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A multiplidisciplinary research trip from Artificial Intelligence towards DNA and GENOMES decoding...

WELCOME Bienvenue Bienvenido - Discover more on jean-claude perez's 25 years researc on ! "#ME$%C&L &$C'%(EC(#$E) o* D"& and +E"OME) ,--https://plus.google.com/u/0/+jeanclaudePerez/about I A preliminary couple of A !I"#ES... general overview in english :http://fr.scribd.com/doc/57 ! 7 "/jcperez#eijing0$!0%% & couple of research overviewing article : 'n ()**'* +,((-.*, in whole /0(&1 2-1'(- single stranded 31& codon populations : http://file.scirp.org//tml/"47"0%5 56$7"57.htm & !0 7ears old video on 8)#'1&99) patterned structures within 2enes coding 31& se:uence ;the < 31& supracode =>: https://www.faceboo?.com/photo.php@ vA%7$"BB $$5 5!ClA 50 750BB55%5"$5"B0 and https://plus.google.com/%0$57!"$ 7%%$!B!055$"/posts/jc25Dp wpeE II GENE A# O$E $IE%S... more research in : http://golden4ratio4in4dna.blogspot.fr/ and http://fr.scribd.com/jean6claude6perez/documents and http://www.resurgence.be/B04codeF4biogenesis4B7 ! 7"$"0""".html or https://sites.googl e.com/site/codeFbiogenesis/ #iograph7 : short: http://wi?ipedia.orange.fr/wi?i/0tilisateur:8orvala?a/+ujet6Eean69laude6Perez eFtended : http://creationwi?i.org/Eean4claude6Perez overview en espanol :http://fr.scribd.com/doc/70B !5%%/presentacion4 completa(onteG)3-'video9'18-*-19)&jcperez'ctubre!0%% overview en francais :http://fr.scribd.com/doc/70B ! 75/8rancesjcP-*-Hmontevideo III & On 'ean&claude (ere)*s Numerical DNA +, years esearch... -arious #in.s /

%/ relating the #)'(&./-(&.)9&I structure of 2enomes involved in I'/ 9&19-* ;basic research drafts !0%$J !0%">: http://ncicloud.ideascale.com/a/pmd/ !0"4!"7$" http://fr.scribd.com/doc/% 5B0!5!0/&bstract.he3iscover7ofan0niversal2lobal+trateg7in%! 09ancers9hromosomal3eletions4I'/ !/ relating the #)'(&./-(&.)9&I structure of genes coding regions ;%BB!J %BB7>: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm@articleidA%55$B0%

http://fr.scribd.com/doc/% $B!5" "/Ec4Perez4in4+peculations4in4+cience4and4.echnolog74 %BB% http://".bp.blogspot.com/60)H4 K5--+*w/+'ze?($B,8)/&&&&&&&&&(&/f5DI#2(zBa)/s%500/montagnier.bmp http://livre.fnac.com/a! 5 75/Eean49laude4Perez4I4&314decr7pte $/ relating the #)'(&./-(&.)9&I structure of human chromosomes ;!0%%>: http://fr.scribd.com/doc/57 ! 7 "/jcperez#eijing0$!0%% "/ relating the #)'(&./-(&.)9&I structure of human genome ;!0%0J !0%$>: http://fr.scribd.com/doc/B55"%5$ /9odon4Populations4in4+ingle4stranded4Dhole4/uman4 2enome431&4&re48ractal4and48ine4tuned4b74the42olden4*atio4%45% http://file.scirp.org//tml/"47"0%5 56$7"57.htm 5/ relating the #)'(&./-(&.)9&I great 01)8)9&.)'1 of I)8- compounds: bioatomsJ 31&J *1&J amino acids chainsJ chromosomes and genomes ;%BB7J !00BJ !0%%>: .he following abstract provides an overview of this basic research discover7: .../... (eanwhileJ the main :uestion interesting this group is the following: De discovered a formula unif7ing &II biological components from 9 ' 1 / + P bioatoms to 31& *1& amino acids then genes proteins and genomes. #ut this perfect balance is optimal onl7 when atom atomic mass is the L miF from our atmosphere: i.e L9%! 9%$ 9%" etc... .his fine tuning is destro7ed b7 eFample when all isotopes are 9%! onl7... or also in case of environmental disorders. (7 :uestion: )s this the result of Eames I'G-I'9M 2&)& theor7@ '* )sotopes does not eFists but are a :uantumJ views of a meta multiple isotopes :uantum atom structure@ #0. this condition of atmosphere li?e LmiF balancing of isotopes within 9 ' 1 / + P bioatoms is a necessar7 condition for earth li?e I)8- on other planets... .../... .his basic research discover7 is also described in : http://fr.scribd.com/doc/57 ! 7 "/jcperez#eijing0$!0%% and in the boo? 9'3-K #)'2-1-+)+ ;!00B>J chapter !0 and anneFes: http://www.amazon.fr/product4reviews/! 7"$"0"" http://www.resurgence.be/B04codeF4biogenesis4B7 ! 7"$"0""".html website : https://sites.google.com/site/codexbiogenesis/ IV - More INTERDISCIPLINARY research : On BRAIN and NEURAL NET OR!" #$BOR%... "ta&ting 'BUT to BUT( &esea&ch a&ticle: B&ain Unde&standing T&ac)s towa&ds B&ain Und*lato&+ Theo&+... Based on ,- +ea&s inte&disciplina&+ &esea&ch we ha.e now st&ong t&ac)s /o& a possible *nde&standing o/ B&ain global /*nction.

Bac)g&o*nd is: 0/1&ib&am holog&aphic theo&+ o/ b&ain. ,/ O*& eighties wo&) on a&ti/icial ne*&al netwo&)s based on /&actal chaos &esonance model a&o*nd golden &atio. 2/ 3*man whole #h&omosome4 Resonance p&ope&t+ a&o*nd %olden &atio... "ee he&e... http://fr.scribd.com/doc/186894835/jcperezEvolution ibon!cci"rim!tes#hromosomes4$% &thers 'nterdisciplin!r( "ionneerin) rese!rch... *t the ori)ins of !ll t)hese rese!rchs : +E, -&./*0'1*2'&0 E3'4E0#E... http://)olden-r!tio-in-dn!.blo)spot.fr/5668/65/1988-fr!ct!l-ch!os.html *rtifici!l 0eur!l net7or8s rese!rch : 2he 0&3E,29 4E2E#2&. or : ;&,&/.*";'# li8e 4E<* <$ memor(... = http://)olden-r!tio-in-dn!.blo)spot.fr/5668/65/1988-from-fr!ct!l-ch!os-to-)olden-r!tio.html 2he #4 : 2he irst >$+'# of /E0E+ = http://fr.scribd.com/doc/95?581?6/1994-jc-perez-invent-then-published-the-cd-entitled-the-firstmusic-of-)enes s!mple >"3 deezer : http://777.deezer.com/pl!(list/85?55661 7ebsite : https://sites.)oo)le.com/site/thefirstmusicof)enes/home/the-first-music-of-)enes-7!spublished-in-1994-b(-je!n-cl!ude-perez-s!cem-)en6694 *n Europe!n "#2 p!tent on ;i)h 2emper!ture +uperconductors... https://777.f!ceboo8.com/je!ncl!ude.perez.58/medi!@setA setB!.165659559994556?3.16?3?41858.1565686485Ct(peB3Cuplo!dedB1 2he predictive &.>$,* of >endeleievDs periodic t!ble structure http://fr.scribd.com/doc/18?569?65/>endeleiev"redictive ormul!4iscover(b(<#"erez * ne7 #&0<E#2$.E : ! necess!r( condition for >*/'# 0$>EE.+ in F$*02$> ";9+'#+ http://fr.scribd.com/doc/561411849/2he-"redictive- ormul!-of-F$*02$>->*/'#-0$>EE.+b(-<#-"erez-.ele!se5 2he frontiers bet7een ;$>*0 /E0&>E !nd E'0*.9 #&4E ,&/'#+ emer)ence... http://fr.scribd.com/doc/684?613?/<cperez,iveEits rom40*-from-<ohn-0*+;-,o)ics-to-<-#"E.E1- r!ct!ls-Eiom!them!tics /uman and 9himp genomes BB.BBL 9'**-II&.)'1+... http://fr.scribd.com/doc/!00%5%B 7/Dh74/uman4and49himp4whole4genomes4are4BB4BB4 close4pdf http://fr.scribd.com/doc/% 5 B" $5/jcperez-volution8ibonacciPrimates9hromosomes"0M