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OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE is a standard T24 service with its own workload ro!ile. Ens"re that the OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE is started #$ co%%ittin& the TSA.SERVICE record. OFS %essa&e sho"ld &et written on to a !ile na%ed F.OFS.MESSAGE.'(E(E. This is the I) *"e"e !ro% where the service OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE icks " the data and rocesses. Once the %essa&e is rocessed+ the res onse is written on to an o"t *"e"e na%ed F.OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E. The service OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE is a %"lti threaded service and needs to #e started like an$ other service. It also re*"ires the tSM to #e " and r"nnin&. The SERVICE.CO)TRO- !ield o! OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE record in TSA.SERVICE a lication can #e set to A(TO+ so that whenever the new %essa&es co%es it will rocess it and sto the service till ne.t %essa&e co%es.

OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE needs the #elow 4 entries+ 1) ,GM.FI-E 2) TSA.SERVICE 3) /ATC0 4) 1OR2-OA3 ,ROFI-E PGM.FILE:



Sample workload pro !le:

An A,I called OFS.,OST.MESSAGE has #een introd"ced to !acilitate inter4a lication OFS calls. OFS.POST.MESSAGE S"#$a%: OFS.,OST.MESSAGE56.OFS.MESSAGE+ OFS.MSG.I3+ OFS.SO(RCE.I3+ O,TIO)S7

E%pla#a$!o#8 9 A lication na%e+ record id and !ield in!or%ation:s will #e 6.OFS.MESSAGE 9 9 OFS.SO(RCE.I3 %"st #e the id o! a record in OFS.SO(RCE with t$ e G-O/(S O,TIO)S is the !o"rth ar&"%ent+ which contains the ;(SER I3; need to #e "sed to transaction. 0ere+ i! we &ive the "ser id in the !o"rth ar&"%ent then that "ser will #e taken !or rocessin&. E.84 CA-- OFS.,OST.MESSAGE5OFS.MSG+OFS.MSG.I3+OFS.SO(RCE+;(SER.<;7 The new !or%at o! I3 o! F.OFS.MESSAGE.'(E(E will #e &'#!('e.!d)*&o +.+o'r,e)*&'+er.#ame) I! the (SER art is le!t #lank then the (SER s eci!ied in the (SER !ield o! TSA.SERVICE record 4 OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE will #e taken in acco"nt !or rocessin& the transactions and !ro% the OFS.SO(RCE. E.84 CA-- OFS.,OST.MESSAGE5OFS.MSG+OFS.MSG.I3+OFS.SO(RCE+::7 )ote84 The ;(SER I3; %entioned in the OFS %essa&e won:t #e taken !or consideration+ #ased on the !o"rth ar&"%ent onl$ the "ser id will #e decided. rocess that assed thro"&h the !irst ar&"%ent

)ote8 Fro% the in!or%ation received+ we "nderstand that the re*"ire%ent is to rocess the OFS re*"ests !ro% each #ank sho"ld #e rocessed se aratel$. (sin& this !o"rth ar&"%ent $o" can set " the s eci!ic "ser to rocess the re*"est !ro% each #ank and $o" can also set " the s eci!ic OFS.SO(RCE !or each #ank. 0ence with hel o! the !o"rth ar&"%ent $o" achieve the re*"ire%ent.

Sample pro,ed're or !mpleme#$!#- OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE:

S$ep.: 1rite a ro"tine to ost the OFS %essa&e into the F.OFS.MESSAGE.'(E(E. S(/RO(TI)E ,OST.RT) =I)SERT I>COMMO) =I)SERT I>E'(ATE


I! the local ro"tine is r"n as a %ainline then the GO(R)A-.(,3ATE sho"ld #e invoked. 1hereas it is invoked !ro% an$ version ro"tine or an$ service then GO(R)A-.(,3ATE sho"ldnFt #e invoked.

S$ep /: Set" the OFS.SO(RCE record

S$ep 0: R"n the local ro"tine as %ainline or service.

S$ep 1: A!ter r"nnin& the local ro"tine ost the OFS re*"est into the F.OFS.MESSAGE.'(E(E. E.8

0ere F.OFS.MESSAGE.'(E(E id is 8 <HBIJCCCC<42CJB.CC4G-O/(S 51here G-O/(S is the OFS.SO(RCE record.7

S$ep 2: Start the TSM.

S$ep 3: R"n the a&ent tSA 2.

Ksh corstKL M 44NtSA 2 tSA 2 A&ent 2 started CO )OV <2 <24CL4BH A&ent:s ,rocess id IOLI4II R"nnin& on server %aa< acsa.2 ,ort)"%#er 2 >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL8BO>Standard %"lti4thread Ko# >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL8BO>Callin& load ro"tine >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL8BO>Startin& Ko# >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL842>Allocatin& -ist File !or OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE4OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE4< >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL842>( datin& the -ockin& with OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE4OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE4< and F.GO/.-IST.2 >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL844>Callin&..OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE.SE-ECT >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL844>-ist startin& !ro% C ke$s rocessed so !ar C >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL844>/"ildin& !ro% drivin& !ile >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL844>Control list.. >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL84J>,rocessin&...< O!!set...C )"%#er o! sessions...H So"rce chan&ed to A&lo acs<AcorstKLATest/aseATest/ase.r"nARCIJIOC.SO(RCEA/ATC0.GO/.CO)TRO>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CL8JC>SE-ECT F.GO/.-IST.2 SAM,-E <CCCCC Selected?C ti%e?Csecs >OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE>2>CO )OV 2C<2><28CI8CB>Co% lete>4BHJO>4BHIB>CC8CC824>< A&ent sto ed

S$ep 4: )ow the res onse will #e " dated in the F.OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E.

Ksh corstKL M 44NCT F.OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E <HBIJCCCC<42CJB.CC.< CC< < CC2 3ESCRI,TIO)8<8<?S3FG+S0ORT.)AME8<8<?S3FG+RECOR3.STAT(S8<8<?I)A(+C(RR.)O8<8 <?<+I),(TTER8<8<?42>I),(TTER>>OFS>G-O/(S+3ATE.TIME8<8<?<2<<COCHJJ+CO.CO3E8 <8<?G/CC<CCC<+3E,T.CO3E8<8<?< CCB <CCB <st osition re resents the s"ccess or !ail"re o! the OFS 2nd osition is the res onse %essa&e Brd osition re resents the record id o! the transaction.

OFS.RESPONSE.56E6E A second service+ OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E+ "r&es the OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E !ile accordin& to the %in"tes entered into the ATTRI/(TE.VA-(E !ield on the TSA.SERVICE record. I! a record is older than the ti%e in ATTRI/(TE.VA-(E+it will #e deleted.

F!- /7: TSA.SERVICE e#$r" or OFS.RESPONSE.56E6E 9 The ATTRI/(TE.T6,E and ATTRI/(TE.VA-(E !ields are not validated as the$ are !ree !or% !ields to #e "sed #$ TSA.SERVICE records to contain an$ val"e that a service %a$ re*"ire.

For OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E+ the d"ration 5in %in"tes7 is entered into the ATTRI/(TE.VA-(E !ield. I! a n"%eric val"e is not entered into this !ield+ records will not #e OFS.RES,O)SE.'(E(E !ile when this service is r"n. "r&ed !ro% the

This service has a workload ro!ile si%ilar to that o! OFS.MESSAGE.SERVICE. A sa% le ro!ile is shown #elow

F!- /8: TSA.9OR:LOA;.PROFILE e#$r" or OFS.RESPONSE.56E6E Hope $<!+ do,'me#$ ,lar! !e+ "o'r ('er".