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DETAILS Nationality: Spanish
e-mail: isabeldmrexach2@hotmail.com

ACADEMIC • Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and Innovation, University Ramón Llull of Barcelona
EDUCATION & La Salle Engineering Business School, Sept 2009-curently studying.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Communicactions (Journalism Specialization), University Complutense of

Madrid (UCM), class 1998-2003.

• Degree in Global Communications and New Technologies, University Francisco de Vitoria of

Madrid (UFV): Specialization in Graphic and Web Design, Advertising and Marketing, TV reporting,
Radio Broadcasting and Photograpy. Class 1998-2003.

• Course in "Social Networks and Blogs”: Introduction to the new Web 2.0, its social impact and its
applications in Marketing. UOC University (Universidad Oberta de Catalunya), June 2009.

• Course in " SEO/SEM": Create and design a Website and optimize its position in Google. Spanish
Trade Confederation (Confederación Española de Comercio) May-June 2009.

• Course in "Design and Implementation of a Web Structute”:Create and design a Website with
Adobe Dreamweaver CS; IFO Foundation (Fundación IFO), June – July 2009.

COMPUTING • High knowledge of Google’s Webmaster Tools (Adwords, Adsense, Trends, Google Analytics, etc).
• High knowledge of Graphic Design Software (such as Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, QuarkXpress,
PageMaker and Microsoft Publisher).

• High knowledge of Web Design Software (such as DreamWeaver, Expresión Web or FrontPage)
and HTML programing language.

• High knowledge of Animation and Multimedia Software (such as Adobe Flash CS, Image Ready
and Movie Maker).

• High knowledge of Xprofiler Emailing Tool (Oline Marketing Emailing Platform to design, manage
and send advertising emailings and newsletters, and generate reactions/clicks reports).

• Knowledge of SAP regarding Stock Management (ad new materials to the system, stock check,
manage rotations) and CRM (ad new customers, customer segmentations, etc.).

• High knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook e Internet Explorer).

• English: Very high level of spoken and written English due to continous trips to USA during the
summer, for 8 consecutive years: from Summer 93 to 2000.

• Catalan: High level of spoken and written Catalán.

WORK • MID OCEAN BRANDS GROUP Communications and Promotions Manager
EXPERIENCE (January 2008-April 2009, Barcelona)
Communications Manager and Campaign Coordinator at the Central Marketing Department of this company
(a leading European wholesaler of promotional products). Collaboration in the definition of the Marketing
Plan, coordination of the European Regional Marketing Departments and implementation of the annual
campaigns and marketing actions: creation and design of emailings, web contents, press releases,
communiqués, etc; Analyze the results of these actions (specially regarding emailings) obtaining opening
rates, reactions, clicks, etc. and comparing them towards sales. Management of the company Advertising
budget (press ads, web ads, etc.) and keeping contact with the international specialized Press; Full
organization of International Trade Fairs (such as PSI Trade Show), offering support to the regional offices as
well during their local trade shows. Leadership of the corporative catalogue mailing process to all customers
in Europe. General Management of the Corporative Image.

• MID OCEAN BRANDS E-Business Manager Assistant

(May 2007-January 2008, Barcelona)

Contribution to the definition of the online Marketing Campaigns, full implementation of Web Promotions and
coordination of the European Regional Marketing Departments. Analyze the results of these promotions
studying the behaviour of web users through Google Analytics. Leadership of internal trainings regarding
corporative e-services to the regional teams in Europe. Report and track possible failures and issues on the e-
services to the internal IT department..

• TELEMATEL S.L. Communications Manager

(November 2003-May 2007, Barcelona)
General Management of the corporative image and collaboration in the definition and implementation of the
Marketing strategies of this company, developer of ERP and CRM software. Creation of press releases, news
articles, corporative newsletters, web contents, communiqués, etc. Stay in contact with the specialized press
and manage the advertising budget of the company. Design logos, mailings, leaflets, press ads, banners, etc.
Full organization of events (trade fairs, congresses, product presentations, etc.).

• RADIO NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA Radio Editor and Broadcaster

(Summer 2003, Barcelona)
College internship in the national news radio station of Spain (Radio Nacional de España, Radio 5 todo
noticias). Atendance to press conferences, interviewing sources, creation of the news article, digital edition
and final broadcasting.

• CNN+ Web Editor

(Summer 2002, Madrid)
College internship at CNN’s Spanish website (CNN+, http://www.cuatro.com/noticias). Create and update
news, articles, photo galleries, etc., and publish them online trough CMS.

• Medical Magazine “Visión, Lucha contra la ceguera” Contributor

(Winter 2002, Madrid)
Contributor to this monthly magazine, created by the Spanish Federation of Retinitis Pigmentosa (FAARPEE).
Attendance to scientific congresses regarding researches on new drugs, therapies, and possible cures for this
illness. Interviews, creation of articles and design the magazine layout.

• AULAVÍA E-LEARNING Graphic Designer

(Summer 2001, Madrid)
College internship at this company which offered business courses for executives and employees online.
Transcription and correction of videoconferences, animation of texts, etc. and fpublish them online.

• EXPANSIÓN TV News Editor

(Winter 2000-2001, Madrid)
College internship at this TV station specialized in economy and finances. Interviews, attendance to press
conferences, creation of the articles and digital edition of the news noticias.

• PLATAFORMA 0’7 Contributor

(Winter 1999, Madrid)
College internship at the Press Office of this NGO, dedicated to inveest the 0,7% of the Gross Domestic
Product to the Thirth World. Create press releases, articles, stay in contact with the media, etc.


(Summer 1999, Kentucky, USA)
Customer Service and Stock Replenisher at the Stationary and Clothing Departments of one of this
Hypermarket and groceries chain in Florence, Kentuky (USA).