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Tantra Darshan 17- Durga Saptasati( some hidden secreats of Greatest tantric granth.

Dear friends. Durga sapasati, many people knew about it, and millions of million people read this greatest tantra granth in each navratri time, but only some people knew about , its secreat and the way to recite it., believe me its true, understanding its true hidden meaning is beyond the capacity a normal person.(we POST ABOUT SIDDH KUNJIKA STROTAM hidden meaning our earlier post.) ,and its very surprising for us that still many people daily reading that post , so we think its right time to discuss some points about saptsati. As you know the goddess Durga formation story so is the case with this great tantra book too, hundred of the greatest tantra mantra scholar gathered to form a greatest tantra granth containing with so many secreat and hidden things. Out come of one such a things. Each shloka and mantra of that indicating so much secreat that separate a new granth is need to describe it fully. What not contain in it. Thousand and thousand scholar write on that but still a single percent not revealed yet. ( even one can do that path as he desired divine mother bless you ,in any case . but always remember, that doing the path as you like for such a great Tantra granth , is not recommended. )at least we should follow the instruction mentioned in Durga saptsati granth.) A Tantra sadhak told Tantra without process is useless, until available with proper process what is the use of that and one follow the path of Durga SaptSati without that, than his time and health both wasted . Everyone know that the book has 13 chapters( containing 700 shloka s) and divided between three part.


First chapter -


MADHAYAM CHARIT--- second ,third, fourth Rules by GODDESS MAHALAKSHMI UTTAM CHARIT From 5 TH to 13 Chapter---by GODDESS SARASSWATI. Rules

There are many forms (Vidhi / Process ) of recitation of Durga sapasati .. ( I gathered the information from the books and articles of ,Poojya swami ji maharaj of Datiya , A Great sadhak of Varanasi ( his name I did not get permission to mention here),and Gita press s book and other sources too, with due respect to all of them. I summarize here for you) First Vidhi first Navarn mantra jap and path of saptsati with nyasa ,all the chapter one by one. and the end again Navarn mantra jap. Second Vidhi - for to achieve success in any specific cause, use that shloka of Durga saptsati(mentioned generally at the end of the books) as samput and recite all the saptsati shloka in such a way first samput shloka than the saptsati shloka and again the samput shloka, like this way all the saptsati path is done. Nearly all the book available in market mentioned such a shloka at the end. depend upon the samput shloka what cannot be achieved. Like shatru nash to every possible wish. though for reading this way takes little more time but will also be very great. Third Vidhi very effective PRATILOM SAPTSATI paath. One path of this is consider to equal of 10 path of saptsati but very difficult to do that, why? lets see-- first 13 th chapter than first chapter , then 12 th chapter than 2 nd chapter , like this way, but here he mentioned that here not the full chapter they are mentioning us, one mantra of 13 th chapter and then one mantra of first chapter, again one from 13 th chapter and one from first chapter, so very difficulty, till you have book specially written for this purpose, its very, very difficult (I have seen such a book from a sadhak) Fourth Vidhi Sarddh nav chandi prayog,(remember this prayog is a part of famous yagya and sadhana completed under the direction of poojya swami ji maharaj of Datiya ( Pitaambera peeth) at the time when china attacked India, result you knew already . In his book LEKH SANGRAH PAGE NO 155 he describe in details how that can be done even for any cause (this require 9 Brahmin for that paath) , but he clearly mentioned that for such a cause , pundit must be Dikshit in shakt mantra .(have proper diksha ) first ,since without that result could not be possible. Person having pure heart and full devotion such a person(Dikshit pundit) will be definitely meet him. this whole anusthan can be completed in day only ,and easy and not very expensive one. Fifth Vidhi (this process require seven day to complete and reciting can be done in a manner as..)

first day

recite first chapter - one path only(read one only)

Second dayThird day Fourth dayFifth daySixth daySeventh day-

second ,third chapter- two path(read two time only) fourth chapter - one path

5,6, 7,8,7,8th chapter four path 9 and 10 th chapter11 th chapter two path - one path

12 and 13 th chapter two path

this also produce great result. sixth Vidhi: if not is not get enough time for a day then in first day do one paath of MADHAYAM CHARIT and next day remaining two charit paath can be done. There are many more powerful Vidhi some of them are like

krishan vidhi for mokshanrtha, chaturdashi vidhi for material gain , Aastmi vidhi . for distruction of enemy available. Sat chandi vidhi shahastra chandi vidhi .

MOST EASIEST VIDHI : If any one recite this MADHAYAM CHARIT after 9 pm each days from a navratri to next navratri what cannot be achieved. A word of caution : I also point out here that there are some word in the saptsati which we have not recite, while ending any chapter, and very amazing is fact that they are part of each chapter ending. this should be very carefully followed. Thses are Iti, Vadha, Adhyay, Samaptbut you will find almost all the chapter ends with the mentioned word using one or more that word. So be careful, they are the part of Durga saptsati, so nobody can change it, instead of reading that use following words athe end of each and every chapter as advices by great ones. shree markandey purane savarnike manvantere devi mahatmaye pratham om tatsat, the word pratham can be changed for second chapter like dwatiy , for third chapter it should be tratiy like that.(almost all the saptsati available in market mentioned clearly this point but people not pay much attention ,they use of above mentioned word like iti, badha etc create much untold trouble. So plz keep this in mind.

Important point :

Sit in comfortable position and follow all the normal guide lines while doing sadhana, and path should not be hurry.(after all its divine communication) you should have patrakaar Durga saptsati (in UNBOUND form. In which each pages is in separate form). But whats the matters .. if I do with bound form of Durga saptsati, I asked obce a Tantra sadhak who continuously reading daily from last 80 years he smiled upon mesaid that what he have to say ,he said .now its upon i to fallow or not. Always take that book with full respect and on the time of paath it should be of a wooden small table. Pronunciation will be clear and with loud way (permissible limit). While reciting do not leave the chapter in between ,if so happened, than again repeat the whole chapter from the start. Reciting / reading should be in LAYA (not as a singing). I once get a chance to listen DHYAN OF A CHAPTER from a sadhak, he speak in so loud and rhythmically way , I have no word to describe, after that he asked me, it should like that. Its the tantra way, (Reading the mother divine word should be in powerful way ) so the speaking should be with power and loudness. Book should be always be covered in red cloth and treat it like a live granth. It should not be given to any body . you should always used your own books. Navarn mantra (without om )jap is good before and end of the . Kshma Prarthana and Devya Apradh kshamapan prarthan strota path at the end of path must be folloed, it helps..(in Kashma prarthana , all your jap is offered in mother divine feet.)

Important point about Durga Dwatrinshnnnam mala:There are one strota named Durga dwatrinshnnnammala containing 32 named of mother divine . always remember that on hindi translation at is very clearly mentioned in many books that the reciting of this strota should be the statue should of ma Durga with eight hand and killing mahishsur position . such a form of statue should be used. People did pay much attention . but the direction is provided by mother divine herself so Plz remember it, and follow it.
Many of the great sadhak always pointed out that without knowing the meaning (even literally now) , not much use of recitation, since without understanding the meaning how the feeling / bhav can be generated in our heart?.

Kumari poojan/Kanya bhojan : kumari poojan/kanya bhojan is a important part . I know

that there is much difference in that, but while asking girl childs in your home for kanya bhojan/ Kumari poojan is very very important, but keep in mind that in between that girl childs,

divine mother is present in any form ,and when all girl child happily go back to their home their blessing , is a boon for you, Sometime we became kanjoos and for dakshina offer we spend very little money, its not good , I remember guru once advised his shishya s for this (shishya was suffering with greatest difficulty, he did as his guru dev advice ,after the ritual completed when he reached , his gurudev home, his gurudev asked him, what /how much you offered them, he told about very less money, his guru replied with very painfully you want everything but on the time of offering you showed yours selfishness. Outcome will be very less. (so proper respect, offering food to them with full care, and dakshina, and touch all the girl childs feet as mother divine. Even one of our guru bhai doing kanya bhojan as happened in navratri time, told me, when he was touching feet of a kanya aged nearly 4/5 years she put her hand on his head. He thrilled. There are many form of saptsati like- mantratmak sapatsati, Tantratmak sapsati, bejaatmak sapsati, beej trayatmak sapsati, rudra chandi, gupt saptsati, Pratilom saptsati, havanatmak sapatsati. (in the beginning Durga sapstsati path also named as Chandi path).

Importance of Navarn Mantra and Diksha:

In just literal sense- one who do not want to go for this , for him navarn mantra diksha and chamunda diksha is the best, poojya Sadgurudev ji in audio cassettes NAVARN MANTRA and JAGDAMABA SADHANA , spoke a lot of details, and one who want to understand in this form of mother divine, first he should go for Dikshas of that and then proceed. Since the divine mother form s is possible with all the positive forces so all the Devi Davata pooja can be done successfully by poojan of this form alone., even with the help of navarn mantra only one can go to the siddhashram, Sadgurudev ji describe that way in the cassettes. I also remembered in one place he mentioned about a certain sadhak that when he recite the Saptsati path , sound of lion roars sounds such a loud that everyone listen on that. Sadgurudev s book he mentioned in details what are the various precaution need to be followed MUCH MUCH GREATER DETAILS..

Siddh Kunjika strota : why not only siddh kunjika strota is sufficient ?, in mine limited
understanding, I think, proper understanding of each beej mantra and their power is must THROUGH SADHANA NOT AS IN LATERAL MEANING , since this strota containing almost all the beej mantra this way or that way. And various hidden meaning contain in that, when bhagvaan shiv himself made that how can anybody under estimate that. I also remember one incident when Sadgurudev ji talked in the sri sookta, he told that , merely recitation of that strota will not solve the purpose, understand and work accordingly gives you the result, like, in first three shloka contains the meaning of how to make gold?, one who understood that and do the process successfully is not him already got Lakshmi Siddhi

POOJYA SADGURUDEV JI DESCRIVE IN DETAILS THIS PROCESS, IN SWARNA Siddhi BOOK .so I think the some hidden point in this siddh kunjika strota. Our one of the prev. post on that and many more hidden secreat of that still to come. So if have time then purchase this book/granth, and follow the method/procedure containing in the books, and I pray mother divine and Sadgurudev, both bless you all, including us too.