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BURNING OUT INTRODUCTION Starting the race but giving up due to stress A very common word Stressed out

Being anxious Once it was never heard among Christian leaders but it has become a killer Common among many people 1) Moses giving up !) "li#ah suicidal $) %onah running away &) %ohn the Baptist doubting ') Martha anxious () )eter denied Ones who kept on running and never gave up or complained 1) %oseph !) %oshua $) *ehemiah &) +aniel ') %ohn () )aul

PAULS SITUATION ,, Corinthians &-./0 12e are troubled on every side3 yet not distressed4 we are perplexed3 but not in despair4 Persecuted, but not forsaken4 cast down3 but not destroyed4 ,, Corinthians (-$/15 16iving no o77ence in any thing3 that the ministry be not blamed- But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers o7 6od3 in much patience3 in a77lictions3 in necessities3 in distresses3 ,n stripes3 in imprisonments3 in tumults3 in labours3 in watchings3 in 7astings4 By pureness3 by knowledge3 by longsu77ering3 by kindness3 by the 8oly 6host3 by love un7eigned3 By the word o7 truth3 by the power o7 6od3 by the armour o7 righteousness on the right hand and on the le7t3 By honour and dishonour3 by evil report and good report- as deceivers3 and yet true4 As unknown3 and yet well known4 as dying3 and3 behold3 we live4 as chastened3 and not killed4 As sorrow7ul3 yet always re#oicing4 as poor3 yet making many rich4 as having nothing3 and yet possessing all things91 8e says , have 7aced sorrow and turned it into re#oicing9 , have experienced poverty3 but , know that in it , am making many rich9 , have nothing3 but , have everything9 , have su77ered chastisement3 but , am still living9 , have 7aced dying3 but , am more alive than ever be7ore9 , am not de7eated , am a con:ueror3 , am not burnt out The Secret of His Life 19 ,t is the oil that burns and not the wick !9 ;he wick burns out when the oil runs out HE HAD AN ENCOUTER WITH THE LORD 19 !9 ;he +amascus road experience 8is sins were washed away and turned to the <ord


,t has to be an ongoing encounter with the <ord

HE LIVED A CRUCIFIED LIFE ,n 6alatians he writes6alatians !-!5 1, am cruci7ied with Christ- nevertheless , live4 yet not ,3 but Christ liveth in me- and the li7e which , now live in the 7lesh , live by the 7aith o7 the Son o7 6od3 who loved me3 and gave himsel7 7or me91 6alatians (-1& 1But 6od 7orbid that , should glory3 save in the cross o7 our <ord %esus Christ3 by whom the world is cruci7ied unto me3 and , unto the world9 =omans (-( 1>nowing this3 that our old man is cruci7ied with him3 that the body o7 sin might be destroyed3 that hence7orth we should not serve sin91 19 !9 $9 8e knew that he was cruci7ied with Christ ;he world was cruci7ied to him 8e couldn?t draw 7rom the world any encouragement

HE LIVED THE RISEN LIFE HE LIVED BY THE FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD HE BECAME A Col $-1/& $-1 Since3 then3 you have been raised with Christ3 set your hearts on things above3 where Christ is seated at the right hand o7 6od9 ! Set your minds on things above3 not on earthly things9 $ @or you died3 and your li7e is now hidden with Christ in 6od9 & 2hen Christ3 who is your li7e3 appears3 then you also will appear with him in glory9 A7rom *ew ,nternational Bersion) A9 8e knew how to wait B9 8e drew all strength 7rom the risen Christ C9 8is eyes were set on the ;8=O*" +9 8e exercised authority 7rom the the throne HE LIVED A SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE 8e knew how to get 7illed constantly Oil has a way o7 burning out and you have to keep 7illing the lamp "ph '-1'/!5 1' Be very care7ul3 then3 how you live/not as unwise but as wise3 1( making the most of every opportunity3 because the days are evil9 1C ;here7ore do not be 7oolish3 but understand what the <ordDs will is9 1. +o not get drunk on wine3 which leads to debauchery9 ,nstead3 be filled with the Spirit9 10 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs9 Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord3 !5 always giving thanks to 6od the @ather 7or everything3 in the name o7 our <ord %esus Christ9