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African Music Forum

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Welcome 0o /1rican +usic ,orum. 2ou /re 3ncouraged 0o Join 4s 5n Discussions. 5t6s ,R33 With 7o Strings /ttached88 /dmin

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not $e a$le to remo!e or edit #articular messages immediatel . 0his #olic a##lies to mem$er #ro1ile in1ormation as .ell. 2ou remain solel res#onsi$le 1or the content o1 our #osted messages. ,urthermore, ou agree to indemni1 and hold harmless the o.ners o1 this 1orum, an related .e$sites to this 1orum, its sta11, and its su$sidiaries. 0he o.ners o1 this 1orum also reser!e the right to re!eal our identit Bor an other related in1ormation collected on this ser!iceC in the e!ent o1 a 1ormal com#laint or legal action arising 1rom an situation caused $ our use o1 this 1orum. 2ou ha!e the a$ilit , as ou register, to choose our username. We ad!ise that ou kee# the name a##ro#riate. With this user account ou are a$out to register, ou agree to ne!er gi!e our #ass.ord out to another #erson exce#t an administrator, 1or our #rotection and 1or !alidit reasons. 2ou also agree to 73V3R use another #erson6s account 1or an reason. We also ;5A;-2 recommend ou use a com#lex and uni9ue #ass.ord 1or our account, to #re!ent account the1t. /1ter ou register and login to this 1orum, ou .ill $e a$le to 1ill out a detailed #ro1ile. 5t is our res#onsi$ilit to #resent clean and accurate in1ormation. /n in1ormation the 1orum o.ner or sta11 determines to $e inaccurate or !ulgar in nature .ill $e remo!ed, .ith or .ithout #rior notice. /##ro#riate sanctions ma $e a##lica$le. Please note that .ith each #ost, our 5P address is recorded, in the e!ent that ou need to $e $anned 1rom this 1orum or our 5SP contacted. 0his .ill onl ha##en in the e!ent o1 a ma?or !iolation o1 this agreement. /lso note that the so1t.are #laces a cookie, a text 1ile containing $its o1 in1ormation Bsuch as our username and #ass.ordC, in our $ro.ser6s cache. 0his is D7-2 used to kee# ou logged inEout. 0he so1t.are does not collect or send an other 1orm o1 in1ormation to our com#uter. ( A+ree

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