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Please complete this form in full and submit to Nina Moore (DHT CPD/QA) for consideration at least two
full weeks before training commences. A decision will be made in accordance with the Welling School
CPD policy which states that “The CPD Leader in consultation with line managers and the Cover
Coordinator will only sanction withdrawal from teaching and learning commitments if the
training is relevant and meaningful; matched to individual needs identified through the PMR
process; offers ‘Best Value’, will support raising standards and achievement, and does not
place pressure on capacity.”

Course Title / Visit to: Course Fee Visit: £
(enter ‘0’ for free
Date: _____/_____/_____ courses or visits)

Half-Day ( ) Full Day ( ) 2-Day Conference ( ) Other

(Please State) ( ) Travel Costs: £

Accomodation: £
What are the cover implications?

Booking Information: Total Cost: £

Company Name:

Address: Are you requesting full or

partial contribution to the
Telephone: costs?
Fax: FULL ( )
e-mail: HALF ( )
Course/event booking ref: PARTIAL ( )
Have you considered the possibility of this CPD being Any other information:
delivered in any other way e.g in-house (Learning
Breakfasts), through the TRUST?

YES ( ) NO ( )

If this CPD can be sought through alternative means that

presents ‘Best Value’, would you be willing to accept an
alternative offer?

YES ( ) NO ( ) MAYBE ( )

How will the course / visit contribute to:

1. Your individual professional development? (Please specify relevant Performance Management

Target from PMR)

2. Subject or Team improvement? (Please specify relevant Curriculum/Pastoral/Support Area Target)

3. Whole school development? (Please specify School Development Plan Priority)

How will you disseminate knowledge, learning and skills acquired from this CPD to other staff
on your return? (Post-it Blog; contribution to Learning Breakfasts; CPD agenda item at next relevant

How will you measure the IMPACT of this professional development opportunity?

This Section is to be 1. Does this CPD match individual need? YES ( ) NO

completed by CPD ( )
Coordinator Nina 2. Will this CPD support the member of staff in
Moore: realising their professional target/s (PMR
2009/2010)? YES ( ) NO ( )

3. Does this CPD pathway offer ‘Best Value’? YES ( ) NO ( )

4. Does the course/training/ present implications YES ( ) NO ( )

for Cover?
YES ( ) NO ( )
5. Will the training support Welling School in raising
standards and achievement?
YES ( ) NO( )
6. Course Approval?
NME/DSR: Notes for

Signature: Date:

HOD/HOF Signature: Date:

NME’s Signature: Date: