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Screenplay by Produced by

Jim Thomas John Thomas Lawrence Gordon Joel Silver John Davis John McTiernan

Directed by

Cast List:
Arnold Schwarzene er Carl !eathers El"idia Carrillo #ill D$%e Jesse &ent$ra Sonn' Landham Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer Dillon Anna Mac Sergeant Blain Billy

(ADE )* E+T, O-TER SPACE The infinite blackness punctuated by a billion stars. As we slowly DESCEND through the varied shades of blue of the Earth's atmosphere, we HEAR the first strains of a haunting, Central American !"#E, joined by a swelling background of $"N%!E S&"NDS. e descend further, through a lush $"N%!E CAN&P', backlit by a setting sun. D)SSOL&E TO: E+T, J-*GLE COASTL)*E . DA/ 0MAG)C 1O-R2 Through a collage of shimmering HEA#()A*ES, a dark, &#HER()&R!D!' &B$EC# drops +N#& *+E), backlit by the fiery, &RAN%E(RED sphere of a setting tropical !"#, heading slowly towards us, floating, as if suspended by the rising heat of the jungle. Continuing to approach, the shimmering object resolves into a M+!+#AR' ASSA"!# HE!+C&P#ER, its rotors strobing in the fading sunlight. $rawing closer, the S&"ND of powerful #"RB+NES, throbbing in the heavy air, becomes dominant, overpowering.

%uided by C&!&RED SM&,E and !AND+N% !+%H#S, the chopper looms hard +N#& *+E), pitching forward and settling to the ground, kicking up a maelstrom of dust and vegetation. )*T, COMMA*D POST . DA/ 0MAG)C 1O-R2 here a MAN wearing a military "N+ &RM watches through the large open windows the helicopter as it continues to approach. &efore the skids have even touched down he SEES the first of the MEN, dressed in C+*+!+AN C!&#HES but carrying full C&MBA# %EAR, alight gracefully from the chopper, double'timing in close order to one side, the orders SH&"#ED by one man lost in the R&AR of the chopper. The man turns away from the window, to a ()%"*E, hidden in the shadows. MA* 1e3s here, +e turns back, lowering a BAMB&& SHADE, obscuring the window. E+T, 1EL)COPTER PAD . *)G1T ,n adjoining PADS, two other HE!+C&P#ERS are *+S+B!E - in the b.g. can be SEEN several concrete and #HA#CH)&R, B"+!D+N%S, a secret command post disguised as a C&AS#A! +SH+N% *+!!A%E . The post in a flurry of activity, AMER+CAN AD*+S&RS shouting directions to do.ens of !A#+N AMER+CAN S&!D+ERS who stand by to assist the landing helicopter and to load E-"+PMEN# into the other choppers. )nside the chopper, one man remains, stretched out against the bulkhead, as if asleep. +e stirs, sits up, lighting up a C+%AR. ith fatigue showing in his motion, he leans forward, descending to the ground. A $EEP pulls to stop, the man swinging casually into the front seat, tossing his %EAR into the rear. lurch the jeep heads out towards the command post. ith a

)n the doorway #)& MEN solemnly watch as the jeep approaches. *eaching the command post the man alights from the jeep, heading towards the two men. )nto the pool of light cast by the fi/ture above the door steps MA$&R A!AN SCHAE ER, the team leader, 01, an intelligent and intense man. +e informally salutes, %ENERA! H.!. PH+!+PS, 22, hardened, close'cropped graying hair, his nameplate and insignia identifying him as a member of an elite commando unit in the ".!. Army. +e clasps !chaefer warmly on the shoulder. P1)L)PS 3with affection4 /o$3re loo%in well4 D$tch, SC1AE(ER )t3s 5een a lon time4 General, They walk up the stairs, entering the palapa, leaving the other man on guard. )*T, PALAPA . DA/ 5arge, two room concrete floor, thatched walls and roof. &ehind a partially drawn curtain in the kitchen, a naked lightbulb hung from the rafters illuminates a bank of compact +E!D RAD+& E-"+PMEN#, MAPS and AER+A! PH&#&%RAPHS. ,therwise the rooms are primitive and stand out in stark contrast to this high' tech invasion. 6hilips and !chaefer enter the room. P1)L)PS 3growing serious4 !e3ve ot a real "ro5lem here4 somethin ri ht $" 'o$r alle',

They cross to the center of the room to a folding table, covered with a large #&P&%RAPH+CA! MAP of the Central American highland jungle. 6hilips leans over the table, circling a set of C&&RD+NA#ES and a MAR, on the open map. P1)L)PS Ei hteen ho$rs a o ) was in6ormed that one o6 o$r cho""ers4 trans"ortin three "residential ca5inet mem5ers 6rom this charmin little co$ntr'4 was shot down,,, 3point to the circled area4 ,,, The "ilots radioed 6rom the ro$nd that the' were all alive, Their "osition was 6i7ed 5' the trans"onder 5eacon on5oard the cho""er, 3points4 1ere, !chaefer studies the map. +e looks up at 6hilips. SC1AE(ER That3s over the 5order4 General, P1)L)PS 3dead serious4 That3s the "ro5lem, A""arentl' the' stra'ed o66 co$rse, 3pause4 !e3re certain the'3ve 5een ca"t$red 5' the $errillas, !chaefer looks up, puffing lightly on the cigar. SC1AE(ER 37uietly4 !hat have 'o$ ot in mind4 General, P1)L)PS !e 6i $re we3ve ot less than twent'86o$r ho$rs to catch $" with them, A6ter that4 there3s not m$ch ho"e, !e want a resc$e o"eration mo$nted toni ht, That doesn3t ive 'o$ m$ch time, Another puff on the cigar. SC1AE(ER !hat else it new9 !hen dowe leave9 6hilips looks at his watch. P1)L)PS /o$ li6t o66 in three ho$rs, 3pause4 There3s one other thin , SC1AE(ER !hat3s that4 General9 P1)L)PS Someone else will 5e oin in with 'o$, !chaefer stubbs out his cigar in an ashtray. SC1AE(ER /o$ %now we don3t wor% with o$tsiders4 General, &O)CE 0O,S,2 !ho said an'thin a5o$t o$tsiders4 D$tch9 !chaefer turns, SEE+N% the outline of a figure standing in the doorway of the communications room, holding a sheaf of PAPERS. earing pressed fatigues, D+!!&N, mid'thirties, black, walks into the room.

Although as rugged looking as the others, his bearing and grooming indicate he's been away from the business of soldiering for sometime. +is 7uick intelligent eyes reveal his current profession. D)LLO* Last time we danced4 it was Lie$tenant4 Schae6er, A grin breaks out across !chaefer's face. SC1AE(ER Dillon4 'o$ son o6 a 5itch, The two men step forward and simultaneous swing from the hip as it to land a punch... but their hands S!AP together in a gesture of friendship, their forearms bulging, testing each other's strength. D)LLO* 3warmly4 1ow 'o$ 5een4 D$tch9 They continue the contest, !chaefer has the edge, forcing $illon's arm slowly downward. SC1AE(ER /o$3ve 5een "$shin too man' Pencils4 Dillon, 1ad eno$ h9 D)LLO* 3grinning4 *o wa'4 old 5$dd', SC1AE(ER /o$ never did %now when to :$it, They look into each other's faces, each remembering something from the past. A moment's hesitation and they 7uit the contest. They laugh, $illon slapping !chaefer on the shoulder. D)LLO* That "iece o6 wor% 'o$ $'s "$lled o66 at the #erlin em5ass' last wee% was reall' somethin , #lew the entr' "oints on three 6loors and ne$tralized the o""osition in ei ht seconds 6lat, #ea$ti6$l, SC1AE(ER Li%e the old da's4 Dillon, D)LLO* Also heard that 'o$ "assed on that little ;o5 in Li5'a, !chaefer looks at $illon, 7uietly considering him. SC1AE(ER !asn3t m' st'le, !e3re a resc$e $nit4 not assassins, 3smiles4 This m$st 5e ood, #i shot 6rom the C)A4 leaves his des% to come 5ac% to the 5$sh, !hat3s so im"ortant9 D)LLO* Those ca5inet mem5ers are ver' im"ortant to o$r sco"e o6 o"erations in this "art o6 the world, The'3re a5o$t to et s:$eezed, !e can3t let that ha""en, ) needed someone who co$ld et the ;o5 done4 :$ic% and :$iet,,, no screw8$"s, ) needed the 5est, The 5est, So4 ) "$lled a 6ew strin s at the State De"artment,,, and here we are, SC1AE(ER Go on, $illon goes to the map. D)LLO*

The set8$" is sim"le4 D$tch, One da' ;o5, !e "ic% $" their trail at the cho""er4 r$n 3em down4 ra5 the hosta es and 5o$nce 5ac% across the 5order 5e6ore an'one %nows we were there, /o$3ve done it a h$ndred times, *othin o$t o6 the ordinar', !chaefer considers this. SC1AE(ER And nothin we can3t handle alone, 6hilips breaks in. P1)L)PS )3m a6raid those are 'o$r orders4 Ma;or, Once 'o$ reach 'o$r o5;ective4 Dillon will eval$ate the sit$ation and ta%e char e, !chaefer looks from 6hilips to $illon. +e still doesn't like it. D)LLO* *ot to worr'4 D$tch, ) haven3t lost m' ed e, The'3ve ot a head start on $s in some real to$ h co$ntr'4 otherwise4 5elieve me4 it3s a "iece o6 ca%e, P1)L)PS Gentlemen4 we3re losin time, 3to !chaefer4 /o$3d 5etter et 'o$r men read', 3pause4 Good l$c%4 Ma;or, E+T, T!O ASSA-LT 1EL)COPTERS . *)G1T &urst over the top of a ridge. *ising up in silhouette they perform a radical left bank turn and descend rapidly into an adjoining valley, racing over the jungle at treetop level. As the helicopters perform di..ying, high'speed maneuvers through the winding canyon, the P+!&#/S *&+CES can be HEARD, coordinating their operations. P)LOT O*E 0&,O,2 Red5ird Two4 Two, #earin so$th4 three4 6ive4 zero4 one o3c%oc% on the saddle rid e, Over, P)LOT T!O 0&,O,2 Ro er4 #l$e Leader, Three4 6ive4 zero4 on 'o$r move, Over, The helicopters rise in perfect coordination over another ridge and bank sharply into the ne/t valley, leveling out as they go. )*T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T )lluminated by the eerie red glow of N+%H# !+%H#S, are SE*EN MEN, dressed in jungle camouflage, soft hats and camouflage face'makeup. They wear no identity badges or insignias. The man are checking their EA6,#!, making last minute adjustments to their %EAR. The compartment reverberates with the N&+SE of the #H"MP+N% R&#&RS and the R&AR of air from the open doors. B!A+N, weapons and ordinance specialist, a frightening bull of a man, a 89: pound killer, removes from his shirtpocket a think P!"% & #&BACC&. +e looks across at; MAC, a huge bear of a man, black, holding am M(01 MACH+NE %"N. &lain holds out the tobacco to <ac who refuses with a gentle shake of the head, a knowing smile, he knows what's coming.

+olding the plug between his teeth &lain yanks free from his shoulder scabbard a wicked, ten inch C&MBA# ,N+ E. 6lacing the ra.or sharp blade ne/t to his lips he slices through the plug as if it were butter. +e chews throughtfully. !eated by the open doorway is RAM+RE2, a slight, angular man, an East 5.A. streetwise Chicano. Adding a final piece of camouflage #APE to his pack HARNESS, he looks up and smiles, faking a throw and the bulleting the tape to; HA),+NS, the radioman and medic, )rish, street'tough, reading a rolled'up maga.ine, as if he were a rush hour commuter. +e snags the tape with an instinctual snap of the wrist, continuing to read for a moment before looking up, grinning at *amire., his boyish, eager face belying the rugged professional beneath. +e turns his ga.e to the man ne/t to him; B+!!', the =it Carson !cout, an American )ndian, proud, stoic, a man of 7uiet strength and simplicity, carefully replacing the +R+N% MECHAN+SM of his M(314, working its action several times. +e looks up with a smile at +awkins. 1A!<)*S 3shouting4 1e'4 #ill'4 how man' marines does it ta%e to eat a s:$irrel9 &illy looks back, shaking his head, uncomprehending. 1A!<)*S Two, One to eat it and one to watch 6or cars, +awkins laughs heartily at his joke. E+T, J-*GLE . *)G1T Clearing another ridge, the helicopters plunge into a steep descent, turning 7uickly into a DEEP()A!!ED CAN'&N, the force of the turn accentuated by the changing 6)TC+ of the screaming turbines and the biting of rotors into the air. )*T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T The men, suspended in RES#RA+N+N% HARNESSES from the bulkheads, lean forward, nearly upside down in response to the radical maneuver, handling the situation with ease. &lain holds out the tobacco to *amire., who swats at the offending object as if it were alive. RAM)RE= 3shouting4 Get that stin%in3 thin o$t o6 m' 6ace4 #lain> %rinning, &lain proffers the plug to each man, each one refusing- they've done it a thousand times. )t's an old gag but they obviously care for the man in a big way. #LA)* ,,, 5$nch o6 slac%8;awed 6a ots aro$nd here,,, 3holds up plug4 ,,, this st$66 will "$t hair $aranteed,,, 3chewing4 ,,, ma%e 'o$ a God8damned se7$al t'8ran8toe8sore8ass,,, ;$st li%e me, This brings a chorus of H&&#S and SH&"#S from the others. The helicopter makes another radical turn. !chaefer and $illon, seated near the cockpit, communicate through HEADSE#S, also linked to the pilot. They consult a #&P&%RAPH+CA! MAP by RED PEN!+%H#S.

D)LLO* 3pointing to the map4 O$r rendezvo$s "oints and radio 6re:s, are indicated and 6i7ed, A!ACS contact on 6o$r ho$r intervals, SC1AE(ER !ho3s o$r 5ac%8$" on this9 D)LLO* 3grinning4 *o s$ch thin 4 old 5$dd', )t3s a one wa' tic%et, Once we cross that 5order4 we3re on o$r own, SC1AE(ER This ets 5etter 5' the min$te, )*T, COC<P)T . *)G1T The P+!&# and C&(P+!&# are surrounded by an array of dimly lit %A"%ES and S)+#CHES. &efore the Co' 6ilot is a RADAR SCREEN and an +N RA(RED D+SP!A' #ERM+NA! on which the #)& HE!+C&P#ERS appear as HEA# S&"RCES. P)LOT *-M#ER O*E ,,, ro er #ird Two4 Two, Recon6irm insertion at Tan o4 Charlie4 Delta One4 zero4 niner on the rid at zero4 two4 two4 mar% 6o$r 5' zero, Over, P)LOT *-M#ER T!O 0&,O,2 Two4 Two4 leader, Ro er 'o$r insert co8ord, Over, P)LOT *-M#ER O*E Leader to #ird Two Two, ) 5ear two min$tes to Landin =one, The 6ilot throws a S)+#CH on the panel before him )*T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T A B!"E !+%H# appears on the forward bulkhead. !chaefer is speaking over a RAD+& #E!EPH&NE. The Co'6ilot turns and hands him a clipboard. !chaefer reads, notes his approval and hands it back. E+T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T (lares up into position over the jungle and hovers, as the S"PP&R# HE!+C&P#ER holds in a protective position above. )*T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T $illon seems comfortable with the men, showing *amire. a battered C+%ARE##E !+%H#ER from a famed commando unit from the past. &ut his ingratiating demeanor is not impressing <ac, who regards $illon with the cold suspicion reserved for an outsider. <ac looks up at &lain, his eyes narrowing. &lain's massive jaws roll as he masticates the chew. +e pauses, eyes moving downward, spotting his target. +e hocks a thick, vile stream of #&BACC& $"+CE directly between $illon's legs and onto the floor, a gelatinous skein lacing across the toe of one boot. $illon looks up, his face goes cold and menacing. D)LLO* 3icy4 Man4 that3s a real 5ad ha5it 'o$3ve ot,

$illon turns back to *amire., ignoring <ac and &lain, who continues to stare at him. <ac looks across at &lain, wide grins breaking across their huge faces. Cradled in &lain's arms, as if it were a part of his body, is a large, CAN*AS(C&*ERED B"ND!E. &lain looks down at his bundle, almost affectionately. The P+!&#/S *&+CE breaks in over !chaefer's headset. P)LOT *-M#ER O*E 0&,O,2 L= comin3 $" in ?@ seconds, Stand 5' the ra""el lines, 5ooking up, !chaefer gives a hand signal to the nearest man who nods and in return,passes the signal down the line. *amire. and &lain pick up heavy, ME#A! C&N+CA! DE*+CES, attached to canvas bags filled with rope. E+T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T (rom the open doors the RAPPE!!+N% !+NES hurtle into space, CRASH+N% through the double canopy of the trees and to the jungle floor below. )*T, 1EL)COPTER . *)G1T The blue light changes to %REEN. !chaefer nods. RAPPE!!+N% DE*+CES SNAP into place. %loved hands grab onto rope. Combat boots move into position. D)LLO* 3shouting to !chaefer4 /o$ don3t %now how m$ch ) missed this4 D$tch>>> Once 'o$ et this in 'o$r 5lood4 'o$ never et it o$t>>> SC1AE(ER /o$ never were all that smart,,, let3s o>>> !chaefer signals. <en leap from the chopper. E+T, J-*GLE . *)G1T The man crash through the trees and are swallowed up by the darkness below. The helicopters depart, #H"MP+N% their way into the night. D)SSOL&E TO: E+T, MO-*TA)* R)DGE . DA/ 0DA!*2 A light shower passes through the trees. The sky clears, RE*EA!+N% a lush and e/otic foliage. &irds are beginning to S+N% but otherwise, all is S+!EN# . The dense growth seems impenetrable, but from a solid wall of undergrowth, a HAND appears and signals in a downward motion. As if by magic, the assault team materiali.es, 7uietly, cautiously. !chaefer makes another gesture and the team moves forward in perfect harmony in P&+N#(!&C, step, taking their cue from *amire., the pointman. !chaefer, highly focused and alert to every sound and movement, follows *amire., as if organically connected. E+T, J-*GLE 1)LLS)DE . DA/ $escending the steep mountain slope, the team encounters an even denser growth of jungle, at times moving by instinct, as they are often visually separated. At one point, !chaefer checks his C,<6A!!, flashing some hand signals to *amire., indicating a new direction. *amire. nods and moves on, !chaefer signaling to the rest of the men.

E+T, J-*GLE CLEAR)*G . DA/ &lain, in a defensive position, sweeps the jungle slowly with his <6'2. +e steps back and turns, checking, revealing in the background the )REC,A%E & A ".S. ARM' "H(5H HE!+C&P#ER, hanging upside down, twenty feet above the ground, entangled in vines in the heavy capony, badly damaged, rotors bent, its tail section blown away. A %RAPP!+N% H&&, is hurled from the ground, C!A##ER+N% into the cargo hold, hooking the edge of the airframe. )*T, 1EL)COPTER . DA/ *amire. moves cautiously, searching for trip wires, using his knife to check the edges of the seats and door frames. %rimly he glances at the #)& B&D+ES slumped over the controls and then e/its, snapping into and rappelling down the rope to the ground. +e joins !chaefer standing in the f.g. They look up, watching as $illon moves through the cockpit, searching through pockets and compartments. !chaefer turns his back to the helicopter. RAM)RE= The "ilots have each ot one ro$nd in the head, And whoever hit it stri""ed the shit o$t o6 it, !chaefer studies the clearing, eyes always moving, wary. +e turns back, looking at the chopper. SC1AE(ER Too% 3em o$t with a heat see%er, RAM)RE= There3s somethin else4 Ma;or,,, SC1AE(ER Mmmnnn,,,9 RAM)RE= ) don3t thin% that was an' ordinar' arm' ta7i,,, !chaefer looks at him 7ui.ically. RAM)RE= ,,, loo%s more li%e a s$rveillance 5ird to me, $illon rappells down the line and approaches. D)LLO* 1ave 'o$ "ic%ed $" their trail 'et9 !chaefer taps *amire. on the shoulder and he moves away. !chaefer turns to $illon; SC1AE(ER #ill'3s on it, 3indicates chopper4 1eat see%er, Prett' so"histicated 6or hal68asses mo$ntain 5o's, D)LLO* The'3re ettin 5etter e:$i""ed ever' da', &ill approaches from the background. #)LL/ Ma;or4 loo%s li%e there were ten4 ma'5e twelve $errillas, Loo%s li%e the' too% some "risoners 6rom the cho""er, 3points4

Then a di66erent set o6 trac%4 over there, SC1AE(ER 3pu..led4 !hat do 'o$ mean9 #)LL/ Si7 others4 -,S, iss$e ;$n le 5oots, The' came in 6rom the north4 then 6ollowed the $errillas, !chaefer turns to $illon. SC1AE(ER Mean an'thin to 'o$9 D)LLO* Pro5a5l' another re5el "atrol, The' o"erate in here all the time, !chaefer is obviously concerned about this. +e turns to &illy. SC1AE(ER Get ahead4 see what 'o$ can 6ind, 3to *amire.4 Slow and eas', 3to $illon4 !e don3t want an' accidents, &illy takes up the trail, disappearing in to the jungle. *amire. signals, the team moves out. E+T, J-*GLE . DA/ As &illy reconnoiters, *amire. looks back and gives a sign... !chaefer nods and rappels down cliff. As he joins *amire., there seem to be butterflies everywhere > SC1AE(ER !hat3s he ot9 RAM)RE= Same 5$siness4 $errillas ha$lin two $'s 6rom the cho""er,,, 6ollowed 5' men with American e:$i"ment,,, *amire. seems concerned by this. !chaefer signals him to move on. &efore he follows, !chaefer looks around; there's something dodgy about this. +e goes. ,ver his head is a butterfly on a limb; E+T, J-*GLE . O&ER1EAD . DA/ As the assault team passes below, a B"##ER !' lands on what appears to be the BAR, of a #REE. )t fans its wings and flies on. The impression of the butterfly remains in PER EC# RE!+E , as is imprinted on the bark. The image fades, RE*EA!+N% for an instant a gridwork of #+N' SCA!ES on the bark. The bark moves? Changing colors, like a chameleon, RE*EA!+N% for an instant the form of something alive as it flows into the leaves, once again becoming indistinguishable from the surrounding foliage. #)& E'ES, faintly flowing yellow, appear in the foliage. They blink, disappearing, and then become *+S+B!E again. E+T, ALTERED PO& . DA/

SEE* T1RO-G1 1EAT8SEE<)*G &)S)O*, studying the team's careful, silent movements at they pass by. The S&"NDS of the &RES# are also A!#ERED and ENHANCED with an electric, S#A#+C(!+,E 7uality. The ,bserver scans over the men... and then focuses on !chaefer as he crouches down, signaling forward and rear with a circular motion. +e refers to an &B$EC# in his hand, studying it carefully. E+T, SC1AE(ER . DA/ "sing a MAP in lining out a course on his C&MPASS. The other team members appear, silently, clustering around him. "sing hand signals, !chaefer indicates a course change. E+T, O#SER&ER3S PO& . DA/ atches closely as !chaefer continues with his hand signals, instructing his team. E+T, DE*SE -*DERGRO!T1 . DA/ The hillside of a steep valley, dark and foreboding. &illy passes by and halts, removing his ,N+ E. ith his other hand he pulls down from overhead a #H+C, *+NE, severing it. A thin stream of )A#ER emerges which he drinks. !uddenly he stops, letting the water drip to the ground. +e 7uietly releases the vine and brings his <'8:0 shotgun to bear, listening intently. !omething seems wrong. +e brings his eyes upward and stares, hard into the treeline of the opposing hillside. As his eyes strain to penetrate the dense, intertwined canopy, he is engulfed by the rising S&"NDS of the $"N%!E, a cacophony of B"22+N% and C!+C,+N% , amplified in the sweltering heat of the day. "nable to locate a source to account for his an/iety, he rela/es, moving on, resuming the track. #)LL/ 0M)*-TES LATER2 E/amines the ground as he moves, growing confused and pu..led by what he sees before him. +e stops, scrutini.ing the jungle, probing the world around him with his keen senses. HEAR+N% a faint R"S#!+N% S&"ND he looks up, SEE+N% a curtain of M&SS several feet away. +e takes a cautious step forward, e/tending his weapon. +e reaches forward with his free hand, touching the moss. &ehind the curtain a slight shifting of DAR, &RMS occurs. +e pauses and then with a sudden movement, sweeps the moss aside... A B!AC, E6P!&S+&N of !"##ER+N% )+N%S as carrion'eating B+RDS rush past &illy's body. &illy's face sei.es into a mask of horror, his e/pression descending into a state of complete, primitive shock, his eyes staring transfi/ed, inches away from the leering death'grin of a H"MAN ACE, upside down, completely stripped of skin. *eeling, his body numbed by the sight before him, he stumbles backwards and stops. @ines threaded through their achilles tendons, the B&D+ES & #HREE MEN, skinned and gutted, hang suspended in the think, suffocating air, B"22+N% with insects. &illy turns away, revulsed as *amire. moves 7uietly +N#& *+E), !chaefer directly behind him. *amire. stares at the bodies, now seen to be in the first stages of deterioration, strips of flesh torn away by the birds and other scavengers. )n an almost childlike manner, he crosses himself. RAM)RE= 3hoarse whisper4

1ol' Mother,,, !chaefer moves into the clearing, kneeling beside a bloody pile of C!&#H+N% and EN#RA+!S. +e e/amines the clothing and then rises, holding a $,% TA% on a broken chain. +e reads the tag, his face growing hardened and bitter as he stares down at the tag, recogni.ing the name. SC1AE(ER 3to himself4 J,S, Davis4 Ca"tain4 -,S, Arm',,, !chaefer's eyes move from the bloody dog tag to the bodies. SC1AE(ER 3coldly4 Mac, C$t them down, <ac moves forward, withdrawing his C&MBA# ,N+ E . The blade flashes, cutting the vine as the first body #H"DS to the ground. +e bends over, picking up other D&% #A%S. !chaefer turns to $illon. SC1AE(ER ) %new this man, Green #erets4 o$t o6 (ort #ra answers 6or this4 Dillon9 , !hat the hell were the' doin in here9 /o$ ot an'

D)LLO* 3stunned4 Jes$s,,, this is inh$man, 3to !chaefer4 -h,,, ) wasn3t told o6 an' o"erations in this area, The' sho$ldn3t have 5een here, SC1AE(ER 3angry4 !ell some5od' sent them, !chaefer walks off. <ac steps out of the clearing, sheathing his knife with a violent gesture, passing *amire.. RAM)RE= 3seething4 M$st have r$n into the $errillas,,, ($c%in animals, <ac moves alongside &lain. MAC 3spits4 Ain3t no wa' 6or a soldier to die, 3looks at &lain4 Time to let 3ol 3"ainless3 o$t o6 the 5a , %rimly, &lain R+PS apart the velcro closures of the CAN*AS B"ND!E slung across his shoulder, RE*EA!+N% a truly awesome weapon, a S+6(BARRE!ED M+N+(%"N adapted for field combat. E+T, #)LL/ . DA/ =neels at the side of the original trail e/amining the ground. +e rises, holding a spent CAR#R+D%E. !chaefer approaches, kneeling beside him. SC1AE(ER !hat ha""ened here4 #ill'9 &illy looks at him, pu..led. #)LL/

Stran e4 Ma;or, There was a 6ire6i ht, Shootin in all directions, SC1AE(ER ) can3t 5elieve Jim 1o""er wal%ed into an am5$sh, #)LL/ ) don3t 5elieve he did4 Sir, ) co$ldn3t 6ind a sin le trac%, J$st doesn3t ma%e sense, SC1AE(ER !hat a5o$t the rest o6 1o""er3s men9 &illy shakes his head. #)LL/ 3uncomfortably4 *o si n, The' never le6t here Ma;or, 3pause4 )t3s li%e the' ;$st disa""eared, !chaefer ponders a moment. Then, to &illy; SC1AE(ER Stic% with the $erilla trail, 3to team4 Let3s et it over with, !e move, (ive meter s"read, *o so$nd, *othin , C-T TO: E+T, #LA)* . DA/ &lain feeds the maga.ine of BE!#ED(SHE!!S into the weapon, cocking it. +e looks up at <ac, his eyes cold, his face taut with anger. #LA)* Pa'5ac% time, &lain hefts the <ini'gun to his hip as <ac draws back slightly on the breech bolt of the <'A:, letting it snap. They move on, &illy pausing to look at the jungle before disappearing into the foliage. E+T, ALTERED PO& . DA/ Carefully watching this e/change from high in the treetop canopy. The ,bserver watches as !chaefer turns and leaves the clearing, cautiously moving into the jungle. E+T, J-*GLE 1)LLS)DE . DA/ <ac appears suddenly, materiali.ing out of the undergrowth, pausing cautiously, his senses alert, intense, almost nervous. +e moves on, his huge body barely making a sound as he weaves through the heavy undergrowth. $illon appears. As he moves on, he crosses over a fallen #REE. !tepping down, his foot breaks through a rotten portion, a CH"C, of the log breaking free and rolling down the hill. $illon at once goes into a defensive position, listening. The jungle is S+!EN# . +e stands and starts to move forward. !uddenly <ac appears within inches of $illon's face. <ac's face is menacing, angry. MAC 3hissing- barely audible4 /o$3re hostin3 on me4 mother6o%aaa>,,, ) don3t care who 'o$ are 5ac% in the world,,, /o$ ive awa' o$r "osition a ain and )3ll 5leed 'o$ :$iet and leave 'o$r 6$c%in3 ass ri ht here,

3hisses- spits4 Got it9 $illon's eyes are wide and fi/ed, staring back in cold hatred at <ac, controlling his rage... he knows the rules. #ot waiting for a response, <ac turns and vanished into the jungle. !eething with anger $illon focuses on a still moving !EA and S#EM, indicating <ac's e/it point. +e moves on. E+T, #LA)* . DA/ Crouches under heavy foliage, waiting. +e is joined by <ac. They glance briefly at each other, scanning in opposite directions for movement and sounds. They speak in whispers. #LA)* Sa'4 #$ll, !hat3s oin3 down9 !e ot movement9 MAC *o, Shithead with his trenchcoat and dee8coda8da rin was ma%in3 eno$ h noise to et $s all wa7ed, ) don3t li%e that $', Don3t li%e him at m' 5ac%, ) ain3t windin $" li%e those 5astards 5ac% there, <ac, sweating heavily, wipes the moisture from his brow with his finger. &lain pats the mini'gun affectionately. #LA)* ) %now what 'o$ mean4 #$ll4 5$t don3t sweat it4 me and 3ol 3"ainless3 here are watchin3 the 6ront door, MAC As alwa's4 5ro,,, They do a gentle fist dap and smile warmly at each other. Two men who have seen it all, through a do.en no' win situations, and have lived to tell about it. <ac advances a few meters and signals slowly. E+T, <*OLL The assault team moving up the hill, barely visible in the heavy foliage, the team moves cautiously into defensive positions. +olding. A moment later they continue up the hill, crawling. ,n their stomachs, !chaefer and *amire. clear the edge of the knoll, SEE+N% below a %"ERR+!!A *+!!A%E , a huge, spreading PA!APA covering implacements dug into a hillside, descending to a winding stream bed below. 41 MEN, dressed in a mi/ture of jungle fatigues and civilian clothes, armed with A,(78 ASSA"!# R+ !ES move about the camp. A heavy MACH+NE %"N emplacement guards the entrance to the camp. #)& MEN sit in the camouflaged emplacement. SC1AE(ER !weeping the camp with B+N&C"!ARS, SEES a %"ARD above the camp. ,ne of the man picks up a hand' held R&C,E# !A"NCHER, placing it beside a bandolier of R&C,E#S and a RAD+& SE# and C&NS"!S taken from the ".!. surveillance helicopter as if preparing to take them away. !chaefer puts down the glasses, looking at *amire. who nods in acknowledgment. A sudden M" !ED CR' brings !chaefer's attention to one end of the camp, where a heavily thatched D&&R covers and opening to the PA!APA. A %"ARD stands at the door. The door flies open as a H&S#A%E, shirtless, hands tied behind his back, staggers through the door as if kicked from behind. The man falls to the ground, feebly trying to regain his footing. Although difficult to see from !chaefer's vantage point, the man's battered face and welt'covered back indicate he has been severely tortured.

Emerging from the palapa, a %"ERR+!!A !EADER, moustached and wearing a S+DEARM, approaches the beaten man, kicking him viciously in the stomach, rolling him to his side. =neeling beside the man he withdraws an A"#&MA#+C from his holster and cocks the hammer. %rabbing the man by the hair he jams the mu..le into the man's ear and with a violent twist, pulls the trigger. The guerrilla leader stands and strides 7uickly back to the palapa, still holding the pistol, closing the door behind him. SC1AE(ER %rim'faced at having witnesses the murder, lowers him glasses, a look of cold determination on his face. Buickly he and *amire. ease down the escarpment, joining the other team members. !chaefer makes a circling motion with his thumb and the team members gather in close, huddle formation. SC1AE(ER 3whispering- angry4 J$st %illed one o6 the "risoners, *o time 6or invitations, !e ta%e them4 now, E+T, #LA)* A*D MAC . DA/ Crawl silently through the underbrush. ith nearly impreceptible movements, &lain slips out of the cartridge pack, ditching the <ini'gun. +e withdraws his C&MBA# ,N+ E , placing it between his teeth. They move through the underbrush in tandem, like two bug cats, stalking. <ac free.es, the sweat pouring from his face, holds up his hand as &lain stops. "sing a B!ADE & %RASS, <ac points out a metal #R+P )+RE, following it to a hidden C!A'M&RE M+NE . &lain grins making a switching %ES#"RE. Carefully <ac detaches the !EAD )+RES. $irecting the mine towards the camp, he reattaches the wires, nodding at &lain. E+T, J-*GLE . O&ER1EAD . ALTERED PO& . DA/ SEE* T1RO-G1 1EAT8SEE<)*G &)S)O*4 (OC-SED O* &lain and <ac, lying in the grass below, their bodies outlined in !"M&N&"S A"RE&!ES. The ,bserver SEES the NE#)&R, of #R+P )+RES guarding the approaches to the machine gun nests. The wires %!&) as if E!EC#R+ +ED , standing out in hard'edged relief in contrast to the jungle foliage. +e moves higher into the forest canopy. E+T, #)LL/ . DA/ ,n !chaefer's signal rises up, pulling a SEN#R' to him, covering his mouth with his hand, jerking him backwards and to the side, knocking him off balance with a sweeping motion of his left leg, killing him with his C&MBA# ,N+ E . E+T, SC1AE(ER . DA/ &elly crawls silently through the tall grass just outside and above the main entrance to the camp. +e stops, studying the ancient, rusted skeleton of a #R"C, parked on a level spot above the camp, ist engine 7uietly +D!+N%. The truck is jacked and blocked up, one rear wheel attached to a belt'drive leading to a P"MP, drawing water from a river nearby. )n the open cab of the truck a %"ARD is on duty, watching the high ground above the camp. !chaefer moves out, heading for the guard. E+T, MAC1)*E G-* EMPLACEME*T . DA/

hile one %uerrilla attends to his e7uipment, the &#HER attentively watches the approaches to the camp. +e is momentarily distracted by a B"22+N% !', which he annoyingly swats at with his hand. +e hears something to his side. Turning to investigate, the huge, hamhock fist of <ack smashes into his throat. !imultaneously, &lain rises up behind the other man, grabs him by the hair, pulling him down, his C&MBA# ,N+ E driving downward. E+T, TR-C< . DA/ A SA#CHE! CHAR%E is looped over the gearshift lever, resting on the floorboard. !chaefer, lying low across the seat of the truck, turns and looks, SEE+N% the guard, lying in a heap in the foliage. E+T, RAM)RE= . DA/ <oves into position to the side and above the camp. +e carefully checks the readiness of his S+6(SH&# %RENADE !A"NCHER, also setting his <6'2 in front of him, ready for action. E+T, SC1AE(ER Crouched to the side of the truck, watches the camp, SEE+N% below through the dense undergrowth, *amire., barely visible, signaling. &efore him are two RA%MEN#A#+&N %RENADES. +e looks at his watch, and then up the hill to; D)LLO* A*D 1A!<)*S Their weapons ready. $illon picks up his binoculars, focusing on the machine gun emplacement, seeing a MAN, his face covered by a +AT. The head rises, RE*EA!+N% the face of &lain, who looks above the camp and slightly nods. 6utting his glasses down, motions to +awkins. D)LLO* 3to +awkins4 Read'4 %id9 +awkins grins back. Together they slip through the grass, downward towards the edge of the camp. E+T, SC1AE(ER +olds his huge, C&MMAND& MACHE#E on a diagonal, pushing through the belt, slicing it cleanly. Turning he crawls silently to the rear of the truck, positioning himself behind the rear of the one ton truck. +e s7uats, and with an enormous, concentrated effort, deadlifts the rear of the truck, its rusted springs and frame beginning to CREA, and %R&AN slightly. ith a herculean effort he lifts the truck free of its blocks and then pushes forward. +e rolls aside, disappearing into the ground cover as the truck, its tireless rims digging into the earth, lops down the hill, slowly picking up speed. E+T, G-ERR)LLA &)LLAGE . DA/ A %uerrilla, alerted by the S&"ND of the approaching truck, looks up at the hillside, SEE+N% the vehicle still moving down the hill at a moderate roll. +e CA!!S &"# and several %uerrilla leaves their posts, moving out to prepare to stop the truck. The truck rolls into the clearing picking up speed, heading towards the main palapa. The men rush forward, surrounding the truck, trying to slow it down, but the truck rolls, SMASH+N% through the front wall of the palapa. The men gather around truck and then look back up the hill.

E+T, ALTERED PO& . DA/ atching as !chaefer pulls the pin and launches the %RENADE into the air, the ,bserver following ist arc as it spirals dead'center into the camp, bouncing twice before rolling into the "E! D"MP... which a moment later, E6P!&DES into an incredible +REBA!!. The e/panding +REBA!! released from the e/plosion is to the ,bserver like an erupting sun, mentarily blinding him. E+T, G-ERR)LLA CAMP . DA/ The truck is B!&)N up into the air by the e/plosion... a moment later the satchel charge DE#&NA#ES with an ear'splitting E6P!&S+&N, tearing the truck apart. E+T, SC1AE(ER . DA/ Cumps to his feet, +R+N% an <'8:0 round into the camp. E+T, <*OLL . DA/ !chaefer races down the hillside, joined by $illon, leaving +awkins to cover them. &ullets burst around their feet as they run low, firing short bursts to his left and right. +e +RES the undermounted %RENADE !A"NCHER, sending a round into a gun position in the trees. !till running he breaks open the breach, slamming in another 9:mm R&"ND from the cartridge pack at his waist. &lain and <ac fire the heavy machine guns, laying down a withering curtain of lead, shredding the camp, taking out five %uerrillas at once. E+T, G-ERR)LLA CAMP . DA/ A MAN almost completely &N +RE is hit by an onslaught of %"N +RE, ripping him back into the jungle. *amire. cuts loose a barrage from the S+6(SH&&#ER... seconds later the MACH+NE %"N +MP!ACEMEN# erupts in a series of E6P!&S+&NS, blowing two %uerrillas into the air. At the H+!!S+DE H"#, two %uerrillas move into position by the window, drawing down on !chaefer as he appears, racing down the hill. As they are about to open fire, $illon appears, 'E!!+N% &"# a warning. D)LLO* On 'o$r nine>>> !chaefer dives, hitting the ground as $illon &PENS +RE taking out the %uerrillas. !chaefer rolls to his feet, spins, firing the 8:0 grenade launcher, completely destroying the hut. E+T, ALTERED PO& . DA/ As the ,bserver regains its vision an eerie, surreal e/perience of sight and sound unfolds; B"!!E#S streak through the air, leaving blood'red trails of HEA#, like laser blasts. As they impact into the %uerillas, we HEAR the enhanced S!APP+N% of B"!!E#S, SEE+N% tiny blossoms of HEA# mushroom out of their bodies. e HEAR the horrific, deformed CR+ES and SCREAMS of the dying men.

Another searing, blinding E6P!&S+&N sends pieces of SHRAPNE! ripping through the air, some of them R&AR+N% past the ,bserver's position, like tiny meteors. E+T, G-ERR)LLA &)LLAGE At the entrance way to the main palapa, a %uerrilla stands in the doorway, giving C&*ER +RE to his comrades as they fall back inside. Cumping from the roof of the adjoining palapa, &illy drops directly in front of the %uerrilla. (rom the side, unseen by &illy, another %uerrilla thrusts out with a knife, &illy ducking backwards, the tip of the knife S!ASH+N% his face. ith a lightning move, &illy whips his arm up and around the %uerrilla, locking his elbow, breaking the joint. !till holding the man he +RES, blowing the other %uerrilla off his feet with the SH&#%"N portion of his weapon. +e looks at the %uerrilla out of the corner of his eye. +e suddenly strikes, breaking his neck, dropping him in a heap. &illy continues on, racing down the stairs, firing the <'8:0. <eanwhile, &lain is crouched ne/t to a tree, providing cover. &ehind &lain, at the edge of the camp, circling around from below, #)& %"ERR+!!AS appear and +RE a grenade round which E6P!&DES behind &lain, fragments ripping into the tree ne/t to which &lain is standing, bark and dirt flying as shrapnel rips into his vest, one piece tearing into his upper shoulder. The hits have no effect on the huge man and with a savage %R&)!, he spins, opening fire, raking the two attackers with the <ini'gun. #earby, <ac charges from the jungle on a dead run, diving over a fallen tree as machine gun +RE rakes the ground around him. &lain, spotting the sniper high in a tree, opens +RE with the M+N+(%"N, shredding the tree, sending the %uerrilla crashing down through the roof of the palapa. )*T, PALAPA . DA/ The sniper CRASHES through the roof, landing on the floor near +awkins and *amire. who do a 7uick double take before opening fire on a group of fleeing %uerrillas, taking out two, giving chase to the others. !chaefer and $illon appear at the top of the staircase, !chaefer free.ing as he SEES below a %uerrilla raising an A,(78, preparing to fire. !chaefer tackles $illon, the two men hurling into the air, a moment later B"!!E#S ripping into the CRA#ES behind where they were standing. $illon rises up, kicking over a crate, shooting the %uerrilla who is trying to bring the gun around to fire at him. !chaefer crouches, covering the upper entrances to the palapa, as *amire. rushes past, joining !chaefer. (rom the corner of his eye, !chaefer catches a movement. ith a whipping, backhanded throw, he lets fly his C&MMAND& MACHE#E ... The machete impales the attacking %uerrilla, driving him backwards, pinning him to a post. SC1AE(ER Stic% aro$nd, !chaefer and *amire. run towards the lower levels, side by side, firing as they go. They reach a door, !chaefer taking out an A##AC,+N% %uerrilla. *amire. grabs the side of the door, shoots a look to !chaefer and throws it open. ith !chaefer covering him, *amire. takes a 7uick peak inside and then rushes into the room. )*T, ROOM . DA/

At one end is a S#A+R)A', leading to an escape door. A %uerrilla, seen from the waist up, scrambles down the stairs. At the base of the stairs, a %uerrilla, holding an A,(78 on his hip, turns and starts to fire. !chaefer and *amire. respond with full A"#& B"RS#S which rip into the %uerrilla, spinning him around, knocking over a crude )&&DEN #AB!E, scattering a BR+E CASE with burning PAPERS, &&D CANS, and !+-"&R B&##!ES. As he spins he +RES the weapon, an arcing line of S!"%S slamming into the tin roof, sending down a shower of rust and dirt. +e falls to the ground. $ead. *amire. charges through the D"S# and thick SM&,E to cover the fallen men- !chaefer following close behind, jerking a new C!+P from his ammo belt. !uddenly, another %uerrilla erupts from behind some ammunition crates, drawing down on *amire. with a machine pistol. SC1AE(ER 3shouting4 Down>>> As the %uerrilla fires, !chaefer smashes the butt of his empty weapon into the %uerrilla's shoulder, knocking the gun aside, the S!"%S thudding into the wall harmlessly. +e hits the %uerrilla with a vicious glancing blow to the head with the barrel of his weapon. The %uerrilla is hurled backward, crashing into the wooden crates and to the floor. *amire., recovering 7uickly, descends the stairs with catlike agility, disappearing. !chaefer crouches and spins, jamming a new clip into the rifle, scanning the palapa for any other movement. +e races to the main door of the room, shouting into the palapa. +e SEES &lain charging down the steps. Catching his attention he signals him on, out the back to cover *amire.. SC1AE(ER 3to +awkins4 1aw%4 Get Con, O", on the hoo%> Position and sit$ation4 now> As &lain runs down the stairs, +awkins already has the radio off his back, setting up the portable SA#E!!+#E D+SH AN#ENNA. 1A!<)*S /o$ ot it4 Ma;or> E+T, PALAPA . !ATER AREA . DA/ *amire., &lain and &illy race down the back stairs of the palapa, +R+N% <ini'gun, automatic and grenade rounds at the escaping %"ERR+!!AS as they flee the area, splashing, charging across the shallow river. The guerrillas are history... in no uncertain terms. )*T, PALAPA . DA/ (or the first time, !chaefer studies the interior of the cavernous palapa, SEE+N% the enormous stockpile of )EAP&NS, E-"+PMEN# and S"PP!+ES stacked along the walls, obviously a major military stronghold hidden deep within the mountains. <ac hustles up to !chaefer, a look of urgency on his face. SC1AE(ER An' si n o6 the hosta es9

MAC 3nods4 !e 6o$nd 3em 5oth4 dead, And the ear 6rom the cho""er, )6 the'3re Central American4 )3m a 6$c%in3 Chinaman, #' the loo%s o6 3em4 )3d sa' o$r ca5inet minister and his aide are C)A, 3pause4 Another thin 4 Ma;or4 we were l$c%',,, co$"le o6 those $'s we wa7ed are R$ssians4 militar' advisors 5' the loo% o6 it, Somethin 5i was a5o$t to ha""en here, !chaefer looks at <ac a moment, a flush of anger beginning to show. SC1AE(ER Good wor%4 Mac, Clear the area4 no traces, Get the men read' to move, !chaefer goes back into the room, looking down at the unconscious guerrilla, racking a round into the chamber, reloading his weapon. +e kneels, staring into the ACE of a )&MAN, ANNA, dark, late twenties. $espite her blood and dirt' smeared face, she is beautiful. SC1AE(ER 3closes eyes4 Shit,,, +e checks her pulse and then slowly he bends to pick up her P+S#&!, ejecting the clip. +e stands, beginning to shuffle through the PAPERS scattered about the room. !taring at one he looks up, the pieces falling together. E+T, J-*GLE . DA/ *amire., at a crouch, runs through the jungle, following the obvious signs of the %uerrilla's retreat. +e emerges from the trees into an opening, leading to a sheer rock cliff, towering fifty feet above the ground. !canning the wall, he SEES movement and 7uickly takes cover, as automatic +RE rips up the ground before him. E+T, ROC< !ALL . DA/ #ear the center of which a narrow cut, two feet wide, leads to the top of the cliff, giving access to the adjoining ridge. Two %uerrillas scramble up through the chimney, assisted by a R&PE, which with withdraw as they reach the top. *amire. takes out one man, the other taking cover, returning fire. E+T, #ASE O( ROC< !ALL . DA/ &lain joins *amire., behind cover at the foot of the cliff. As they take cover, *amire. notices the wound on &lain's shoulder. RAM)RE= /o$3re hit, /o$3re 5leedin34 man, &lain looks briefly at the wound. #LA)* 3spits4 Ain3t ot time to 5leed, ,n a signal, they both clear cover and fire !&N% B"RS#S from their weapons up the cliff. The smoke is hardly cleared when they are answered by withering +RE. They duck down as a grenade E6P!&DES nearby. *amire. 7uickly replaces the 71MM rounds into the S+6(SH&&#ER.

#LA)* Son8o68a85itch3s d$ in li%e a Ala5ama tic%,,, 3spits4 ,,, ;ac% $s aro$nd all da', RAM)RE= 1ell4 d$de4 we don3t have all da', *amire. immediately rolls into the line of fire, B!AS#+N% si/ RAP+D( +RE shots on a H+%H(ARC trajectory towards the rocks. &lain reacts. #LA)* Shit4 Pancho>>> &lain dives against the protective cover of the rock wall, covering his head. *amire. casually hops across, s7uatting ne/t to &lain. They make eye'contact. RAM)RE= !hat3s 'o$r "ro5lem4 d$de9 &efore &lain can answer, *amire. puts his fingers into his ears and grimaces just as... The entire hillside E6P!&DES, blowing the %uerrillas into the air, a torrent of vegetation and earth raining down the cliff, obscuring &lain and *amire.. )*T, PALAPA ROOM . DA/ !chaefer is staring out the window, his weapon slack in one arm, still holding the paper. $illon enters, obviously e/cited about what he has found. +e sees the papers on the floor. +e reads through them 7uickly, growing even more e/cited. D)LLO* This is 5ea$ti6$l> More than we ever tho$ ht, !e ot the 5astards> !chaefer turns, striding slowly to $illon, handing him the paper he is holding. SC1AE(ER ) thin% this is the one 'o$ want, $illon reads it. D)LLO* 3reacting4 Two da's,,, that3s all we had, )n two da's4 three h$ndred o6 these 5astards wo$ld have 5een e:$i""ed with all this, A6ter the' crossed the 5order4 it wo$ld have ta%en a 'ear to sto" them, 3looks up4 !e3ve averted a ma;or $errilla invasion4 D$tch,,, !chaefer moves in close to $illon, face to face, anger flaring in his eyes. SC1AE(ER 3slow- deliberate4 )t was all 5$llshit, All o6 it, (rom the start,,, 'o$ set $s $"4 ot $s in here to do 'o$r dirt' wor%, D)LLO* 3angry4 That3s ri ht4 ) set 'o$ $", /o$3re a veteran at this4 D$tch4 ) had to, SC1AE(ER !h' $s9 D)LLO*

#eca$se ) told 'o$4 'o$3re the 5est, ) %new 'o$ co$ld do it 5$t ) co$ldn3t et 'o$ in here witho$t a cover stor', SC1AE(ER !hat stor' did 'o$ ive to Davis9 D)LLO* !e3ve 5een loo%in3 6or this "lace 6or months, The cho""er m$st have otten close when the' ot shot down, 1o""er was sent in to et m' men, 1e was ;$st doin his ;o5, !hen he disa""eared ) had to clean this $"4 ) had to sto" there 5astards, !e were so close4 we co$ldn3t :$it, !e co$ldn3t slee" thro$ h this one, ) needed 'o$4 D$tch4 can3t 'o$ see that9 D)LLO* To invade a 6orei n co$ntr'4 ille all'9 /o$ lied4 Dillon, Stac%ed the odds a ainst $s, Set $s $", /o$ co$ld have otten $s all %illed, 3pause- looking at him4 /o$ $sed to 5e one o6 $s4 Dillon4 someone ) co$ld tr$st with m' li6e,,, D)LLO* !e3ve 5een thro$ h a lot to ether D$tch, !hen we were to ether4 no one co$ld sto" $s4 the hottest Goddamned team the arm' ever saw, #$t thin s chan ed4 ) wo%e $", !e3re 6i htin them in a dozen Goddamned co$ntries, )t3s a 6i ht we can3t lose4 D$tch, !e3re all e7"enda5le assets4 can3t 'o$ see that9 !chaefer takes the paper from $illon's hands. SC1AE(ER That3s 'o$r "ro5lem4 Dillon, /o$ alwa's did "$t am5ition 5e6ore the lives o6 'o$r men, 3pause4 M' men are not e7"enda5le, ) don3t do this %ind o6 wor%, 3crumples up paper in fist4 This is 'o$r dirt' little war4 not mine, +e stuffs the crumpled paper into $illon's shirt pocket. Anna, regaining consciousness, %R&ANS, a heavy flow of blood running down her face from her head wound. +awkins appears at the door. 1A!<)*S Ma;or> !chaefer turns away from $illon and steps through the doorway into the palapa as Anna moans again, <"MB!+N% something in !panish. $illon kneels, beside her. D)LLO* 37uietly- in !panish4 Are 'o$ all ri ht9 )*T, PALAPA . DA/ !chaefer is talking to +awkins who has the field radio set on a crate just outside the door. 1A!<)*S 3urgent4 Ma;or4 we ste""ed into some real shit here, ) ot a hoo%8$" with aerial s$rveillance, SC1AE(ER Movement9 1A!<)*S 3nods4 G$errillas swarmin li%e 6lies all over the "lace, Can3t 5e more then one4 ma'5e two miles awa', Place is oin down4 Ma;or,

SC1AE(ER 1ow m$ch time9 1A!<)*S 1al6 an ho$r4 ma'5e less, !chaefer touches him on the shoulder. SC1AE(ER 3urgently4 Tell Mac we move in 6ive, +e starts to walk away. D)LLO* 0O,S,2 She oes with $s, !chaefer turns. $illon is at the doorway, supporting the still groggy Anna. D)LLO* She3s too val$a5le, She3s ot to %now their whole networ%, The whole set $", !e ta%e her with $s, SC1AE(ER !e ta%e her and she3ll ive awa' o$r "osition4 ever' chance she ets, *o "risoners4 Dillon, $illon grabs the handset from +awkin's radio, shoving it at !chaefer. D)LLO* /o$3re still $nder orders4 D$tch, /o$ want to ma%e the call4 or sho$ld )9 !chaefer looks at the handset. Then at $illon, he knows $illon's won. +e starts to walk away but stops, turning back, pointing a finger at $illon. SC1AE(ER )3m ettin m' men o$t o6 this damn ;$n le4 Dillon, She3s 'o$r 5a own, E+T, G-ERR)LLA &)LLAGE . DA/ !chaefer and &illy are kneeling on the ground near the trailhead, studying a <A6. )n the background, the team, hidden, covers the hillside approaches to the camp, nervous and wary, weapons ready. SC1AE(ER This "lace is too hot 6or a "ic%8$", The' won3t to$ch $s $ntil we3re over the 5order, !e can li6t at L= AB4 here, 3points to map4 S"otter "lane sa's we3re c$t o66, 3points to map4 E7ce"t 6or this valle', &illy shakes his head, following the C&N#&"R !+NES of the rugged terrain. #)LL/ Loo%s 5ad4 Ma;or, )t3s onna 5e a real 5itch, 3points to map4 )6 we 6ollow a5ove the river and then down4 here4 at this can'on4 we mi ht 6ind a wa' o$t, !chaefer turns to *amire., kneeling close by. SC1AE(ER 3decisively4 a e, /o$ 6all 5ehind4 'o$3re on 'o$r

*ot m$ch choice, Pancho4 ta%e the lead, Do$5le time it, +e turns and looks at $illon, Anna as his side, her forehead bandaged, her hands bound in front of her. +e turns back to the others. SC1AE(ER Loc% n3 load4 watch 'o$r ass, &lain moves out, swinging the <ini'gun in front of him as he goes. E+T, O#SER&ER3S PO& . DA/ atching as $illon leads ANNA onward, SEE+N% her bound hands. $illon pushes her. E+T, A**A . DA/ !pins, hurling a string of insults to $illon in !6A#)!+. A**A 3in !panish4 /o$ to$ch me a ain4 "i 4 and ) will c$t o66 'o$r 5alls> D)LLO* 3in !panish4 )t3s a lon wal% 5ac%4 ma%e it eas' on 'o$rsel6, !he spits at him, turning forward with a twist of her head. $illon picks up his back, shouldering it. As they move on, <ac calls out to him. MAC 37uietly4 1e'4 Dillon4 over here, $illon doesn't respond. MAC 3louder4 Dillon4 over here, $illon turns and approaches, warily, holding the girl. D)LLO* /eah4 what is it4 Ser eant9 <ac unsheathes his knife. +e gives $illon a cold look and turns him by the shoulders. Crawling across the PAC, on $illon's back is a huge SC&RP+&N. <ac skeweres the scorpion with the tip of his blade, holding it before the wincing $illon. Anna smirks, nodding to the writhing, stinging insect. A**A 3in !panish4 !hen m' "eo"le catch 'o$4 'o$3ll wish 'o$ were him, $illon looks at <ac. D)LLO* Than%s, MAC 3coolly4

An'time, <ac flings the scorpion to the ground, crushing it with his boot. +e looks up at $illon, walks away. $illon follows, pulling Anna behind him. &illy, guarding the rear, glances furtively around the clearing. +e moves a step forward and stops, free.ing. !lowly he turns back, his eyes riveted upon the treeline above the camp. +is eyes strain, his senses registering a fear he cannot name or see. !omething is out there, in the trees, waiting, watching. &illy turns and walks into the jungle, pausing one last time to look behind him before he too disappears from sight. The jungle %R&)S S+!EN# . E+T, O#SER&ER3S ALTERED PO& . DA/ LOO<)*G DO!* from his vantage point to the treeline below, terraces like stepping stones, &C"S+N% &N a #REE, fifty feet away. The ,bserver utters a !&) #R+!! and springs outward into space, hurtling downward towards his landing point, the canopy of the trees approaching in a staccato rush of green. The S&"NDS of the &RES# are again altered and enhanced with an electric, S#A#+C(!+,E 7uality as the ,bserver descends fluidly through the trees and to the ground. +e enters the camp, surveying the terrible destruction and carnage. +e SEES the dead %uerrillas, the dissipating heat from their bodies leaving them pale and %H&S#(!+,E , as if fading light about to e/tinguish. +e sees their weapons, the cold hard steel of the barrels registering +CE B!"E in his vision. E+T, O#SER&ER3S PO& O( 1)S 1A*D . DA/ As it appears, pulsing in a pale magenta heat, low to the ground, holding his weapon. +e lays down the weapon, picking up the SC&RP+&N, turning it slowly in his fingers, e/amining it. )t looks like an e/otic flower, its color fading from sight, turning to B!AC,. A low S&"ND is uttered, something vaguely familiar about it; A NEAR!' H"MAN *&+CE , a distorted imitation of <ac. 1-*TER 0O,S,2 3filtered4 Dillon4 over here, Again the phrase is uttered, improving, closer to <ac's inflection and accent. 1-*TER 0O,S,2 Dillon4 over here, The +unter lowers the pitch. 1-*TER 0O,S,2 Dillon4 over here, The last effort is a chilling simulation of <ac's voice. E+T, O#SER&ER3S 1A*D . DA/ $rops the scorpion and picks up the weapon which changes instantly back to the ,bserver's skin tones.

E+T, O#SER&ER3S PO& . DA/ +e turns and focuses on the area where the team left camp. +e crouches and springs to the lower branches of a tree, grasping them with his clawed, three'fingered hands, pulling himself up and through the branches with astounding speed and simian'like de/terity- his spurred prehensile feet, grasping and thrusting him to a vantage point, fifty feet above the ground. As he moves on, the jungle grows suddenly -"+E#, as if aware, sensing that the H"N#ER is now stalking, no longer observing??? E+T, J-*GLE &ALLE/ . DA/ The twilight world of a PREH+S#&R+C &RES#, filled with gigantic plants and towering trees, overgrown with vines and creepers. The team, with &illy at point, walk alongside a wandering S#REAM BED, weirdly illuminated by SHA #S & !+%H#, streaming through openings in the trees, as if from spotlights, a hundred feet above. )t is midday, hot and humid, the air B"22+N% with the sounds of insects, the CR'+N% of birds and monkeys. The men are moving fast and 7uiet, straining to see into the dense jungle, aware of every sound, sweating, 7uietly slapping at biting insects. E+T, G)A*T 1ARD!OOD TREE . DA/ 5ies across their path. As the man climb over a rotten section, <ac stops to assist &lain with his <ini'gun. MAC )3ve seen some 5adass 5$sh 5e6ore4 5$t nothin3 li%e this4 man, 3pause4 Little taste 3o home9 &lain nods and pauses to rest, looking around him as <ac withdraws a small silver P&C,E# !AS,. +e takes a nip, passing the flask to &lain who also takes a sip. #LA)* ) hear 'o$ 5ro4 this is some shit, Ma%es Cam5odia loo% li%e <ansas, Lose 'o$r wa' in here4 man4 'o$ 5e in some %inda h$rt, &lain hands back the flask, <ac replacing it inside his vest. They do their hand dap, looking warily behind them before they move on. E+T, A**A A*D D)LLO* . J-*GLE . DA/ +ave fallen behind, $illon looking worriedly ahead at the them out distancing them. Anna is keeping her pace purposefully slow. !he trips on a root falling to the ground. !he lies there, motionless. +e 7uickly reaches down to haul her to her feet. D)LLO* 3urgently4 Shit, Come on,,, 5ike an uncoiled spring, Anna turns, flinging a handful of D+R# into his face, momentarily blinding him. !he lunges for his rifle with her bound hands. !uddenly the BARRE! of an <6'2 is thrust into her face. 5ooking up she SEES *amire., calmly holding the weapon on her, the look in his eyes indicating he'd hove no trouble shooting her.

RAM)RE= 3in !panish4 Don3t tr' it, !he looks back at $illon, wiping the dirt from his eyes. !he moves on. *amire. gives him a cold look as $illon hurries past. RAM)RE= 3coolly4 /o$ sho$ld "$t her on a leash4 A ent Man, )6 'o$ can3t handle her4 ;$st sa' the word, $illon moves on, ignoring *amire., who turns, scanning the jungle behind him before moving on. $illon catches up with Anna, turning her sharply by the chin. D)LLO* 3cold- in !panish4 Tr' that a ain, Please, !he looks at him contemptuously, undaunted. !he will try it again. !he breaks away from his grasp and moves on, $illon watching her go, he won't hesitate ne/t time. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ As he travels, directly overhead, timing his movement with those of the team. +e moves lower, closer to the slowly moving humans. E+T, R)&ER #ED . DA/ The team moves cautiously through the winding stream bed, now wearing their clothing in various stages of disarray for comfort, sweat dripping from their bodies. &illy, in the lead, picks his way along the riverbank, his concentration rapt, aboriginal. +is face a trancelike mask of e/pectation. &lain, cradling the heavy <ini'gun as if it were a toy, swings the weapon relentlessly across his field of view. +e pauses to adjust the hanging, belted loop of cartridges trailing from the back pack maga.ine. An +NSEC# lands on his face and is trapped in the grease paint near his lips. +e draws the hapless bug into his mouth with his tongue and 7uietly spits it out, his concentration unbroken. <ac follows, holding the <'A: high across his chest. !chaefer, bent, cautious, his feet moving aside the dry leaves on the ground, heel to toe and on foot edges. +e glances around, checking the team's position and progress. +awkins follows, his mouth open, breathing deeply, e/hausted, the radio a A: pound demon. Anna, struggling to climb a section of the stream bank, slips on some loose dirt. "nable to assist herself with her hands tied, she nearly falls. $illon prods her with his rifle, forcing her to her feet. !he scrambles up the bank, $illon following. E+T, R)&ER #A*< . DA/ As &illy enters a small clearing, bordered on one side by the towering trees, carpeting the mountainside. +igh above in the thick, impenetrable treeline, brightly colored birds S-"A), loudly, chasing each other from branch to branch. !uddenly &illy stops. !chaefer holds up his hand and the team free.es in position. An eerie S+!ENCE , like a slowly falling curtain, descends over the jungle until even the B"22+N% and C!+C,+N% of insects have CEASED.

E+T, TEAM MEM#ERS . DA/ !ensing an ambush, move 7uietly into the foliage. $illon moves into the undergrowth, dragging Anna with him. +e slings his <6'2 over his shoulder, withdrawing his ,N+ E. %rasping Anna by her shirt collar and pushing her to the ground he holds the weapon near her throat. $illon signals to *amire. who approaches. $illon hands *amire. the knife. D)LLO* !atch her, &efore *amire. can respond, $illon slips into the undergrowth. *amire. holds the knife on Anna, cautiously scanning around him for movement. "nseen by *amire., Anna's outstretched hands slowly tighten around a stout R&&#(B"R!, lying loose on the ground. E+T, #)LL/ . AT T1E R)&ER #ED . DA/ +e remains fro.en and transfi/ed, staring into the treeline. !omething is moving, fluid, silently and downward, into the forest. &illy remains rooted to the spot, lost in concentration. SC1AE(ER !ensing something very wrong with &illy, moves alongside <ac. SC1AE(ER !hat3s ot #ill' so s"oo%ed9 MAC Can3t sa'4 Ma;or,,, 5een s:$irrel' all mornin3,,, 6$c%in3 weird,,, sometimes ) thin% that nose o6 his is too ood,,, smells thin s that ain3t there, !chaefer signals for <ac to cover him and then moves low and 7uiet towards &illy. $illon appears, looking to <ac for an e/planation. <ac ignores him, concentrating on the jungle. $illon looks forward at... &illy, his eyes riveted to the capony above, as he unconsciously reaches to his throat, grasping a !EA#HER P&"CH, secured to his neck by a thong. +e fingers the MED+C+NE BA% talisman. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ As he slowly descends through the trees, moving towards &illy, who's eyes search the treeline for movement. #AC< TO SCE*E . SC1AE(ER Approaches &illy, gripping his shoulders and in a hoarse whisper, speaks his name. SC1AE(ER !hat is it,,,9 &illy, rigid, does not respond. !chaefer forcefully jerks his around to face him. SC1AE(ER #ill',,, !hat the hell3s wron with 'o$9 #)LL/ 3low4 Somethin ,,, in the trees,,, E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/

!till closing in on &illy. &illy turns back, looking high into the trees, pu..led and frightened. +e's lost sense of the +unter's presence. +e lowers his vision, looking towards the +unter, now on the ground, 0: yards across the clearing from &illy. The +unter pauses. #AC< TO SCE*E . #)LL/ A*D SC1AE(ER #)LL/ 3whispers4 Can 'o$ see an'thin ,,, 3points4 ,,, there9 !chaefer stares hard at the jungle. SC1AE(ER )t3s,,, nothin ,,, E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ <oves behind a broad fern, skirting around &illy and !chaefer, heading away from the column. #AC< TO SCE*E . #)LL/ A*D SC1AE(ER !chaefer shakes his head, continuing to stare into the jungle. +e turns to &illy. SC1AE(ER !hat do 'o$ thin%,,,9 &illy turns, a pu..led look in his eyes. +e nods in agreement. #)LL/ )t3s nothin ,,, E+T, A**A A*D RAM)RE= . DA/ !ensing the danger has passed, *amire. releases his grip on Anna. As they start to rise, *amire. sheaths his knife and unslings his <6'2. Anna still stares hard into the jungle. !uddenly, without even looking, Anna with the trained refle/es of an e/perienced fighter swings the B"R! with all her might, catching *amire. hard on the side of the head, just above the eye, opening a wicked gash. !pinning around she knees him brutally in the groin. As *amire. goes down, doubled over in pain, Anna turns, scrambling up the embankment, running for the jungle. *amire. CR+ES out. E+T, SC1AE(ER . DA/ HEAR+N% *amire.' cry, !chaefer signals to +awkins to move. +awkins moves out, fast, heading towards the sound... E+T, 1A!<)*S . DA/ SEES Anna running away. +e gives chase. Anna, although bound, is light and fit and runs fast, hurdling fallen logs and branches, charging through the undergrowth. !he has a good start.

+awkins, hampered by the radio and weapon but in tremendous shape, thunders after her, closing the distance. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ As he passes from behind a large tree, surrounded by dense foliage, SEE+N% the fleeing Anna. +e watches her and then begins to move parallel with her, only faster, the green of the jungle rushing by in a blur. E+T, A**A A*D 1A!<)*S . DA/ Anna, bursting through a grove of ferns, drives on, breathing hard with the e/ertion. +awkins, ten yards behind, closing the distance, taking advantage of any hesitation Anna makes, struggling with the dense jungle. Anna hits a small clearing, an alleyway through the trees. !he sprints hard across the clear ground. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ <oving through the jungle. As he steps clear of the foliage he SEES Anna driving hard into the alleyway, running directly towards him. Twenty yards away, +awkins, closes in. #AC< TO SCE*E . 1A!<)*S ,nly a few feet behind Anna, lunges forward, knocking her to the ground. )n a second he's on her, his weapon ready. !he struggles to her feet, fighting, gasping for breath. +awkins holds the <6'2 on her, looking at her, almost pleading. +e doesn't want to shoot her, but he will if he has to. 1A!<)*S Please,,, !he looks at the weapon, to +awkins and then, hopefully, to the jungle. !he stops, staring hard down the alleyway. !omething... suddenly she sees it? A**A 9in Spani:h; Loo% o$t4 5ehind 'o$>>> Ha<=in: :pin:... E+T, 1A!<)*S A*D A**A3S PO& . DA/ SEE+N% the M&##!ED &"#!+NE of the +unter's body, racing towards them, as if the entire wall of the jungle were rushing in. The +unter's )EAP&N flares to life. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . A**A A*D 1A!<)*S . DA/ As he hurtles towards them, their faces fro.en in surprise #AC< TO SCE*E . A**A A*D 1A!<)*S A splitting #H"D as +awkins is hurtled backwards into the undergrowth, the +unter's hand and )EAP&N flashing through the air. B!&&D splashes on Anna's face. !he SCREAMS as +awkins' MP(> +RES a short B"RS# into the air.

E+T, R)&ER #ED . DA/ HEAR+N% the %"N +RE, !chaefer )H+S#!ES low and sharp. *amire., face bloody, swings into action, moving in a coordinated defensiveDoffensive pattern into the jungle. 1A!<)*S . #AC< TO SCE*E The +unter's ARM and SP"R hook into +awkins' leg, and he is dragged into the jungle. E+T, RAM)RE= . DA/ *amire. runs forward ten paces, drops to a crouch, scanning to each side. )mmediately !chaefer runs forward twenty paces. As he passes *amire., *amire. turns and scans the rear and flanks. $illon, <ac and &lain repeat the maneuver, leap'frogging forward, canvassing the jungle, providing areas of intersection cover. E+T, RAM)RE= Entering the alleyway where +awkins was killed he SEES Anna, cowering in the bushes, her blood splattered face gla.ed with terror, his eyes vacant. +e approaches, angry, wary, but the girl is so stunned. +e SEES the trail of B!&&D and CR"SHED %RASSES leading into the jungle. +e gives a !&) )H+S#!E and then moves on, the rest of the team assuming defensive positions around the clearing. +e follows the trail, finding first +awkins' blood'covered weapon, and then, a few yards later, the radio. *amire. cautiously parts the brush before him. A look of pu..lement and then revulsion comes of his face. E+T, ALLE/!A/ . DA/ &lain and <ac at either end, cautiously searching the jungle- &illy covering their flanks. !chaefer and $illon approach Anna. !he seems unaware of their presence, staring numbly ahead. !chaefer checks her out, looking for wounds, he wipes some of the blood from her face. SC1AE(ER )t3s not her 5lood, *amire. emerges from the jungle carrying +awkins' <6'2 and radio. +e approaches, dumping the e7uipment on the ground. RAM)RE= Ma;or4 'o$3d 5etter ta%e a loo% at this, SC1AE(ER 1aw%ins9 RAM)RE= 3oddly4 ) can3t tell, E+T, SC1AE(ER A*D RAM)RE= . DA/ $illon in the background, as *amire. parts the brush with his weapon. &efore them, covered with dirt and leaves, are +awkins' EN#RA+!S. There is no body. SC1AE(ER 3shocked4 !hat in God3s name,,,9

RAM)RE= ) thin% it3s 1aw%ins, SC1AE(ER !here the hell is his 5od'9 RAM)RE= There3s no si n o6 it, E+T, ALLE/!A/ . DA/ The entire team is gathered, still holding defensive positions. Anna, still stunned, is beginning to come around. !he looks up at !chaefer. +e turns to *amire.. SC1AE(ER Ramirez4 as% her what ha""ened, *amire. drops to one knee and talks softly to her in SPAN+SH. !he mutters incoherently in !panish, still da.ed, shaking her head. $illon listens closely to her response. *amire. turns to !chaefer. +e seems confused. RAM)RE= She sa's,,, the ;$n le came alive4 and too% him,,, D)LLO* That isn3t what she said,,, she said,,, 3pondering- to *amire.4 ,,, she doesn3t ma%e sense, RAM)RE= 3growing angry4 Co$"le o6 sa""ers 5een trailin $s all the wa' 6rom the cam"4 Ma;or, #ill' heard them, She set $s $"4 ran 6or it,,, The' were waitin , ) sho$ld3ve wasted the 5itch when ) had the chance, !chaefer, looking at +awkins' bloodstained e7uipment lying at Anna's feet, looks up. SC1AE(ER 37uietly4 !h' didn3t the' ta%e the radio and his wea"on9 3pause4 !h' didn3t she esca"e9 *amire. and $illon look at the e7uipment and then to the girl, still numb with shock. D)LLO* 3grimly- remembering4 The' did the same thin to Davis,,, The two veteran commandos look at each other, finding no e/planation between them. SC1AE(ER 3urgent- to the others4 ) want him 6o$nd, Swee" "attern and do$5le 5ac%, (i6t' meters, They move out. !chaefer moves into the jungle, searching. +e crouches at the base of a huge MAH&%AN' #REE, covered with vines, studying the jungle. +e moves away from the tree and into the forest, looking for signs on the ground. here he was sitting, a DR&P & B!&&D falls. Another drop falls, dripping from a leaf and above that, from another leaf. Above that, high in the top of the tree, S"SPENDED from vines from his ankles, is HA),+NS/ B&D', his chest a gaping wound. +e hands there as if he were an animal, field dressed.

E+T, #LA)* . DA/ Crouched in the undergrowth. There is a movement in the brush before him. +e wipes the sweat from his eyes and clicks his safety on the <ini'gun to fire. The S&"ND is growing closer. &lain levels the weapon. A smile crosses his face. #LA)* 3whispers4 Come on in 'o$ 6$c%ers,,, come on in, Ol3 "ainless3 is waitin3,,, The movement in the brush is %R&)+N% !&"DER. &lain's finger moves closer to the trigger. !uddenly a small #AP+R bursts through the leaves, startling &lain. +e rela/es momentarily as he watches the animal scurrying from sight. +e stands... S&ME#H+N% gra.es his shoulder, a gout of B!&&D erupting. +e starts to turn, the <ini'gun held low, ready to fire... ... from out of the jungle, E2 feet away, the +unter's )EAP&N streaks toward him like a missile. +e SCREAMS as it enters his back, erupting from his chest in an E6P!&S+&N of B!&&D. E+T, MAC . DA/ +as heard &lain's cry. +e moves fast through the brush. +e HEARS a R"S#!+N% in the bushes. A wet S"C,+N% S&"ND. <ac charges into the clearing. )n the instant before the +unter disappears into the forest, <ac SEES a vision so brief and fantastic that it seems like a hallucination. The +unter's E'ES flare momentarily from the green before they vanish. <ac sees his friend, lying on the ground, his chest open, the powerful man, dead. MAC 3shouting4 Contact4 ?@ Ri ht>>> +e &PENS +RE with his <'8:0, belted shells slamming into the weapon from the maga.ine at his waist, e/pending it in one !&N% B"RS#. E+T, T1E OT1ER TEAM MEM#ERS . DA/ (lying through the jungle, weapons ready, eyes searching for movement. E+T, MAC . DA/ +e throws down the weapon and with a cry of rage, lunges forward, grabbing the <ini'gun. As he stands, the CAR#R+D%E BE!#, attached to &lain, strings out between them. +e opens +RE and the foliage before him E6P!&DES with the fury of the terrible weapon. <ac sweeps the <ini'gun from left to right, like a man possessed, mowing down the jungle. The other team members race +N#& S+%H# and begin firing with <ac. *amire. opens +RE with the S+6(SH&&#ER grenade launcher... E6P!&S+&NS rock the jungle. E+T, 1-*TER . DA/ <oving. A piece of SHRAPNE! cuts his shoulder. A splash of &RAN%E B!&&D spatters across the !EA*ES of a nearby tree, bullet holes ripping through the surrounding foliage.

#AC< TO SCE*E . MAC <ore +R+N%. <ac, his weapon e/pended, continues to thrust the <ini'gun forward, still s7uee.ing the trigger. !uddenly, as 7uickly as it started, #HE +R+N% S#&PS. The men move catlike into the jungle, reloading, searching, their nerves taut, stretched to the limit, ready to fire again at any second. <ac is fro.en, eyes wide, unblinking, his breath coming in rapid gasps as he stares into the jungle, still s7uee.ing the trigger of the weapon, its breech locked open, %"NSM&,E wafting from the chamber and barrel. !chaefer moves in front of <ac, still staring into the jungle. $illon pushes Anna into the clearing, moving towards the body. Anna looks at the body and then up to <ac. !chaefer sees a terrifying moment of recognition flash in her eyes as she continues to stare at <ac. +e turns to <ac. MAC 3confused4 ),,, saw it, At these words, Anna reacts in shock, drawing a slight breath. !chaefer turns, sees her staring at <ac. +e turns back. SC1AE(ER /o$ saw what9 MAC 3still da.ed4 ) saw it, !chaefer turns back to see Anna, staring fi/idly at <ac, watching his lips. !chaefer turns 7uickly to &lain's body and kneels alongside $illon. SC1AE(ER )s at &lain's side, shocked at the sight of the mutilated body. +e is joined by $illon. SC1AE(ER 3to himself4 #lain,,, 3pu..led4 ,,, J$st li%e the others,,, no "owder 5$rns4 no shra"nel, D)LLO* The wo$nd all 6$sed4 ca$terized,,, what the hell did this9 !chaefer stands, looking at the body. )n the background Anna drifts away from the group. SC1AE(ER 3to <ac4 ,,, Mac> <ac stares ahead, dumbly, not hearing. +e grabs <ac by his shoulders, shaking him violently back to awareness. SC1AE(ER 3demanding- angry4 Mac> Mac> Loo% at me> <ac turn to face !chaefer, a shocked e/pression on his face.

SC1AE(ER 3urgent4 Mac4 who did this9 <ac is suddenly angry and frustrated, he has no e/planation. MAC ) don3t %now, Goddamn it4 somethin ,,, ) saw somethin , *amire. runs from the jungle, breathing hard, shaking his head. RAM)RE= *othin , The same thin , *ot a 6$c%in trace, *o 5odies4 5lood4 an'thin , <ac stands. )nstinctively the team has now grouped around !chaefer, their weapons pointing into the jungle, ready, their nerves on total edge. !chaefer looks upward at the darkening sky. SC1AE(ER 37uietly4 !e3re losin the li ht, Mac4 ) want a de6ensive "osition a5ove this rid e4 mined with ever'thin we3re ot, <an is again the hardened professional. MAC /essir, !chaefer looks down at &lain's body. +e turns to *amire. and &illy. SC1AE(ER P$t him in his "oncho and liner and carr' him 5ac%, !e3ll 5$r' him in the mornin , MAC )3ll ta%e him, A**A As they leave approaches the brush, her attention focused on something clinging to the leaves, well off to the side of where <ac saw the +unter. !he draws closer, reaching out, hesitant, as if drawn magnetically to the leaves. E+T, DETA)L . 1-*TER3S #LOOD . DA/ Clinging to the leaves, thick, viscous, pale'orange, almost like the sap of an e/otic plant. +er fingers hover above it, hesitantly, and then touch it. A**A E/amines the blood, transfi/ed. $illon appears at her shoulder, startling her. +e motions for her to return. !he turns, wiping the blood onto her pants leg. E+T, E*CAMPME*T . D-S< The team is dug into the fo/holes in a dense grove of trees, a solid wall to their backs. The men are barely visible they blend in so well. #earby, <ac is stringing a #R+P )+RE, low to the ground, covering it with leaves and grass. +e moves into camp and reports to !chaefer. MAC

!e3ve ot most o6 the 6lares4 6ra s, and two cla'mores ;$st o$tside, *othin3s comin3 close to here witho$t tri""in3 on somethin3, SC1AE(ER Than% 'o$4 Ser eant, <ac starts to go but !chaefer places his hand on his shoulder. SC1AE(ER )3m sorr'4 #$ll, )t3s never eas', 1e was a ood soldier, MAC 3hardened4 The 5est 6riend ) ever had, <ac turns and walks through the camp, stopping beside a DAR, &B$EC# on the ground. +e kneels beside the P&NCH& pulling back the .ipper RE*EA!+N% &lain's face, looking peaceful in death, as if lying in state. <ac removes something from his pocket, holding it in his hand, studying it. DETA)L O( O#JECT )* MAC3S 1A*D The small )H+S,E' !ASH, the chrome rubbed away in places RE*EA!+N% the brass beneath and a MEDA!!+&N depicting the 515 5S# A+RB&RNE D+*+S+&N . MAC Takes a tiny sip from the flask. +e replaces the cap and lifts the flap of &lain's shirt pocket, placing the flask inside. +e lingers on the face and then closes the .ipper. MAC 3softly4 Good85'e4 #ro, A**A )s huddles into a fo/hole, her hands still tied in front of her. !he looks down at her pants leg. The +unter's B!&&DS#A+N glows with a faint luminosity. !he places her fingers near the stain. )*T, 1-*TER3S S1)P . *)G1T +awkins' B&D' impacts the floor with a #H"MP. E+T, E*CAMPME*T . DA/ 0D-S<2 A momentary H"SH falls over the symphony of night sounds. Anna and &illy turn towards the trees with a growing look of wariness. The others, setting up the RAD+&, show no response. )*T, 1-*TER3S S1)P . DA/ 0D-S<2 The +unter's foot steps on the upper leg of the corpse, the PREHENS+!E SP"R digging deep, pinioning the body to the ground. The +unter's HAND e/tends, his +N%ERS puncturing the skin at the base of the spine, gripping the vertebrae. ith otherworldly strength the arm pulls, the entire SP+NA! C&!"MN ripping free from the body, a sickly SNAPP+N% and P&PP+N% of cartilage separating from bone and tissue.

E+T, E*CAMPME*T . DA/ 0D-S<2 *amire. is tuning in the compact +E!D RAD+&, e7uipped with a CR'P#&(PH&NE device. $illon holds the handset. D)LLO* 3to phone4 #lazer One4 sa' a ain,,, A CRAC,!E of S#A#+C over the radio. #LA=ER O*E 0&,O,2 Red (o74 ) sa' a ain, /o$r re:$est 6or e7traction denied, /o$r area still com"romised, Proceed to Sector ?@@@ 6or "risoner e7traction4 Priorit' Al"ha, *e7t contact at C@?@ ho$rs, D)LLO* 3to phone- angry4 Ro er4 #lazer One, C@?@ ho$rs,,, damn4 5astards, +e puts down the phone, turning to the group, huddled together in a tight circle, *amire. and &illy facing outward in defensive positions, Anna, silent, watching. !chaefer is look at him. D)LLO* 3angry- shocked4 !e3re still too 6ar in4 the' won3t ris% comin in 6or $s, SC1AE(ER E7"enda5le assets4 Dillon, Seems Lan le' is never aro$nd when 'o$ need them, D)LLO* ) can acce"t that4 it comes with the ;o5, SC1AE(ER #$llshit, /o$3re ;$st li%e the rest o6 $s, $illon glares back. !chaefer leaves, lost in thought. *amire. looks up at the impenetrable canopy. RAM)RE= Shit load o3 ood a cho""er3d do $s in here an'wa', $illon turns to <ac. D)LLO* Mac, !ho hit $s toda'9 <ac is still obviously feeling the anger and bitterness of the mystifying event. MAC Don3t %now4 onl' saw one o6 3em, Camo$6la ed, 1e was there,,, 3remembering4 ,,, Those 6$c%in e'es,,, D)LLO* 3abruptly- pushing4 !hat4 Ser eant9 MAC 3returning- angry4 Those e'es,,, disa""eared, #$t ) %now one thin 4 Ma;or,,, 3pause4 ,,, ) drew down and 6ired ri ht at it, Ca""ed8o66 two h$ndred ro$nds and then the Mini8 $nD the 6$ll "ac%, *othin3,,, nothin3 on this earth co$ld have lived,,, not at that ran e, $illon ponders this for a moment, staring hard at <ac. <ac gets up.

MAC )3ve ot the 6irst watch, <ac departs. $illon watches <ac as he creeps forward to the sentry position. +e turns to *amire.. D)LLO* As% her a ain, !hat did she see9 !hat ha""ened to 1aw%ins9 *amire. turns to Anna. They talk 7uietly in !panish, $illon watching, listening carefully. *amire. turns back to $illon. RAM)RE= 3interpreting4 She sa's the same thin ,,, )t was the ;$n le,,, *amire. looks up at &illy who continues to stare into the jungle, aware, catlike, reacting to every sound, his nerves on edge, as if ready to snap. *amire. rises, moves alongside his friend, $illon watching closely. RAM)RE= 3whispering- imploring4 /o$ %now somethin #ill'4 what is it9 &illy turns, his face a mask of primal fear. +e moves close to *amire.. #)LL/ )3m scared, *amire. is frightened by this. RAM)RE= 3shaken4 #$llshit, /o$ ain3t a6raid o6 no man, &illy looks deep into his eyes, chilling *amire. to the bone, looking at his with eyes which have seen on an instinctual level what the others have so far only begun to sense. #)LL/ There3s somethin o$t there4 waitin 6or $s,,, it ain3t no man, &illy turns away, moving a short distance away, taking up his position. $illon looks after him and then into the blackness of the jungle canopy. $illon speaks to *amire.. D)LLO* 1e3s losin his cool, There3s nothin o$t there 5$t a co$"le o6 men that we3re oin to have to ta%e down, $espite his words, there is an edge of doubt in his voice. !chaefer returns. +e's overheard this e/change. +e's holding the group of D&% #A%S taken from $avis' men. +e holds them up for $illon to see. SC1AE(ER /o$ still don3t et it4 do 'o$ Dillon9 1e too% Davis,,, and now he wants $s, )*T, 1-*TER3S S1)P . *)G1T CLOSE O* an oval CHAMBER made of an otherworldly looking metal with a strange copperlike patina, its interior bathed in +N#ENSE B!"E !+%H#. )n the chamber is +awkins' S,"!! CAP and SP+NA! C&!"MN still attached. The light field suddenly changes as all connective tissue, flesh and blood and drawn away from the bony structures with incredible force, disintegrating as they rush toward the sides of the chamber. The light changes in fre7uency to a dull glow as the +unter's hands remove the %!A2ED, P&!+SHED trophy from the chamber. +e turns, carefully placing it upon a %!&)+N% S"R ACE. +e touches the trophy gently,

feeling its te/ture, as a man might touch the hide of a big cat. +e pulls his hand away and instantly an opa7ue &RCE +E!D covers the trophies. E+T, MAC . *)G1T 0LATER2 +unched down in a fo/hole, the <ini'gun on a tripod before him. )t's nearly a "!! M&&N, the jungle a montage of SHAD&)S AND RE !EC#+&NS. <ac stares into the night, his eyes always moving. MAC 3distant- whispering4 )t3s the same %inda ;$n le4 #ro4 same moon,,, ever'thin ,,, 3pause4 ,,, areal n$m5er ten ni ht, Remem5er #ro9 Onl' 'o$ and me4 the onl' one3s o$t o6 the whole 6$c%in3 "latoon who made it o$t, +is eyes probe the darkness, remembering. MAC ,,, we wal%ed o$t on to" o6 3em, *ot a scratch4 not a 6$c%in3 scratch, 3spits into the night4 *o 6$c%in3 chili8cho%er ot to 'o$4 #ro,,, 'o$ were ;$st too ood,,, +e ponders this a moment. MAC ,,, ) "romise 'o$ this4 #ro,,, however he is4 ) ho"e he3s "lannin3 to hit $s a ain,,, 3pauses- spits4 ,,, 3ca$se he3s ot m' name on 3em, )*T, 1-*TER3S S1)P . *)G1T A &RCE +E!D that permeates the jungle, becoming one with the trees and foliage. The +unter walks down a C&RR+D&R of S&!+D !+%H#, leading to an opening to the jungle. As the +unter reaches the doorway he changes from visible to invisible, moving on into the night. E+T, E*CAMPME*T . *)G1T The mist has thickened, the night alive with a million $"N%!E S&"NDS. The team members sleep uneasily, if at all. <ac, although weary, stares hard into the night, waiting, each small sound a potential enemy. A !"!! spreads over the jungle, animals and insects -"+E#+N%. <ac tightens his grip on the <ini'gun. &illy awakens, peering into the night. #othing. !uddenly, a metallic C!+C,, a P&P, the S&"ND of a warning flare rocketing into the canopy. A moment later a brilliant !ASH as the flare burns, illuminating the camp. An echoing eerie SCREAM fills the night as a DAR, SHAPE in the mist rockets through the undergrowth towards <ac. <ac spins, hauling the heavy gun around, just as something crashes into his upper body, driving the huge man into the fo/hole. A desperate battle for life ensues, illuminated with the strobing light of the descending flare. <ac's enraged SH&"#S and R&ARS mingled with horrific SCREAMS fill the night. <ac's ra.or'edged ,N+ E slashes in the light- B!&&D spatters his face as he attacks fiercely. !chaefer and *amire. rush at a crouching run towards the fo/hole, their weapons ready.

A tremendous climatic SCREAM from the fo/hole AND #HEN? S+!ENCE . !chaefer and *amire. approach, cautiously. <ac stands, his face and clothes drenched in blood, some of it his, his breath coming in rapid gasps. +e looks at !chaefer, whispering hoarsely. MAC Got the mother6$c%er,,, As the flare breaks through the canopy, dying out in great flickering bursts, the man stare down into the fo/hole. A huge, jungle B&AR lies mutilated in a pool of blood, still 7uivering in the final throes of death. The flare dies out. <ac, shaking from adrenalin, breathing heavily, looks down at the dying animal. MAC 3incredulous4 A "i ,,, ;$st a 6$c%in "i ,,, !chaefer shines his #E,NA(!+%H# onto the boar, playing the light along its massive hulk, its ra.or edges tusks gleaming in the light. *amire. appears by his side, looking down at the huge carcass. RAM)RE= 1ol' shit4 Mac, #earby, unnoticed by the men, Anna stoops, her hands still bound, picking up an <6'2 from the ground. !he turns, looking for an avenue of escape, running for the jungle. &ut the forest looks foreboding and sinister. !he stops, staring at the jungle, the moonlight reflected off leaves like a thousand eyes. (or a brief second she imagines she can see the +unter's eyes, crashing towards her, the shifting patterns of light and dark making the jungle seem to strobe, like it is about to rush in at her. !he free.es, paraly.ed by fear, by her memories of the attack. !he drops the <6'2 to the ground. &ack at the fo/hole, !chaefer and *amire. help the still shaken <ac from the hole. !chaefer looks at <ac, at the huge gash across his chest. SC1AE(ER Get a 6ield dressin on that ri ht awa', !uddenly he remembers, Anna. SC1AE(ER !here3s the irl9 They all turn, ready to move and then stop. Coming forth from the shadows Anna appears, still frightened, seeking the security of the soldiers. (rom the darkness nearby, &illy's *&+CE in a hoarse )H+SPER. #)LL/ 0O,S,2 3urgently4 Ma;or4 over here, !chaefer turns, apprehensive, something in &illy's voice... +e walks over to &illy, standing with a !ASH!+%H# pointing to the ground. They see &lain's B&D' BA% slashed open, covered in blood. *amire. appears. #)LL/ The 5od',,, it3s one, RAM)RE= Came in thro$ h the tri" wires4 too% it ri ht o$t 6rom $nder o$r noses,,,

Anna appears between !chaefer and *amire., staring down at the empty, blood'soaked body bag. !he looks up, into !chaefer's eyes. E+T, E*CAMPME*T . DA/ 0PRE8DA!*2 A patchy %R&"ND &% covers the area. Anna, in her fo/hole, awakens, !+S#EN+N% to the rising S&"NDS of the jungle. M&N,E'S begin to forage, their noisy CHA##ER+N% and SCREECH+N% filling the air. A B+RD flutters back to its nest- a CHAME!E&N emerges onto a leaf, directly above Anna's head. Anna carefully e/tends her arm, allowing the li.ard to crawl onto her, watching, fascinated as it changes colors. !he carefully places the chameleon back on the leaf, which changes color again, becoming nearly invisible. #ear the empty P&NCH&, !chaefer, &illy and *amire. are e/amining the ground and the trip wire to the flare. &illy stands, turns to !chaefer. #)LL/ #oar set o66 the tri" 6lare4 Ma;or, *o other trac%s, !chaefer kneels and e/amines the thin, well hidden )+RE. +e stands, looking around the camp. RAM)RE= 1ow co$ld an'one et thro$ h this4 carr' #lain o$t4 ri ht $nder o$r noses witho$t leavin3 a trace9 SC1AE(ER 1e %nows o$r de6enses, RAM)RE= !h' didn3t he tr' to %ill one o6 $s last ni ht9 !chaefer looks at him. SC1AE(ER 1e came 5ac% 6or the 5od', 3pause4 1e3s %illin $s4 one at a time,,, !chaefer turns and looks at &illy, asking with his eyes for a viable e/planation. #)LL/ Li%e a 1$nter, !chaefer stares at him, the words sinking in. +e looks up, reconstructing in his mind the possible events of last night, his eyes following the tree line, tracing the path of the intruder as he might have travelled through the trees and down to the ground. +e looks up at &illy. SC1AE(ER 1e $ses the trees, &illy and *amire. stare up at the trees, a wave of fear passing through them... from the trees. !chaefer turns, moving to where $illon is guarding Anna, sitting on the ground. *eaching down, !chaefer pulls her firmly to her feet, looking at her intensely. SC1AE(ER /esterda', !hat did 'o$ see9 !he stares back at him. D)LLO* /o$3re wastin3 'o$r time,

SC1AE(ER *o more ames, !he looks at him a long moment, and then answers in English. A**A ) don3t %now what it was, )t,,, $illon does a double take. !chaefer continues to look at Anna. +e wasn't surprised;he knew it yesterday. SC1AE(ER Go on, A**A )t chan es colors4 li%e the chameleon, )t $ses the ;$n le,,, D)LLO* 3derisively4 Shit4 'o$ tr'in to tell me #lain and 1aw%ins were %illed 5' a 6$c%in lizard9 Don3t listen to her, )ts3s a "s'ch8;o5, Two4 ma'5e three o6 them4 that3s all, !e %ee" o$r cool4 o$t8thin% them 3til we3re across the 5order,,, )gnoring him, !chaefer takes her hands, drawing his C&MMAND& ,N+ E , looking s7uarely into her eyes. SC1AE(ER !hat3s 'o$ name9 !he looks back into his eyes. A**A Anna, SC1AE(ER Anna, 1e3s h$ntin $s, /o$ %now that9 !he nods. ith a sudden movement he slices through her bonds.

D)LLO* !hat the hell do 'o$ thin% 'o$3re doin 9 SC1AE(ER !e3re oin to need ever'one, D)LLO* !hat are 'o$ tal%in a5o$t9 !e3ll 5e o$t o6 here in ten min$tes, SC1AE(ER !e3re not oin , D)LLO* That rendezvo$s is ten ma'5e twelve miles4 at most> !e3re almost home, #$t the cho""er won3t wait, !chaefer turns to face him. SC1AE(ER Dillon,,, This thin doesn3t care who we are4 who she is, !e ma%e a stand or there won3t 5e an'one le6t to ma%e that cho""er, $illon stares back, not wanting to hear what he already knows to be true. Anna touches !chaefer's arm.

A**A There is somethin else, !hen the 5i man was %illed4 'o$ m$st have wo$nded it, 3pause4 )t3s 5lood was on the leaves, !he touches her pant leg, the stain is faded but still there. !chaefer turns to $illon. SC1AE(ER )6 it 5leeds4 we can %ill it, E+T, E*CAMPME*T . MOR*)*G 0LATER2 Anna at the base of the rocks scans the jungle with binoculars watching the tree line. <ac moves past her, uncoiling a trip wire linking up four C!A'M&RE mines hidden at various points with leaves and foliage. )n a tree at the edge of the clearing, &illy tosses an uncoiling roll of wire to *amire. who attaches it to a %*E#A$E, wedged it the crouch of a tree. ires attached to %RENADES and C!A'M&RE M+NES lead off through the underbrush and trees leaving a long, unmined corridor leading from the camp and into the jungle. At the corridor's end, where the rocks merge with the jungle, !chaefer hauls down on a HEA*' *+NE, straining with every ounce of strength, his muscles bulging, while $illon takes up the slack of the vine around the base of a tree. The vine is attached to a forty foot SAP!+N%, arcing closer to the ground in a gigantic bow with every pull, CREA,+N% and %R&AN+N% with tension. ith a last mighty heave, !chaefer draws the tree almost within reach, gesturing to $illon to tie it off, who does. D)LLO* 3straining4 )3m tellin3 'o$4 this little 35o' sco$t3 st$nt is a odamned waste o6 time, 3stands4 !e3ve ot to et the hell o$t o6 here4 now4 while we3ve still ot the chance, )gnoring him, !chaefer rapidly drags into position a NE# crudely woven of differing si.es of vines, their !EA*ES still attached. +e carefully begins to cover the net with leaves and debris. $illon watches him in growing frustration as !chaefer moves 7uickly, picking up a RAME)&R, of S#+C,S he has tied together, a #READ!E(SPR+N% #R+%%ER. +e holds up the framework, hurriedly e/amining his work before placing it on the ground. SC1AE(ER 1e3ll 5e loo%in 6or the tri" wires, )6 we3re l$c%'4 he won3t see this, D)LLO* *ow what4 D$tch, /o$ oin to send 'o$r m'ster' $est an invitation9 !chaefer turns, there is a touch of fear in $illon's eyes. SC1AE(ER /o$3re catchin on4 Dillon, !chaefer returns to his work on the net and trigger. E+T, E*CAMPME*T . DA/ 0LATER2 <orning passes. (og lifts as the sun creeps into the jungle. )nsects swarm and are fed upon by B+RDS and other predators. At the entranceway to the rock outcropping, the net and trigger are hidden beneath the leaves, the framework of the trigger bulging with tension from the straining vine attached to the bent tree. At the other end of the corridor, several meters above the jungle floor, !chaefer and his team, heavily camouflaged, nearly invisible, lie hidden, waiting. The team members, as if hypnoti.ed by the B"22+N% din, stare into the jungle, fi/ated, alert.

A**A hile waiting at the net; A**A 3hushed4 !hen ) was little we 6ind a man . 3she struggles for the words4 . li%e a 5$tcher, The old ones in the villa e cross themselves and whis"er craz' thin s, 3Demonio4 cazador de tro6oes,,, Onl' the hottest times o6 the hottest 'ears,,, 3Craz' thin s,,, This 'ear is rows hot, And we 5e in 6indin o$r men, !e 6ind them sometimes witho$t their s%in, Sometimes,,, m$ch4 m$ch worse, Cazador de tro6oes,,, means the demon who ta%es tro"hies, SLO! RAC< TO ... !chaefer's face. Ashen. H&!D. !uddenly an EER+E S+!ENCE moves over the jungle; +e whips his face forward. The silence is SHA##ERED by a bird flapping from the brush. !chaefer sits back and scratches his head, frustrated and a little chagrined. D)LLO* 0O,S,2 !hat3ll 'o$ tr' ne7t 88 cheese9 !chaefer glares at him. Turns to go > +e stands and begins to move low to the ground toward the waiting snare. &ehind him, sighting down their well'hidden gun barrels, the others scan the jungle, alert for the slightest sound or movement, covering him. !chaefer reaches the trap, carefully skirting the trigger hidden beneath the leaves. +e reaches the end of the corridor, moving out into the jungle. +e moves further away from the others, the silence crushing down on him. +e stops and waits, sweat pouring down his face, his finger tightening on the trigger of his <'8:0, eyes scanning the jungle. +e turns his back on the jungle, waiting. #othing. +e moves back towards the corridor, reaching the net, again waiting, listening, sensing. #othing. +e turns around, looking at the jungle one last time, his face measuring defeat and then, with carefully, measured strides, he walks back to the camp. !chaefer looks at &illy who shakes his head in pu..lement. #earby, $illon starts to rise. D)LLO* 3low- whispered4 Satis6ied9 *ow let3s et the hell o$t,,, !uddenly, behind !chaefer at the end of the corridor, with a resounding S)+SH and SNAP, the NE# e/plodes off the floor of the jungle in a hail of leaves and sticks, rocketing upward into the treetops. !chaefer spins, the others leaping to their feet as they SEE the net as it tears into the treetops, a large struggling bulge trapped within as a long, unearthly #R+!!+N% SCREAM ECH&ES through the jungle. !chaefer and the others charge from the rocks towards the jungle and the bobbing net, their weapons ready. Anna remains behind, watching terrified from the rocks. They arrive under the net, raising their weapons to fire... but before they can fire the entire net E6P!&DES into a flurry of leaves, twigs, vines, dirt and a !ASH of P"!SA#+N% CR+MS&N. E+T, 1-*TER3S 1A*D A*D ARM . DA/

As the +unter leaps from the net his )EAP&N activates, his arm slashing out, severing a #H+C, !+MB of the spreading tree capony, entangled in vines. E+T, T1E TEAM . DA/ The limb CRASHES down from the trees, !chaefer, $illon, &illy and <ac $iving for safety. &ut *amire., following the +unter's leap, SEES too late the pendular movement of the severed limb and is struck a #H"DD+N% blow in the ribs, which lifts him off his feet, hurling him backwards like a rag doll, his shirt torn open, e/posing a B!&&D' )&"ND. As Anna runs to *amire.'s side the others, still stunned, look upward, fro.en in shock SEE+N%; #HE H"N#ER, clinging to a side of a tree, flushed bright crimson. $illis is dumbfounded, like the others, rooted to the ground staring upward. D)LLO* !hat is God3s name,,,9 The +unter utters an unearthly SNAR! and H+SS from his open mouth as an instant later his camouflage resumes and he vanishes from sight... a rapid, furtive movement through the trees. <ac &PENS +RE with the <'A:, the others joining in, shredding the foliage, but they know the creature is gone. ith a SH&"#, <ac races into the jungle, in pursuit of the +unter. SC1AE(ER Mac> !chaefer hurriedly ejects the spent clip from the <'8:0, slamming in a new one. +e shouts an order to &illy. SC1AE(ER 3to &illy4 Get Ramirez on his 6eet> Ta%e the irl and et the hell o$t o6 here> +e turns to run after <ac. $illon steps in front of him, putting his hand on !chaefer's chest. D)LLO* *o wa'4 D$tch, )3m oin , /o$ et these "eo"le and et the hell o$t o6 here, SC1AE(ER This isn3t 'o$r st'le4 Dillon, D)LLO* G$ess )3ve "ic%ed $" some 5ad ha5its 6rom 'o$4 D$tch, *ow don3t ar $e with me4 'o$ %now )3m ri ht, Get to that cho""er and hold it 6or $s, !e3ll 5e alon , SC1AE(ER /o$ %now 'o$ can3t win this one, $illon stares at him. D)LLO* /o$ %now me4 D$tch4 ) never did %now when to :$it, $illon turns and begins to move out. SC1AE(ER Dillon> $illon turns. 6icking up the spare <6'2, !chaefer tosses the weapon to $illon, who grabs it with one hand. They share a look, knowing this is farewell.

SC1AE(ER )3ll see 'o$ there, D)LLO* Ri ht 5ehind 'o$, +efting both weapons at the hip he runs into the jungle after <ac. !chaefer watches him leave. +e breaks and goes to *amire., attended by Anna and &illy, who is now sitting up, holding his ribs and gasping for breath. #)LL/ 1e3s 5$sted $"4 5ad4 Ma;or, RAM)RE= 3gasping4 ) can ma%e it4 Ma;or, !chaefer lifts him to his feet, supporting him. SC1AE(ER Come on4 Poncho4 we3re ettin o$t o6 here, 3to &illy4 #ill'4 ta%e the radio4 leave the rest, Come on> E+T, MAC . DA/ Creeping low to the ground, his eyes searching through the trees. MAC 3whispered4 Come on4 'o$ mother6$c%er> E+T, D)LLO* . DA/ <oving through the underbrush HEARS a slight R"S#!+N% in the foliage. <acF +e strains to locate the source of the movement. +e HEARS A S&"ND, too faint at first it identify. +e listens. !ilence. +e hears is again, the S&"ND of a *&+CE , barely audible. A *ER' -"+E# )H+SPER. &O)CE 0O,S,2 Dillon4 over here, $illon locates the direction of the voice and moves towards it. &O)CE 0O,S,2 3barely audible4 Dillon4 over here, $illon moves a few feet into the undergrowth. +e carefully parts the thick leaves and vines and enters a tiny opening. +e looks around, seeing nothing. D)LLO* 3whispering4 Mac9 !uddenly a HAND appears and covers $illon's mouth. $illon gasps as <ac pulls him down to where he is hiding. MAC 3whispering- close4 O$t there, Past the roc%s,,, can 'o$ see it9

!omething seems to M&*E in the direction <ac is pointing. D)LLO* 3whispering4 ) see it> 3pause4 !e3re onna ta%e this thin , $illon points to an &"#CR&PP+N% & R&C,S, covered with *+NES. D)LLO* Ta%e a "osition over there, )3ll wor% aro$nd towards 'o$, !hen ) 6l$sh him4 'o$ nail him,,, MAC 3a mean look4 ,,, Ri ht4 ) ot a score to settle 6or the #ro,,, D)LLO* !e 5oth ot scores to settle, $illon silently disappears into the jungle, <ac watching him go. <ac makes his way toward the rock outcropping, working his way between the rocks and the vines. +e takes up a position and scans the jungle before him. D)LLO* <oving 7uietly, his face intense, determined. +e stops and listens. MAC . ROC< O-TCROPP)*G !training to hear *A%"E S&"NDS coming from the jungle. +e reaches out and grabs a *+NE and carefully pulls himself forward into a better position. #AC< TO SCE*E . D)LLO* <oving, searching. +e goes into a crouch. MAC . ROC< O-TCROPP)*G There is M&*EMEN# in the undergrowth. +e begins to sweat. +e moves the safety to fire- reaches out and grabs another vine to pull himself forward. <ac reacts in shock. The vine is alive? &efore he can move, the +unter's HAND appears from the vines, grabbing <ac by the wrist. )n the moment before he is killed, <ac turns and SEES the +unter's glowing E'ES. A !ASH as the +unter's other hand, moves with blinding speed, <ac's face contorting in pain as the +unter's ra.or'sharp SP"R rips deep into his throat. +e falls forward into the leaves. D)LLO* +e HEARS the faint disturbance in the leaves. +e pauses, turning in <ac's direction, listening. +earing no further sound he rela/es, moving on. E+T, *ARRO! R)&ER GORGE . DA/

Anna in the lead, followed by !chaefer carrying *amire. on his back. &illy, carrying the RAD+& is covering them from above, as they skitter and slide down the goose gravel of a rocky slope, leading to a river crossing. E+T, D)LLO* +e stalks through a narrow corridor of tangled vines and moss, leading to the rock outcropping on the other side, his face alert, showing no signs of fear, his weapon ready. E+T, &)*ES A*D MOSS . DETA)L . DA/ Through the thick tangle of undergrowth, there is M&*EMEN# , a slight, undulating distortion, drifting through the hanging vegetation, as if cast by a passing shadow. D)LLO* As he stops and crouches slightly, listing behind him. $id he hear somethingF +e moves on. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ &ehind $illon and to the side of the corridor. The +unter syncopates him movements precisely with those of $illon. $illon stops. The +unter free.es in position. #AC< TO SCE*E . D)LLO* +e does sense something behind him. +e crouches and spins, leveling the weapon. The corridor behind him is empty, 7uiet and undisturbed. +e studies the trail intently. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ 6eering out through the vines. $illon is looking directly at him. $illon turns, moves on, as the +unter resumes his stalk, timing his movements perfectly with those of $illon. #AC< TO SCE*E . D)LLO* As he approaches the rock outcropping. +e signals. *eceiving no response he moves closer, turning cautiously to right and left. D)LLO* 3whispering4 Mac,,, Mac, +e moves closer to the rocks, eyes probing. Through a gap in the rocks he SEES <ac's face, staring up at him, eyes fro.en wide in death. $illon spins hard. +e stares at the solid wall of undergrowth. +e looks from one side of the corridor to the other. !omething it out there. hereF !omething in the vines has caught his attention. +e stares hard at a section of moss. E+T, MOSS . DETA)L . DA/ !uddenly the right combination of light and shadow prevail and $illon SEES in an instant, the +unter's E'ES materiali.e and then disappear.

#AC< TO SCE*E . D)LLO* ith a growl and e/halation of breath, charges, bringing the weapon to bear. A short B"RS# & %"N +RE erupts from the barrel. E+T, T1E 1-*TER . DA/ )n an indiscernible blue of camouflage releases his weapon. D)LLO* SCREAMS, his arm instantly severed halfway between his shoulder and elbow. The weapon drops to the ground, the forearm still attached, still +R+N%. ith his left hand he +RES the second weapon SH&"#+N% +NSANE!' as swings it towards the blurred image of his unseen attacker, hitting nothing. The +unter reloads his )EAP&N which turns +N*+S+B!E again. $illon continues to fire. The +unter's weapon appears from below, cutting into $illon's unprotected abdomen, which, as if hit by a samurai sword, bursts open. $illon CR+ES &"# as the huge man hits the ground. E+T, LOG CROSS)*G . DA/ !panning the narrow gorge, !chaefer and Anna with *amire. between them, move onto the log, preparing to cross. They stop, HEAR+N% $illon's %"N +RE. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ <oving through the jungle with incredible speed, leaping, tearing from tree to tree, the jungle a rush of HEA# #RA+!S as he charges on. E+T, LOG CROSS)*G . DA/ The jungle is still deathly S+!EN# . !chaefer, Anna and *amire. cross the log, moving onto the other side. &illy, still at the foot of the log, providing cover, turns to face the jungle. +e lifts his head towards the trees, feeling the onrushing presence of the +unter. +e shrugs off the radio letting it fall, smashing into the rocks below. +e casts away his weapon. !taring forward he reaches into his cargo pocket, withdrawing a small %REASE( PA+N# #+N. Covering his finger in B!AC, PA+N# he applies dark slashes under his eyes and again, vertically down his cheeks. Taking another dap of paint he makes a S'MB&! on his bare skin, over his heart. +e drops the tin, withdrawing his C&MBA# ,N+ E . +olding the knife he grasps the MED+C+NE BA% around his neck, yanking it free with a 7uick snap. +e wraps the leather thong around his hand and knife, binding the weapon and bag together. !taring outward, as if in a trance, he begins a low CHAN#. ,n the other side, !chaefer carrying *amire. on his back, laboring up the steep slope, nearing the top, turns and !EE! &illy standing, waiting at the foot of the bridge. SC1AE(ER 3screaming4 #ill'>>> &ut &illy stands at the foot of the bridge, knife raised, waiting, accepting his oncoming destiny.

SC1AE(ER #ill'>>> )n frustration, !chaefer hikes *amire. higher onto his back, digs in and sprints to the top of the hill, Anna waiting at the top. E+T, #)LL/ . DA/ Crouches low, knife e/tended in a fighting position. E+T, R)DGETOP . DA/ ,ver the top, in a low depression, !chaefer props *amire. against some rocks, reaching for his weapon. They HEAR &illy's echoing SCREAM. )nstantly their weapons are raised, cocked and ready. SC1AE(ER Get 5ac%4 into the roc%s> !chaefer sweeps Anna behind him as *amire. struggles to his feet. Together they back up, covering the ridgeline over which they've just come. !uddenly, from one side, near *amire., the +unter bursts from the jungle, *amire., seeing the +unter, spins raising his weapons to fire... *amire. SEES the +unter's onrushing face, still in camouflage, a montage of organic te/tures and colors, his yellow eyes burning. hipping the <6'2 is the direction of the +unter he is hurled backwards from the impact of the +unter's weapon, his neck gushing B!&&D, the <6'2 flying through the air, landing in front of Anna. !he moves for the weapon... The +unter, with unearthly speed, turns towards Anna, as !chaefer starts to spin, SEE+N% the +unter about to strike as Anna dives for the weapon. !chaefer lunges kicking the <6'2 out of Anna's reach. SC1AE(ER 3to Anna4 R$n> Get to the cho""er> !chaefer spins and +RES, bullets #H"DD+N% into the ground, the barrel arcing towards the +unter as Anna stumbles to her feet running into the jungle. )n a blur the +unter spins back, hurling his weapon at !chaefer which slices through the wooden stock of the rifle, SPAR,S !'+N% as it severs the trigger guard and steel breech. The <'8:0 flies out of !chaefer's hands as the +unter's weapon cuts deeply into his left shoulder, laying open the flesh. The <'8:0 hits the ground, where it lies broken in half, useless. !chaefer hits the ground and is rolling, up and running for his life, the +unter charging after him. SC1AE(ER Crashes headlong through the jungle. +e leaps a fallen log, stumbles, struggles to his feet, running on pure adrenalin, his shoulder pulsing blood, his eyes filled with terror. &ehind him he can hear the +unter in pursuit, closing. !chaefer spins to look behind him, a wild desperate look on his face- he turns back, ducks an overhanging limb and lunges on.

E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& O( SC1AE(ER . DA/ Closing rapidly... another few yard. #AC< TO SCE*E . SC1AE(ER *uns like a madman, the S&"ND of the +unter's &&#S#EPS close behind. +e's losing ground. +e knows he's going to die. !chaefer SH&"#S. !uddenly the ground before him C&!!APSES and he disappears from sight. E+T, CA*/O* !ALL . DA/ )n a shower of leaves, flailing arms and legs, !chaefer crashes through the trees at the canyon's edge, free falling into space. ith a sickening +MPAC#, he hits the branches of the first trees lining the canyon and falls, a hundred feet, through one canopy after another, desperately grabbing for limbs and branched to break his fall. +e hits the bottom branches of the list line of trees, impacting crosschest on a large BRANCH, knocking his wind out. !emi'conscious, he hangs momentarily before he slides off, fingers digging into the bark, falling another ten feet into the swiftly moving river. E+T, R)&ER . DA/ eighted down by his boots and clothing, !chaefer struggles to stay afloat. %asping for air he ducks underwater, untying one of his boots. +e surfaces, fills his lungs and dives again, releasing the other boot. +e surfaces, strips off his shirt and pants and begins to swim towards shore, stroking with one arm. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ As he nears the edge of the precipice from which !chaefer has fallen. The +unter in close pursuit does not hesitate but !A"NCHES himself off the cliff in a spectacular !EAP, streaking downward towards the tops of the trees that grow out from the canyon wall. The +unter tears through the canopy of the first tree, the branches and leaves rushing past in a ,A!E+D&SC&P+C B!"R. The +unter bounds off of one branch after another, moving through the trees as an e/pert skier might negotiate a series of downhill gates. The +unter leaps free of one tree, bounds across twenty feet of open space to a large branch of a huge tree, affording a good view of the river below. (rom his vantage point, looking down at the windening, slowing e/panse of river, !chaefer is nowhere to be seen. E+T, SC1AE(ER . DA/ +e is swept into a still AS#ER C"RREN# and is carried helplessly downstream. &oiling )H+#E)A#ER appears. ,ut of control he is swept through a series of rapids, pulling his further and further downstream until he is finally ducked into the undertow and hurled over the top of a si/ foot falls, driven deep underwater by the pounding force of the water. E+T, POOL AT #ASE O( (ALLS . DA/

There is no sign of !chaefer. 6recious seconds pass. !lowly, looking like a drowned rat, he surfaces, taking a feeble breath. +e is nearly finished, his energy sapped. &ut the water is calm and a few strokes are enough to carry him near the shore. +is feet hit bottom. +e tries to stand but pitches headfirst into the thick M"D S!"RR' at the river bank. ith his last ounce of strength, he crawls, panting and gasping into a sheltered mud ,@E*+A#%, collapsing beside the e/posed R&&#(S'S#EM & A DEAD #REE , his body completely covered in thick, gray M"D. #early unconscious, he raises his head and looks to the opposite side of the river, scanning the bank. There is no sign of the +unter. +e collapses in relief. +e's escaped. !uddenly, the +unter impacts the water, throwing up a huge !65A!+. +e stands up in the waist deep water. As the water streams off of his body, the chameleon effect rapidly changes, struggling to match the shifting color patterns of the shimmering water. +is glaring yellow orbs stare directly at the spot where !chaefer lies helplessly trapped. The +unter surges forward, relentlessly closing in on this prey. SC1AE(ER )s fro.en in terror, paraly.ed with fear, his eyes locked ontothe incredible creature that is about to kill him. E+T, 1-*TER . DA/ Closing rapidly, another ten feet. +e leaves the water and walks through the mud, stopping, towering over !chaefer. E+T, SC1AE(ER3S PO& . DA/ As the +unter's feet surge though the mud and stop, three feet away. E+T, SC1AE(ER . DA/ *eali.ing his life is about to end, closes his eyes, awaiting the +unter's killing blow. E+T, 1-*TER3S E/ES . DA/ The fierce yellow orbs look downward. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . DA/ +e's looking directly at !chaefer, E6CEP# HE CAN/# SEE H+M. +e can clearly see the E6P&SED R&&#(S'S#EM, but because of the heavy mud blocking !chaefer's body heat, !chaefer registers in the +unter's vision as merely an indistinct lump of clay, unrecogni.able to the +unter as a human being. +e scans the bank, searching, looking for heat sources. $etecting none he moves on sounding a 7uestioning T*)55 several times. #AC< TO SCE*E . SC1AE(ER $isbelieving that he's still alive, opens one eye, SEE+N% the +unter's feet move away, his prehensile spurs dragging in the mud. +e rounds a bend and disappears, heading for the undergrowth.

Astonished, he tries to raise up on his hands but a sudden jabbing pain in his shoulder causes him to collapse, falling onto his side, unconscious in the mud. E+T, R)&ER . DA/ As a H"E' A##AC, HE!+C&P#ER breaks over the top of the ridge, diving forward, moving down the canyon. The chopper flares up into a holding pattern. )n the open doorway, a S&!D+ER searches the top of the canyon with binoculars. !eeing no sign of life, the chopper flies on, disappearing down the canyon rim. #AC< TO SCE*E . SC1AE(ER 5ies unconscious in the mud, the distant S&"ND of the helicopter #HR"MP+N% into the distance. E+T, A**A . DA/ !he runs into a clearing, stopping momentarily, gasping for breath. !he is startled by a sudden movement behind her. !he spins, looking. There is nothing there. !he runs on. E+T, T1E CA*/O* . DA/ 0D-S<2 !chaefer %ASPS as his eyes bolt open in fear. As if the +unter were still attacking, !chaefer rolls to his feet and runs, slogging through the #H+C, M"D, stumbling, lunging forward, gasping for breath. !chaefer spins and staggers backwards into a shallow P&&!, scuttling, crablike into the chest deep water. !chaefer backs into the moss'covered wall by the waterfall, looking for movement, regaining his senses. As the water settles, he looks down, SEE+N% the image of himself, reflected in the pool- his hair and face covered in #H+C, C!A'. +e stares, mesmeri.ed at the image. +e lifts his arm from the water, his fingers wiping the M"D from his face, e/posing a PA#CH of S,+N. +e studies the mud in his hand and then looks at the image of himself in the water, SEE+N% the e/posed skin. +e stares at it, a wave of reali.ation rushing through his mind. +e places the mud back on his face, again looking at his image. SC1AE(ER /o$ co$ldn3t see me, +e looks up, out into the failing light, at the treeline of the deepening forest, reali.ing that fate has given him a fighting chance. !lowly a look of vengeance and hatred crosses over his face. E+T, CLA/ #A*< . *)G1T "sing his MACHE#E he carves MA%NES+"M SHA*+N%S from a fire block into a pile of ,+ND!+N%. +e removes a match from the hollow handle of the machete, also containing a coil of P+AN& )+RE, %REEN #APE and MED+CA! S"PP!+ES. +e lights the shavings which burn with a brilliant white light. !chaefer shelters the fire with a banana leaf until the flame dies down. +e feeds the fire with more kindling, fanning it with a leaf. SC1AE(ER . #O! A*D ARRO! MO*TAGE . *)G1T 0LATER2 +olding a three foot section of +RE(HARDENED sapling between his feet and shoulder, he scrapes the char from the seasoned wood with his machete. +e bends the bow and attaches a long piece of P+AN& )+RE to one end, carefully wrapping it for strength, using strips of green tape to cover the sides of the wire where the nock of the arrow will fit.

+e attaches split 7uilled EA#HERS with fishing line to an ARR&),its tip fashioned into a series of barbs, rubbing them to a polished hardness against a smooth stone. hen finished he places the arrow on the ground ne/t to three other identical arrows. SC1AE(ER One chance4 that3s all, E+T, CLA/ #A*< . *)G1T !chaefer is pounding a peeled root between two stones. +e pauses to drool saliva into the pulpy mass. +e scrapes the milky substance onto a BANANA !EA , mi/ing it with a sticky !A6, holding it over the coals until the mi/ture steams. !chaefer coats the arrow tips with the sticky poison, holding them over the coals until the sap bubbles and smokes. +e spins the arrows in his hands, blowing on the tips to cool and harden the mi/ture. "sing the tip of his machete, he pries open the casing of one of the 71MM grenades, discarding the warhead. +e dumps the PR&PE!!AN# P&)DER from the shell onto a leaf, mi/ing that with a mound of MA%NES+"M SHA*+N%S. +e opens the narrow, tight roll of %A"2E taken from the first aid kit of the machete handle, fluffing it into a large, loose B"ND!E, the si.e of a baseball. +e pours the powder'mi/ture into the gau.e, mi/ing it into the fabric. +e transfers the ball of e/plosive ladened gau.e to a pliable DR' !EA , closing it into a bundle, binding it at the top with a long strand of jungle'grass. +e twists the remaining gau.e around a MA#CH, leaving the head e/posed, forming a self'striking "SE. +e coats the fuse with !A6 and then thickly covers it with more powder from the 9:<< grenade. +e pokes the fuse down into the leaf. Taking a long strand of $"N%!E %RASS he makes a large loop, tying it onto the grenade, slipping the loop and grenade over his head. (inally, using several sections of BAMB&& of differing diameters, he fashions a crude, anti'personnel SPEAR'B&MB, a BAN%(S#+C, like weapon, using the sharpened T,#%"E from his belt buckle for a +R+N% P+N and a 71MM %RENADE from his belt pouch as an e/plosive charge. E+T, R)&ER3S EDGE . *)G1T !chaefer appears, he has covered him entire body with a variety of C!A'S and &CHERS, creating a mottled, EAR#HEN CAM&" !A%E pattern. +olding his weapons in one hand, he moves up the canyon, ascending into a rising boulder field. E+T, #O-LDER ()ELD . *)G1T here the river flows into a series of falls and pools, surrounded by massive boulders and table top rocks, their crevices jammed with large amounts of DR+ #)&&D swept down at high water from the forests above. ,n a flattened section of rock, !chaefer drags a large section of BRANCHES +N#& *+E), adding it to a growing mound of +RE)&&D. +e kneels, tending to a pile of DR+ES %RASS, !EA*ES and other tinder. "sing the last of his precious matches, he sets fire to the tinder, gently coa/ing the tiny bla.e into a slowly consumming +RE, flames starting to lick upward through the dry wood. +e stands, staring into the rapidly growing bla.e. +e turns, facing the canyon rim, raising his weapons in one hand. (rom the depths of his soul, a S&"ND emerges- primitive and visceral, as if from an animal in pain. +e throws back his head and SH&"#S. E+T, CA*/O* R)M . *)G1T

A hundred feet below, !chaefer stands in the boulder field, his mud coated body bathed in RED +RE!+%H#, looking like a fierce, primitive warrior- a timeless, prehistoric sight, his long and )A+!+N% CR', ECH&+N% endlessly through the canyon. E+T, 1-*TER3S S1)P . *)G1T &acklit by the !+%H# of the open door, the +unter's head, in three'7uarter profile, his eyes gleaming, rears +N#& *+E) , looking up at the sky, HEAR+N% !chaefer's cry. *esponding with a low H+SS, he turns back, raising in one hand his weapon, in the other a "'shaped SHARPEN+N% DE*+CE . As he passes the weapon through the device, it !ASHES into life, a deep, HARM&N+C H"M emitted as the blade grows with energy, growing hotter, hotter and H&##ER with each stroke. +e draws the blade now )H+#E(H&# through the device for the last stroke. +e lifts it, testing its balance, the )H+#E(H&# blade illuminating his alien face. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . J-*GLE . *)G1T Emerging from his camp, the +unter swings into the nearby tree line, moving to the uppermost branches. The +unter travels silently from tree to tree, arriving at the canyon rim where far below he SEES in the canyon, the B&N +RE, a leaping, shifting, multi'colored collage of HEA# )A*ES and !ARES, luring him onward. SC1AE(ER +idden back within the deep notch of several large !&%S and broken trees, in the river canyon. &elow him, on the rock plateau, is the bonfire, illuminating in SH+ #+N% PA##ERNS of !+%H#, the awaiting arena of destiny. +is eyes shift, trancelike, moving from side to side, watching the approaches to the fire below. +is senses are alert- his nerves on a wire edge. E+T, 1-*TER . *)G1T +is SHAD&)( &RM descending through the canyon, a rippling movement of grays and blacks, passing through the shifting light patterns on the rocks, cast by the growing bonfire below. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . *)G1T +is eyes probe the canyon, drawn to the swirling patterns of HEA# given off by the gaseous C&MB"S#+&N of the bonfire. E+T, 1-*TER . *)G1T Continues on, moving silently down through the canyon. SC1AE(ER !its motionless, nearly invisible in his mud camouflage amid the darkness of the logs. !uddenly, over the CRAC,!+N% of the +RE, the B"22+N%, C!+C,+N% of +NSEC#S, and the CR&A,+N% of R&%S, suddenly CEASES. !lowly, painfully he draws the bow to full arch, his wounded shoulder trembling, the B!&&D beginning to seep through the bandage. The bow straining at full draw, !chaefer stares intently, concentrating, searching for the +unter's form in the dancing light below.

E+T, T1E 1-*TER . *)G1T 5ike a giant insect, drops from above, fifteen feet above !chaefer, his steel'like spurs digging deep into the log. E+T, SC1AE(ER . *)G1T +e free.es at the sound of the +unter dropping, his eyes wide with fear. The slightest movement will bring an instant attack from the +unter behind him. &ut to wait, his back e/posed. E+T, T1E 1-*TER . *)G1T Cumps from the log above and to !chaefer's left, onto a boulder, gaining a better vantage point of the arena and fire below. +e raises his weapon, his E'ES glistening in the dim light, searching. A 7uiet +)!! emerges from his mouth. E+T, SC1AE(ER . *)G1T !pins and fires at the movement of the +unter. E+T, ARRO! . *)G1T (lies into the night, lodging into a BRANCH of an e/posed tree, just missing the +unter's head. )n a blur, the +unter's arm streaks downward, a dull flash of light leaving his fingers as he fires the weapon, the projectile S#REA,+N% downward, E6P!&D+N% into the log, inches from !chaefer, sending a SH&)ER of wood chips and bark, flying in every direction. SC1AE(ER )n a flash, is up and running, clutching his weapons, leaping from boulder to boulder. +e jumps down into the lighted area below, landing hard, rolling into the protective shadows of the rocks, putting the loping fire between he and the +unter's position on the rocks above. +e moves forward, darting to look backwards before leaping off the lip of the table rock into the boulder field below, a flat plane littered by weirdly shaped, water'erroded rocks, forming a giant stone AMP+#HEA#ER. !hadows leap and dance across the boulders, cast by the bonfire from the plateau above. !chaefer crouches between two large boulders, 7uietly breathing through clenched teeth, feeling the pain of his now freely bleeding shoulder wound. E+T, 1-*TER . *)G1T A nightmarish silhouette appearing for an instant on the rim of the plateau above. E+T, SC1AE(ER . *)G1T ,ver the S&"NDS of the +RE and the softly flowing R+*ER, distinguishes a NE) S&"ND, one that brings fear and a savage determination to his heart;the rhythmical C!+C,(SCRAPE, C!+C,(SCRAPE of the +unter's feet, moving over the rocks, somewhere above him. $rawing back on the bow, !chaefer moves around the boulder to his left, heading towards the sound of the +unter.

)*T, 1-*TER, SOME!1ERE )* T1E #O-LDERS . *)G1T RE*EA!ED in flashes of strobing light, pauses at the juncture of several towering rocks. +e stands, erect, tilting his head slowly, turning it from side to side, his ears trying to orientate to the diversity of S&"NDS reflecting off the circular walls, enclosing the boulder field. )*T, 1-*TER3S PO& . *)G1T +is vision, accustomed to another spectrum, has little available heat to register vivid images of the inert, lifeless forms of the stones. +e SEES instead, a world of soft, ill'defined shapes in a pale MA%EN#A field of flickering heat. )*T, SC1AE(ER . *)G1T Creeping forward, carefully placing one foot in front of the other, suddenly stops, hearing the C!+C,( SCRAPE, C!+C,(SCRAPE, now on his right. !tarting to move in this new direction, he stops again, HEAR+N% the sound now directly across from him. 5istening, he hears the sound again from yet another direction, the sound ECH&+N% in the natural ampitheater of rock. !chaefer, uncertain of where to turn, waits. !uddenly he crouches and free.es, HEAR+N% the unbelievable S&"ND of a H"MAN *&+CE, softly echoing through the ampitheater. A**A3S &O)CE 0O,S,2 3filtered- in !panish4 Loo% o$t4 5ehind 'o$>>> !chaefer spins, his breath catching at the sound of Anna's voice. ide'eyed, straining, he waits, hearing only the muted !&)+N% of water, the H+SS+N% and P&PP+N% of the dying fire above, the shadows growing longer, darker with each minute. And then again, Anna's *&+CE. A**A3S &O)CE 0O,S,2 3in !panish4 ,,, Loo% o$t4 5ehind 'o$> SC1AE(ER 3to himself4 Anna,,,9 Tracelike he moves towards the sound. T1E 1-*TER +is head canted, throat distended, utters another mimicry. SC1AE(ER <oving towards the space between two boulders from which the *&+CE seems to emanate. SC1AE(ER 3louder4 Anna,,,9 T1E 1-*TER

1is ears now directed towards the SO-*D o6 Schae6er3s voice4 his slowl' a""roachin (OOTSTEPS4 raises his wea"on, SC1AE(ER 6auses before the opening of the passageway. All is silent. +e hesitates to enter. 5isteneing. +e starts to move and then hears a NE) *&+CE ; 1-*TER 0O,S,2 3<ac's voice4 Dillon4 over here,,, !chaefer, horrified at the sound of the dead man's voice, backs 7uickly into the space between a boulder and the high rock wall of the ampitheater. )*T, 1-*TER . SOME!1ERE )* T1E #O-LDERS . *)G1T +is feet moving 7uietly over the rock, the shadow'light deepening with the dying fire above, closing in. E+T, SC1AE(ER . *)G1T &ow drawn, trapped against the rock, HEAR+N% the sound of the +unter approaching from the left, now the right, is helpless, not knowing where to fire, the +unter's deadly strike only an instant away. !till holding the bang'stick in his bow hand, he carefully releases the draw on the string, reaching to his neck for the !ASH(%RENADE. ith painstaking care he removes the grenade from his neck. (ocusing on the rocks before him and the still approaching S&"ND, he reaches down with the grenade, gripping with his fingertips the matchhead fuse, placing it against the rocks at his side. ith a sudden jerk of his hand he strikes and throws the grenade, snatching up the bang'stick with his good hand. The matchhead SP"##ERS as the grenade flies through the air, an instant later a blinding, )H+#E !ASH of light illuminates the ampitheater... )n that instant !chaefer SEES above him and to his left, the H"N#ER, poised on top of a rock, his weapon raised, about to strike? <omentarily blinded by the flash of light, the +unter's head recoils to the side. $arkness swallows the image of the +unter, but in that second, !chaefer sei.es his advantage, hurling the bang'stick spear. )*T, T1E SPEAR . *)G1T )t smashes into the boulder at the +unter's feet. The +unter leaps as the grenade DE#&NA#ES, shrapnel tearing into his body. ith a terrifying SCREAM of pain and anger, the +unter clutches frantically at the )&"NDS in his neck and chest. Another bloodcurdling SCREAM & RA%E and the +unter is gone. )*T, !ATER(ALL . *)G1T Cascades over the rocks, fed by a small stream running through the ravine. A pile of B&"!DERS breaks the falls, filling the area with an everconstant M+S#. !chaefer appears, holding the bow and arrow, following the !"M+N&"S B!&&D #RA+! of the +unter over the rock.

<oving behind the falls, !chaefer's body is briefly soaked by the water, the hardened and CAM&" !A%E beginning to dissolve, running off his body. +e continues on, slowly, cautiously following the blood trail. )*T, TA#LE TOP #O-LDER . *)G1T #e/t to the flowing stream, surrounded by an open area of rock. !chaefer, smeared with blood and sweat, his clay and ochre camouflage partially washed away, climbs up a log onto the boulder. ,blivious to the searing pain in his shoulder, he breathes in hot, powerful e/changes, his eyes wide and glowing with vengeance. SC1AE(ER #leed4 'o$ 5astard, +is bow down, !chaefer follows the blood trail across the rock, edging alongside a huge vertical boulder. The blood trail stops. +e takes another step forward, past a darkened A!C&*E... !chaefer spins, SEE+N% in the alcove the S"RPR+SED +unter whirl and spring towards him... !chaefer in a bound closes the distance, savagely kicking the +unter's arm. The )EAP&N flies from the +unter's hand C!A##ER+N% to the rock. &efore he can recover, !chaefer follows with a karate kick to the chest, hurling the +unter to the ground, his back e/posed. )n a flash, !chaefer is standing over the +unter, the bow drawn, poised, the blood from his open wound dripping onto the +unter's back. The +unter slowly rolls onto his back, RE*EA!+N% his face, his eyes bleached white in shock from the loss of blood. The +unter's body, rippled out of control, trying desperately to orientate itself to the environment. SC1AE(ER 3incredulous4 !ho the hell are 'o$,,,9 E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& O( SC1AE(ER . *)G1T !chaefer's body, looms over him, M&##!ED and S#REA,ED from his e/posed skin, blood oo.ing from the shoulder wound, his eyes like black sockets in his almost skull'like face. !een from this perspective, !chaefer is a frightening, horrible visage. T1E 1-*TER !hudders, %ASP+N% hungrily for air, strugging to speak. (rom his throat, !chaefer HEARS the feeble, distorted efforts of the +unter, at first garbled, incomprehensible and then, slowly, chillingly, taking on the timbre and 7uality of his &)N *&+CE . 1-*TER 3electronic- filtered4 !ho,,, 3improving4 ,,, the hell,,, 3nearly perfect4 ,,, are,,, 3perfect4 ,,, /o$9 The +unter's strength seems to fade even more...

Then, suddenly, with the last of his diminishing strength, he lashes out with one arm, activating the lethal, ra.or sharp SP"RS on his wrists. The +unter's coiled leg kicks upward with incredible force, his terrible spur ripping into !chaefer's thigh, hurling !chaefer into the air, flipping him over, sending him crashing to his back into the shallow pool of water, momentarily losing his bow. +e flounders desperately in the water, searching for the bow. +e finds it just as... The +unter rises slowly to his feet, %ASP+N% desperately for breath. +e inhales deeply, hungrily, gaining strength with each breath. !chaefer looks from the pool to SEE the +unter, raising his weapon to throw. )n one totally instinctual movement, !chaefer draws back on the arrow to its very tip and fires. The arrow, with a deadly #H"D, penetrates deeply into the +unter's neck. Another bloodcurdling SCREAM of RA%E as the +unter clutches his throat, dropping his weapon. An instant later and the +unter is gone. E+T, LOG #R)DGE . *)G1T 0PRE8DA!*2 Emerging onto a huge log leading to the rim of the canyon, !chaefer holding the +unter's weapon, pauses several times, finding more traces of the +unter's blood, the deep )&"ND in his thigh flowing heavily. +e continues across the log and climbs the bank, following the traces into the jungle. E+T, J-*GLE . PRE8DA!* <oving along the rim of the coulee, !chaefer follows the thick, orange blobs hanging on leaves and spent on the forest floor. Too weak to move through the trees, the +unter has left a S)A#H of trampled grasses, broken twigs and branches in his headlong retreat from !chaefer; the +unter turned +unted. E+T, T!O ATTAC< 1EL)COPTERS . DA/ 0PRE8DA!*2 6owering upward from the canyon, the )A#ER A!! in the background, clear the rim, racing along at treetop height, heading towards the island promontory. E+T, 1-*TER3S PO& . CAMP . PRE8DA!* !taggering into the clearing, bleeding severely. The +unter is rapidly losing his camouflage ability, his skin turning a PA!E %REEN, fle/ing and pulsing in shock. The glow of light from the ENER%' +E!D reflecting off the spreading apron of B!&&D flowing from his wound. ith trembling hands he grasps the arrow and breaks it, pulling the shaft from his neck. +e screams in pain. E+T, GLE* . PRE8DA!* !chaefer follows the blood trail, deeper into the incredibly dense vegetation, ripping aside the heavy growth, plunging onward. &efore him, covering a narrow passageway, is a huge SP+DER )EB, intricate, four feet across. !chaefer starts to sweep aside the web. ith a sharp intake of breath, he halts, inches from the wed. !omething is wrong. E/amining the web closer he sees not silken threads but a hard and shiny network of HA+R( +NE )+RE; A #RAP. +e backs up, picking up a hefty branch from the ground. +e swings the branch with a mighty heave, clenching his teeth in pain. The branch sails end over end into the web impacting the strands. A metallic SNAP is

HEARD- a high'pitches )H+NE and the log is violently severed, the pieces flying in opposite directions with great speed. !chaefer runs on, again picking up the blood traces of the fleeing +unter. E+T, 1-*TER3S CAMP At the edge of the site. +e SEES the +unter staggering through the foliage. !chaefer starts after him but then stops, dumbfounded by the incredible images that crash in on him; #RANS!"CEN# H"MAN S,+NS stretched over frames, the hair of the attached scalps moving lightly in the wind- S,+NNED B&D+ES, some lying on the ground, others hung from the trees, like +opper and his men were. +e turns back, SEE+N% the +unter as he passes through the shimmering distortion of a &RCE +E!D enveloping the forest. ithin the force field he SEES the vague, nearly transparent &"#!+NE of the +unter's ship. +e approaches it, wide'eyed, his senses reeling with astonishment and rage. (rom within the force field, a PASSA%E )A' of B!"E !+%H# appears, the +unter's form backlit as he ascends the RAMP to his spacecraft. T1E 1-*TER As he passes his hand through a light BEAM, the ship instantly responds, as a low, #"RB+NE!+,E H&)! is HEARD, building slowly in volume and pitch. SC1AE(ER )n his weakened condition staggers forward, looking up, SEE+N% the passage way of light diminish as the door begins to close. As rising HEA# )A*ES begin to envelope the ship, the +unter stares out at !chaefer, the heat waves increasing as the ,EEN+N% )H+NE of the ship's drive builds. +e enters the force field, the door now inches from closing. ,n the ground, nearly obscured by the grass and leaves, !chaefer SEES the +unter's )EAP&N, lying where he dropped it in his desperate flight to escape. !chaefer grabs up the weapon and holds it. +ow the hell does it workF... +e s7uee.es the handle of the weapon feeling it resist. #othing happens. ith the last ounce of his strength, and with a BE!!&) of RA%E, his arm muscles bulging, he crushes down on the handle... )n a !ASH of blue'white light, the weapon becomes AC#+*A#ED . !chaefer raises the weapon, sensing its power and function. )n the final seconds before the door closes, !chaefer, with a triumphant SCREAM, fires the weapon... The weapon, flaring with deadly energy, drops and turns sideways, accelerating through the door and into the spacecraft. )*T, SPACECRA(T . DA/ The weapon impacts the +unter, his head E6P!&D+N% in a fountain of orange blood and pale green tissue.

The weapon continues on, burying itself into the energy field, bolts of plasma'energy begin arcing from the force field. !chaefer falls forward onto his hands and knees, staring at the +unter's ship. The S&"ND of the hyper'drive continues to increase, as the ship begins to tremble. E+T, 1EL)COPTER COC<P)T . DA/ As suddenly the instrument panel goes wild, gauges spinning, digital readouts racing out of control. The S&"ND of the turbine faltering, changing pitch. The pilot lurches forward with the stick, fighting for control. E+T, 1-*TER3S CAMP . DA/ The multi harmonic whine of the +unter's ship is still building as the ground begins to shake. !chaefer, reali.ing that the ship is going to e/plode, and ignoring the pain of his shoulder and leg, runs desperately, searching for cover. +e sprints for the edge of the clearing, diving over the embankment just as; A blinding purple !ASH blows the ship to pieces. E+T, 1EL)COPTER . COC<P)T . DA/ Enveloped in the flash of intense light. CR+ES of surprise fill the ship as the SH&C,()A*E hits the chopper, heeling it hard over to one side. &elow, the concentric waves of energy race outward from the center of the blast, an unearthly sight, like the miniature birth of a star. The helicopter suddenly regains control, its power restored. P)LOT 1ol'4 6$c%4 what was that,,,9>>> P1)L)PS Or5it ri ht,,, chec% it o$t> The helicopter levels out and heads toward the smoking, devastated site of the blast. E+T, 1-*TER3S CAMP . DA/ The jungle has been completely transformed. #o longer lush and verdant, the area is clear'cut, two feet above the ground, covered in +NE )H+#E, smoldering ASH. Amongst the shattered stumps, debris from the ship, bright as magnesium flares, burns with e/otic colors. )f the foreground, !chaefer, a living dead'man, streaked with the alien ash, rises up from a shallow depression, staring dumbstruck at the site. &reaking in low over the treetops, the HE!+C&P#ERS flare up into position, one preparing to land. As the chopper descends, the crew, standing in the door way, stare transfi/ed at the devastation, their eyes trying to penetrate the dense white smoke. As the helicopter slowly descends, its propwash creating a raging storm, !chaefer materiali.es from the S)+R!+N% SM&,E AND ASH, his features taking form as he approaches, his naked body covered in mud, blood and ash. E+T, SC1AE(ER3S PO& . LA*D)*G 1EL)COPTER . DA/

As the chopper, emerging from the vorte/, settles towards the ground where the spacecraft once stood. Through the distorted veil, the helicopter, bristling with G, *+S&RED and HE!ME#ED MEN, now covered with )H+#E ASH, looks like a landing spacecraft. E+T, 1EL)COPTER . DA/ The door gunner swings the <'A: into firing position, pointing it at !chaefer. +e racks the bolt, loading a round. The crewmen look tense, frightened. Anna, standing ne/t to the door gunner, stares at the strange creature before her, narrowing her eyes, uncertain. )s there something familiar about the figureF SC1AE(ER !tands in the clearing, staring at the helicopter and the array of weapons pointed at him. +e looks da.ed, like a man making contact with members of an alien race, for the first time. T1E 1EL)COPTER +overs low to the ground, the tension inside building as !chaefer approaches. <ore weapons swing into position. (ingers tighten on triggers. !uddenly Anna recogni.es the figure. *eali.ing the danger she holds up her hands, shouting A**A *OOOOOO>>>>>> E+T, 1EL)COPTERS . J-*GLE . DA/ (lash overhead, heading across the trackless jungle, their rotors T+"<6)#% like heavy machine gun fire. )*T, 1EL)COPTER . DA/ !chaefer, a blanket over his shoulders, still in the remains of his mud camouflage, his body laced with deep cuts- his chest and shoulder caked with dried blood, is seated on a bench in the cargo hold. #ear the cockpit are %eneral 6hilips, an ARM' MED+C , two MACH+NE %"NNERS. They look at !chaefer in awe. The <edic, holding an open +E!D ,+# , a syringe and bandages, turns to 6hilips. MED)C 3shaking his head4 Loo%s li%e he3s 5een thro$ h hell,,, can3t 5elieve he3s still alive, !hat the hell went on down there9 P1)L)PS )6 it hadn3t 5een 6or her4 he3d 5e dead now, That stor' she told $s,,, ) still can3t 5elieve it, +e looks at Anna, her eyes meeting his, as if asking for an e/planation. !he looks at him a moment before turning back to !chaefer, staring at him as if he were risen from the dead. !he looks into !chaefer's face, !chaefer returning her look, recognition passing between them. Anna e/tends her hand. !chaefer slowly reaches out, touching her fingers, then clasping her hand. !chaefer turns his eyes to stare out the open door, beyond the passing jungle below, out to the heavens. +e turns back, looking at Anna, a faint smile crossing his face... they made it.

E+T, T!O 1EL)COPTERS . J-*GLE . DA/ 6ull away and head towards the distant, green hori.on. (ADE O-T


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