OBSERVER Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Thursday, January 30, 2014

Page 10d Page 11

Fo r ad qu ve ick rt ise bu in sine th ss is re sp su ac lts e ,

BYC Disappoints Fans in Dull Game

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Libya Storm into CHAN Final on Penalties

The two teams, BYC and Jubilee pose for the camera

t was only tears that failed to have climaxed BYC players disappointment yesterday after they forced Jubilee FC to a one-all draw. And their fans were highly disappointed as many rained insults on players. It was a match that exposed the unpreparedness of the Liberian champions in their determination to hold on to the league title and many soccer fans vented their an-

By Omari Jackson

league are what we can use to determine their chances as to how far they can travel in the CAF tournament, particularly against Asante Kotoko, then many soccer fans are saying they should not deceive themselves. They could not turn the game in their favor despite all the chances that came their way, an angry fan shouted at the players as several sat as if glued to their seats, at the end of their disappointing performance yesterday. The Blue Field in Monrovia was the venue of the game

mate to connect their only goal in the 35th minute. Sherman misjudged an attackers intention and though there were at least two of his players in front of him, he chose to do it his own way and as a result, allowed the attacker all the chance in the world to connect Mattor who had the easiest job in the world to put the ball beyond his the reach. It was a miscalculation that many BYC soccer fans had not expected Sherman to commit. But as it is always in soccer, strikers and defenders

BYC cheering squad performing and at the end of the game and a BYC player an anguish yesterday
ger, pointing the disaster that might result in their African Club Champions first leg encounter against Asante Kotoko of Ghana, next month. The team is using the on-going national league to assess its strengths and weaknesses and to build a formidable side for their campaign in the CAF Championship tournament. If the results of the teams matches in the national and it is known as the Home of BYC but the teams failure to justify their ownership is worrisome. National goalkeeper, Nathaniel Sherman, who was in the post for BYC did not give a good performance as a national asset. His poor calculation of an advancing ball caused Jubilee FCs Nnuzon Mattor to capitalize on the chance to receive a ball from a team are allowed to make mistakes except the goalkeeper, since his mistake usually leads the ball into the forbidden net. Though BYC had strikers Lamin Jabateh, Trokon Myers, Prince Seydee, George Dauda, Isaac Popo and Blamo Nimely up front, they could not coordinate well enough to translate their superiority into goals. Jubilee FCs goal scorer Nnuzon Mattor got a red

card in the 84th minute for using an abusing expression against center referee Lamin Kamara, BYC could not take advantage of its numerical advantage for goals. By the 30th minute, it became evident that most of the defenders of Jubilee FC were exhausted and it was no strange that Trokon Myers took advantage over a lapse by defender Michelle Marsh to get the equalizer in the 49th minute, just four minutes after the resumption of the second session. From here, both teams began a drab performance with BYC being the worst offenders as they struggled tiredly to take over the game. There were several yellow card disciplines from the center referee, with Jubilee FC receiving at least two, center referee Kamara was supported by linesmen Francis Sannoh, C. Miller and reserved referee Joseph Torjilar. When the referee sounded his whistle to end the game, BYC players could not come to terms with their draw. They were beaten 1-0 by Blue Angels in their previous league game and with a 1-1 draw yesterday, soccer fans saw what could be the sign of the ominous writing on the wall against Kotoko if some miracles dont happen in their subsequent games to reassure their fans that they are prepared for their CAF Championship campaign. In other result Red Lions defeated Keitrace 2-1

Elmehdi Elhouni and Danny Phiri The Libyan technical bench brough on the fresh legs of Mohamed Abrahim Mahfud, Elmuksem Abu Shnaf and Mshamed Abrahim Mahfud, but to no avail as Zimbabwe continued to dominate on the wet pitch. Libya had Nasnush Abduala Mohamed, Mohamed Abrahim Mahfud, Abdelrahman Fetiori and Osama Eshtiba cautioned. During the penalty kicks that decided who qualifies for the final, Libyas Elmutasem Abushanaf, Mohamed Ghanudi, Abdelrahman Fetori, Mohamed Elgadi and Mohamed Nashnush Abdula scored, while Ali Salama, Motasem Sabbou and Mohamed Abrahim Mahfud missed. Zimbabwe goalkeeper George Chigova kept his team in the shootout after stopping two successive penalties, but his teammates Ali Sadiki, Milton Ncube and Peter Moyo failed to convert their chances. Eric Chipeta, Dannu Phiri, Hardlife Zvirekwi and Patson Jaure converted for the Warriors who will now have to wait for the playoff game for third and fourth spot.

he Mediterranean Knights, Libyas national football team, have qualified for the 2014 Africa Nations Championship (Chan) final after a 5-4 penalty shootout win over Zimbabwe in the first semifinal played at the Free State Stadium in Mangaung on Wednesday night. It was the first time the Libyans were returning to a major CAF competition final after their loss in the Afcon final to Ghana in 1982. Libyan goalkeeper Mohamed Nashnush Abduala was the star with two saves during the penalties and converted the deciding final penalty which takes them close to the winners trophy and $750 000 cash prize. Zimbabwe, who stopped Mali in the quarterfinal, dominated the most of the 120 minutes of normal play that ended goalless. Simba Sithole, Ali Sadiki and Kudakwashe Mahachi missed scoring opportunities for the Warriors of Zimbabwe. Sithole scored in the 77th minute, but the goal was canceled for offside during the build-up. Muataz Mahde Abdelraman Fetori also came close to scoring for Libya.

Fo r ad qu ve ick rt ise bu in sine th ss is re sp su ac lts e ,


VOL. 16. NO. 66 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2014

What Did Dr. Owl Say?

What are we if we cannot feed ourselves? Dr. Owls African Guest

resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on M o n d a y, January 28, admitted that the prosecutorial ability of her government currently lacks sufficient strength to provide an effective and efficient justice system. The prosecutorial capacity of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) remains weak, although greatly enhanced by the appointment of a new Solicitor General, President Sirleaf

Prez. Sirleaf Bemoans MOJs Prosecutorial Capacity

By Abednego Davis
admitted when she delivered her annual message before the joint session of the 53rd Legislature. She was swift to remind her audience that the MOJ has made progress in the prosecution of genderbased violence, bank fraud, murder, armed robbery and corruption cases. According to her, a total of 172 cases were tried throughout the country, with the government winning guilty verdicts in 144 of them. To buttress the MOJs capacity, she said, her government with assistance from the United Nations Peacekeeping Department managed to establish a regional justice and security hub. The hub, she noted, helped to decentralize and strengthen the Criminal Justice System. The first hub, established in Gbarnga to serve Bong, Lofa and Nimba, was inaugurated in February 2013, and is currently at 95 percent completion. She said the hub facilitated successful management of disruptions in the three counties in that region over the past year. The new Circuit Courthouses will open within a month, she said adding, They will be buttressed by construction of three

resident Johnson Sirleaf has, for the first time, admitted to failure in Liberias transformation and recovery process. The President in her 9th Annual Message to the 53rd National Legislature declared that the massive challenges facing the state and people remain problems that are unchanged. Despite over US$16 billion worth of foreign direct investment into the economy government brags of, the President still believes that challenges inherited by her government remain the

Ellen Admits to Failure

By Keith Morris
same. Said President Sirleaf: In addressing the Third Session of the 52nd National Legislature on January 28, 2008, I said that we could not bring quick fixes to the monumental problems that we inherited, that our tasks would be difficult and our challenges demanding. They remain so today. Challenges inherited by the Unity Party of President Sirleaf include, but are not limited to: massive unemployment, nepotism, corruption, a poor economy and a broken educational system among other issues. The Liberian leader was sincere to note that, quick fixes to these appalling conditions Liberians faced

Pres. Sirleaf said the challenges she inherited are still there
that she highlighted in 2008; will continue to form part of the system for a protracted period. We know that we have some distance to travel to overcome the challenges bequeathed to us by the

long years of conflict, division, marginalization and exclusion. We know that it would require commitment to stay the course in the fight against corruption. We know that it will take courage to ensure that rights and freedoms are protected, the Chief Executive said. On a rather contrary note, Madam Johnson Sirleaf returned with these words; But today, the bonds of our nation are stronger; the direction of our advance is clearer; and the common purpose of nation-building is compelling us to reach out to each other beyond our superficial differences in tribe, age, gender, religion and associations. Political commentators

believed that admittance to mountains of unresolved problems in the country was the proper way of the President seeking lawmakers intervention in addressing them, but her later assertions that things are better is far from reality. The President cleverly replied House Speaker J. Alex Tyler proposed US$73 million for district development. According to the House, the money is intended to bring quick relief to vulnerable districts, but if the Head of State makes such pronouncements what comes to our minds is that addressing our plight is a long term policy, a political and legislative commentator told the Daily Observer.

Magisterial Courts in each of the other two hub counties. It would further strengthen and make the justice system more accessible to our citizens in

the leeward counties, the President explained. According to President Sirleaf, the inclusion of immigration services, starting in the Gbarnga hub region, would preempt the need to travel to Monrovia to regularize immigration status..

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