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Amnesty International Australia ABN 64 002 806 233

Role Requirements
Role Title: Team: Location: Manager: Date Original Prepared: Classification: Hours: Tenure: Graphic Design Volunteer Community Organizing Team Perth, WA Wendy Watson Community Organiser! " Octo#er "$%" Volunteer unpaid! % day a &ee' ()* hours! * months starting in early +arch "$%(

Primary Objective s! The Graphic Design Volunteer &or's &ith action groups, sta,,, and o,,ice -olunteers to de-elop e-ent promotional materials and acti-ists . -olunteer recruitment materials/ Reporting Relations"ip This position reports directly to Wendy Watson Community Organizer!/ #$# Team The Community Organizing Team &or's to raise human rights a&areness in the #roader community and mo#ilize the pu#lic to push ,or changes that ,ul,ill, protect, and respect people0s human rights as encapsulated in the 1ni-ersal Declaration o, 2uman Rights/ %ey Duties Create promotional materials ,or group and #ranch e-ents, such as group ,lyers, posters, and in-itations/ Wor' in colla#oration &ith the 3ational +edia Volunteer and the 4-ent Coordinator/ Assist &ith the promotion o, acti-ities such as stalls and other A5A e-ents local and regional!/ Assist &ith photo opportunities and ensure photos are sent to the media -olunteer and e-ent coordinator ,or press releases and promote group acti-ities/ De-elop a process ,or and underta'e periodic &or' e-aluation/ %ey relations"ips $nternal Wendy Watson Community Organizer!/ 6en +atahari Acti-ism 7upport Coordinator!/ Action group con-eners/
Graphic Design Volunteer ) Octo#er "$%" Page %

#mnesty $nternational #ustralia

O,,ice -olunteers ,rom the media team/

Learning Opportunities: 48perience o, de-eloping a pro,essional port,olio/ Practical and rele-ant e8perience &or'ing in the regional o,,ice o, an international human rights organization/ 5ncreased understanding o, human rights issues and campaigns/ &election Criteria Please address each point in your application %no'ledge( s)ills and e*perience re+uired ,ssential: Graphic design s'ills/ Please attach t&o o, your recent graphic design port,olios!/ Artistic and creati-e/ Good communication s'ills/ 7trong organizational s'ills/ A#ility to &or' independently and as part o, a team/ Relia#le/ Desirable: 5nterest in human rights and social 9ustice/

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ;ou must ha-e -alid &or' rights in Australia to complete an internship . -olunteer program at A5A/ Please #e a&are that Amnesty 5nternational Australia does not pro-ide -olunteers . interns &ith < Any monetary allo&ances or remuneration ,or -olunteer internships < Accommodation or accommodation allo&ances < Any assistance in organising -isas or completing -isa applications

Graphic Design Volunteer ) Octo#er "$%"

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