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Sustaining Educational Innovation: Designing our Future

Copyright Linda Jorn, Bruce Maas, Christopher Olsen, Jeff Russell. This work is the intellectual property of the authors. Per ission is granted for this aterial to !e shared for non"co ercial, educational purposes, pro#ided that this copyright state ent appears on the reproduced aterials and notice is gi#en that the copying is !y per ission of the authors. To disse inate otherwise or to repu!lish re$uires written per ission

Connected Learning:
Opening Pathways, Enabling Collaborations

Sustaining Educational Innovation:

Designing our future

Gain ideas for how to start/sustain

Hear concrete examples

Take some ideas back with you

How can we sustain strategic innovation and transitions in higher education?

July/August 2013 ED CA !E re"iew

EI: Educational Innovation


Christopher Olsen Defining EI &ru%e 'aas( IT and cademic partnerships Jeff )ussell !ustaining and !caling *in#a Jorn EI "ractices

Please share your +uestions an# Co,,ents throughout-

EI Vision

.,pro"e %apa%ities an# generate new resour%es to enhan%e stu#ent learning an# resear%h e/%ellen%e$
Goals# Enhancing teaching effecti$eness and student learning Expanding our capacities to reach traditional and post%traditional students Increase financial efficiencies and generate new resources&

'We must find ways to stimulate and scale change across institutions - as well as to sustain those changes - if we are to create models that can serve the expanding needs of our learners. %Da$id (ard



ne o! EI "#$%%&#$%#'

'ining an# *istening

Incubator !essions "eer%to%peer (orkshops !ur$ey EI )ampus *eaders +lended *earning ,ellowship "rogram Town Halls


ne o! EI "#$%%&#$%#'

*ea#ership an# 0o"ernan%e

)hancellor and "ro$ost EI )o%*eaders EI )ore Team EI 'Tiger Team EI "oint "ersons EI d$isory )ommittee ,aculty. staff. student go$ernance

Year (wo o! EI "#$%#&#$%)'

Engaging an# *aun%hing

EI ,und EI !abbaticals !ummer !ession /pportunity ,und EI Teaching !paces 0//) pilot % phase 1


1hat %o,,uni%ation an# partnership strategies ,ight wor2 on your %a,pus3

I( at UW&Madison
!trategi% Align,ent

*oI( +evenue Sources


*oI( ,cade-ic (echnolog. +evenue Sources


-ee for .er#ice /0"Madison

Campus Funding

-ee for .er#ice /0 .yste

1d in


How does your CIO and Academic Technology professionals engage with educational innovation efforts on your campus?

Year (hree o! EI "#$%)&#$%/'

!ustaining an# !%aling

2uality learning at a world%class public research institution ccess to 3( 0adison (isconsin learning experiences across (isconsin Global *earning Experiences

Year (hree o! EI "#$%)&#$%/'

!ustaining an# !%aling

)onnect core EI personnel

+uild organi4ational capacity

Transform learning with inno$ati$e pro5ects

Engage faculty. students and staff

What you are doing on your campuses around learning analytics, mobile learning, and modulari ed, fle!ible, self"paced learning e!periences?

EI 0ractices

Learn by doing

Support evaluation, research, and learning assessment efforts and share lessons learned Create interdisciplinary pro ect teams Support faculty with course design professionals !pply pro ect management practices

1 4oun#atio n


0o"ernan% e ni"ersity *egal ni"ersity Co,,uni%atio ns Pro5e%t Co,,uni%atio ns



Pro5e%t *ea#ershi p

!upport tea,s(

Coursera Data Coor#inat or E"aluation Pro5e%t 'anager


!uppo rt fro, Dean6s Offi%e 7ea%hing Assistant s 87A9

!upport fro, !%hool/Colle ge !taff

Course Design an# !upport *ea#



What more would you li$e to $now?

Special Thanks to Caroline D. Hardin for helping to put this presentation together