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Joseph Zernik, PhD "

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14-02-11 ISRAEL: War hero Moti Ashkenazi versus the medieval
courts - Presiding Justice runis must resign!""
From the pot to the frying pan... Moti Ashkenazi+76 others came to the High
Court of Justice - national tribunal for protection of rights - in search of
protection against medieval style fraud in the debtor courts. The High Court
of Justice, led by Presiding Justice Asher Grunis, has been running on them
another fraud through simulated litigation with blatantly invalid records for
three years now... Corruption of the courts and the legal profession is central
to the socio-economic crisis in srael. Presiding Justice Grunis must resign!

Moti Ashkenazi in Budapest bunker on the Suez canal (1973) - commander of
the only sraeli bunker along the Bar-Lev Line that stood through the Egyptian
assault; sraeli Supreme Court Presiding Justice Asher Grunis.
View in blog: http://inproperinla.blogspot.co.il/2014/02/14-02-11-israel-war-
View PDF: http://www.scribd.com/doc/206364209/
Occupy Tel Aviv, February 11 - in Moti Ashkenazi+76 others against the
Minister o !ustice an" #irector o the $norce%ent an" &ollection Authority
'"ebtors courts ( %anage" as a"%inistrative courts un"er the )tate !ustice
#epart%ent*, +ar-hero Ashkenazi sought to stop rau" in the %e"ieval-style
"ebtors courts in ,srael- Accor"ing to ne+ proce"ures o the "ebtors courts, no
"ecisions o the "ebtors courts , longer than 17 lines, is serve" on the "ebtors
any longer- Attorneys or the "ebt-hol"ers continue to receive notice an"
service electronically, uninterrupte"-
,n the "ebtors courts
,nstea", notices +ere sent to the "ebtors that the "ecisions coul" be inspecte"
an" copie" in the courts-
Attorneys receive notice an" service o "ecisions by electronic %eans, an" that
service has not been interrupte"-
0oel )us%an, or%er 1resi"ing !ustice o the ,sraeli )upre%e &ourt '1276-
123/*, in his %a4or to%e, 5&ivil &ourt 1roce"ures6, e7plicitly states that
inspection an".or copying o "ecisions in the court is not vali" service o court
recor"s- 8ike+ise, re9uiring "een"ant in a civil process to co%e to court to
inspect an" copy, +oul" not be consi"ere" #ue 1rocess notice an" service in
any other courts, originating in the $nglish co%%on la+- )us%an like+ise
states that court "ecisions that +ere not "uly serve" are unenorceable-
Although the latest 17 line li%it proce"ure o the "ebtors courts is uni9uely
absur", the "ebtors courts in general shoul" be vie+e" as enor%ous rau" on
the ,sraeli people- These courts are authorize" to "eprive in"ivi"uals o 8iberty
an" 1roperty, as +ell as other rights, such as the right to travel- An" yet, these
courts are con"ucte" out o co%pliance +ith the un"a%entals o #ue 1rocess:
;nauthorize", uncertiie" banking recor"s +ith inlate" "ebt recor"s are
routinely a"%itte",
;nla+ul usurious interest tables are use",
1roperties are levie" +ell in e7cess o the "ebt, an"
The re%aining un"s are unla+ully +ithhel"-
8evying o property an" collection +ere 5privatize"6 to cri%inal
The evi"ence also sho+s that the "ebtors courts, +hich are authorize" to
"eprive people o liberty an" property, operate +ith no la+ul Oices o the
1etition in the <igh &ourt o !ustice
,n the )upre%e &ourt, Moti Ashkenazi an" 76 others oun" only %ore o the
The petition o Moti Ashkenazi+76 others has been sub4ecte" to a si%ulate"
process or al%ost = years, through a series o alse registrations in the
electronic recor" syste%s o the )upre%e &ourt, +here there also is no la+ul
Oice o the &lerk any longer-
The online recor"s o Moti Ashkenazi an" 76 others v Minster o !ustice an"
#irector o the $norce%ent an" &ollection Authority '>=//.11* sho+ that the
case +as %anage" as si%ulate", invali" litigation ro% the start:
1- ;n"er 5$vents6 - 1ay%ent o Filing Fee on "ay one +as recor"e"-
>- The 5$vents6 list ails to sho+ the iling o the 1etition itsel ( the
co%%encing recor" -
=- ;n"er 5#ecisions6 a series o recor"s are liste", inclu"ing 5"ecisions6
an" a 54u"g%ent6- <o+ever, none o these recor"s +oul" be "ee%e" a vali"
an" eectual court recor" ( they are unsigne" by the 4u"icial authorities,
uncertiie" by the &hie &lerk o the &ourt, are serve" +ith no authentication
letter, an" bear a "isclai%er 5sub4ect to e"iting an" phrasing changes,
4. The 5<earings6 list in"icates that three 5hearings6 +ere con"ucte"-
5&lerks6 are liste" as sitting in these 5hearings6- <o+ever, 1resi"ing !ustice
?runis ha" previously clariie" that such people are not real 5&lerks6, but the
4ustices legal interns, on rotation- The &alen"ar o the &ourt sho+s that the
t+o latter 5<earings6 +ere or 4ointly con"ucte" or t+o case iles, >=//.11 an"
3/@.1>- Moreover, the secon" o the three procee"ings is liste" t+ice un"er
3/@.1> un"er the sa%e "ate, once postpone" 'but +ith 5#ecisions6 an"
5&ertiicates o #elivery6*, an" once as having taken place-
A- ;n"er 5Belate" &ases6, uniting the petition +ith another case, an"
5A"%inistrative ;nion6 +ith a thir" case are in"icate"- <o+ever, the recor"s
ail to sho+ +ho e7ecute" the transactions, by +hat authority, +hen, or on
+hat legal oun"ation- The recor"s sho+ that the union +as later reverse",
+ith no "etails-
6- The 5#ecisions6 list notes 5!u"g%ent6, an" a copy o the 5!u"g%ent6
appears a%ong the recor"s in this ile- <o+ever, on its ace, it is not a
5!u"g%ent6 in the case at han"- &ounsel or the 1etitioners clai%s that it is
54u"g%ent6 in another case---
7- Accor"ing to ,sraeli la+, 1etition or a &on"itional #ecree ( re9uest or
original 4uris"iction by the <igh &ourt o !ustice, co%%ences +ith the issuance
o 5&on"itional #ecree6 - e9uivalent o su%%ons ( establishing the
4uris"iction o the &ourt in the %atter- Co con"itional "ecree has been issue"
in this case-
3- ;n"er 5$vents6, the issuance o three 5)u%%onses or a <earing6 +ere
liste"- <o+ever, in contrast +ith la+ul &on"itional #ecrees, #ecisions,
!u"g%ents, the 5)u%%onses or a <earing6 ail to appear in the 5#ecisions
8ist6, an" also ail to appear a%ong the accessible electronic recor"s- )uch
5)u%%onses or a <earing6 also have no basis in the la+ ( Begulations o the
<igh &ourt o !ustice-
2- Alrea"y in the irst 5#ecision6 in the case, !ustice $sther <ayut "eine"
the process as 51reli%inary6 - a process +ith no oun"ation in ,sraeli la+-
1/- Although the case +as "uly ile" +ith the <igh &ourt o !ustice, a series
o 5#ecisions6 by !ustice $sther <ayut an" 1resi"ing !ustice Asher ?runis
+ere issue" in the na%e o the )upre%e &ourt ( a "ierent oru%---
11. ;n"er 5Be9uests6, the re9uests by 1etitioners, are no longer nu%bere"
ater the =/
The <igh &ourt o !ustice operates +ith no la+ul Oice o the &lerk ( an
inco%petent court
For over ten years, the ,sraeli <igh &ourt o !ustice has operate" +ith no la+ul
&hie &lerk- #uring these years, orgery an" alsiication o )upre%e &ourt
"ecision, an" the con"uct o si%ulate" litigation has beco%e a routine-
$ven on such backgroun", the recor"s in Moti Ashkenazi+76 others v Minister
o !ustice an" #irector o the $norce%ent an" &ollection Authority stan" out
in their invali"ity-
&on"uct o si%ulate" litigation is an e7tra-4u"icial activity ( cri%inality that is
not covere" by any i%%unity-
Dith it, the rau" in con"uct o process in the "ebtors courts continues
unbri"le"--- &orruption o the "ebtors courts has been a routine the%e o
protests as part o the social protest in ,srael in recent years-
&orruption o the courts an" the legal proession is central to the socio-
econo%ic crisis in ,srael
&on"uct o the ,sraeli )upre%e &ourt, le" by 1resi"ing !ustice Ashe ?runis in
Ashkenazi + 76 others v Minister o !ustice an" #irector o the $norce%ent
an" &ollection Authority shoul" be "ee%e" rau", breach o loyalty, violation
o Oaths o Oice, an" patronage by the )upre%e &ourt o the )tate o ,srael o
organize" state cri%e in the "ebtors courts o the $norce%ent an" &ollection
Accor"ing to the >/1> Annual Beport o the $norce%ent Authority:
,n a nation o so%e 3 %illions, there +ere al%ost >-3 %illion open cases
in >/1>E
Over 2/F o the "ebtors are in"ivi"uals, an" 6/F o the cases are
opene" by banks an" corporations as "ebt-hol"ers-
Al%ost 2AF o the "ebtors are not represente" by an attorney, but al%ost
2AF o "ebt-hol"ers are represente"-
;nprece"ente" corruption o the ,sraeli courts over the past "eca"e is closely
correlate" +ith the vast increase in poverty an" ho%elessness, an" +i"e gap in
asset an" inco%e "istribution in ,srael- The routine rau" in the Gureaus o the
$norce%ent an" &ollection Authority is central to such con"itions, an" has
been the sub4ect o routine protests an" "e%onstrations-
The ,sraeli <igh &ourt o !ustice ( national court or protection o rights is
eectively close" or over ten years
The ,sraeli )upre%e &ourt an" the ,sraeli <igh &ourt o !ustice shoul" be
"ee%e" inco%petent courts- They have run or over ten years +ith an i%postor
+ith no la+ul appoint%ent as 5&hie &lerk6-
The ,sraeli )upre%e &ourt operates +ith no la+ul Oice o the &lerk an"
shoul" be "ee%e" an inco%petent court- The ,sraeli courts the%selves rule"
that a court +ith no la+ul Oice o the &lerk is an inco%petent court-
On October =1, >/1=, 5&hie &lerk6 )arah 8ischitz 5"eparte"6 ro% the
)upre%e &ourt, an" no+ 1resi"ing !ustice Asher ?runis reuses to "isclose,
+ho hol"s the authorities o &hie &lerk o the )upre%e &ourt-
The 5"eparture6 o Ms 8ischitz ollo+e" the iling on October 1A, >/1=, +ith
the ,srael 1olice an" the )tate Attorney ?eneral o a cri%inal Frau" &o%plaint
against 1resi"ing !ustice Asher ?runis, relative to the alse appearance o Ms
8ischitz or over 1/ years, as 5&hie &lerk6, +ith no la+ul appoint%ent-
The case o Moti Ashkenazi+76 others vivi"ly sho+s ho+ the national tribunal
or protection o rights ( the <igh &ourt o !ustice ( , operating +ith no la+ul
Oice o the &lerk, is eectively close"-
)uch con"itions ( closing o the civil courts - are typical o %ilitary rule-
Minister o !ustice Tzipi 8ivni, one o the Bespon"ers in this case, is obviously
involve" in the rau" in the <igh &ourt o !ustice-
Attorney ?eneral 0ehu"a Deinstein is also accountable: <e has so ar has
reuse" to provi"e a vali" response on re9uest to authorize cri%inal
investigation against 1resi"ing !ustice Asher ?runis in this %atter-
#e%an" or the i%%e"iate resignation o Asher ?runis, an" a call or
establishing a 5Truth an" Beconciliation &o%%ission6 against the ,sraeli
&urrent con"itions in the ,sraeli )upre%e &ourt are a constitutional crisis in a
nation +ith no constitution-
For over ten years, all 4ustices o the ,sraeli )upre%e &ourt have collu"e" in
rau" on the people, breach o loyalty, an" violation o Oaths o Oice in
con"uct o si%ulate" procee"ing an" the publication o si%ulate" 4u"icial
The >/1= ;niversal 1erio"ic Beport o the ;C <u%an Bights &ouncil
incorporate" the <u%an Bights Alert 'C?O* sub%ission on the ,sraeli courts
+ith the note, 58ack o integrity in the electronic recor"s o the )upre%e
&ourt--- in ,srael6-
The <u%an Bights Alert 'C?O* )tate o ,srael '>/1=* sub%ission reco%%en"s
a Truth an" Beconciliation &o%%ission in ,srael, given circu%stances, +here
the )upre%e &ourtHs 4ustices en %asse breache" loyalty an" violate" their
Oaths o Oice in collusion +ith the Ministry o !ustice an" the Attorney
,t is unlikely that un"er the lea"ership o 1resi"ing !ustice Asher ?runis a ne+,
honest &hie &lerk +ill be "uly appointe" in the )upre%e &ourt, or that any
eort +oul" be initiate" to restore the integrity o the )upre%e &ourt-
1resi"ing !ustice Asher ?runis %ust resignI
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[10] Human Rights Alert (NGO) short submission to the UN Human Rights Council
(2013) Hebrew translation//
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[11] Human Rights Alert (NGO) short submission to the UN Human Rights Council
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electronic records of the Supreme Court, the district courts and the detainees courts
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xn:woxnn5rnvnna::5oxnn5r:an " o ) 2013 ( nvnnn:a " n
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[14] Zernik, J., "Large-scale fraud in US court records is linked to failing banking
regulation", OpEdNews.com (2012)
!oseph Kernik, 1h#
<u%an Bights Alert 'C?O*
Occupy Tel Aviv
L The <u%an Bights Alert 'C?O* sub%ission to the <u%an Bights &ouncil o
the ;nite" Cations +as incorporate" into the >/1/ 1erio"ic Bevie+ Beport
regar"ing <u%an Bights in the ;nite" )tates, +ith the note: Mcorruption o the
courts an" the legal proession an" "iscri%ination by la+ enorce%ent in
L The <u%an Bights Alert 'C?O* sub%ission to the <u%an Bights &ouncil o
the ;nite" Cations +as incorporate" into the >/1= 1erio"ic Bevie+ Beport
regar"ing <u%an Bights in ,srael, +ith the note: Mlack o integrity o the
electronic recor"s o the )upre%e &ourt, the "istrict courts an" the "etainees
courts in ,srael-M
+r5wxun...nnsn:xnsnjn 76 n5r:vnan:nx:jnay"aa:sonx
,x"nnxnnn:nxn 11 +r5wxunaxas: 76 :nnouswnnnwonx
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)avw:j:vnuswnnnaxw,jnr:x 1976-1980 jn"sa(
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1 . .uswnnnanaxo:wnow"ovx"nnnwnnn
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3 . :5nvajxo:x."js"nu:nnnnvsn"nu:nn"nnn
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4 . n:xownnonvnn5xa.onw:wnw"o"nnn
awxj:vnuswnnnaxwo:x n:x"o5rn"wavanan
,onw:nwna5vonxn 2300/11 - 804/12 wnjn.
nsnnnnonvsow"o"nwjan 804/12 nnxovs
.qv:x5nwovs("nnwx"nu:nn"ovqx)"nn" -
5 . ov":nnnx",nxnov"nx"nn"owon"nnw
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-::vn 90% -,ousonoannjn 60% .nanoaonann:van
uvn5 95% uvn5va,jqv:voanoxoannjn 95%
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-an::sn:nnwannavanxayws:nw:wnnws 15 ,aux:
2013 :wnnrnnn:wa,nxn:vawxj:vnuswnnnaxwa,
wxn5rn":yws:nw ."n
+r5wxun:wnnvn 76 nnw:nx:jna5aannanonx
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):xw:vo"xn:woxnn5rnvn:wnsnnn"n 2013 n"::5(
)oxnn5r:a:vwanw C?O oan5anwn",nvnnn:a,(
)oxnn5r:a:vwanwn"n C?O snnxnvnnn:vy:nn(
wx5rnawx:wnannnnnwanrjx naannwnw
oxnn5r:a ) NGO (
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) 2013 ,j:vnuswnnna:wou:xnoan5anwn":nvnnov,(
:xwannwnrnn:jnna,ornnnuswnnna ."
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