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Hereunder is the output of the survey on the 5 Areas of Information Science conducted for a special Library (Law Library, Justice Hall, Baguio City). The Respondents in these survey are: Judges, Lawyers, Clerks of Courts, Legal Researchers and Court Employees. The significance underlying this field is the aspiration to study how to make information accessible and usable, as information science is designed to satisfy individuals needs. An understanding of how to define information needs and wants, how individuals behave when they search for information, and how information system can best be designed and used to satisfy information needs is critical if librarians are to continue to perform their jobs effectively in the future.

Area 1: Examination of information needs, Information seeking, Information use and Information users
The researcher used three sources of information needs, information seeking, information use and information user. 1.a Do you consult or visit the following for your information needs?

Library Web site Media

Yes 18 20 10

No 0 0 6

20 10 Yes 0 Library Web site Media No Yes No

Interpretation: More respondents consults the websites for their information needs, while those who consults the library is lesser. Respondents recognized the advantages of the web.

1.b How long do you refer to the following sources for your information needs? Always 3 Library 10 Web site Sometimes As needed Sources 8 5 4 5 9


10 Always 5 0 Library Website Media Sometimes As needed

Interpretation: With access more manageable and the information on the internet becomes more practical source, there are only few who would refer their information needs at the library and more at the website.

1.c Please check on the characteristics that apply to the information you have taken from the following sources. Sources Relevant Timely Accurate Complete 18 2 16 15 Library 10 9 12 10 Web site 5 4 2 Media

20 15 10 5 0 Library Web Sites Media Relevant Timely Accurate Complete

Interpretation: More respondents confirmed that Informations taken from the library is more relevant, accurate and complete, this is so because librarians or the head of the organization select the

materials for their collection using criteria that would help establish the authority and accuracy of the material. There is therefore confidence among users that the information materials that they consult or sought for have been reviewed for its authority, accuracy relevance, and completeness. Though, materials at the Law Library needs to be updated.

Area 2: Information Storage and Retrieval

2.a Is the card catalog effective in searching and retrieval of available resources in the library? 12 (Yes) 3 (No) Interpretation: Card catalog is still the means of retrieval. Few respondents are not using the Card Catalog, accordingly, it is time consuming. 2.b. Please rate the following characteristics is relation to the card catalog use in the library. Statement Very Effective Effective Not Effective Searching is easy 3 12 4 Searching is fast 2 5 12 Date is complete 2 12 5 Entries are arranged accordingly 7 11

2. c. Please state any problem(s) encountered in using card catalog:___________________ Books in the library needs updating. Interpretation ( b & c): The use of Card Catalog is more effective in searching for an information at the Library in Justice hall. There are two respondents commented, that the card catalog should be constantly updated for an easy access

Area 3: Defining the nature of information and its value

a. Please rate the following statements by checking on the space provided to indicate the level of implementation in the library. Very much Implemented Not Implemented implemented 1 19 1 18 1 18 1 5 12 11

Resources are classified to facilitate retrieval Resources are organized accordingly Journals, magazines, and newspapers are properly organized Books are easy to locate Books are easily accessible for independent Use

Interpretation :Generally all statements were implemented in the library. b. Resources in the library are current and updated. ___(_7_)___Agree ___( 7 )___Disagree (If Disagree. Please indicate books that need to be updated) Comment: Library to update books (4 respondents) The result of the survey as to the currency of resources in this type of library is balance, 7 respondents were contented with the resources in the library at the time of research while 7 respondents were not contended of the currency of resources. There are 4 respondents suggested that the library needs to be updated. c. Please rate the following support given by the library staff. Very Satisfied Assistance in searching 2 Answering reference queries 2 Research or reference interview 2 Refferal to other sources 2

Satisfied 17 13 17 9

Not Satisfied 4 6

Interpretation: Respondents are satisfied to the support given by the staff, few were not. The staff were not able to answer some queries and could not give other references.

Area 4. Bibliometrics and Citation Analysis

a. Please indicate the frequency of your usage of the library. (2)everyday ___4 times a week (4) 3 times a week (3) ones a week (4)Twice a month (5) once a month Interpretation: Most respondents would just go to the library as needed. Few would go to read daily newspaper . b. Please check on the reason(s) for using the library: (8) to read (17)to research (9) to verify information (3)to review ___to relax Most respondents would go to the library for research, few respondents go for a review and to read. c. Please check on the resources commonly used/consulted or borrowed at the library. (6) Newspaper ___Journals (2) Magazines (20)Books (5) Reports

Books are commonly used and or consulted at the library. Journals are supplied to all branches of the Court for Judges court staff references including lawyers at the IBP Legal office.

Area 5. Management and Administrative Issues

Please rate the statements in relation to the physical set-up, collection, and staff of the library by checking on the space provided to indicate your level of satisfaction. a. Physical set-up Library has proper location Library furniture is available for users Discussion room/area is provided Library expansion plans are existing Shelves can accommodate grooving collection Very Satisfied 9 3 3 2 3 Satisfied 11 14 10 6 10 Not satisfied 3 8 10 6

Interpretation:Respondents rated the library satisfied. Its location is accessible and the furniture is available considering the small number of users the discussion area is is just enough for a small group research. To date, library expansion is nil for the reason that the library serves few users, among them are personnel of the court who would only go to the library for research, and some walk in lawyers needing urgent information for their cases. b. Collection Very satisfied Library resources are relevant to the information needs of the agency Journals/Magazines are adequate Library collections are properly arranged according to its classification system Non-print collection are comprehensive Library resources has good quality in relation to the information needs of the agency 2 Satisfied 19 12 13 11 11 Not satisfied

7 5 8 6

Interpretation: Collection is rated satisfied. Books should be constantly updated. c. Staff Very satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied Staff are willing to help library users in their research needs 8 12 Staff offer suggestions on where to look for information 6 14 Staff are dependable in handling library users

problems 5 11 4 Staff deals with library users in a professional way 5 15 Staff are friendly and easy to talk to 6 14 Interpretation: Library Service of staff was rated by respondents Satisfied which means the desired library service by the respondents has not been provided. Justice Hall Library is a Special Library or a Unit Library under the management and control of the Supreme Court of the Philippines main Library and under the direct supervision of the Executive Judge of the Regional Trial Court in a Province or City.
Melita C. Salinas ResearcherS