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24 hour Energy Drink E-business Plan

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Table of Content
Executive Summary3 Introduction.4 SCM..6 Target Market Analysis..9 ERP.14 E-Marketing Plan..17 Conclusion..24 References..26

Executive Summary 24hourenergy.com is an eCommerce innovation that has been operating for one year. This business concept was developed to provide essential energy supplements to todays active living individuals, with hopes of driving todays high-energy market. Our high potent vitamin enhanced energy supplements are designed to help boost the immune systems defense against sickness and other ailments that seek to attack and break down natural immune barriers, while stimulating the metabolism. In fact, by evaluating the key ingredients used by our competitor (5hourenergy), we have determined that a decrease in certain ingredients was required to help reduce the number of fatalities reported by consumers, who admitted that other brand energy supplements were the main cause of their condition. As a result, our team of scientist have formulated a new product that not only cuts the cost, but diminishes the impact some competitors key ingredients were having on users, which allots us the golden opportunity to provide consumers with an over the counter supplement that guarantees exceptional results. Presently our consumer base derives from a strategic online marketing platform implemented by our qualified marketing representatives, who diligently apply well-orchestrated marketing concepts that repeatedly increase our revenue, while building a loyal customer base. Today, our primary product line encompasses the following: Liquid dietary supplements Energy shots Syrups flavored Omega-4 fish oils Nutrient enhanced vitamin water Amino acid supplements Antioxidants Juice berry blends RTD Beverages With a customer base of more than one million, 24hourenergy.com remains at the top of its game, with plans to continue developing new and innovative energy supplements that boost our consumers energy and vitality. A plan that guarantees 24hourenergy the opportunity to become brand name that certainly has the ability to compete in todays energy supplement retail market.

Therefore, within the pages of this E-business plan is a detailed outline encompassing our SCM, ERP, E-marketing plan, which includes a SOSTAC plan that includes our objectives, strategies, tactics, and actions.

Initially, our IT team felt it would best benefit the company if we were to integrate a software solution developed by NetSuite.com. Interestingly while researching this company, our IT team discovered that this program promises scalable faster growth; streamline operations, and greater productivity. Additionally,we learned that NetSuite.com assures us that its ERP software would position our business above traditional accounting software, and allot us the ability to streamline back-office processes as well as equip us with the visibility we need to make better, faster decisions (Netsuite.com, 2013).

However, we also looked at another software program developed by ExeControl Global Solutions, because they offer custom solution software and on-going business operational assistance. Additionally, they offer software programming that integrates SCM, CRP and ERP systems into a complete software package, making this programming essential and quite valuable to the growth and development of our specific e Commerce. Plus, they offer software that enables us to optimize manufacturing planning, maintain wireless solutions, and manage distribution resource planning (ExeControl Global, 2013). And of course, after evaluating what resources weve investigated, I honestly would have to say that ExeControl Global Solutions seems to be more conducive for my eCommerce operation we are establishing. After all, ExeControl Global Solutions provides on-going assistance, as well as promises that the software it develops for us can be designed specifically for our eCommerce needs. Yet first, Id like to convey the advantages of launching this eCommerce. Ideally, operating an eCommerce based business will allow us the opportunity to conduct the following procedures (A. Gunasekaran, 2002):

Shorten procurement cycles through the use of on-line catalogues, ordering, and payment; Cut costs on both stock and manufactured parts through competitive bidding; Reduce development cycles and accelerate time tomarket through collaborative engineering, product, and process design, regardless of the location of participants; Gain access to world wide markets at a fraction of traditional costs; Ensure that the product, marketing information, and prices are always up to date; Significantly increase the speed of communication, especially international communication; Drastically reduce purchasing and production cycles; Reduce the cost of communications directly (E-mail and EDI save on postage) and speed up communication can reduce inventory and related inventory and purchasing costs; Promote closer relationship with customers and suppliers, e.g. web sites enable companies to maintain customers and suppliers apprised of developments that concern them and practice effective relationship marketing; Provide a quick and easy way of exchanging information about a company and its products, Product promotion-this will allot us the opportunity to enhance the promotion of our products as well as offer services through direct, information and interactive contact with customers New Sales Channels- this will provide a new distribution channel for existing inventory as well as provide direct research on customers and the bi-directional nature of communication Reduce Cycle Time- doing so will reduce delivery time to customers by 90% Customer Service- implementing this will provide us an opportunity to offer our customers detailed information online about our products, the ingredients we use, as well as health benefits gained from utilizing out product

Clearly, this eCommerce operation requires a significant amount of strategic planning in order to provide consumers with great products and exceptional customer service. As a result, our marketing staff conducted an analysis that provided us in-depth details on the importance of implementing the following procedures (A. Gunasekaran, 2002):

SCM Product Description 24hourenergy offers energy supplements that help boost our consumers energy levels, increase their metabolism, and help balance their immunity. With the implementation of vitamins, such as: Vitamin E, C, D, and Niacin; our energy supplements are manufactured with the best doctor recommended ingredients to assure our consumers are gaining the essential vitamins they need daily. Presently, we offer vitamin water; single serving energy shots offered in colorful plastic capsules, syrup flavored Omega-4 fish oils packaged in small aluminum designed pouches, which increases the life expansion of these oils, antioxidant juice berry blends, such as our Cherry/Banana juice cocktail and our Strawberry/Chocolate flavored juice berry blend. These RTD (Ready-To-Drink) supplements are packaged in easy to open plastic bottles that are made from recycled products. Purchasing- the skills rendered by our trained purchasing manager allots us the ability to obtain the best quality products at a reduced price. This is also great for helping diminish the cost of bulk ingredient purchases, as well as assures us a stable margin, which gives us the ability to continue developing and growing our product line. Presently, our supply chain management system (SMC), which we obtained from Vai.net, has shown to be the best operating system for this ecommerce operation. After all, it provides the essential components needed to continue spearheading this well orchestrated infrastructure. Production- 24hourenergy is produced through services rendered by Powered Brand Beverage Specialist who helps guide us through logistics and quality control issues to ensure a smooth supply chain from beverage production to vendor relationships. This company also offers guidance with: beverage packaging solutions, timeline management, customer vendor/liaison, and raw materials. Inventory- our supply chain management system helps our team maintain accurate records on our inventory, which helps maintain control over the increased level of productivity; this also helps reduce of spenditures cost tremendously. Distribution/logistics- the below chart conveys our distribution/logistics as well as the marketing components that help this department maintain accurately and effectively: consumer marketing (direct, email, print ads, apps, widgets, social media), trial campaigns, event marketing, give-a-ways; and energy drink marketing campaigns (Powerbrands.com, 2013).

Marketing 1.Online direct sales



Distributor 2. online direct returns Direct Sales


Return/logistics- our return policy allots consumers to return their product with a receipt within 30 days after initial purchase. Customers will be awarded their return purchase cost within 7-10 business days, via check. However, the shipping cost of the product will not be returned. All transactions are registered and stored in our supply chain database.

Analytics-like, Manhattan Associates' Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI), 24hourenergy, uses powerful data analytics that provides the business intelligence we need to have strategic and actionable insights into our supply chain network. In fact, with this particular supply chain software compoenent we are able to customize reports, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across our entire supply chainfrom one intuitive user interface. And for critical events, our Supply Chain management software sends real-time alerts to our management teams email or to any mobile device, so we can quickly respond to important conditions or exceptions when they occur (Manhattan Asso.com, 2013).

Intergration with ERP and/or CRP-Total ERP and supply chain management (SCM) integration is our goal; after all, other companies incorporate different

approaches to achieve integration. In fact, some manufacturers buy a complete packaged ERP system that includes all the SCM tools they might need. While this opportunity is available, we pride our operation on strigent regulations that require our trained and skillful technicians to maintain our SCM software system with zeal (SearchManufacturingERP.com, 2013).

Ideally, each product will be offered through our web base application, allowing our consumers immediate order response that flows without any stress related issues. In fact, this web application will allot us an opportunity to implement a program langauge through the implementation of JavaScript, which will give us a broader scale of consumers to market our products to, because using JavaScript and codes like HTML, will enable consumers to use various web browers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safaria, and Internet Explorer. Furthermore, implementing the new HTML5, which allots us the ability to provide graphic and multimedia capabilities, such as interweaving 3D graphics on our products, giving consumers a more in-depth visual of each produc we offer. This concept was introduced in 2011, and since then, its been evaluated that HTML5 users could interweave application specific methods that includes audio sound, such as a speech agent that welcomes consumers and guides them through the lis of products we offer, help them check out by using a cart, select payment methods, select shipping methods, and determine the amount of time theyd like to receive their shipment in (Wiki.com, 2013).

In addition, another vital aspect of our e-Commerce operation, will be offering our make-to-stock products, which we will use because this method of production is economical and eliminates developing a large scale supply of order without

being able to determine the number of products consumers will be purchasing on a regular basis.

Target Market Analysis Demographic Market Analysis

This demographic market analysis will convey the gender, age, ethnicity, geography and income of the target market. Ideally, our target market age demographic is 15-100. We elected this demographic because it gives us a broader scale of potential consumers, who we believe will make a loyal commitment to use 24hourenergy energy supplement. The gender of our target market is male and female. The ethnicity includes: white, black, American-Indian, Hispanic, Latino, and non-white and/or mixed raced individuals.

The geographic of our target audience includes: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, with anticipation of expanding our marketing campaign to a global audience over a five year time span. Interestingly, in order to determine the income level of our target market we had to included: wages and salaries, unemployment insurance, disability payments, child support payments received, regular rental receipts, as well as any personal business, investment, or other kinds of income received routinely, in compliance with the U.S. Census (U.S. Census, 2012). As a result, our conclusions are conveyed on the chart below.

Ethnic Category
Asian White Hispanic or Latino Black

Mean Household Income

$76, 700 $65, 317 $45, 871 $40,685

Psychographic Market Analysis

This psychographic market analysis identifies the target market by attitudes, beliefs, emotions, values, hobbies and interest, entertainment and lifestyle. The overall attitude of our target audience envelopes a consumer who seeks to increase their vitality, enhance their daily productivity, as well as escape feelings of depression and/or tiredness. The beliefs of our target market includes a strong desire for self improvement as well as an inner motivation to sustain daily pressures, without the use of perscription drugs.

Emotionally, our target market consist of stable minded individuals, who aspire to be their best. Their values are traditional, with a strong will to succeed at whatever they set out ot conquer. Hobbies include: active sports( weight training, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, yoga, aerobic training, running, cycling, etc). This can also include work ethics of those who make the commitment to give their all to the company he or she has dedicated their life too.

The interest of our target market encompasses a broad range, such as creative skills, educational development, social activities, travel both immediate area and long-distance. Meanwhile, the entertainment and lifestyle of our target audience impacts such segments


as television, electronic games, computer activities, board games, reading books, and attending social events with family and friends. And finally, the lifestyle of our target audience, which can include behavior factors such as spending habits. Customarily, it is best to compile this data from surveys, because doing so gives us a better look at the habits todays consumers develop, especially in the eCommerce market. Therefore, at this time, we are unable to convey this data. However, we do anticipate sharing such details in future analysis.

Target Market Evaluation

This evalution conveys known connections consumers have with our product, and previous purchases made, as well as shares similar purchases. However, in order to obtain this data, our IT technician conducted research to help us incorproate a tracking system that would enable us the opportunity to find out how consumers are making purchases and how often. As a result, a report was compiled from Orbitz.com, who reported that Mac users have shown a 30 percent increase in spending than PC users (Huffington Post, 2012).

Apparently through the use of cookies, online retailers are able to track web activity and/or small files stord in web browsers, allowing online retailers to create specific profiles of online shoppers. Today, online retailers can determine if a consumer is rich or poor, male of female, young or old, and decide what to sell consumers. Moreover, according to Smart Money, the web sites an indidvidual views, the brand of the smartphone and/or computer, as well as collect data from previous online purchases to determine how much a consumer will spend ( Smart Money, 2012).

Nonetheless, after conducting such analysis, we were able to determine that consumers remain committed to our product, by purchasing a monthly supply through our online retail eCommerce. We were also able to track the smiliar purchases made by some of our consumers, who also purchase additional energy supplements such as vitamins and amino acids from the GNC and Vitamin World online eCommerce network.


Projected Growth
Presently our projected growth shows a stimules that proves beneficial. In fact, with our present flavors, we see a projected revenue growth increase over a five year span to reach 10 million annually. While these figures are estimated, we can look at todays sales margins and determine how our sales will continue growing based on the psychoanalysis compiled by our marketing department.

In addition, we seek to incorporate effective strategis to assit us in determining who our competitors are, where they conduct most of their business, and how successful their marketing campaigns are towards boosting sales and revenue margins. Clearly, this will require an extensive evaluation of all other eCommerce retailers who provide similar products such as 5 Hour Energy and/or Pepsico, who, too, offers energy supplements such as Rock Star and AMP.

Ideally, in order to attain such data, we will conduct extenstive research that includes viewing each competitors website, their history, articles compiled in various search engines, as well as attempt to locate additional information compiled on each competitor. Most often such data can be found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, and GoDaddy.com

Additionally, we must determine the channels used by our target market. Doing this will require further research into the habits our consumers develop through online retailers. After all, we are aware that most consumers make large purchases online as much as they do in brick and morter retailers. Therefore, we plan to include this data in up and coming reports and analysis.

Finally, the external forces that could impact our online market such as competition, the economy, legislation, or forces unique to our product such as the impact of weather on snowboarding or travel advisories on airlines, all may not necessarily impact our growth and sales revenue. After all, this is an eCommerce operation. Therefore, even though


there are competitors, with the extensive past complaints filed against several of our competitors for ailments caused by their products, this gives us leverage to not only gain and keep a loyal customer base, but position us as one of the best energy supplement suppliers in todays eCommerce market.

After all, with two of our competitors: 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull under investigation for causing illnesses and 13 deaths; the FDA has launched an investigation. However, according to the New York Times, who reported, caffeine is called the worlds most widely used drug (NY Times, 2013). Moreover, scientists convey that caffeine is a stimulant that increases alertness and awareness and, if taken at the right time, improves athletic performance.

Meanwhile, the weather is our least concern. After all, consumers can take our product under any circumstances, regarding the weather.

Using the IDIC approach will allot me the ability to convey such data as methods used in our target market analysis to identify customers. Ideally, we will initially conduct a survey to attain pertinent details about our customers. This will include forms integrated in our website. Such forms will require pertinent data, such as the name, address, zip, city and state, as well as country. Why is this product important to you? How often do you use this product? Doing this will enable us to understand our specific customer needs as well as give us the insight we need to best serve the consumer.

Meanwhile, we anticipate incorporating a strategic collection point to compile a useful database. This includes the use of a database collector, which Microsoft offers. This component is a SQL Server that collects different sets of data (MSDN, 2012). Data collection either runs constantly or on a user-defined schedule. The data collector stores the collected data in a relational database known as the management data warehouse (2102). Thus evoking the need to offer a newsletter or blog that allots consumers to share stories and/or comments. This will also allows us to collect email addresses


The data we seek to compile on our customers includes: how often they will use this product. Why they use this product, the benefits of using this product, as well as what do they want to gain from this product? Also, in our app marketing campaigns we will ask customers to answer a vital question that will enable us to determine their next purchase. This will give us leverage in determining when the next purchase time is approaching and offer customers a discount code for such purchase, almost guarantying loyal customer commitment. ERP

Accounting Department Meanwhile, our accounting department has always utilized Quicken software, because it provides an easy application to follow as well as helps eliminate unnecessary managerial issues. However, with the integration of our new ERP software system, we have come to understand that the accounting module is the heart of an ERP system, typically by incorporating applications such as general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, fixed assets, cash management, cost control and budgeting (Charalambos, Spathis, 2004). Moreover, ERP systems also offer companies the ability to improve business processes by integrating all the functional areas within an organization. In fact, both financial and non-financial data can be integrated (Charlambos, Spathis, 2004).

Therefore, implementing a custom solution software that enables us to conduct accounting services without depending on previous software programming will assure us that our accounting needs will be met, while providing the incentive to adapt and integrate this new accounting system into our daily operations. Thus, allotting us the professional services we need to remain effective and efficient. Shipping and Receiving: Next, its also vital to consider our shipping and receiving department. Ideally, this channel has normally conducted through the use of previously used software, but the new


ERP software solution will enable us to not only ship consumer packages expediently, without delays. But offer our customers easy tracking once their orders have been filled. After all, our services are available twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

In fact, while conducting research, I discovered BV Software, which UPS uses. Ideally, BV Commerce 2 is a robust e-commerce platform that's powerful and easy to use. In fact, integrating this component will allow shoppers to see real-time shipping rates and up-todate tracking information for their orders (UPS .com, 2013). This will help us tremendously. After all, our customers deserve rapid response. However, learning how to interweave this specific software component into our new ERP infrastructure will require further investigation before its official implementation. Order Department: Meanwhile, the need for an order department has been completely eliminated; simply because, the ERP system provides the essential components needed to operate our eCommerce without this department. After all, the ERP system benefits the business by minimizing (ERP Software blog.com, 2013:

Inefficient use of employee resources Data entry redundancies Unnecessary paper and hard-copy records storage costs Rate of inaccurate orders beyond tolerable levels Order-to-delivery times longer than competition Excessive inventory

Marketing: However, the most essential department of this eCommerce is our marketing team. This team plays a key role in how consumers will perceive our products and/or how they respond to our marketing campaigns in order to impact their buying decisions. Ideally, implementing a well-orchestrated marketing plan that remains competitive with our competition will empower us with the ability to forecast our sales and revenue as well as meet the demands of our customers. By providing customer with accessible feedback


forms, which allows them the opportunity to convey their needs, will help us better serve them and provide the exceptional service they deserve. This is another important factor of our new ERP software. After all, we will need to executive effective email marketing campaigns that increase communications between consumers and our customer service. Additionally, adding a built-in email campaign engine would enable us to select customer contacts based on specific product purchases, as well as (DDI.com, 2013):

Manage and execute professional, targeted, email and direct-mail marketing campaigns with informs CRM Marketing Automation. Email-merge contact names and addresses to personally communicate with your customers.


Communication is key to the success of any business operation. But when operating an eCommerce, providing customers with accessible forms and contact data is essential. Therefore, we have integrated identifiable buttons that will allow customers to submit complaints and/or concerns regarding our services and products. Each button will be designed with its own HTML code; therefore, theses buttons can be easily integrated on our web site. In fact, the HTML code resembles codes woven into websites using the Pay Pal buttons. Ideally, this concept is implemented by generating HTML codes for the entire range of PayPal buttons, including Buy Now, shopping cart, donation, and subscription buttons. Using the Button Factory, helps us create the HTML code for each button we will need on our website. Doing so will enable us to simply copy and paste the HTML code to the appropriate spot on our website (PayPal.com, 2013). Of course, utilizing buttons to assist with customer service will also be key to implementing an efficient response time, as well as help us generate a loyal customer base. However, we do anticipate implementing a 24-hour chat response, which will provide customers with the ability to submit questions and communicate with our customer service department upon request.


E-Marketing Plan Situation Analysis The present marketing climate for energy drink supplements remains promising. In fact, market researcher Package Facts reports that energy drink/shot usage rose from 13% in 2006 to 17% in 2012, and predicts that this market will be worth more than 21 billion by 2017 (Elaine Watson, 2013). However, it is suggested that todays energy drink marketers focus more on time-based consumption and/or everyday activity. Ideally, it is recommended that marketers develop marketing campaigns that stir consumers away from their normal morning cup of java, and instead, towards a morning energy drink (2013). This is why we have developed a new platform to help drive our marketing campaign to another level. Ideally, attaining consumer who will ultimately make a life- time commitment to use our energy drink supplement isnt easy. Yet, to combat this issue, our marketing team has suggested, we change our focus and target a younger generation, such as the high school and college sports enthusiast. After all, it has been reported that designing a marketing campaign towards this target demographic can not only establish a new market, but also allot us the opportunity of reaching consumers with a weekly and/or monthly advertising campaign, that can increase sales. In fact, by using SMS mobile marketing, we can attain the ability to communicate effective campaigns that will reach our customer base by connecting personally such as sending marketing messages that include consumers personal names, through a targeted segment, which also provides the opportunity for us to segment our customers by gender and age. We will also gain the


ability to see who opened our text messages and who opted out, so we know how to avoid becoming a nuisance. But more importantly, we gain the ability to offer coupons, surveys, polls, and allow consumers a gateway to interact with our brand (goMobilestorm.com, 2013).

SWOT Analysis Conducting a SWOT analysis is a vital component that conveys the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the future success of 24hourenergy.com. Below is a brief description of our most important concerns: Strengths Our staff is skilled, effective and hard working We remain on top of our game with innovative ideas Weaknesses Marketing revenue cost exceeds our budget We need better marketing campaigns that drive sales Threats Competitor incorporates our ingredients as their own Health fatalities continue being reported

Opportunities Selling globally will increase our revenue Target marketing will increase our exposure

Objectives: The main objective is gaining customer confidence in our product, so they will continue using them. How do we expect achieve this goal? We anticipate achieving this goal by


implementing a strategic marketing campaign that peeks interest and guarantees a return consumer base. Ideally, our target market demographic envelops:

Ages 13-100/ international market Young athletes, sports enthusiast, gym members, health nuts Junior high, high school, college-students Middle to higher level income

Behaviors: Those who enjoy high energy activities both inside and outside Women and men who take an active role in their communities Health concerned people People with immune deficiencies Recovery patience Market Needs: Selection- a wide choice of flavors that meets customer demands Accessibility-24 hour purchase power via Internet Customer Service- professional customer service with prompt customer satisfaction Competitive pricing- maintaining a price line that doesnt exceed our competitors

Market trends: Internet consumers are savvier about their purchasing power in various ways: More likely to invest time reading about the ingredients contained in each energy drink Less likely to concern themselves with the appearance of the bottle more so than they are concerned about the content within the bottle More health conscious; capable of conducting research that provides adequate insight

Market growth: Understanding the market and how often it changes Developing strategic plans that prove effective and beneficial for product growth Forecasting future products, flavors, cost Increasing target market yearly


Competitors: Red Bull Monster Rock Star 5 Hour Energy AMP

Strategies Optimizing our email marketing campaign with key words that drive consumers to our website is essential for immediate and long-term growth. In fact, using the Google Adsword: Key word Tool and others alike, we can generate a list of words to incorporate in our HTML codes as well as into the page content. Doing so will drive consumers to our web site. For example, just entering the term: energy supplement, we attain insight that conveys a high competition, with 22,000 global monthly searches, and 14, 800 local searches (Google Adwords.com, 2013). But this alone isnt enough. As a result, we must incorporate advertising campaigns on additional web sites such as those hosted by local and/or nationally recognized gyms: LA Fitness, Power House Gym, 24Hour Fitness.

We also must advertise on sports magazine web sites such as Sports Magazine, Runners, ESPN, NASCAR Illustrated, Bicycling, Skateboarding, SLAM, and Tennis. In addition, we need to develop a social media network that would help us develop a personal profile on each visitor. Doing this will also help us generate additional information about our customers and convey how to better market our product to our consumer. In fact, showing ROI can be frustrating, but when we incorporate the business intelligence offered through such networks as Expion, we gain a competitive edge that allots us the strength to monitor conversations about our brand, attain a detailed analysis that provides


consumer sentiments, and establish benchmarks against our competitors (Expion.com, 2013)

While the present marketing climate requires strategic plans that encompass a large scale attack, in order to achieve the best optimization for our marketing budget, it is important that we understand how to develop alliances with external resources such as social media network software developing firms, who can give us the leverage we need to achieve our greatest success.

Tactics The tactics we will use to implement our best strategy to connect with a customer base will include monopolizing all social media networks. Ideally, while many eCommerce businesses often use Facebook and Linkedin as their primary networking resources, weve discovered a panel that conveys each social medias description; launch date, number of registered users, registration requirements, and global page ranking. From this data, we have compiled a list of the top ten social media network sites that we believe can generate and audience of response: Name Description Date launched Athlinks.com Runners, swimmers Caring Bridge.com
Not for profit providing free websites that connect family and friends during

Registered users 139,458


Global ranking





18 and older

4, 279


Daily Strength.com


a serious health event, care and recovery. Medical & emotional support community Physical health, Mental health, Support groups People with disabilities (Amputee, cerebral palsy, MS, and other disabilities)

4 November, 2007


10, 511




Chinese online community for physicians, health care professionals, pharmacies and facilities






Social Investing, Finance

May 2007





PatientsLikeMe.com Online
community for patients with lifechanging illnesses to find other patients like them, share their data with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their outcome.



13 years or older


Data retrieved from Wikipedia.com: List of Social Media Networking Websites (2013).

Actions Implementing a contingency plan is important because it gives us a look at the difficulties and risk as well as the worse case risk: Challenges generating exposure that drives consumers to our web site Not being aggressive enough to combat the marketing efforts of our competitors Establishing an new eCommerce that cannot compete because of a market already saturated with a committed customer base Understanding that the business cannot sustain without a committed effort from all staff members Having to pour additional finance into marketing by decreasing the amount available in our company savings

Control How do we manage the strategy process? Ideally, our strategy process weighs upon the analytics compiled from extensive research conducted on our competitors. Knowing what has worked on previous marketing efforts, how such efforts were achieved, and at what rate did the marketing campaign reach consumers are valuable components to evaluate.


Yet, no matter how much we research our competitors, we must always eliminate our fear of taking action and benefiting from our experience.

Conclusion As youve learned, the energy supplement product market has the ability to not only maintain, but continue driving revenue beyond 2017. Of course, with all strategies there is a need to comprehend what is the best alternative to attain the greatest results. Understanding the market, the consumer, and the product, are key. Meanwhile, the supply chain management software woven into the fabric of this companys infrastructure enables us to not only maintain our business effectively, but allots us a golden opportunity to increase productivity, manage customer loyalty, and build strong alliances with world wide consumers. Thus, positioning us to increase revenue tremendously. This is why we strong oppose replacing our SCM software presently in position. Ideally, having a positive attitude about conducting good business is essential to longevity. As a result, we will continue developing our SWOT analysis, because we know that with each step we make towards our goals, theres a chance of facing threats. And while we will continue building upon our strengths, we also must learn how to combat our weaknesses. In doing so, we attain greater opportunity to become better at meeting customer demands effectively and efficiently.

Meanwhile, advancing the skills of our marketing team would help us increase visibility, and gain additional consumer support. Yet as mentioned, we look forward to working with external collaborative departments, to help us better understand our target market


audience and how to best serve those who purchase our products. Moreover, implementing a timeline that shows the weekly, monthly, and yearly progress of each employee will give us a greater opportunity to dismantle the steps that keep us stagnated, while empowering us with a forecast of how to best execute our plans.


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