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The fractal artwork in this essay is (for the most part) not my own.

I harvested much of it from the alt.binaries.pictures.fractal newsgroup. Fractal images are posted there for personal use. As I am not making a dime from this essay & neither is anyone else, I figure that I can call this personal use. If anyone whose fractal art appears here wants me to remove their work, please let me know. If anyone whose work appears here wants to be listed at the end of the essay with website &/or ee-mail, let me know also. The nature of saving images from NGs & websites is such that I cannot easily keep track of where I D/Led what. I can be reached at Alobar@Gmail.com. Alobar@Gmail.com.

This book is free. You may not make money from selling it. This book contains art from myraid artists. I have no idea who they are. They gave me permission to use their work for nonnon-commercial ventures only. My words may be quoted freely.

Mage & Watcher

Miskatonic Alchemykal Expedition

New Orleans, 2001 e. v.

hile this text is decidedly more non-linear than most, you may still find it efficacious (at least on the first reading) to begin with part I and continue in sequential fashion.

IIIrd Corrolary
f there is a paradigm shift, an opening or closing of a gateway to another realm of Reality which causes change in the fundamental nature of things, it is exceedingly difficult to perceive the exact moment of change or the exact nature of the change. I feel there is a level of awareness responsible for such shifts which is far more puissant than out own limited human awareness and it takes a very special atunement of our awareness to actually comprehend what is going on while it is in transition. Not to say it is impossible to detect these quantum leaps. Just saying that it is often damned difficult. Sorta like watching popcorn pop. Easy to see when a kernel has popped but much more difficult to observe a particular kernal popping. I feel there are methods whereby atunement to such quantum moments may be achieved. I have

found that sexual union with inter-dimensional entites, can give rise to the birthing of a hybrid self - not as a seperate childe entity but as oneself, but able to access higher dimensions & non-Euclidean space much more easily than the unfertilized mortal coil is able to do. There is a little essay & diary fragment penned by Frater AshT -Chozar-Ssaratu of the Miskatonic Alchemical Expedition which is available on the web which gives some suggestive allusions to this method. As with all practicum from this essay, it is (IMO) far better to re-work the details to suit ones own disposition than to attempt to re-create what was done by me or any other. Not only can a person not wash twice in the same river, but one seeker cannot hope to recreate the experience of another.

Stages of the Dream

hese are my perceptions of my Journey. It seems to me that generalizations can be made, but I also realize that the non-Euclidean fractal nature of initiation also means that different generalization may be drawn by different individuals. That said, allow me to continue:

The first stage is to remember ones dreams. There are pleanty of treatises on keeping a dream diary, breaking ones sleep and other tools useful to this stage of development. So I shall not belabour the obvious (at least until a later chapter of this book). Stage 2 is waking up within the dream. Western Ceremonialists term this lucid dreaming. Again, plenty of texts are extant. However, there is one point many seem to gloss over. That is semantic & mythologic tools for comprehension of what is transpiring as well as interaction with the dream. It is not enough to find your hands or toes in a dream or be able to open up a doorway & walk thru it. I count 2 tools as being of primo importance. You may discover others. The first is a clear working understanding of as many mythologies as possible. The writing of HPL (for example) and all those others who write within the Mythos termed by some the 23 Current. But I recommend not stopping there. There are many dreamers and many have very interesting dreams which do not easily fit into the 23 Current. Some are classical (such as the Hindu myth cycles) while

others are more modern dreams. Most (like HPLs work) are sold as fiction, while some are billed as channeled works. Makes no difference. Read, absorb what you enjoy & try to perceive the various mythologies playing together within your dreams. odgesons House on the Borderland had a great affect on my as a young man. Currently I am infecting my dreams with sentient interdimnsional spiders who feed off the esthetics of the web of connection which binds all together from Perdido Station by China Mieville urists may say that my 2nd tool is but another mythology. Hundreds of years ago, I would probably have agreed. But, I feel, it has transcended mythology & become a tool in-&-of itself. I am speaking of Qabalah. For those not familiar with it inner workings, I strong suggest further study. Qabalah is a filing system for categorizing both this mundane world and the realm of Dream. By virtue of categorization, one can detect analogous realms & leap to other levels of dream to better figure out what is going on or how best to act. As with everything else, Qabalah is best used as a jumping off place rather than a system to be followed slavishly. Kenneth Grant is a primo

example of one who utilizes Qabalah within his dreams to great efficacy. Frater PVN of the Miskatonic Alchemical Expedition is another such dreamer. His series of chapbooks dealing with his adventures thru the Crystal Mirror are curently out of print. One day I hope to help put them up on the web.

Musings of a Practical Nature

recently was told by Ehwaz Theng XI* of the EOD that the MAE' s leader (that' s me!) had died some years back in upstae NY. Ehwaz was told this by Soror Azenath (who was then Director of the EOD). I trusted & respected Azenath during her Directorship, so I cannot understand why she would lie. This got me thinking about the topics broached in this book. Back when Azenath was director, I felt that she & I were close. I liked & trusted her. I found it strange that she would lie about the MAE. I felt fairly certain that if there were another group with the same name as the Miskatonic Alchemical Expedition, *someone* would have clued me in. Had Azenath known, I certainly expect she would have

told me. In my musngs, I was not doubting Ehwazs words - just saying that something strange seemed to be going on. On another note, I also found it strange that Azenath (& the other past directors) would suddenly attempt to change the rules of sucession for Directorship within the EOD as ocurred a few years back . It seems to me that there are many timelines which criss-cross. Parallel Universes intersecting, diverging & coming-together. There are quantum transitions as various gateways open or close. Our pasts are not necessarily identical, congruent, or even similar. There were certainly times during the 1980s that I was skirting the edge of annialation. My use of psychedelics was rather intense - as it was meant to be, so that I could shake my apprehension of mundane reality to perceive & interact with a much larger multiverse. I was very imbalanced in those days in not very productive ways. Death urge was strong. I could easily have killed myelf. So, you & I may be from a different timeline which was somehow joined. In your past, I could well have died. The Azenath I once knew does not

seem at all like the Azenath who attempted to wrest control of the EOD from its rightful Director. Dealing with Dream & conscious interection therewith, both individually & within the EOD is bound (from my perspective) to place one at a confluence of forces which bestir not only our perceptions of the multiverse, but the realities which most take for granted as unchanging. rowley spoke of the danger of waking-up alone. Lovecraft was a solitary dreamer who seemed to have little belief in the reality of what he was dreaming. HPL is reported as once saying -The most merciful thing in

the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. I think HPL came to his

conclusion partly because he woke up alone. Not saying that waking up within community makes one immune to fear, doubt, and stark raving lunacy. Just saying when one can compare notes with others & begin to see that the past is not graven in stone, but is more like the swirls made by wind on dry sand - then perhaps one can come to accept there are many Universes next door & the doors between these Universes sometimes swing wide open. Therefore, it seems to me that we shall meet many people over a lifetime who are very much not what they seem.

(more to come)