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Michael's Food& Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Even in laughter the heart may sorro !

"ise sayings o# $olomon

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Michael's Food
Saturday, 8 February 2014 Bible Study Links

Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Even in laughter the heart may sorro !"ise sayings o# $olomon
Proverbs chapter 14. Summary: The upright person finds favour with God and men. Emotional feelings like sorrow and joy is felt by the individual alone. Greatness of estate of the wicked will reduce, whereas estate of the righteous will steadily increase. ertain activities are deemed norm and acceptable by men, but is sin to God. The good and righteous person is positively rewarded and blessed by God. !e must avoid being "simple", easily believing everything we hear. The prudent will investigate and study every detail before making decision. !e need to control anger, and avoid making hasty, wrong decisions, and wrong actions which are later regretted. The prudent is glorified for his knowledge. Even the bad guys respect and honour the good and righteous person due to his good deeds.

Baker's van!e"ica" #ictionary $ondensed Bib"ica" ncyc"opedia aston's Bib"e #ictionary %itchcock's Bib"e &ames #ictionary 'nternationa" (tandard Bib"e ncyc"opedia )in! *ames #ictionary +atthew %enry $ommentary ,$omp"ete+atthew %enry $ommentary ,$oncise+atthew %enry's $ommentary ,Bib"e!ateway&ave's Topica" Bib"e (mith's Bib"e #ictionary

9 Fools mock at sin, But among the upright there is favor. (Proverbs 14:9) ( !"#) 9 $o% scorns the &icke%,'%( but the upright en)o* his favor. (Proverbs 14:9) (+,#) 9 Fools mock at making amen%s for sin, but goo%&ill is foun% among the upright. (Proverbs 14:9) ( -#)
Favour - They find favour both with God and men.

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The foolish and the wicked are so hardened in sinful habits and sinful

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Michael's Food& Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Even in laughter the heart may sorro !"ise sayings o# $olomon

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acti ities so much so that they mock at sin. They laugh off at the sins of other peoples, sins by themsel es. To them, sinning which ha e no bad conse#uences. They enjoy sinning and ha e no intention to depart from their e il ways. The righteous and the upright are doing goodwill among each other, charitable deeds, gi ing alms, always saying and doing the right things. They find fa our with !od. Other people also like them for their good deeds. 1. /he heart kno&s its o&n bitterness, 0n% a stranger %oes not share its )o*. (Proverbs 14:1.) ( !"#)

"ro!erbs chapter #$ %part &' (!en in laughter th... "ro!erbs chapter #$ %part #' )ea!e the presence... "ro!erbs chapter #* %part &' Walk with the wise ... "ro!erbs chapter #* %part #' +esires of the dili... , -anuary %$#' , &.#* %#.'

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1. 1ach heart kno&s its o&n bitterness, an% no one else can share its )o*. (Proverbs 14:1.) ( -#)
Bitterness - The inward griefs and joys of mens hearts, are not known to any but a man's self. We do not know what stings of conscience, or consuming passions, torment the prosperous sinner. Nor does the world know the peace of mind a serious po!erty and sickness. hristian enjoys, e!en in
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When a person feels emotionally down, such as sorrowful, depressed, grief, only he himself can feel it. Other people can be empathetic or sympathetic, but cannot fill the real pain in the heart of the emotionally down. Similarly, when a person is filled with joy and gladness, only he himself is able to feel this real joy. Others can watch, others can be joyful together, but cannot feel the joy in another's heart. As for spiritual joy, it is also indi idualistic. Spiritual joy is felt by the righteous person who walk in !od's ways. "e may share the good news, the gospel, but cannot share out the spiritual joy. 11 /he house of the &icke% &ill be overthro&n,

0ruit of The 1pirit2 %&' -34 -oy is the second part of the nine parts of 0ruit of The 1pirit. -oy, happiness, gladness, cheerfulness is good for our hearts, good emotio... 0ruit of The 1pirit2 %*' "(5 ( "(5 ( is the third part of nine parts of 0ruit of The 1pirit. && But the fruit of the 1pirit is lo!e, joy, peace , patience, kindness, g... 6(5)7N8 - a topical bible study using Baker's -ust now, 7 dreamed... 7n my dream, 7 wanted to do a topical bible study on 6ealing. This was due to the fact that my whole family %my wife... 8ifts of 6oly 1pirit, 1piritual 8ifts 8ift of healing will be useful for the ministry of healing and deli!erance. 8ift of healing is one of the gifts of the 6oly 1pirit. 7n 5cts ... "ro!erbs chapter 9 %part #' - 7nstruction, :nowledge, Wisdom are better than 1il!er, 8old, -ewels

But the tent of the upright &ill flourish. (Proverbs 14:11)

( !"#)



Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Eve i la!ghter the heart "a# sorro$ %&ise sa#i gs of 'olo"o

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11 /he house of the &icke% &ill be %estro*e%, but the tent of the upright &ill flourish. (Proverbs 14:11) (+,#)
Sin ruins many great families; whilst righteousness often raises and strengthens even mean families

Proverbs chapter . Summary! "isdom is proclaimed, propagated and publici#ed to everyone at everywhere. Simple and foolish people should ... $ruit of The Spirit! %&' ()*+ ()*+ is the first part of the nine parts of the $ruit of The Spirit. ,, -ut the fruit of the Spirit is love, .oy, peace, patience, kind... +sther chapter / - +sther invites the 0ing and 1aman to a big dinner +sther chapter /. +sther 2nvites the 0ing and 1aman to a -ig 3inner / )n the third day +sther put her royal robes on. She stood in the... Proverbs chapter 4 %part &' - "arning against Surety, (a#iness, "ickedness, 5bominable Sins Proverbs chapter 4. Summary! "e are warned against becoming Surety and (oan 6uarantee for friends, ac7uaintances, and strangers. "e are w... Proverbs chapter && %part ,' - "ise Sayings of Solomon. The righteous is rescued from trouble, Proverbs chapter &&. Summary! 1ope and ambition dies when the wicked, godless and un.ust person dies. The righteous will be able to overcom... $ruit of The Spirit! %4' 6))38+SS 6))38+SS is the si9th of the nine parts of the $ruit of The Spirit. +aston:s -ible 3ictionary. http!;;www.biblestudytools.com;dictio...

!reat families and huge estates will suffer downfall because of wrong deeds, sinful ways, unfair business practices, foolish financial management, wasting of money on carnal and worldly desires. $amilies with mediocre income and little assets will also grow prosperous and increase in assets. $or doing good deeds and li ing in righteous ways, they will be blessed by !od in their work and business. They will grow in riches and wealth. They will gain honor and respect. 12 /here is a &a* that seems right to a man, But its en% is the &a* of %eath. (Proverbs 14:12) ( !"#) 12 /here is a &a* that appears to be right, but in the en% it lea%s to %eath. (Proverbs 14:12) ( -#)
Right - There are some evil courses which men may think to be lawful and good. The end The event shews that they were sinful and destructive. The ways of carelessness, of worldliness, and of sensuality, seem right to those that walk in them; but self-deceivers prove self-destroyers. See the vanity of carnal mirth.

There are certain acti ities%norms that seem morally acceptable to men, but not acceptable to !od. &'ample( fornication seemed to be ok for boyfriend and girlfriend in lo e with each other, but to !od, this is a sin. &'ample( telling white lies, misrepresentation of financial accounts, e'aggeration of business prospects in the prospectus, seemed to be widely practised, but a lie is a lie, a lie is a sin.The way of ignorance and carelessness, the way of worldliness and earthly)mindedness, the way of sensuality and flesh)pleasing, seem right to those that walk in them, much more the way of hypocrisy in religion. All these may seem right, but is actually wrong in the sight of !od.


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Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Eve i la!ghter the heart "a# sorro$ %&ise sa#i gs of 'olo"o

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13 1ven in laughter the heart ma* sorro&, 0n% the en% of mirth may be grief. (Proverbs 14:13) ( !"#) 13 1ven in laughter the heart is sa%, an% the en% of )o* is grief. (Proverbs 14:13) (+,#) 13 1ven in laughter the heart ma* ache, an% re)oicing ma* en% in grief. (Proverbs 14:13) ( -#)
In lau!hter - "he outward si!ns of #oy are often mi$ed with real sorrow.

(sther %)'

*n merrymaking, partying and clubbing, there is plenty of laughter and seemingly happiness. *n wine, women and song, there is plenty of laughter and seemingly happiness. *f there is true sorrow in the heart, all the happiness during partying, during drinking, etc. is just temporary. When the alcohol in blood is diminished, the original sorrow or grief still remains. When the music and the party ends, the sorrow and grief will be back. All the worldly entertainment can only bring temporary happiness. $or true joy, we should li e in the Spirit, for the fruit of the Spirit is lo e, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self)control, as per !alatians +(,,),-a. *n !od alone, can we find true and e erlasting joy. .i ing our life in the principles of wisdom and ways of righteousness will bring us more joy than the worldly entertainment, and substance abuse /alcohol, ecstasy, etc.0. 14 /he backsli%er in heart &ill be fille% &ith his o&n &a*s, But a goo% man will be satisfied from above.'a( (Proverbs 14:14) (NKJV)
In heart - He who departs from God inwardly. Filled - With the fruit of his ways, the punishment of his sins. Satisfied - From the pious temper of his own heart, which cleaves to the Lord, he shall receive unspeaka le comfort.

+in! *haseurus %,' %)' knowled!e %,'

+in! -er$es



Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Eve i la!ghter the heart "a# sorro$ %&ise sa#i gs of 'olo"o

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14 0 perverse man &ill be fille% &ith the fruit of his &a*s, an% a goo% man &ith the fruit of his %ee%s.'f( (Proverbs 14:14) (+,#) 14 /he faithless &ill be full* repai% for their &a*s, an% the goo% re&ar%e% for theirs. (Proverbs 14:14) ( -#)
The backslider in heart has tuned his heart away from God. Backslider could be a faithful believer who has somehow, for some reasons e.g. temptation or grievance, turned away from God. Anyway, the backslider, the perverse and the faithless are similar in one manner, they are all not living a righteous life. They are living in ways that are contrary to God's commands. They will be negatively rewarded due to their sins and wrongdoings in their lives. On the contrary, the good and righteous man, is living a life full of good deeds, in obedience to God, is concerned about heavenly spiritual matters, and will be rewarded and blessed by God. !e will be positively rewarded for his righteous and godly ways, and his good deeds.

$roverbs %&'(

*ueen )sther %'( riches %+( righteous %,,(

14 /he simple believes ever* &or%, But the pru%ent consi%ers &ell his steps. 15 0 &ise man fears an% %eparts from evil, But a fool rages an% is self6confi%ent. 17 0 8uick6tempere% man acts foolishl*, 0n% a man of &icke% intentions is hate%. 19 /he simple inherit foll*, But the pru%ent are cro&ne% &ith kno&le%ge. 19 /he evil &ill bo& before the goo%, 0n% the &icke% at the gates of the righteous. (Proverbs 14:146 19) ( !"#) 14 /he simple believes ever*thing, but the pru%ent looks &here he is going. (Proverbs 14:14) (+,#)
The simple " A foolish man. #ooketh " !e orders his dealings in the world with due circumspection, not considering so much what other men say as what he ought to do.

%+( wealth %+(

wicked %-(

wisdom %,.( wise %+(

14 /he simple believe an*thing, but the pru%ent give thought to their steps. (Proverbs 14:14)



Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Eve i la!ghter the heart "a# sorro$ %&ise sa#i gs of 'olo"o

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(NIV) The simple often takes things at face valve. The simple can easy believe other people. hen faced with a false prophet or false teacher, the simple can easy sway and believer whatever said by the false prophet#teacher. The simple does not investigate in detail, and can easily jump to conclusion. The simple does not weigh and compare the options. The simple does not consider multiple points of view before deciding. On the contrary, the prudent person is wiser. The prudent will consider every step, every detail. The prudent will investigate and study the case before making judgement. The prudent will compare the options before selecting. The prudent will make decision based on facts and figures, not hearsay, not gossip. The prudent does not easily believer some gossip, rumour or hearsay. In these days where social media is popular, we have to be careful with the "news" and "updates" that we read. The news or updates in Facebook, Twitter, hat!pp, e"hat may not necessarily be true or accurate. 16 A wise man is cautious and turns awa !rom evi"# but a !oo" t$rows o!! restraint and is care"ess% 17 A man o! &uic' tem(er acts !oo"is$" # but a man o! discretion is (atient%)*+ (Proverbs 14:16-17) (RSV)
Feareth - Trembles at God's judgments when they are either inflicted or threatened. Rageth Frets against God; or is enraged against his messengers. Confident - Secure and insensible of his danger. Foolishly - is !assion hurries him into foolish s!eeches and actions. "ic#ed de$ices - %ne who su!!resses his !assion& but meditates re$enge. ated - 'oth by God and men.

,$e wise !ear t$e -.R/ and s$un evi"# but a !oo" is $ot$eaded and et !ee"s secure%



Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Eve i la!ghter the heart "a# sorro$ %&ise sa#i gs of 'olo"o

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A &uic'-tem(ered (erson does !oo"is$ t$in*s# and t$e one w$o devises evi" sc$emes is $ated% (Proverbs 16-17) (NIV)

The wise person will always fear the $ord, live a righteous life, doing good deeds, obeying %od&s commands, slow to anger. 'e will avoid temptations and situations of sin. 'e will avoid doing anything which is evil in the eyes of %od. (ut the foolish person does not control himself, subject himself to temptations, allowing himself to partake in wrongful deeds. The foolish person is careless with his life, careless with his speech, and does control his temper. The foolish person gets angry easily, and over) reacts, and do things that he may regret otherwise. hen a sinful temptation comes, such as a se*y and beautiful prostitute, he does not restrain himself from her seduction. In a +uarrel with his wife, he may angrily chase his wife out of the house, or run away from home, or want to file for divorce. To avoid doing foolish things during fits of anger, we must practice self)control to control outburst of anger. In anger, we must control our lips so as not to say things that will be regretted later. In anger, we must curtail our mind and thoughts so as not to make a hasty, wrong decision which is based on anger and not rationale. ,alicious men are justly dreaded and detested, for they are much more dangerous and mischievous to all societies- A man of wicked devices, who stifles his resentments till he has an opportunity of being revenged, and is secretly plotting how to wrong his neighbour and to do him an ill turn, as "ain to kill !bel, such a man as this is hated by all mankind. The character of an angry man is pitiable. through the surprise of a temptation he disturbs and disgraces himself, but it is soon over, and he is sorry for it. 10 ,$e sim("e ac&uire !o"" # but t$e (rudent are crowned wit$ 'now"ed*e% (Proverbs



Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) - Eve i la!ghter the heart "a# sorro$ %&ise sa#i gs of 'olo"o

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14:10) (RSV)
Inherit - They possess it as their inheritance, holding it fast, and glorying in it. Knowledge The saving knowledge of God and of their own duty. Sin is the shame of sinners; ut wisdom is the honour of the wise.

The prudent person is given honour and gains much knowledge. The prudent&s head is filled with vast, useful knowledge. (ecause he is willing to learn, keen to learn, receptive to instruction and reproof. On the other hand, the simple person takes things easy, and is too la/y to learn. 'e is not interested to know more and to learn more knowledge. ith lack of knowledge, a lot of his thoughts and deeds are not based on knowledge and facts. The simple may enjoy hearing gossips and rumours. 'is lack of real knowledge is the folly. The simple, who love simplicity, get nothing by it. they inherit folly. They have it by inheritance, so some. This corruption of nature is derived from our first parents, and all the calamities that attend it we have by kind. it was the inheritance they transmitted to their degenerate race, an hereditary disease. They are as fond of it as a man of his inheritance, hold it as fast, and are as loth to part with it. 11 ,$e evi" bow down be!ore t$e *ood# t$e wic'ed at t$e *ates o! t$e ri*$teous% (Proverbs 14:11) (RSV) 11 2vi"doers wi"" bow down in t$e (resence o! t$e *ood# and t$e wic'ed at t$e *ates o! t$e ri*$teous% (Proverbs 14:11) (NIV)
The evil - Good men shall have the pre - eminency over the wicked. !ven ad men acknowledge the e"cellency of God#s people
The good and righteous person will e honoured y all, including the ad and wicked people. $ecause of the good deeds, the good and righteous person will earn the respect of the ad guys too. Good and wise words of the righteous are also pleasant to the ears of the ad guys too.



Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part ! " #ven in la$ghter the heart ma% sorro& '(ise sa%ings of )olomon

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Saturday, Feb 8, 2014. Michael Yeap. NIV: http://www.bible ateway.c!"/pa##a e/$#earch%&r!'erb#(14)'er#i!*%NIV +SV: http://www.bible ateway.c!"/pa##a e/$#earch%&r!'erb#(14)'er#i!*%+SV N,-V: http://www.bible ateway.c!"/pa##a e/$#earch%&r!'erb#(14)'er#i!*%N,-V .!""e*tarie#: /e#ley: http://www.bible#tudyt!!l#.c!"/c!""e*tarie#/we#ley#0e1pla*at!ry0 *!te#/pr!'erb#/pr!'erb#014.ht"l Matthew 2e*ry 0 c!*ci#e: http://www.bible#tudyt!!l#.c!"/c!""e*tarie#/we#ley#0e1pla*at!ry0 *!te#/pr!'erb#/pr!'erb#014.ht"l 34 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.3 104 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.10 114 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.11 124 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.12 154 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.15 144 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.14 164 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.16 174 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.17 184 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.18 184 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.18 134 http://www.bible ateway.c!"/re#!urce#/"atthew0he*ry/&r!'.14.13 204 &!#ted by Michael Ma *iMedia at 03:58
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Michael's Food: Proverbs chapter 14 (part 2) !ven in la"ghter the heart #a$ sorro% &'ise sa$ings of (olo#on

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