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I, the undersigned Mr. Sandeep M. Jadia a student of S.Y.B.B.A. hereby declare that the perfect work presented in this project report is y own work and has been carried out under the super!ision of "rof. #ira! s. Joshi of $eetanjali college of co erce and co puter science %B.B.A.& 'his report has not been sub itted pre!iously to any other uni!ersity for any e(a ination, )A'* + , "-A.* + , /AJ01'. 222222222222222 Sandeep M. Jadia.

3hich we are standing on the threshold of 45st century, professionalisation is getting on e!erybody6s nerers 7uickly. 'rying to cope up with this pace, educational institutions rendering professional degree courses are growing out like ushroo s. B.B.A. a three year full ti e professional degree is !ery popular a ong such courses. It is interesting to note that B.B.A. includes practical training as a part of its course. In today6s era, such a type of practical training is a ust to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and e(perience. It is a link between classroo s and the outside business world for the B.B.A. students. In accordance with this, I ha!e also !isited one of the leading co panies of /ajkot i.e. L.N.TECHNOCAST. PVT. LTD. Included in producing casting produced in ost co on ferrous alloys %cast steel, anganese steel, cast iron, ductile iron etc.& After hundred of efforts and de!oted in!estigation. I here by present y report an industrial !isit )A'* +,

"-A.* +, /AJ01' 222222222222222 Sandeep M. Jadia.

I hereby take this opportunity to e(press y gratitude towards our "rof. #ira! S. Joshi, who stood as a source of inspiration, encourage ent and guidance to e at each and e!ery stage. 3ithout his help and super!ision. It would ha!e beco e difficult for e to co plete this work successfully. I can also not refrain fro e(pressing y gratitude towards Mr. #ayanbhai "atel %director&, Mr. /asikbhai .hhatbar %account officer& and any other people. -ast but not the least8 I6 thankful to y parents for their support, encourage ent and in!ol!e ent and also y friends for their help. 'his project could co e to a successful co pletion only with the joint efforts of all these people and their help. )A'* +,

"-A.* +, 22222222222222 Sandeep M. Jadia

Sr. #o.


"age no. 9 49 ;< 9: >; ?? ?@ A5 A: A9

5 4 : ; 9 > ? A @ 5<

$eneral infor ation "roduction depart ent "ersonnel depart ent Marketing depart ent =inancial depart ent =uture plan Swot analysis .onclusion Suggestions Bibliography


Sr. #o.


"age no. ? A 5< 5> 5A 5@ 4<

5 4 : ; 9 > ?

Introduction "roject at a glance .o pany profile .o pany policy Bistory C de!elop ent 1rganiDational structure SiDe of the unit and for of organiDation .ontribution of the unit to the industry Achie!e ents )etails about products $o!ern ent attitude towards unit


@ 5< 55

44 4: 4;


/AJ01' is an industrially ad!anced city. It is the centre for producing the casting products, like Auto obile spare parts, !al!es and fittings, pu ps C propellers, refrigeration and air, conditioning anhole co!er and bollards, gears and trans ission, electric otors etc. 'hese ha!e ade /ajkot to produce a nu ber of things and arket the at the ost co petiti!e prices all o!er the country as well as to share good e(port arket.

Incorporated in 4<<5. it included in producing casting products like Auto obile spare parts, !al!es and fitting, pu ps C propellers, refrigeration and air,conditioning, anhole co!er and bollards, gears and trans ission etc. 'he success story starting fro incorporation to its constant de!elop ent and progress is interesting to know.


#a e "ostal address

+ -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). + 5:5A F $I). -odhika, kisan $ate /oad, 1pp. 0ad!ani =orge, Metoda. )ist. /ajkot F :><<<: $ujrat %India&. + G@5 F @A49< ?4>:< 'ele.+ G@5 F 4A4? ,4A??5?H4A??5A =a( + G@5 F 4A4? F 4A??5A + ail I lntechnocast.co . + >th , =ebruary 4<<5 +in =ebruary 4<<> + ediu scale industry + "E'. -'). + /asikbhai .hhatbar. + Bank of India + )odia Mehta C co. + 4? + @ to > + #ayanbhai "atel + Auto obile casting + cast C blower co. %$uj.&. "E'. -')., /ajkot

'elephone C fa( #o. *, ail *stablish ent year Start of the unit SiDe of org. =or of org. Accountant Bankers Auditors #o. of e ployees 'i e keeping syste .ontact person "roduct na e Sister concern


1ff day

+ =riday

-ist of e(ecuti!es + 5. $eneral anager C production anager + E.S. SAEA#' 4. Bu an resource anager :. Marketing anager ;. Juality checking anager Board of directors + A itbhai "atel + Jayendrabhai shah + gauta adhikari + 5. 4. :. ;. #.#. "atel ..-. "atel ).#. "atel #.-. "atel


3hile the Indian cast iron industry is still e(periencing and *ra of growth. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). .ontinue its :9 years 7uest and ission for 'echnological e(cellence and inno!ation. -t. Mr. -aljibhai "atel was the pioneer of the co pany who had great e(perience in the field of anufacturing of :9 years. 3ith his great efforts and high e(perience, the co pany grew into a giant cast Iron anufacturing co pany. 'he cast Iron industry is undergoing technological inno!ation, so is our anufacturing e(pertise we ha!e ade dyna ic *fforts, and continuously endea!or to confront the technological .hallenges of 45st century. 1ut strategy is also to e(plore new =ields where we can capitaliDe our ad!anced casting technology And high precision processing skills. 1ut product line includes castings produced in ost co on =errous alloys %cast steel, anganese steel, cast iron, ductile,Iron, etc.& -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3ill do e!erything to earn a reputation for fast deli!eries, superior Juality, co petiti!e pricing, and outstanding custo er ser!ice. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). =oundry has the uni7ue ability to deli!er orders. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is financially sound and capable of carrying out its !arious )e!elop ental projects. 'his ensures our clients of stable, /eliable supplier. You can put your confidence in this Kn7uestionable !alue which gi!es true eaning to the word L"artnershipM.


3e ha!e been aking cast iron in our parent co pany foundry for decades. In our parent co pany .ast And Blower co. %$uj.& "!t. -td. .ast iron foundry is working on IS1,4<<<. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Kni7ue capability to cast alleable, ductile and grey iron =errous alloys as well as non,ferrous alloys allows us to "roduce 7uality castings for a large !ariety of arkets. MA.BI#*/I*S A#) *JKI"M*#'S+, Molding 1ne pair of s7ueeDe& olding achine %an!il type si ultaneous jolt,

Make+ old asters inc, Mu bai 'ype+ dt,:%s& "attern draw+ :4< Bo( siDe Min. ><<N><<N59<,O.),4?MP ><<N><<N4<<,O.),4?MP Ma(. >9<N:<<N5<<,O.),:@MP >9<N@<<N59<,O.),:@MP Mold aking and closing+ by o!erhead crane of 5 M', 4#1S. Shell olding achine Make+ susha founders and engineers, Surat Modal+ no. 5A4A A "attern plate siDe+ ;9<Q?<< Machine no. + 5<@; Year+ 5@@@


0w+ ;< .are shooter Make+ susha founders and engineers, Surat Modal+ no. 5>5A "attern plate siDe+ ;<<Q;9< Machine no. + 5<A> Year+ 5@@@ Sand plant 0nockout achine + 5M' Intensi!e sand i(ers + :<< 0$,4 #o. %3ith Auto atic Belt con!eyor and sand cooler& Mould handling syste with pallet car con!eyor syste super continuous i(er for no bank sand for core aking 9<0$H 4< seconds Melting + Indications furnaces 9<< 0$,5 #o. and ?9< 0$,5 no. with alternatior Make+ electrother India ltd. .upola furnace .apacity,4M'SHhour "ouring by o!erhead cranes of 4M' capacity Shot blasting achine+ 'able siDe+ ?466R Syste + double door


=ettling+ swing fra e grinders F 4 #os $rinding wheel siDe+ 5>MR "edestal grinders,4 #os $rinding wheel siDe+ 5>MR =le(ible shaft grinder,; #os. $rinding wheel siDe,>MR .utter wheel siDe,AMR )ie grinder Model,." @5<?#,4 #os .":<9< #,4 #os )iesel generating set+ 5<<< 03 I/ screw co pressor+ ;< B"H :<03 3orthington air co pressor+ type rs onorotor %49 B"& -aboratory + Spectro eter Make+ spectro lab Spec 9 base and ;:G<4G#4 channel )igital display unit Make+ E,s art ..Si analyDer Make+ suyash Microscope Make,E,s art Model+ etal Mag.4B, co puter interfaced with i age analyDing software Kni!ersal testing achine+ Make+ akash ind.


Model + 4<<0$= Brinell hardness testing achine + Make + akash ind. Model + AI,B,:<<< SB6 :<<<0$. Kltrasonic testing achine + proposed Sand testing achines+ 5. per eability eter ake+ keelson serial no. <5:< 4. sand washer %acti!e C dead clay content test& ake+ keelson serial no. <549 :. sand sie!er %for A=S test& ake+ keelson ;. sand ra er %for $.S C co pactibility& ake+ keelson serial no. <5:; 9. core hardness tester ake+ keelson serial no. <5;@ >. ould hardness tester ake+ keelson serial no. <59@

?. uni!ersal testing achine %for $.S test&


ake+ keelson serial no. <54@ A. rapid oisture tester ake+ keelson serial no. <5;4 inspection instru ents+ arking table 5 M'/. Q 5 M'/. Magnetic blocks F ; #os. )i!iders 1utsideeH inside calipers "istol calipers Eernier calipers :<< MM Eernier height guage F ><< MM G S'). ".. 1f ;<<MM S.S. scaler .o bination set


-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3ill do e!erything in its power to gain the trust of custo er6s and clients by deli!ering 7uality casting which eets or e(ceeds custo er e(pectations at ost co petiti!e rates.

-eadership to generate a shared !ision that continuously challenges and i pro!es the way castings are ade for continuous i pro!e ent of a co pany, the leader of -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3ill co e with ideas for better ent. Ask for opinions and feed back fro both custo ers and tea e bers for the growth of the co pany.

/egardless of the circu stances, -#' will do e!erything in its power to fulfill the de and and supplies of the custo er by honoring all co it ents and obligations. By putting its character, ability, strength to the highest le!el.


-#' will continuously i pro!e its 7uality by i ple enting latest technology and e7uip ent. Because it belie!es that anufacturing is an art and there is no end to i pro!e it and strengthen its base inno!ations and technology changes are basic need in success. -#' will put all efforts to achie!e the best 7uality.

-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3ill re ain in!ol!ed in all the custo er acti!ities for the progress of custo er in all the ways to achie!e best 7uality and better price.

-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3ill take a hands,on approach in regard to accounting and 7uality record keeping , not only as a eans of gaining a better for there progress of co pany, but as resources for any L7uestionable6 acti!ities.

-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3ill treat others with the ut ost of respect. /egardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions, always treat others with professional respect, courtesy, character, ability, strength, or truth of a business.



Bistory C de!elop ent shows the past of the co pany. 'he sister concern of this co pany is MHs cast and blower co pany %$uj.& "!t. -td. But the -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is newly started so there is no history of the co pany


1rganiDation structure is the pattern of relationships a ong !arious co ponents or parts of organiDation. Since the position are held by !arious persons. 'he organiDation structure is the relationship a ong people in the organiDation. 1rganiDation of -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is si ple and well organiDed. 'he organiDation structure can be easily understood and studied looking at the chart of the organiDational structure attached herewithT MA#A$I#$ )I/*.'1/

)I/*.'1/ MA#A$*/



"/1)K.' B./.M.

SA#) "-A#'




=I#A#.*MA#A$*M*#' A..1K#' )*"A/'M*#'



'here are !arious types of business organiDation as follows+ Sole proprietorship "artnership .o pany organiDation .o,operati!e organiDation -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3as establish in =ebruary 4<<> fro that onth it is established as pri!et li ited organiDation. that is why this co pany is "E'.-'). co pany.



-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is established in =ebruary 4<<>. that is why it is newly started . so it has not contributed which can be noted. But we ha!e to say on the basis of the e(perience of the directors and the other e ployees they are rapidly growing and creating good i pression in the industry.


Since we know that -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is newly started that is why they ha!e not any kind of outstanding achie!e ent. But the sister concern of this co pany na ely .AS' C B-13*/. %$KJ.&. "E'. -') Uaward recei!ed by %#ayanbhai -aljibhai patel&V has achie!ed the national award for 7uality product 5@@@ for anufacturing of A$/I.K-'K/A- "KM"S at the dated+ :<th august, 4<<5. By Mr. -.k.ad!ani.



-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is included in anufacturing the following products. 5. 4. :. ;. 9. >. ?. Auto obile casting Eal!es and fittings "u ps and propellers /efrigeration and air,conditioning Manhole co!er and bollards $ears and trans ission *lectric otors



As we know that -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is newly started and that is why it is just entered in the industry, but on the basis of the e(perience of the pro oters of the co pany and the beha!ior of the industry towards the go!ern ent is positi!e and good and that is why the attitude of the go!ern ent is positi!e.





Sr. #o.


"age no. 4? 4A :< :: :9 :> :? :A :@

5 4 : ; 9 > ? A @

Introduction Kses of the product "roduction process Juality control C inspection facility "urchasing decision /aw aterial used in production process Store keeping Machinery used in product /aw aterial


'he production depart ent is !ery i portant part of an organiDation. It is the place where the raw, aterials are


transfor ed into finished or se i F finished goods through processing and thus their for utility is increased. 'he ain products of the -.#.'*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is the auto obile casting , which is ainly producer goods no a consu er good that is why it is half finished products, 3hich is being used in further production. 3e should not forget that -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is anufacturing industry. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is included in anufacturing the following products. 5. 4. :. ;. 9. >. ?. Auto obile casting Eal!es and fittings "u ps and propellers /efrigeration and air,conditioning Manhole co!er and bollards $ears and trans ission *lectric otors


Kses of the products produced in the -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Are as follows+

5. Auto obile. Auto obile casting is used in the production of auto obile products e.g. bikes 4. !al!es and fittings. Eal!es and fittings are ostly used in jointing or connecting two pipes. 'hey are also called as joints. :. "u ps and propellers. "u ps and propellers are used in otors. ;. /efrigeration and air conditioning. /efrigeration and air conditioning are used in refrigerators and air,condition. 9. Manhole co!er and bollards. Manhole and co!er and bollards are used in co!ering the gutters and anhole. aking aking electric

>. $ears and trans ission. $ears and trans ission are used in auto obile product


?. *lectric otors *lectric otors otors casting are used in aking electric



3e will first understand the production process in brief. 5. "reparing sand 4. Sand checking :. Molding ;. .hecking of hardness of ould 9. Mold o!e ent >. Melting process %=urnace& ?. Melted etal beco es pure etal. A. .ooling the etal %.osting& @. Inspection 5<. Shot blasting 55. Inspection 54. $rinding 5:. Inspection 5. "reparing sand in sand plant sand bentonite, picol, coal dust, all are being i(ed and water is also being i(ed. By this way the sand is being prepared. 4. Sand checking Sand checking includes sand i(ing it eans i(ing of different sands. And then sand is being checked by 7uality control anager.

:. Molding


'hen co es olding in the checked sand is being put into pouring bo( in a proper proportionate and then this sand is being pressed fro upside pressure so, that old can be created because of die which is under the side of pouring bo(. ;. checking of hardness of old 'hen co es checking of hardness of old. In this atter the hardness of old is being checked by 7uality control anager by old hardness taster. 9. Mold o!e ent In old o!e ent the old is ready now it goes toward the elting process through roller con!eyer. 'his is old o!e ent. >. Melting process In this process elting of etals is being done. Metals or /aw aterials like. - "ig iron - Scrap - 1ther foundry ate. 'hese all abo!e raw aterial elted into furnace on 59<< o c then the elting is ready. ?. Melted etal beco es pure etal #ow, in this atter the elted etals are being put into the olded die of pouring bo(. A. .ooling the etal %.asting&


In the elted etal Is put for beco ing cool so that the casting pieces can be taken out fro old. @. Inspection After beco ing a cool the costing pieces bring for the inspection. 5<. Shot blasting After co ing fro inspection depart ent the casting pieces are put into shot blasting achine, for gi!ing a proper and right shape to the casting pieces. 55. Inspection Again in inspection depart ent the casting pieces are being brought for checking the pieces if it is there any default in casting pieces. 54. $rinding In grinding process the perfect shape is being gi!en to the casting pieces. 5:. Inspection Again and at last the inspection is being done and if it is there any default the default piece will be brought in the scrap yard and other will be brought as per the order of the co pany.



3e all are li!ing in a co petition age. In order to co bat co petition e!ery anufacturer would like to aintain the 7uality of his product so that the users in preference to products of his co petitors ay like it. John Stewart, a consultant with Mc0insey Cco pany, has obser!ed that, Lthere is no one definition of 7uality. Juality is a sense of appreciation that so ething is better than so ething else. It changes in a lifeti e, and it changes fro generation to generation, and it !aries by facets of hu an acti!ity,M Juality control states that control and inspection of products. In -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'here is a separate 7uality control and inspection depart ent. in 7uality control and inspection depart ent the facility which are being pro!ided as under. SAND TESTING "er eability 'est Moisture 'est $reen .o pression Strength 'est .lay .ontent 'est .o pactibility 'est Acti!e C )ead .lay 'est Mold Bardness 'est

.ore Bardness 'est Sand A=S 'est PHYSICAL TESTING Brinell hardness 'est :<<<0g. Kni!ersal 'esting Machine I pact 'esting Machine

METAL COMPOSITION TESTING Spectro eter 9 Base C ;:G14G#4 .arbon *7ui!alent Meter

NON DESTRUCTIVE TEST Kltrasonic .rack )etection /adiography 'est %1ut Sourcing& M"I %1ut sourcing&


Any kind of the decision is !ery uch i portant factor in any business field. 'here are any kinds of decision can be taken in the co pany like production decision, purchase decision, sales decision. All decisions are !ery uch i portant in the co pany. A one wrong decision can change the co pany6s gt. And co pany fall into the loss. It ay be possible or it is also possible that a one good decision can take high at the top le!el to the co pany. "urchasing decision purchase. eans to take decision related to

In the -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'he purchasing decision is in the hands of purchase H production anager and they ask to the director. "urchasing decision relating to the purchase of raw aterial and 7uality aterial.



'he raw aterial eans the production can be possible.


aterial through the

'here are ain three things which is being used in the production process. 'hey are as follows - sand - "ig iron - Scrap - 1ther foundry ate.


LStore keeping is that aspect of aterial control which is concerned with the physical storage of goods.M Store keeping is related with storage of raw F aterial ,se i finished goods, finished goods. In -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'here is also facility of storage of raw aterial including se i finished C finished goods or products.



Machineries are being used in production as follows+ 5 Shot blasting achine 4 Wolta olding achine : Induction furnace ; $rinding achine IM"1/'*) 1/ )1M*S'I. 'here is a achine which is i ported. 'he na e of that achine is S"*.'/1 M*'*/ fro $*/MA#Y. #o. 1= 31/0*/S+ 'here is a total 4< workers in the production depart ent. -A'*S' '*.B#1-1$Y+ 'here are two which as follows. achines which perfectly of new technology

5 -A'*S' S"*.'/1 M*'*/ MA.BI#* 4 JKA-I'Y .1#'/1- MA.BI#* "-A# AB1K' 3*S' MA'*/IAIf we think about this atter that they are reusing the west aterial. If the product pieces are found faulty then they take these all faulty pieces in the production process again.


'B* -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). $et the raw different resources. 5 -ocal arket 4 $ujarat In local arket, they are M*'A- I#)KS'/I*S, MI#*/A- C MI--S S'1/*. aterial fro





Sr. #o.


"age no. ;4 ;: ;; ;9 ;> ;? ;A ;@ 9< 95 94

5 4 : ; 9 > ? A @ 5< 55

Introduction /ecruit ent C selection process 'raining C de!elop ent 3age and salary ad inistration "ersonnel records 'i e keeping syste Industrial relation /esources of e ployees "ro otion and transfer policy Job description 'rade union




According to *dwing b. oesler LManpower planning is the process including forecasting, de!eloping, i ple enting and controlling by which a fir ensured that it has the right. "ersonnel anage ent ay be defined as the art of procuring de!eloping and aintaining co petent workforce to achie!e organiDational goals efficiently. "ersonnel anage ent concerned with a careful handling of relationship a ong the indi!iduals at work. "ersonal Manage ent is generally concerned with planning organiDing, directing and controlling and operating function like procure ent function with !iew to all attaining the organiDational goals econo ically and effecti!ely and the needs Cwants of the indi!idual Csocial goals. It was pre!iously stated that personnel anage ent is ai ed at influencing the effecti!eness of e ployees in the organiDation. 'he anagerial acti!ities, e(ternal influences, and i portant out co e associated.


L/ecruit ent is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for e ploy ent. 'he process begins when

new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are sub itted. 'he result is a pool of applicants fro which new e ployees are selectedM ,3illia b. 3erther. 0eith )a!is. 'he steps regarding recruit ent and selection procedure includes - "ublishing the classifieds - /ecei!ing application - *!aluation the application - Sending the call letters - Arranging inter!iews "hysical test 1ral test 3ritten test "ractical test - /e inter!iew - .hecking reference - #egotiation - =inal selection - Appoint ent - Induction In -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'he recruit ent C selection procedure done !ery si ply. 'hey recruit the people on the basis of references, ad!ertise ent, internally C e(perience.



According to *)3I#$ =-I""1, L'raining is an act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an e ployee for doing a particular job.M 'raining can be broadly classified into two types+ 5 1n the job training ethods. 4 1ff the job training ethods. B*/*, at -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Both the training ethods are used to certain e(tends. Bere, training is pro!ided looking at following things. 5 'raining to new e ployees. 4 'raining to old e ployees. : $eneral training. 'raining pro!ided to new e ployees. 'raining pro!ided to new e ployees is nor ally on the job i.e. he is gi!en job or he ay ha!e to work as an assistant under a head. $eneral training is the training not directly, related to the job of e ployees but related to the org. i.e. when new e7uip ents for fighting against fi( were introduced, all the workers were taught how to use e7uip ents through de onstrations. 'he training needs are identified and e(ercised by the depart ental head and are also e!aluated.



3age and salary represent a substantial part of total cost of ost of the organiDations. Although to the econo ists, these are !ariable costs, but to the business they are beco ing e!er increasing costs in !iew of the ability of trade union to win upward adjust ent. Salary is also known as re uneration for salary co. has its own salary structure for officers, anagers and )irectors. L3ages are the co pensation of wage earner, the nu erous e ployees who use e ployees to produce goods and ser!ices that are sold by their e ployers.M - )ala Yoder and Bene an At -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -')., wages are according to the labor laws and salaries are paid looking at : things+, 5 =resh candidate 4 *(perience holders : education plus e(perience holder In -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Monthly wages and as we know that the co pany has newly started pro!ident fund will be cutting onth of #o!e ber. Monthly wages for workers is :9<<HX and for the other offices the salary is gi!en on the basis of their designation.


"ersonnel research is the task of searching for, and analyDing, facts to the end that proble s ay be sol!ed or principles and laws go!erning their solution deri!ed. "ersonnel records, reports, and audit and research are i portant parts of personnel anage ent process. All personnel policies and progra es are appraised critically to know their effecti!eness and to de!elop the . "ersonnel research brings about new areas of application of personnel functions of all personnel. "ersonal record eans the preser!ation of infor ation regarding personnel in the organiDation. 'hese records are useful for future records. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). also keeps the personal records of the e ployees. 'hese records contain all the infor ation about e ployees na e, address, age, education, 7ualification, and date of appoint ent, onthly contribution etc. they also aintain attendance register, salary and bonus register.



If we considered the ti e keeping syste there is only one shift and i.e. in @ a. . to > p. . 'here is no o!erti e syste at -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). As it pays to the e ployees on incenti!e basis and not on ti e basis. 1n e!ery =riday, there is off day and also on public holidays.


Industrial relation eans the relation between labour and anager industrial relation is used to refer relation between parties concerned with industry. $ood industrial relation is !ery essential because success of co pany. /elations between anage ent and workers are going !ery s oothly and har onious. 'he -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Bas !ery good relation with anage ent and workers. 'he relation between workers and super!isor is also !ery good they are no any frustrations a ong all the reasonable lower and higher le!el this is because all the reasonable de and of workers gi!en due attention. 'he -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Ba!e !ery healthy relation with anage ent, workers, and other industries.


/esources eans fro where the e ployees can get. 'he resources are local, so eti es through ad!ertise ent. *M"-1Y** B*#*=I' A#) S*/EI.*S - Bonus of festi!al - "ro!ident fund

3*-=A/* "/1$/AMM*
Medical checkup =unction 3orking training =east "icnic Staff 7uarters



=re7uency of pro otion in a unit like -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is !ery less and as there is no branch in other state or city, 7uestion of transfer does not arise only. 3hene!er, pro otion is gi!en to an e ployee, it is gi!en on M*/I' BAS* seeing regularity, perfor ance, beha!ior, efficiency etc. are e!aluated before gi!ing pro otion. * ployee to be pro oted is, selected by L'I.0 MA/0M ethod and e ployee getting a(i u nu ber of tick ark shows his efficiency sincerity and hence he is pro oted.


Job description eans to describe the nature, of the job. It is a written record of duties, responsibilities and re7uire ent of the particular job. In starting, job description eans to gi!e the infor ation and guidance to the candidate about their particular job for which they are selected. 'he job description process is adopted for e ployee as well as for e(ecuti!e persons. iddle le!el

3hen a anage ent person is selected and inducted in this unit the specific job description process is handled C following infor ation gi!en to the . 5 #ature of job 4 )uties and responsibilities : /elation with other anage ent staff ; Job su ary 9 "osition and status in organiDation > working condition ? Machine tools and e7uip ent which is being used 'his gi!es a proper idea of the job.


After getting all such abo!e entioned facilities can there be a trade union at -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -').Y #o, there is no trade union as all the workers are highly satisfied with their work and the benefits gi!en the .

At, -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). If any essage is to be co unicated fro the M.). to the workers then it is generally oral and through depart ental heads or through depart ental heads or through circular.

Any organiDation has to face !arious proble s related to its personnel they ay be of irregularly or non,punctually, though -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Bas ne!er faced such a proble yet if any such proble arise than they first try to sol!e the through discussion. After if such repeated discussion, no re arkable change is found then the fir takes solid decision.




Sr. #o.


"age no. 99 9> 9? 9A 9@ >< >5 >4 >:

5 4 : ; 9 > ? A @

Introduction Marketing strategy "roduct planning Market seg entation Ad!ertise ents .hannels of distribution "ricing policy Sales pro otion
61 'ransportation



Marketing depart ent is !ery i portant n any co pany. 'he products anufactured ust be sold in the arket otherwise no fir can sur!i!e. Bence, there ust be an efficient arketing depart ent that retains the captured arked and also e(plores for capturing new arkets. It also keeps the co pany aware of the products wanted by the consu ers and the latest trend and re7uire ent of the arket. Market depart ent ensures that the products anufacture by the co pany create a goodwill for the co pany by ensuring the best 7uality the reasonable price and pro!iding after sale ser!ices and spare parts at any ti e at reasonable prices. 'hus, the co pany. arketing depart ent has a key role in the


LMarketing strategy is nothing but planning of selling and consists of selling and consists of all the aspects engaged in pro!iding things to the arket.M 'he arketing strategy consists of the following. 5. 4. :. ;. 9. 'ype of good. =inding out scope of arketing by research. "opulariDe by ad!ertise ents. )ecide ter s and conditions for selling. )eal with the purchaser.


"roduction panning is !ery essential part of the arketing depart ent because without product planning there is nothing to distribute or nothing to pro ote. "roduct planning is the process of deciding upon the anufacturing process and other features such as siDe, colour, packing, branding, after sale ser!ices, trade ark etc. product planning is !ery i portant in order to create good arket by supplying 7uality products to the consu ers. Bere, in -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). , they ake casting products according to the re7uire ents of consu ers. So, there is no fi( product but according to the order, they produce the products. Bere at first they sent the product to the concern depart ent and then they decide the colour, siDe, specific design etc. and thus, according to the order of their custo ers they anufacture the products.


Market seg entation is a process of di!iding the total heterogeneous arket into !arious seg ents ha!ing ho ogeneous needs and wants in order to achie!e a(i u response. 'he concept of arket seg entation can be adopted only when large arket is there and it is di!ided when it beco es difficult to satisfy needs and want to e!ery custo er. 'hus, the whole arket can be di!ided into parts. In -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'here is no arket seg entation as the products are produced as per the order and the arket is fi(ed so it is fi(ed so it is not necessary for then to do so.


Ad!ertising can be described as any paid for of non, personal co unication by a sponsor. "ublicity is a non, personal for of co unication and refers to significant news co!erage by any ass, edia %press, radio, tele!ision, stage, etc.& about a product and ser!ice or co pany. #ow a day6s ad!ertise ent is the best way to pro ote the product. It can be written or ad!ertise the product, because in e!ery ho e now there is a 'E set and cable connection. =or ad!ertising purpose different Medias can be used like /adio, 'E. But a ong this is not useful to this co pany. 'herefore the co. uses the proper Medias for ad!ertising. Ad!ertise ent has beco e an integral part. #ot only for arketing but also of the entire econo y and creating of de and sti ulation of econo ic growth, rising, inco e rises standard of li!ing. 'he co pany pro!ides pa phlets to its custo ers and also gi!es ad!ertise ents in the newspapers, *specially, at ti e or religious festi!als like )iwali, .haritable institutions also approach the co pany and obtain contribution in the for of ad!ertise ents. In the sou!enirs and agaDine published by such institute, the co pany also ad!ertises its products and participates in !arious trade fares especially related to the casting products. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Also gi!es its ad!ertise ents, in !arious Industrial books like Bulletin of /ajkot, .ha ber of co erce etc.


As the fact re ains that the place of production is not always the sa e as the place of consu ption. 'hus arrange ents ha!e to be ade to pro!ide the goods or ser!ices to the consu er that is what distribution in concerned about. )istribution channels are sets organiDation in!ol!ed in the process of ser!ice a!ailable for use of consu ption. are+ , "roduct , .usto er , Middle an , .o pany , .o petitor , Marketing *n!iron ent of interdependent aking a product of

Earious factors influencing choice of distribution channels


Pri i!" #$%i &

"ricing decision is !ery i portant aspect for success of arket price is the only factor deter ining the re!enue. /e!enue of the co pany depends upon the pricing of the product and profit also depends upon the price. Bere, this co pany decides the price of the product fro the cost of production of that new product. "rice is defined as L*(change !alue of a product or ser!ice always e(pressed in ter s of oney.M Bere in this fir the pricing policy is fi(ed because they supply their products to the co panies like 'ata otors ltd., *icher otors ltd., .lutch auto ltd., Ksha international ltd., $rea!es ltd. And they decide the price fro the cost of production so price is not fi(ed. and price of the other product generally includes cost of raw aterial, cost of production, wages and salary, cost of sales pro otion etc. 'hus, we can conclude that fle(ible pricing policy is adopted by the fir .


-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 3orks in a !ery infor al way in case of sales pro otion. It gi!es i portance to the honesty of the distributors who deal with the rather than their capability and resourcefulness. 'he co pany pro otes its products by granting 7uantity discount to its wholesales and also cash pay ents discount.

'here is no co petitor of -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Because it has de!eloped the strategy of 7uality orientation. 1ne e!idence of it is the IS1 @<<5+4<<< certificate that holds with itself.

*ffect of globaliDation is seen uch in this because the co petition is increasing rapidly in this industry. Mostly in auto obile industry the de and of auto parts has increased. #ew technologies are being introduced in this casting industry.


'ransportation is the basic need of business. 3ithout transportation business cannot produce their product in #ational or out of the country. 'ransportation can ake *(port and I port easily. Mainly there are ; type of transportation. - by road - by air - by water - by rail -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Bas the local transportation facility only by roads.





Sr. #o.


"age no. >> >?

5 4

Introduction 1rganiDational structure of finance depart ent -ist of financial accounts aintained 1ther infor ation Sources of finance .redit facilities Manage ent of working capital =inancial planning .apitaliDation .apital structure Balance sheet

: ; 9 > ? A @ 5< 55

>A >@ ?< ?5 ?4 ?: ?; ?9 ?>


L=inance is the life blood of business.M It is rightly ter ed as SS.I*#.* 1= M1#*Y6. It is concerned with planning and

controlling of financial resources of the fir . It has no uni7ue body of knowledge and theoretical concept of its own. Bowe!er, it is ob!ious that with the ini u working capital, ini u interest burden on loansH o!erdraftH debentures and strict conditions for recei!ing pay ent on goods sold are certain factors which on being handled efficiently, the organiDation can be strengthened and ulti ately it depends on the 7uality and goodwill created for the product anufactured by the organiDation. It co!ers the following area+ %5& *sti ation of fi(ed and working capital re7uire ent. %4& )eter ination of sources of capital supply. %:& "rocedure ent and for ation of capital structure. %;& Manage ent of working capital.



=inance depart ent is well de!eloped in co parison of any other depart ent in this fir . 1!er !iewing the organiDational structure of finance depart ent, it would be better we go through what actually organiDation eans. =irstly organiDation of authority, secondly designing the job structure, thirdly defining the responsibilities at all le!els, fourthly establishing structural relationship. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). =ollows a si ple organiDational structure of finance and accounting depart ent. 'he abo!e stated characteristics are well defined are considered widely in this structure. It is designed as below. )*'AI-S AB1K' =I#A#.IA)*"A/'M*#' MA#A$I#$ )I/*.'1/ I .BI*= A..1K#'A#' I ASS'. A..1K#'A#' I .-*/0



'he following financial accounts are depart ent. %5& %4& %:& %;& %9& %>& %?& %A& %@& %5<& %55& %54& %5:& %5;& %59& .ash book Bank book $eneral ledger .reditors accounts )ebtors accounts Money receipt register 'ra!eling account Staff deposit register *(pense details register Ad!ance to worker register Bank reconciliation state ent )istributor6s state ent Stock register Ad!ance against e(penses register Bills ad itted register

aintained by this

'1'A- .A"I'A+, 5,?9,<<,<<<

13# .A"I'A+, ?9,<<,<<< B1//13*) .A"I'A- +, @>,<<,<<< /*S*/E*S C SK/"-KS+, A?,<<< I#E*S'M*#' +, ;,<<,<<,<<< FINANCIAL YEAR ENDING ON 31ST MARCH EVERY YEAR BA#)-I#$ 1= A..1K#'I#$ "/1.*)K/* Bandling accounting procedure has now no ore re ained a cu berso e or ti e consu ing, at -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). , the accounting is done through co puters, double entry syste is used for preparing final accounts of the co pany and so a separate co puter progra and co puter operators are appointed and separate depart ent is there for co puter.



Sources of finance easily.

eans fro

where we can get the finance

'he resources are as followsT 5. Bank 4. 1ther financial institutions :. /elati!es

- Bank of India %Main branch&

MA#A$*M*#' 1= =IN*) ASS*'S

=or anaging the fi(ed assets one person is appointed. Be does oiling and greecing per weak to the achineries.


As we know that the -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is newly started so they are not pro!iding that uch credit facilities to the custo ers. 'hat eans spot pay ent based transactions are being ade by the co pany .



A successful sate progra is necessary to earning profits. Bow e!er sales are not con!erting in to cash i ediately. 'here is ti e between sold the goods and back the cash at this sa e ti e. In business there is necessary to produced finished goods so in business it is necessary for working capital in for of current assets. 3orking capital is also help in proble arising out of the lack of i ediate realiDation of cash against good sold. Sufficient working capital is necessary to run the business s oothly. 'o aintain sufficient working capital cash cycle ust be well anaged. In -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'hey purchase the bill fro bank and discounting the bill fro the party. By this way they anage the working capital.


It is the process of esti ating the fir 6s future financial re7uire ents. It also refers to the source by which re7uire ent can be fulfilled. It also speaks about the fund flows when we get and how to utiliDe and thus it co!ers the following acti!ities. 5& *sti ating the fir 6s financial re7uire ent 4& )eter ining the source fro which the funds are to be collected. :& )eter ining the use of the funds. 'he re7uire ents is based up on the sales of business and its future de!elop ent is to be considered with re7uire ent of finance. =inancial re7uire ent will co!er the re7uire ent of fi(ed assets, working capital, e(pansion of in!entory as well as for the pay ent of di!idend and interest to in!estors. 'he planning proble s are the ost crucial point for financial anagers and top e(ecuti!es, in -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Knder the instruction of Board of director, plans for financial re7uire ents are prepared the fir adopts long ter as well as ter plans as per the financial re7uire ents.


.apitaliDation eans total accounting !alue of the capital regularly e ployed in the business. =or all practical purpose, it is a process of co puting, esti ating and producing the present !alue of the fir . In short, capitaliDation is the su of total capital of the co pany, which is included in to capital structure. It co!ers public share, loans, debts, partner6s capital reser!es etc. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Bas obtained the capital fro the directors, bankers and fro reser!es.


.apital structure included the total capital of the co pany. 'he total capital of the co pany ay be su of owner6s capital. i.e. share capital reser!es and surplus etc. and borrower capital i.e. )ebenture, loans etc. e!ery capital has its when capital structure because the sources of funds are different in e!ery co pany for e(a ple, so e co panies ha!e only share capital while so e co panies ha!e share as well as debenture i.e. borrowed capital so e co pany do not plan their capital structure, such co pany ha!e to face difficulties in raising capital fro different sources. So I is not necessary but desirable for e!ery co pany to plan the capital structure because it is a good way of raising capital. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Is pri!ate li ited co pany so it has not issued public share. So all the shares are purchased by the directors of the co pany .


Balance sheet is not an account but a state ent prepared at the last day of the financial year. Balance sheet has two sides na elyT -IABI-I'I*S %.r.& ASS*'S %)r.& Balance sheet can be prepares in two ways a. B1/IW1#'A- =1/M b. E*/'I.A- =1/M 'he two sides of balance sheet includes following particulars. a. -IABI-I'I*S. 5. SBA/* .A"I'AA& B& .& )& 4. :. ;. 9. authoriDed capital issued capital subscribed capital paid up capital /*S*/E*S C SK/"-KS S*.K/*) -1A#S K#S*.K/*S -1A#S .K//*#' -IABI-I'I*S A#) "/1EISI1#S

b. ASS*'S 5. =IN*) ASS*'S 4. I#E*S'M*#'S :. .K//*#' ASS*'S ,-1A#S C A)EA#.*S ;. MISS.*--A#*1KS *N"*#)I'K/* N. "/1=I' C -1SS A..1K#'. 'he -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Bas started in =ebruary 4<<>. so, it has not co pleted its first financial year.

'hus, Balance sheet is not being prepared by the co pany.


-.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). "lanning for e(port business. 'hey are planning to establish the research C de!elop ent depart ent.



5& Strength+ , *fficient hu an resources loyal product produce efficient arket syste .

4& 3eakness+ , 'i e consu ing decision procedure


:& 1pportunity+ , Market opportunity if indigenous product de!eloped

;& 'hreats+ , .heap I ports



In India, the new go!t. policy of liberaliDation has generated the growth prospectus of the casting products6 industry. 'oday, India has entered into the global arket in e(port of casting products . -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). "lays a do inant role in the Indian Industrial econo y. I ha!e co e to the conclusion with the following points that stand responsible for the success of the co pany in !ery short period. 'he for of the co pany organiDation is the ost suitable to -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). In producing different types of casting products. 'he co pany is ideally located and all the re7uire ents are easily fulfilled. It has shown re arkable progress in a!ery short period and contains the sa e. All the decisions are taken by the M.). !ery effecti!ely and efficiently. In the end I con!ey y best wishes to -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). 'o carry out their future plans successfully and progress ore and ore.



5. it is a suggestion to go for e(port. 4. -.#. '*.B#1.AS' "E'. -'). Bas potential enough capital and hence it should think of anufacturing so e new products.



BIBLIOGRAPHY 5& "rinciple C "ractices of Mgt. , -.M."rasad

4& 1rganiDation C Mgt.

, ..B. $upta

:& Modern business Ad .

, /ichard