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Literary Analysis Essay: 1984 by George Orwell

Posted on May 24, 2013

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. Bob Dy an said this !robab y not kno"in# its !rofo$nd connection "ith %eor#e &r"e 's nove 1()4, b$t the as "e co$ d be in 1()4. &r"e de!icts a tota itarian dysto!ian "or d "here there is no freedo* and citi+ens are bein# brain"ashed constant y. ,itho$t any sense of individ$a fairness, !eo! e "ork for the !arty -$st ike the #ear "hee s in a *achine. .n order to achieve this, the !o iticians in 1()4 s$!!ress !eo! e's thinkin# and e i*inate their freedo* by creatin# fear thro$#h !ro!a#anda, strict a"s and incessant s$rvei ances.

.n 1()4, ies, *yths and fa se infor*ation contro s the thinkin# of the citi+ens. /he Party $ses !ro!a#anda as the dead iest "ea!on of contro . Pro!a#anda increases the citi+ens' *ora e and *akes the* think that "hat the !arty te s the* to do is a "ays ri#ht. /here are *ain y t"o ty!es of !ro!a#anda, one chan#es tr$th, so0ca ed do$b ethink, and another creates fear. Do$b es!eak can be seen fre1$ent y in the "or d of 1()4. /he !arty's bi# s o#an ,23 .4 P5265. 7355D&M .4 482953:. .%N&32N65 .4 4/35N%/;. (George Orwell, 4) is an #ood e<a*! e. /he idea of the s o#an is to convince the citi+ens that "hat they "ant, is "hat they a ready have. &n y "ar can *ake !eace and har*ony, so !eace is no on#er !eace, it beco*es "ar= anyone "ho is s aved and "ants freedo*, he a ready has freedo*= yo$ can on y stren#then yo$rse f by not kno"in# thin#s and bein# i#norant. /he s o#an chan#es tr$th and *ake the citi+ens be ieve that anythin# they "ant other than "hat their #overn*ent "ants can on y *ake the* $nha!!y, therefore, no one "i consider rebe ion beca$se they be ieve the Party's "ay of #overnin# is the best and on y "ay. B.% B3&/;53 .4 ,2/6;.N% :&> ?%eor#e &r"e , 3@ is another core s o#an. .t is near y every"here in the co$ntry and $s$a y !resented beneath the !ict$re of Bi# Brother on a !oster. .t creates fear of ob iterated !rivacy a*on# citi+ens by a ertin# the* that they are "atched a the ti*e. 2t the sa*e ti*e, the s o#an a so e*!hasi+es Bi# Brother's !o"er to te s the citi+ens that they are indeed safe and !rotected. /he !arty $ses this to *ake the* be ieve that "ithin the !arty nothin# can #o "ron#, and "itho$t Bi# Brother they "i not have s$ch ives. 5veryone thinks he is safe in &ceania beca$se of the Bi# Brother, b$t they are in fact in dan#er, a the ti*e.

/he a"s is another !o"erf$ too for !o iticians in 1()4 to i*it citi+ens freedo*. No !arties, no dates, no ove, no citi+ens "a k on street after c$rfe", a"s are every"here in &ceania. 2 tho$#h these are strict y i*! e*ented, they cannot be ca ed a"s theoretica y beca$se they are not "ritten in a syste*. /here is no "ritten a"s in 1()4, there is no s$ch thin# as constit$tion or co$rt, b$t that is e<act y ho" fear is created, as citi+ens are a "ays ivin# in $ncertainty. 7or e<a*! e, 2nd yet it "as a fact that if 4y*e #ras!ed, even for three seconds, the nat$re of his, ,inston's, secret o!inions, he "o$ d betray hi* instant y to the /ho$#ht Po ice ?%eor#e &r"e , 30@. /here is no a" that defines tho$#htcri*e ;o"ever,

,inston co$ d be arrested any ti*e for co**ittin# tho$#htcri*e by even a tiny facia t"itch s$##estin# str$## e, and his nervo$s syste* itera y beco*es his bi##est ene*y. 4ince there is no "ritten a", the Party can chan#e and ad-$st the strictness of a"s free y as it "ants, citi+ens never kno" if they have co**itted any cri*e, therefore no one is brave eno$#h to defy the Party by any eve , so fear is created. .n addition, Ne"s!eak is another a" that is enforced to so idify the Party's contro . ;$*ans $se an#$a#e to e<!ress their ideas, by e i*inatin# "ords and re! acin# e*otiona "ords s$ch as e<ce ent, "onderf$ and fantastic by a sin# e "ord #ood and its co*!arative de#rees ! $s#ood and ! $s! $s#ood. 8ots of tho$#hts are act$a y i*ited beca$se they cannot be for*ed in#$istica y in !eo! e's *ind. 6iti+ens then cannot have their o"n critica thinkin#, and on y do "hat they are to d to do, they "ork -$st as co*!$ters, "hich s$r!risin# y on y have t"o "ords.A

4$rvei ance is a *ost every"here in &ceania, the *ost y $sed "ay is te evision. /here is a t"o0"ay screen, so0ca ed te evision in every a!art*ent and on street b$t they on y serve the !$r!ose of *onitorin# and !ro!a#anda, the Party #ets si*$ taneo$s i*a#e of "hat its !eo! e are doin#. 5ven facia e<!ression can be detected. &n y senior *e*bers of the .nner Party have the !o"er to t$rn the* off for a short !eriod. 6hi dren are a so $sed to kee! track of their !arents, /he chi dren, on the other hand, "ere syste*atica y t$rned a#ainst their !arents and ta$#ht to s!y on the* and re!ort their deviations ?BC@. .n fact, this "as $sed by the co**$nist !arty of 6hina d$rin# 6$ t$ra revo $tion. ,ith e<tre*e y *i#hty s$rvei ance, citi+ens cannot e<!ress their ideas to"ards the ne#ative side of the Party at a , and even tho$#hts are contro ed beca$se the Party can reed$cate !eo! e for an incorrect facia e<!ression

By $sin# an#$a#e as a too of contro as "e as the evidence for sentence, &r"e creates a "or d "here an#$a#e, a "ord or a sentence, can deter*ine ones ife. /hro$#h an#$a#e ! ays the key ro e in the Party's !ro!a#anda, strict a"s and s$rvei ance, tota !hysica contro as "e as !hyco o#ica *ani!$ ation is achieved. .n &ceania, tho$#hts are s$!!ressed $nti the* vanish after #enerations. .n this "or d, nothin# is free, even a bird.
I know it is a long essay but if someone would be so kind as to read it over How are the 3 slogans so inherently contradictory? What does each slogan imply about their society? How is the party able to get people to accept them as logical? The novel 19 !" by #eorge $rwell" begins with Winston %mith" the main character" coming back from work to his apartment& While going up the stairs he sees the huge poster of a face that says ' (I# ()$TH*) I% W+T,HI-# .$/&' Winston is part of the 0arty that rules all of +irstrip $ne& This is a totalitarian government" which controls all people& 1uring times of the week there are Two 2inutes Hate in which all the people came together and strike against #oldstein& The three slogans of the party were on the screen during the whole Hate and these three slogans were on the face of the 2inistry of Truth& These slogans are" war is peace" freedom is slavery" and ignorance is strength& These three slogans are all contradictory too each other" but with further e3amination you can see that each one is far more comple3 and they all have deeper meanings& The basic definition of war is a conflict between two parties and the basic definition of peace

is agreement between two parties& 4ust from these basic definitions one can see that these are the total opposites of each other& How can this be a slogan then? When breaking this slogan apart you see that the reason that war is peace" is because the ongoing war between the nations keeps the people of $ceania united& ' It is precisely in the Inner 0arty that war hysteria and hatred of the enemy is the strongest' 5 $rwell 1697& The hatred for the enemy is what mainly keeps the people united& *very person in the inner party has one thing in common and that is the hatred for the enemy& Therefore they are all able to strike together in a unified fashion& However" the war of $ceania is a never ending war that has been going on for over 86 years& ' (ut when war becomes literally continuous" it also ceases to be dangerous' 5$rwell 1937& Whether or not there is a war going on between the nations doesn:t make a difference to many of the inner party members& They go on with their regular lives as if nothing was going on& This is especially true when a war becomes continuous" whether or not the three states agreed for peace or continued to fight really makes no difference& +lso" this distraction of war and the continuous hatred keeps people distracted from what is really going on at home& The people of $ceania are all under the control of the 0arty" and all fight for what the 0arty believes& What happens when a person doesn:t follow what the 0arty wants is corruption& ' How could you have a slogan like :freedom is slavery: when the concept of freedom has been abolished' 5 $rwell !;7& 1uring the times of this novel slavery did not e3ist and had not e3ists for centuries" it doesn:t make sense to say freedom is slavery& When you are under the control of another person are you free? *ven though the people of the 0arty are free individuals they are constantly living under the control of the 0arty& 'That the party was the eternal guardian of the weak" a dedicated sect doing evil that good might come" sacrificing its own happiness to that of others'581;7& The people if the inner party have lived in this society for so long that any other way of life would seem odd to them& They would not be able to survive any other way& Thus" being free would cause them to fail" an independent person whom can do whatever they want is sub<ect to be unsuccessful& The people of the inner party" however" do not see that their every move is controlled by the 0arty& Ignorance is the lack of of not knowing" the people of the inner party do not know that they are being controlled by the 0arty provides strength for the nation& However" knowing gives a person strength" without knowing there is no strength& The 0arty is able to control all these people and keep a strong nation together as a whole& If all the people are the 0arty are told to believe one thing and all suspicion of that thing being doubtful is gone" there is strength& '+ 0arty member lives from birth to death under the eye of the Thought 0olice'5$rwell 19 7& The people are not allowed to believe anything other than what they are told to believe& The 0arty makes sure that the people are not thinking otherwise is my using Though 0olice to control the people& The 0arty rulers also alter the past such as changing past newspapers" books" or maga=ines& This is done so that things from the past do not interfere with things of the present& They must show that all their predictions were right and that they are all powerful& '(ut by far the more important reason for the read<ustment of the past is the need to safeguard the infallibility of the 0arty' 5 $rwell 1;67& This alternation is necessary to keep people ignorant so they are not able to fight back& The 0arty continuous makes sure that they are infallible and that they will never fall& However" the main >uestion is how the party gets the people to accept these things& The answer to this lies in one word" double think& '1oublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one:s mind simultaneously" and accepting both of them' 5 $rwell 1;97& This is when the people of the 0arty know that something is true but they are forced to believe that something else is true& '+s we have seen& the mysti>ue of the 0arty" and above all of the Inner 0arty" depends upon doublethink' 5$rwell 1;97&The 0arty used this to constantly control what the people thought& 1ue to the fact that they had complete control they could make the people think whatever they wanted& *ach of these slogans are used to allow the people to believe that their government is the best government and that there is nothing wrong with what they do& The people constantly had to be told what was true and what was not& There is nothing wrong with war" slavery" or ignorance& +lthough all these slogans are contradictory slogans" one saw that these slogans

have multipart meanings and take a lot of thought to completely understand" and yet one can not fully understand them& If you were lead to only believe those things that a greater power told you to" wouldn:t you?

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