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Majmaah University Department of English College of Arts B. A.

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Department: English Language and Literature 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. ". %. Course Title: Basic Language Skills Course Level: 1 Prerequisite: None Course Status: Compulsory Course nstru!tor: Cre#it $ours: 3 $ours o& nstru!tion per 'ee(: 3

College of Arts

2. Course Number: Eng 111

). Course Des!ription: This grammar/writing course is primarily designed to train students to write basic English sentence patterns The course will! there"ore! proceed in subtle gradation "rom the simple to the comple# Since the study o" sentence structure is inseparable "rom any basic composition course! the course also aims at preparing students "or the ne#t writing course in le$el two %mong other topics! the course "ocuses on parts o" speech! $erb tenses! sub&ect'$erb agreement! types o" sentences (including simple! compound and comple#)! $arious types o" modi"iers! as well as transitional e#pressions Emphasis will be laid on the e#tensi$e use o" e#ercises and sentence writing in the classroom 1*. Course +ims an# ,b-e!tives: By the end o" the course! students must be able to* 1. +rite good English sentences o" $arious patterns 2. ,ecogni-e the parts o" speech! tenses! sentence structure in English 3. E#press their ideas in English accurately and e""ecti$ely 4. Be ready to take the writing course Eng. 114 in le$el . 11. Tea!.in/ 0et.o#s: Lecture and /ractice

12. Course 0ain Sub-e!ts: +ords and sentences0 Substanti$es (Nouns and /ronouns)0 1erbs (Tenses)0 Basic Sentence /atterns0 2odi"iers (%d&ecti$es and %d$erbs)0 1erbals* the /articiple0 the 3n"initi$e0 %ppositi$es0 Types o" Sentences 13. +ssessment S1stem: +ritten 4ui--es and e#ams* two 4ui--es (.56.7 85 marks) 9:inal e#am (;5 marks) 14. Te2tboo(3s4: %-ar! Betty Schramp"er. Fundamentals of English Grammar. .nd Ed New <ork* Longman! 1==. Claude + :aulkner Writing Good Sentences Charles Scribner>s Sons* New <ork! 1=?1 15. 52tra 6e&eren!es: @ Leech! 2 Aeuchar and , Boogenraad English Grammar for Today: A New Introduction 2acmillan* London! 1=?C 16. 5le!troni! 6e&eren!es: a http*//www edu"ind com/english/grammar/ (@ood) b http*//www englishclub com/grammar (@ood) c http*//grammar ccc comment edu/grammar/ (1 good) d http*//en wikipedia org/wiki/EnglishDgrammar (1 good) e http*//englishplus com/grammar/ (@ood) " http*//owl english purdue edu/handouts/gammar/ (E#cellent) g http*//esl about com/od/englishgrammar/EnglishD@rammarDBelpD,ule sD+orksheetsD@amesDEui--esDE#ercises htm (3nteresting) 1". S1llabus 3Le!ture S!.e#ule4: Week WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6 WEEK 7 WEEK 8 Units Introduction* The Sentence* Sub&ects and 1erbs0 Chapter One: Verb enses: he !resent "i#ple Chapter $: Verb enses: !resent and !resent !rogressi%e Chapter &: !ast i#e0 he "i#ple !ast' he "i#ple !ast and the !ast !rogressi%e Chapter (: )uture i#e: *e going to and Will Chapter +: ,ouns and !ronouns -odifiers: Ad.ecti%es and Ad%erbs In-Term Exam # 1 (&/ #arks0 Chapter 1: -odal Auxiliaries Chapter 1: -odal Auxiliaries 2Contd.00 Chapter 3: Asking 4uestions Chapter 5: he !resent !erfect and the !ast !erfect Chapter 6: ,ouns: Countable and Uncountable 4 Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises


and Articles Chapter 7: Connecting Ideas Chapter $/: 8erund and Infiniti%es Chapter $$: !assi%e "entences' Chapter $&: Ad.ecti%e Clauses Chapter $(: Co#parisons' Chapter $+: ,oun Clauses Chapter $1: 9irect and Indirect "peech Chapter $3: Fsing Wish0 Fsing If In: er# Exa# ;& 2&/ -arks0' *asic "entence !atterns ' <pes of sentences Correcting Writing Errors' =EVI"IO,

Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises