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1:1 James, a slave of god and of the Lord Jesus Christ

Mentioned status (slave) over physical relation…Physical relation added nothing to authority, only spiritual
relationship mattered…Servant, translated slave, an expression of humility and of absolute commitment to
God in Christ.
-Attitude of service distinguishes biblical leadership….No contradiction between SERVANT and LEADER
Do pastors today see themselves as SLAVES/SERVANTS to Christ? For a REAL leader is a true SERVANT.

1:8 An indecisive man is unstable in all his ways

“Double Minded Man” person drawn into two opposite directions (one set for God, other set for world).
Has a sense of what is right but love for what is wrong. Greek word means “two-souled”
How many pastors end up in hot water because unsure of what they believe/teach and based decision
consequentially rather than biblically….Same situation, two different treatments due to situation or person

Formula for Disaster

1:14-15 Tempted, Desire Conceives, Birth to Sin, Sin leads to Death
“Drawn Away” fishing language…Looks good but come to find has deadly hook in it. Man lured by his
own lust and selfish desires….”Man is in every case tempted by his won passions” …Beginnings of sin is
in own heart
-Child birth language…Man’s lust, like a harlot entices and seduces him….Makes no reference to Satan.
How many pastors fall out of the ministry because of a sinful desire starts small, but devours their ministry?

Practice What You Preach

1:22 Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
Be – “Show Yourselves To Be”
Warning against making hearing an end in itself
Be who one is because the Word is resident within…Not question of reaction but action at all. Faith must
be demonstrated. Knowledge by itself only “puffs up” Ties in to his Works Discourse.
How many senior pastors are hiring associates and youth and music etc etc to be the doers, why he preaches?

2:1 My brothers, hold your faith in out glorious Lord Jesus Christ without showing favoritism.
Favoritism has been rendered as…”acts of partiality”, “partiality”, “snobbery”, “personal favoritism”,
“worship of rank”. When used, used in sense of showing favor to persons on account of external
advantages. To show favoritism would be another form of “double mindedness” having a love for God but
also mistreating His people.
It may be implicit but showing favor to those with like personality, consistency, talents, wealthy, or for personal
gain should not be a pastoral practice.

Good Quote:
It has been well said that St. Paul and St. James arenot soldiers of different armies fighting against each other, but
soldiers of the same army fighting back to back against enemies coming from opposite directions..Griffith Thomas

2:21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works….

Justify “To declare righteous” or “to acquit” or “vindicate”
Williams translates “Was not…Abraham shown to be upright…?”
The validity of his experience with God and the genuineness of his faith were proved by the total obedience
he gave to God. Abraham’s offering of Isaac was a proof of the faith he had professed for many years. It
was evidence that his faith was alive. Does not teach that justification depends on works
Religion or list of rules does not save. It is doing the rules or “outworking” through faith that saves. Works IN
RESULT of faith.
3:1 Not many should become teachers, my brothers
Office of teacher, ranked after apostles, prophets and comparable to evangelists played an important role in
apostolic church. Office offered a respect, a prominence, and authority which made some men hanker for
it. Think not so much of its outward privileges as of its immense responsibilities under God.
-Teachers with greater privileges, will be judged with “special strictness” “more severe standard”…
Reminder not to rush into office of teaching.
Many pastors that shouldn’t be, many teachers that shouldn’t be….God’s word is delicate and deserves diligence
and respect.

That tongue!

Another Word for Teachers

3:13 Who is wise and understanding among you? He should show his works by good conduct
with wisdom’s gentleness.
Another word for teachers…those who aspire to be teachers (for wrong reasons)
Try to discourage calling attention to responsibility
Through dangers of the tongue, where teachers are especially vulnerable
Need for true wisdom and insists must be evidenced in one’s daily life
Who has spiritual discernment and discretion, who has the ability to see clearly what is right and to act
accordingly…Wise denotes one who has knowledge of things but human and divine…True knowledge and
wisdom is evident with works rather than words
Are there many pastors that show their knowledge and wisdom through means other than words on Sunday
morning, for it requires works? Pastor that doesn’t disciple, engage sin in lives of others, decides what is right
according to biblical standards is not qualifying for a teacher, according to James.

Deacons Meetings…Arguments from within, rather than for above.
4:1-2 What is the source o the wars and fights among you? Don’t they come from the cravings
that are at war within you?
Feuds and conflicts in Christian community. Instead of seeing each other as brothers and sisters, see each
other as adversaries and antagonists. Luke 8:14, Titus 3:3, 2 Peter 2:13…Fights and conflicts arise because
men make pleasures their aim, lives are not God centered but self centered.
“Cravings and pleasures have their camp in the bodily organs and from these they launch their attack
against anything and everyone that dares to interfere with their gratification.”
Proof that should be limited number of teachers. Who are the leaders in your church, are they fighting for things
above or for and from things within? False/Bad teaching, carpet color, pastor salary, music style are issues with an
agenda against other brothers and sisters in Christ and are not issues that glorify Christ

4:4 Adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God?
Image of covenant relationship between God and his people from OT, Israel was wife of the Lord. Instead
of being faithfully wedded, by evil ways turn their backs on God and were having an affair with the world.
“When you begin to please the world you wage war against heaven, and bid open defiance to the Lord of
-“Friend of the World” to value the approval of and cherish relationship with persons and forces which are
either indifferent toward or openly hostile to God.
Many church services have become “seeker friendly” but is there a line to draw? Can a service be to “friendly” to
the world, enough to bring up hostility toward God?
A Sinner’s Defense
4:12…But who are you to judge your neighbor?
In context of people believing and acting as if they are above the law, set by God. James is talking to
people who judge their brethren and thus set themselves against and above the law of God. James is asking
‘By what superior holiness and wisdom do you judge your brother in Christ? There is a right time, place
and condition for judging another…Testify in Court or in the church when imperative to deal with a sinning
brother who rebels against God’s word….However, James’ subject is not civil government nor church
discipline but the sin of faultfinding, brother against brother.
Let us not be uncharitable or inconsiderate to judge another’s motives…Let it be done in love and speak to
them rather than of them.
As pastors, we need to confront the OPEN sin in our churches, but with the right attitude before God, always
seeking reconciliation.

So Many Implications…
4:17 So, for the person who knows to do good and doesn’t do it, it is sin.
When fully aware of duty but fail to perform, it is sin. Not enough to know, must do what he knows he
ought to do…Echo of 1:22
-Unsure context of verse..Some stay discussion beginning vs 13…others say equivalent of saying “you
have now be fully warned”…Others say should be left disconnect so “doing good” refers to Christian living
How many opportunities do pastors know of right thing to do but fail to act? Fail to be doers of the word.

5:7 Therefore, brothers, be patient until the Lord’s coming.
In context of the rich, saying to people that rill will be punished for their oppression, Christians should
therefore find this an incentive to leave things in God’s hands…Endure longsuffering in reference to
hardships and injustices..Suffering should be expected, Christ suffered, why would you not? Until the
Lord’s coming points to that God will take care and avenge them, so they are to wait for Him to act.
When hard times come (family, finances, church strife) will patience, God says He will settle all things.
Pastors, since when does God work on our time table? Pastors want bigger churches, more people, more money…
seems to me that God will provide in that area as well…with patience AND, if His will.



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