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Eating for the American Dream:

One Bit Close to Freedom

Yousef Elzein Mt. San Antonio College Winter !"#$ Essentials of %utrition

Bett& Croc'er (a)le of Contents

Cha*ter One: +ualit& ,e-els ./0 Cha*ter (1o: %utrition 2rofile 0/3 Cha*ter (hree: 2erfect 2lan Anal&sis 3/4 Cha*ter Four: Su*er Foods 4/#" Cha*ter Fi-e: Farm to (a)le ##/#! Cha*ter Si5: M& 2late #. Cha*ter Se-en: Water #$ Cha*ter Eight: Fi)er #0/#3 Cha*ter %ine: M& Wellness ,ife #3/#4 Bi)liogra*h& #6 A**endi5 #7

Cha*ter One: +ualit& ,e-els

#. (hiamine Chief Function: 8el*s the )od&9s cells change car)oh&drates into energ&. Deficiencies in (hiamine 1ill result in Beri)eri. (here are no to5ic le-els of (hiamine 'no1n toda&. Food sources: )eans )eef chic'en fish nuts organ meats *or' *otatoes seeds and so&)eans.

!. :i)ofla-in Chief Functions: ;s -er& im*ortant for )od& gro1th and red )lood cell *roduction and hel*s in releasing energ& from car)oh&drates. Deficiencies: Anemia mouth or li* sores s'in disorders sore throat and s1elling of mucus mem)ranes. (here is no 'no1n to5icit& to ri)ofla-in due to it )eing a 1ater/solu)le -itamin. Food Sources: Dair& *roducts eggs green leaf& -egeta)les lean meats legumes mil' nuts. .. 2otassium Chief Functions: Builds *rotein )rea's do1n and uses car)oh&drates )uilds muscle maintain normal )od& gro1th controls the electrical acti-it& of the heart and controls the acid/)ase )alance. Deficiencies: 8&*o'alemia causes 1ea' muscles a)normal rh&thms and a slight rise in )lood *ressure. (o5icit&: 8&*er'alemia causes *oor 'idne& function and se-ere infections. Food Sources: All meats including fish so& *roducts -eggie )urgers )roccoli *eas lima )eans tomatoes *otatoes s1eet *otatoes 1inter s<uashes citrus fruits cantalou*e )ananas 'i1i *runes a*ricots mil' &ogurt and nuts. $. ;ron Chief Functions: 8el*s the )od& ma'e the o5&gen/carr&ing *roteins hemoglo)in and m&oglo)in. ;ron also ma'es u* man& *roteins in the )od&. Deficiencies: Anemia lac' of energ& shortness of )reath headache irrita)ilit& dizziness or 1eight loss. (o5icit&: Fatigue anore5ia dizziness nausea -omiting headaches 1eight loss shortness of )reath gra&ish color to the s'in. Food Sources: %a-& )ean )eef stea' clams and s1iss chard 0. =inc Chief Functions: =inc is needed for the )od&9s immune s&stem to *ro*erl& 1or'. ;t *la&s a roll in cell di-ision cell gro1th 1ould healing and the )rea'do1n of car)oh&drates. Deficiencies: Fre<uent infections h&*ogonadism in males loss of hair *oor a**etite *ro)lems 1ith the sense of taste *ro)lems 1ith the sense of smell s'in sores slo1l& gro1th trou)le seeing in the *ar' 1ounds that ta'e a long time to heal. (o5icit&: =inc su**lements in large amounts ma& cause diarrhea a)dominal cram*s and -omiting. Food Sources: Beef stea' shrim* and o&sters. 3. Sodium Chief Function: Controls )lood *ressure and )lood -olume. Sodium is needed for muscles and ner-es to 1or' *ro*erl&. Deficiencies: 8&*onatremia nausea -omiting headache confusion letharg& loss of a**etite restlessness irrita)ilit& muscle 1ea'ness s*asms cram*s seizures and decreased consciousness or coma. (o5icit&: 8igh )lood *ressure in some *eo*le and a serious )uild/u* of fluid in *eo*le 1ith congesti-e heart failure cirrhosis or 'idne& disease.

Food sources: Mil' )eets and celer& naturall& contain sodium.

Cha*ter (1o: %utrition 2rofile


#. # $67.7! 'cal ? Seeds Sunflo1er

>ernels Dr& :oasted Salted. !. # 0." 'cal/ (aco Bell Burrito 4 ,a&er. .. 60" 'cal ? Cheetos Snac's Flamin9 8ot Cheese. $. 0$" 'cal / (aco Bell Me5ican 2izza 0. $$" 'cal ? (aco Bell %achos Su*reme Saturated Fat #. #6g ? (aco Bell Burrito 4 la&er. !. #...3g ? Seeds Sunflo1er >ernels Dr& :oasted Salted. .. #".$!g ? 8am)urger ,arge 1ith @egeta)les and Condiments $. 6g ? (aco Bell Me5ican 2izza 0. 4.0g Cheetos Snac's Flamin9 8ot Cheese. Fi)er #. .3g ? (aco Bell Burrito 4 ,a&er. !. !.."$g / Seeds Sunflo1er >ernels Dr& :oasted Salted. .. #"g ? Su)1a& Sand1ich @eggie Delite Wheat 3 ;nch $. 6g ? (aco Bell %achos Su*reme 0. 6g ? (aco Bell Me5ican 2izza %/. #. .0#g ? 2otatoes French Fries Dee* Fried 2re*ared from :a1. !. .!3g / (aco Bell %achos Su*reme .. .!$g / 8am)urger ,arge 1ith @egeta)les and Condiments $. .#6g / Seeds Sunflo1er >ernels Dr& :oasted Salted. 0. #c ? (ea 2re*ared Sugar #. $#g ? 2e*si Soda :egular Cola !. #0g / (aco Bell Burrito 4 ,a&er. .. 7.07g / 8am)urger ,arge 1ith @egeta)les and Condiments $. #"g / Su)1a& Sand1ich @eggie Delite Wheat 3 ;nch 0. 3.77g / Seeds Sunflo1er >ernels Dr& :oasted Salted. Sodium

#. !. .. $. 0.

$!."mg ? (aco Bell Burrito 4 ,a&er #!0"mg ? Cheetos Snac's Flamin9 8ot Cheese #"!"mg ? (aco Bell Me5ican 2izza 6!"mg ? Su)1a& Sand1ich @eggie Delite Wheat 3 ;nch 3$"mg ? (aco Bell %achos su*reme

Cha*ter (hree: 2erfect 2lan Anal&sis

(he first thing ; did 1ith m& WB7 1as co*ied e-er&thing from m& FAA! and 1or'ed from there. One of m& )iggest issues 1as getting m& sodium do1n from the B, *oint. A lot of m& *rotein had come from tur'e& sand1iches ; had *ut in for lunch on a cou*le of the da&s )ut a lot of m& sodium

had )een coming from them as 1ell. Fried tofu seemed to )e the tric' in getting less sodium )ut the same a)out of *rotein in m& meal. After all of that Arilled Cheese Sand1iches 1ere the onl& thing in m& diet that had <uite a large *ortion of sodium. Aside from m& issues 1ith sodium ; found m&self lo1 on @itamin D. A lot of the areas 1here ; had Cuice 1ere Cust small snac's that could ha-e reall& used more. All ; did 1as re*lace the Cuice 1ith 1ater and add a decent amount of fruit 1hich ; feel made a great difference. ; also added some &ogurt that had some fruit )its mi5ed in 1hich made <uite the difference as 1ell. ; feel li'e this *lan is -er& reasona)le 1ith ho1 ; eat. ;t doesn9t seem to ma'e that much of a difference 1ith m& en-ironment ; Cust ha-e re*lace some of the unhealthier snac's 1ith something that 1ould )enefit me more. ; re*laced sunflo1er seeds or chi*s 1ith &ogurt or fruitD-egeta)les. For a lot of the deficiencies ; had )efore stic'ing an insane amount of fruits and -egeta)les into m& diet seemed to fi5 them.

Cha*ter Four: Su*er Foods

Stra1)erries Bsed once. E5cellent source of @itamin C. ; lo-e stra1)erries and the&9re something different for e-er& no1 and then.

Carrots Bsed four times


Aood source of fi)er B3 Folate ;ron 2otassium and Sodium E5cellent source of @itamin A. M& fa-orite -egeta)le and reall& hel*ed fill m& -egeta)le and -itamin A re<uirements.

Bsed t1ice Aood source of -itamin C and -itamin A. A**les are m& a)solute fa-orite snac' )ut ; tr& not eat too man&. Also hel*ed out 1ith m& -itamin re<uirements.

Celer& Bsed ten times ; reall& li'e eating celer& and the& hel*ed 1ith m& -egeta)le re<uirement.

Orange Bsed fifteen times. E5cellent source of @itamin C. :eall& reall& hel*ed out 1ith m& @itamin C re<uirement.

,emon Bsed four times E5cellent source of @itamin C. Was -er& hel*ful 1ith m& @itamin C re<uirement.

Banana Bsed si5 times Aood source of @itamin C.

E5cellent source of B3. ; lo-e )ananas and the& reall& hel*ed out 1ith m& -itamin and fruit re<uirements.

,ettuce Bsed t1ice. Aood source of Folate. 8el*ed me out 1ith m& Folate re<uirement.

Wheat Bread (ofu Bsed t1ice. Aood source for 'cals (hiamine and ;ron. E5cellent source for 2rotein ,i*ids n/3 n/. Calcium ;ron and =inc. An amazing re*lacement for meat in meals. Areat source for *rotein that isn9t high in sodium. Bsed si5 times. Aood source of Sodium :eall& good for a small snac'.


Cha*ter Fi-e: Farm to (a)le

A**le 8ill Aro1ers Association are 'no1n for gro1ing organic fruit and -egeta)les around California. ;n California the& ha-e #. ranches located around Camino and 2lacer-ille. (hose locations are <uite distant )ut ; 1ouldnEt )e sur*rised if the& *ro-ided most of the organic food for the (rader FoeEs ne5t to m& house. FuCi a**les are )est in mid to late Octo)er )ut the&9re great 'ee*ers and store e5tremel& 1ell in Aarages or Basements. Des*ite the fact that the& store as 1ell as the& do farmers ha-e )een sa&ing that the&9re not *rofiting as 1ell from them )ecause the&9re not as red as other a**les. (hat could )e a great *ro)lem )ecause most of the time *eo*le thin' Gredder is )etterH. Craz& enough that is not the case 1ith FuCi A**les. Other than that there doesn9t seem to )e an& *olicies effecting FuCi A**les nor ha-e the& come u* on the ne1s recentl&. A lot of *eo*le refer to the FuCi A**le as G(he 2erfect A**leH due to their Cris*iness and Sugar&/S1eet Fla-or. ,et9s face it: A**les in general are the *erfect snac' for an& time of the da&. So FuCi A**les are literall& the )est of the )estI ,etEs not forget ho1 amazingl& *riced the& are either. At (rader Foe9s &ou can get !l) )ag of Organic FuCi A**les for J!.$7. (here 1ere t1o things that ; reall& found to )e interesting 1hile doing this research. First ; found out that FuCi A**les aren9t as red as e-er& other A**le 1hich lea-es *eo*le to assume the&9re not good. (he second thing 1hich ; thought 1as a)solutel& amazing 1as the *ricing. ; ha-e al1a&s 'no1n that the& 1eren9t that e5*ensi-e )ut ;9-e 'e*t hearing a)out ho1 Organic food is more e5*ensi-e 1hich ; noticed 1asn9t the case at (rader Foe9s.



Cha*ter Si5: M& 2late

;t seems that the M& 2late anal&sis gi-es more -ague information on e-er& categor& for 1ellness 1hile the ;nta'e -s Aoals seems to focus on each indi-idual nutrient. ; feel that )oth of these could 1or' -er& -er& 1ell together. (he M& 2late seems to )e a lot more user friendl& )ecause it uses more common terminolog& 1hile the ;nta'e -s Aoals uses some terms that aren9t of da& to da& 'no1ledge. ; feel that it could )e -er& hel*ful to use the M& 2late first and ma'e sure that all fi-e categories are )eing met *ro*erl&. After that9s all set u* ; thin' it 1ould )e e-en more hel*ful to run the ;nta'e -s Aoals to ma'e that nothing is reaching the B, *oint.

; feel li'e GEnCo& Foods from man& CulturesH 1as targeted to an&)od& 1ho can or is 1illing to learn ho1 to coo'. ; feel there also needs to )e a s*ecific o*en/mindedness to )e 1illing to tr& something ne1 1hether it sounds com*letel& a**ealing or not. ; feel li'e this could )e -er& effecti-e if it 1as s*read around an& t&*e of communit&.


Cha*ter Se-en: Water

Water *la&s a huge role in our diet and it seems to )e one of the most underrated *arts of 1hat 1e consume. ;t seems that 1ater is loo'ed at as one thing 1hile )e-erages are a com*lete se*arate. Once 1ater9s role in the diet is understood *ro*erl& it could ma'e fairl& interesting changes in our 1ellness. Water should ha-e a huge role in our diets es*eciall& in our meals. (here should al1a&s )e more 1ater than soda or Cuice. ;n m& diet ; used to al1a&s ha-e some Cuice or soda 1ith an& meal or snac' and Cust drin'ing a)out t1o cu*s of 1ater o-er the course of the da&. %o1 ; tr& to drin' at least one cu* of 1ater e-er& meal and ; ha-e re*laced CuiceDsoda 1ith tea. Water *la&s a huge role in 1eight management es*eciall& 1hen it comes to hel*ing out 1ith O)esit&. As ; learned in Weight of the %ation reducing the inta'e of soda is the most )eneficial start to hel*ing 1ith o)esit& 1hich leads to re*lacing soda 1ith 1ater. Water also hel*s a lot 1ith 'ee*ing &our )od& clean 1hich &ields long term )enefits li'e disease *re-ention and )od& sanitation. Also according to the 1e)site Pure Water Services GDrin'ing eight glasses of 1ater dail& can decrease the ris' of colon cancer )& $0K and )ladder cancer )& 0"KH. :e*lacing 1ater 1ith Cuice during meals could ha-e some )enefits )ut ; feel that it is not 1orth it to actuall& go that far. As ; said )efore ; used to drin' Cuice during e-er& meal and ; noticed the difference 1hen ; started drin'ing 1ater instead. After learning 1hat Weight of the %ation had to sa& a)out Cuice ; started to com*letel& re*lace Cuice 1ith tea and ; actuall& started to eat the fruit instead of drin'ing its Cuice.


Cha*ter Eight: Fi)er

Fi)er has a lot to 1ith our diet and ho1 our )od& reacts to it 1hich ma'es all the difference 1ith the foods 1e eat and ho1 it a**lies to our 1eight. E-en though it doesnEt actuall& get a)sor)ed 1hile going through our digesti-e s&stem it still manages to *la& a huge role 1ith the foods that actuall& do. (hereEs t1o different t&*es of Fi)er: solu)le 1hich is dissol-ed )& 1ater and insolu)le 1hich holds 1ater )ut does not get dissol-ed. Fi)er *la&s a *rett& large role in 1eight management and o)esit& starting right at the diet. Fi)er reall& hel*s getting the feeling of fullness after a meal 1hich in the long run could result in eating more fi)er/dense meals 1ith less *ortions. When em*t& calories are eaten there isnEt enough fi)er to *ro-ide the feeling of fullness. ;f enough fi)er is added to the diet it could ease the *rocess of 1eight management and 1eight loss )ecause of the smaller *ortions 1ith fe1er num)er of calories. (here is definitel& more to fi)er than Cust *ro-ing a feeling fullness. According to Medicinenet Gin a 8ar-ard stud& of o-er $" """ male health *rofessionals researchers found that a high total dietar& fi)er inta'e 1as lin'ing to a $"K lo1er ris' of coronar& heart disease com*ared to a lo1/fi)er inta'e.H A lot of *eo*le tend to re*lace eating a fruit 1ith drin'ing its Cuice. When a fruit is Cuiced do1n it loses all of its fi)er along 1ith a lot of its meaning. ;t 1ould )e a lot more )eneficial to eat the fruit and to drin' a cu* of 1ater 1ith it. While 1eEre gaining the fi)er from eating the fruit 1eEre also losing a lot of the sugar and calories 1e 1ould ha-e gotten from Cust the Cuice. E-en though it isnEt a horri)le thing to drin' Cuice ; feel that it should not )e a large *ortion of the meal *lan. ;n m& WB# ; had <uite a lot of Cuice in m& diet 1hich ; though 1as totall& o'a& until ; learned that the& contain <uite a )it of sugar. After1ards in m& WB7 ; re*laced a lot of m& salt& snac's 1ith fruit and a lot of m& Cuices 1ith Areen (ea. ;t didnEt ta'e a 1ee' for me to notice the difference in ho1 ; felt. ;nstead of eating a )ag of chi*s and 1anting to sit do1n ; ate an Orange 1hich reall& made me feel a


'ic' in energ&. Eating fruit also seemed to gi-e me a more satisf&ing feeling of fullness o-er a )ag of chi*s.

Cha*ter %ine: M& Wellness ,ife

M& name is Youssef Elzein. ; 1as )orn in #770 and raised in California m& entire life. M& *arents came to America from ,e)anon in a)out #76$/#760. ; ha-e an older Brother Samer 1ho is ten &ears older than m&self and a sister Fatima 1ho is fi-e &ears older than m&self. M& 1ellness in terms of diet hasnEt al1a&s )een too G1ellH 'e*t. Aro1ing u* ; used to al1a&s eat a lot of chi*s or cand& and drin' a 1hole lot of Soda. On to* of all that ; had a fa-orite snac' that ; ate almost e-er& da&: salted sunflo1er seeds. As ; gre1 more comforta)le 1ith m& salt& snac' ; started to eat more and more *ortions o-er the course of less time. A com)ination of all that salt and *la&ing -ideo games o-er the course of 3/#" hours a da& left me 1ith an e5tremel& ele-ated )lood *ressure for m& age. After finding out ho1 high m& )lood *ressure 1as ; 1as told ; onl& had so much time to lo1er it 1hich ; ha-e managed to do. ; found out that 1ith m& current )lood *ressure ; ha-e less than a #K chance of ha-ing a heart attac' in the ne5t #" &ears. ; set u* <uite a )it of strategies to hel* out 1ith m& 1ellness. ; did *rotein first 1hich consists of tr&ing to fit more seeds nuts and lo1/fat dair& *roducts going for more lean cuts 1ith coo'ed meat eating sea/food instead of meat once or t1ice a 1ee' di* ra1 -egeta)les into hummus and )uild more meals around )eans and *eas. Second ; did fat 1hich consists of eating s*ecific foods to )oost meta)olism eating more 1hole grains eating lo1/fat dair& *roducts drin'ing more green/tea and using reduced/fat or non/fat salad dressings. (hird 1as Car)oh&drates 1hich consists of adding more fi)er 1ith healthier car)oh&drates eating more during )rea'fast and less at night focusing on eating healthier car)oh&drates eating more 1hole )read during snac's and eating more 1hole fruit instead of


drin'ing Cuice. Fourth 1as Fluids 1hich consists of drin'ing a lot more 1ater drin'ing less sugar/ )ased drin's re*lacing Cuice 1ith Areen (ea )u&ing a refilla)le container for easier access to 1ater and to not drin' m& calories. (he fifth and last set 1as for m& Acti-it& 1hich consists of starting to go to the g&m again going out for more 1al's *ar'ing farther from class to increase m& 1al'ing distance ta'ing the stairs instead of the ele-ator and *la&ing moire s*orts 1ith friends. Currentl& ; am no1here near m& acti-it& re<uirements. One of m& most im*ortant goals is to start going to the g&m again. ; ne-er sto**ed going )ecause it 1as too hard ; Cust ne-er had the *ro*er time management to fit it into m& schedule. ; actuall& reall& miss going to the g&m and ; loo' for1ard to going )ac' to m& old three/da&/a/1ee' s&stem. ; ha-e some friends that go to the *ar' and *la& foot)all e-er& 1ee'end. ; lo-e *la&ing 1ith them )ut again ; Cust didn9t manage m& time *ro*erl&. So ; can go to the g&m three times a 1ee' and *la& foot)all 1ith some friends on the 1ee'end. ; understand this is a lot more than m& actual re<uirement )ut ; reall& feel li'e ; should *ush m&self to m& *h&sical limits 1ithout going 1a& o-er the to* and hurting m&self. M& 1ellness is of huge im*ortance to me. O-er the course of this nutrition class ; could feel m&self gro1ing into the *ro*er mindset. ; don9t 1ant age to hold me )ac' from doing 1hate-er it is ; 1ould 1ant to do. ; *lan on getting married and ha-ing 'ids as ; gro1 older. ; 1ould a)solutel& lo-e to )e a)le to thro1 m& 'ids onto m& shoulders and to s1ee* m& 1ife off her feet 1hene-er ; get the chance. ;9d lo-e to )e a)le to ta'e m& 'ids to the *ar' and *la& 1ith them. For me to )e a)le to do an& of that ;9d ha-e to start caring for m&self no1.


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A**endi5 WB# ? !"/!6 WB7 ? !7/." WB#$ / .#/.0 M& 2late (o* #" / .3