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BEng Mechanical Engineering


Student Name: W M O N Wijesinghe

Student Number: MT/Bsc. Eng/01/05

DESIGN OF A WHEEL LOADING MOBILE CART FOR LIGHT AIRCRAFT Light aircra t is an aircra t that has ma!imum ta"e#$ %eight $ 5&00"g $r 'ess. Man( 'ight aircra t are used c$mmercia''( $r reight trans)$rt* sightseeing* )h$t$gra)h(* +ari$us "ind $ aeria' %$r"s* 'ight carg$ $)erati$ns* such as eeding carg$ hubs* s$me )assenger $)erati$ns etc. ,n additi$n* )rimar( 'ight instructi$ns $r basic '(ing training is a's$ c$nducted in 'ight aircra t. There $re the e!istence and the enhanced $)erati$ns $ 'ight aircra t is +er( much essentia' $r ab$+e )ur)$ses. ,n sim)'e* the 'ight aircra t are in m$st cases the sim)'est and m$st r$bust in its nature $ )er $rmances. Because $ this sim)'icit(* the 'ight aircra t c$u'd be hand'ed $n gr$und %ith$ut much c$m)'icated gr$und hand'ing e-ui)ment. .$r e!am)'e* sim)'e t$%#bar is en$ugh t$ t$% an aircra t. /$%e+er* in case $ t(re burst $ t(re )unch during 'anding and subse-uent ta!ing in rem$te $r 'ess m$+ement tra ic run%a( air ie'd %$u'd 'ead t$ run%a( incursi$n due t$ 'ac" $ )r$)er hand'ing e-ui)ment such as 0Whee' L$ading M$bi'e 1art2. The de'a( in rem$+ing such disab'ed aircra t %i'' 'ead t$ emergenc( situati$ns and une!)ected air tra ic as the run%a( is b'$c"ed $r $ther m$+ements. There $re* this has been se'ected as )r$ject t$ design a 0Whee' L$ading M$bi'e 1art2 t$ rem$+e 'ight aircra t r$m a run%a(* %here the run%a( %as b'$c"ed $%ing t$ t(re burst $r an( simi'ar incident in gr$und maneu+ering. 3esign $ a %hee' '$ading m$bi'e cart $r 'ight aircra t that c$u'd ta"e the '$ad $ the damaged %hee' is +er( im)$rtant $r uninterru)ted air)$rt $)erati$n. The )r$)$sed cart %i'' be designed t$ cater $r di erent t()es 'ight aircra t as %e'' as di erent '$ading c$nditi$ns. When the damaged %hee' is '$aded int$ the cart* %hi'e the damaged %hee' is sti'' itted t$ the aircra t* the aircra t c$u'd be m$+ed %hi'e the cart is m$+ing ree'( carr(ing the %hee' '$ad and ina''(* this cart assists t$ rem$+e the aircra t r$m run%a( a+$iding an( $)erati$na' issues in the run%a(. The )r$ject %i'' be started b( re+ie%ing the 'iterature inc'uding the aircra t maintenance manua's* aircra t manu acture and indi+idua' c$m)$nent manu acture manua's and gr$und hand'ing )r$cedures manua' and $ther re'ated )ub'icati$ns. ,nter+ie%s and discussi$ns %i'' be c$nducted %ith e!)ertise $ aircra t engineering and maintenance. 4n engineering dra%ing %i'' be )re)ared and design ca'cu'ati$ns carried $ut as )er standards. Se'ecting a))r$)riate materia's* c$st ca'cu'ati$n* identi icati$n $ )r$cesses and es)ecia' c$ncern $n sa et( $ the aircra t %i'' be inc'uded. ,n the ca'cu'ati$n )r$cess the ma!imum '$ading c$nditi$ns in res)ect $ di erent aircra t t()es and %eight categ$ries and the '$ad e!erted $n %hee's and t$r-ue a))'icab'e $r each %hee' a!e' %i'' be c$nsidered. .ina''( the )r$ject re)$rt %i'' be submitted %ith the descri)ti$n $ the )r$cess $''$%ed $r this design* manu acturing dra%ings and the design +a'ues and ca'cu'ati$ns $r de+e'$)ment $ the

%hee' '$ading m$bi'e cart. Thr$ugh the )r$cess* it e!)ected t$ gain "n$%'edge and s"i''s $n engineering design* materia' se'ecti$n* manu acturing )r$cesses. W$rd c$unt 566

Week No Activit 4gree Tit'e and Brie Submit Brie Literature Sur+e( E+$'+e 1$nce)t S$'uti$n Write interim 7e)$rt Submit interim 7e)$rt 1h$$se S$'uti$n Scheme 3ra%ing 1a'cu'ati$ns Materia' Se'ecti$ns Manu acturing Se'ecti$ns 3etai' 3ra%ings Write .ina' 7e)$rt Submit .ina' 7e)$rt 4ttend 8i+a ! " # $ % & ' ( )

! *

! !

! "

! #

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