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Majmaah University Department of English College of Arts B. A.

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Department: English Language and Literature Arts 1. Course Title: 3. Course Level: 4 4. Prerequisite: None 5. Course Status: Compulsory 6. ". %. ). Course nstru!tor: Cre#it $ours: 2 $ours o& nstru!tion per 'ee(:

College of

Appreciating Poetry

2. Course Number: Eng 231

Course Des!ription: This course is designed to introduce the student to English poetry in terms of its essential features as a literary genre. By focusing on selected poems of arious types !ith a !ide range of su"#ect matter and theme$ chosen prefera"ly from arious periods$ the student should gain not only %no!ledge of the craft of erse$ "ut also an appreciation of poems as literary pieces. 1*. Course +ims an# ,b-e!tives: The o"#ecti e of this course is to e&uip the student !ith the necessary techni&ues to appreciate poetic meanings and ho! they are created. Poetic de ices$ such as 'personification$( 'simile$( 'metaphor$( etc)$ are used as tools or means to aid and help the student$ "ut not as ends in themsel es. By the end of the course$ the student is e*pected to ha e the desired le el and understanding of the selected poems and ho! the poets manipulate language to achie e poetic effects and poetic meaning.


11. Course .ain Sub-e!ts: +hat is Poetry, -eading the Poem. /enotation and Connotation. 0magery. 1igurati e 2anguage. 3eaning and 0dea. 4ound and 3eaning. Pattern 12. .et/o#s o& +ssessment: T!o in5term E*ams 627 points each8 and 1inal E*am 697 points8 13. Te0tboo(1s2: 2aurence Perrine and Thomas -. Arp. Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry. Ne! :or%; <arcourt$ 1==2 6N. B. The te*t"oo% has a glossary of literary terms for easy reference8 14. 3le!troni! 4e&eren!es an# 5ebsites: 1or general %no!ledge of English poetry of arious types through the ages; http;>>en.!i%ipedia.org>!i%i>English?poetry and http;>>en.!i%ipedia.org>!i%i>Poetry 15. S6llabus: WEEK WEEK 1 WEEK $ WEEK + WEEK . WEEK 1 WEEK 3 WEEK 7 WEEK 9 WEEK : WEEK 1= WEEK 11 WEEK 1$ WEEK 1+ Wee- 1. WEEK 11 UNITS 0ntroduction; What is Poetry 'The -ed +heel"arro!$ ('The Eagle$( '+inter( %o& to 'ead a Poe( '/esign( 6-o"ert 1rost8. '4hall 0 Compare Thee ... ( 64ha%espeare8 ,enotation and Connotation; '+hen my lo e s!ears that she is made of truth( 64ha%espeare8 I(agery; '3eeting at Night( 6-o"ert Bro!ning8 'Passionate 4hepherd )( 63arlo!e8 2igurative Language I; '0 +andered 2onely$( 6+ords!orth8. '2o eliest of Trees( 6A. E. <ousman8 2igurative Language $; 'The -oad Not Ta%en$( 'To the @irgins$ to 3a%e 3uch of Time(. 2igurative Language +; 'A -ed$ -ed -ose$( '3y <eart 2eaps Ap( Allusion) 'Bn <is Blindness( 6Cohn 3ilton8 ;eaning and Idea; '4topping "y +oods on a 4no!y E ening( 6-o"ert 1rost8 Tone; '4ince thereDs no <elp$( 'Crossing the Bar( A(<iguity) 'To Celia( 6Ben Conson8 Sound and ;eaning; 'Anthem for /oomed :outh$( 6+ilfred B!en8. 'Eight B Dcloc%( 6A. E. <ousman8 ;usical ,evices) 'Nothing Eold Can 4tay( 6-o"ert 1rost8 Pattern; '/eath$ "e not proud( 6Cohn /onne8 Periods of English poetry; Poetic 4chools Activities
Prose vs! verse" What is not #oetry

Co(#arisons) Si(ile* (eta#hor Para#hrase S#ea-er /isual* audio* 0 s(ell i(agery 'hyth(" rhy(e 'o(antic Poetry

In4ter( E5a( 61
Si(ile8 (eta#hor 2igurative Language 'e#etition and A(<iguity Tone Puns and #arado5es Sound devices

In4ter( E5a( 6$"

Personification" conceit

-e ision