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Specific purpose : To convince my audience that yearly driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years

after getting a license. Central idea : Yearly driving test must be mandatory for the first year because it will help to reduce the number of road accident. Introduction I. II. III. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), teenage drivers account for only 7% of the driving population but are involved in 14% of fatal crashes. Traffic crashes are the nmber one cause of death and injury for people ages 15-19. Problems which contribute to the high crash rate of young drivers include: driving inexperience, lack of adequate driving skills, risk taking, poor driving judgement and decision making, distraction, alcohol consumption and excessive driving during high risk hours.

Transition : now let me explain to you all the benefits if the government agree to use this act Body I. Will help teenager to always remember the adequate driving skills and drive safely according to road laws. A. Most of us teenager usually forget what they have studied during in driving school especially about road laws and usually break them without realizing the consequences for example running red light, U turning at no U turn junction and speeding. i. If we all agree using this act, all of them will always remember and obey all the road laws. This will also help them to drive more careful and make them think twice before breaking the law. ii. This test will also make them remember what the consequences are if they disobey the road laws and how much fines that they will get. It is also make them realize that they will put other person life in danger if the disobeys the law B. Some students have hard time remembering the meaning of road signs and symbols and usually ignore them. i. We have to admit not all of us remember the meaning of each road signs and symbols but with this act, thats no longer a problem because in order to pass an annual test within the five year period, you have to understand and memorize each of the signs and symbols ii. It will also help them to know all the hazardous symbols and signs on the road and will surely help them avoid any dangerous encounter such as, under construction road, landslide area, or even a dead end.

Transition : this test will surely make the driver more understand about road safety and make the road a safer place.


This test will help to enhance their experiences to a good use in the future such as give them a test on how to properly change a flat tire or what to do if your car have suddenly die on the road. A. Many teenagers dont really know what to do if they have a flat tire. Most of them usually call their parents or relative to help them with the situation. i. With this test, they will always remember and know how to change a flat tire on their car because they will be tested annual for the first five year after they get their license. ii. This also will make sure that they know what to do when they have a flat tire and not rely on someone else. This also ensures their car tire must be checked first by themselves before starting their journey. B. This test also helps teenagers know what to do if they encounter problems with their car on the road by giving a theory test during the annual test. i. Many teenagers do the wrong things when their car suddenly broke in the middle of the road such as didnt open the hazard light and didnt push their car on the side of the road. With this annual this, they will always remember and knows what to do. ii. This test is important because it will help them to handle a situation where their car have a problem and will overcome it in a correct way.

Transition : one test alone is not enough for someone who just got their license. The probability that they will forget what they learn in driving school and this can lead to an road accident. III. This test also helps them to drive better because many new drivers have a problem with a manual transmission car especially when they stop on a hillside and also on how to park their car. A. A manual transmission car can be hard to drive especially those who just got their licences. i. With this test, new drivers can practise more and master themselves to drive manual transmission cars. This can avoid a road accident especially on a hillside road where they fail to move their car and their car cant climb the hill a move backwards and hit the car behind them. ii. This annual test for the first five year can ensure them that they know how to drive a manual car and no longer bring any problems to them and other road users. B. Parking is major problem here in Malaysia especially those who just obtain their license that dont know how to park their properly. i. With this test, they parking skill will be tested every year and this will surely increase their parking skill and help them to park their car properly. ii. The hardest parking of them all is parallel parking which not everyone can master so easily even in driving school. With this annual test, that problem is no longer a problem each driver who need to park their car in a parallel parking space.

Transition : This is all the benefits or the advantages if yearly driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years after getting a license.

Conclusion I. II. III. IV. As for the conclusion, two years is not enough for young new drivers who just got their license to fully understand how to drive on the road. One driving test is also not enough because after the driving test, most of them usually forget all the things that have been taught to them. The government must extend the length of perhatian in Malaysia to five year instead two year. All of this is for the sake to lower the number of accidents happen in our country and make the roads a safer place.

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