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taekwondo TRAINING MANUAL Soon Man Lee & Gaetane Ricke ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank God for giving us the knowledge, understand 1g. and ability to make this book possible. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. David H. Lasseter, Dr. Ann Brooks, Mr. Robert L. Chapman, Ms. Abrea Torrisi, Mr. J.M. McNeal, nd Ms Lee Eiter Photos by Henline’s Photography Pubic 205 by Sterling Publishing Co ne SRT Tank Avera South Nee York, NA 10016 Preveush published under the tte More Parone Te fel Ting Mama {©1099 ty Son Man Lae 8 Gactane Riche Dssibutt a Canad by Steting Rushing Socata 16) Dalla Stee, Toro, Omar Cade GK 310 Datibni a Creat Bria by Chea Books Grp PLC ‘The Cay Bung, Bray Rud, Leon W10 SE England Daan in Arlt br Capricors Lik (Stal) Py: Lec Pex 70%, Winior, SW 2756, Susala Pind China Argh rsd Stenting SUN 1.4007 2707. For information ent csr eins special sale, prennam and fonperate urctase please contact Sting Spec Sales Departs st S003 59 er spedabules@seringpelacr, Contents Preface ¢ 6 Black Belt Forms m™ 1 What Is Taekwondo? 8 Korea m 2 History of Taekwondo ” Diamond 182 3 Warm-Up Exercises a oe s 4 Basic Techniques 28 Decimal 207 5 Forms ” earth 216 ‘oon Form 4 a2 sty zs oon Form 2 46 Water zs Teegeuk Ferm 4 3 Oneness oe Teegeuk Form 2 5 7 Breaking 349 ‘eveut Ferm? 8 Sparring 251 Teegeuk Form 4 n Teegeuk Form 5 80 Appendix 261 seegeut Form 6 = Xukkivon: Word Taeewondo Toegeuk Form 7 96 Heaaquarters ‘eaeuk Form 8 105 World Taekwondo Federation payee Form’ i ues of Competition patgue Form 2 120 OFfc.ls" Qualifications and Duties Palgwe Form 3 126 Contestants’ Quaifications Pralawe Form 4 ra Prohibited Acts in Cornpettion Palgue Form 5 138 Terminotooy Palgue Form 6 07 About the Authors 268 Palgue Form 7 154 Index 2 Pate Form 8 161