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Type d'intervention Infractions releves Date de l'intervention CROR Rules 103 c) and Inspection Report 112(1) June 23,

2006 CROR Rule Non-compliance TSB Report 112 (2) - Runaway rolling R04D0119 stock in Farnham yard. October 5, 2004 CROR Rule Non-compliance 112(3)

Rponse de l'entreprise A memo was posted for all employees. Employees were advised to be extremely vigilant Safety Meetings were reportedly held with employees.

April 2005

Inspection Report

CROR Rules Non-compliance 13 l), 26 a)(1), 44 g), 104 d), 104 e), 104.5 d)(1), 111 c), 112(4), 121, 123 c), 142 b); Canada Labour Code (CLC) Non-compliance; Sections 125 (1) Z17, 125 (1) (e); Onboard Regulation Section 12.3 - First Inspection Report aid training. November 29, 2005 CROR Rules Noncompliances 12.2 ii), 13 i), 14 l)ii), 104 d), 104.5 d)(2), 112(5), 121, 123 c), 142 b); CLC Non-compliance Sections 125 (1) d), 125 (1) e), 125 (1) Z 17 and Safety and Health Committee Regulations Section 9.3.; Onboard Regulations Non-compliance Section 12.3(2), 12.4 (1), 13.2 Inspection report (1) June 21, 2006 Inspection report CROC Rule Non-compliance Sherbrooke Yard 112(6) Mai 3, 2007 CLC Non-compliance - Men working on snow removal at Megantic yard with a pack sac Direction (Canada blower, without positive Labour Code) protection being provided. December 19, 2007 CROR Rules Non-compliance: 35 d), 43 b), 46 b), 83 a), 103 c)(2),104 c), 112(7), 121 a), 142 b).; Onboard Regulations Non-compliance Section 12.3(3) - First Aid Training

Re-training has been conducted on these rules.; The Regulations and the minutes of the Health and Safety Committee were reportedly posted.; First aid training will be completed in 2006.

Employee awareness and reported re-training.; The Regulations and the minutes of the Health and Safety Committee were reportedly posted.; A statement to the effect that First aid training would be completed. Employees were notified to be extremely vigilant After five months of discussions, CPR Policy for Lookout Protection was finally adoptedon May 5, 2008.

January 25, 2008 Inspection report

March 3, 2008

Inspection report

Mr. K. Strout still in discussions with the Blue Cross (Croix-Bleu) Organization for training facilities. Assurance of voluntary CLC onboard Regulations, 24 compliance (AVC) received non-compliances concerning but took several months to locomotives comply.

October 8, 2008

Onboard Regulations NonDirection (Canada compliance Section 12.3 (4) Labour Code) First Aid Training

A direction was issued after 3 years of ongoing discussions. On November 21, 2008 the Firm Secourvie provided training.

May 22, 2009

A follow-up was performed and it was noted that two train crews had not received first aid training as required in the direction dated October 8, Follow-up 2008. Corrective measures inspection should have been in place These employees will have regarding Direction since January 6, 2009. proper training CROR Rules Non-compliance 104.5 and 112. These noncompliances were previously reported several times.; The following note was part of the Notice dated May 22, 2009;; Please also note that noncompliances to the CROR Rule112 had also been subject to several reports in the past at the following locations:; On interchange track at St-Jean on April 2005;; On tracks no. 2 and 3 in Sherbrooke yard, and on track no. 1, 9 and 10 in Farnham yard, as well as in the siding at Nantes on November 2005;; On tracks no. 2 and 4 in Farnham yard and on tracks no. 2 and 4 in Sherbrooke yard on June 2006;; On track no. 4 in Sherbrooke yard on April 17, 2007;; On track no. 2 in Sherbrooke yard on December 10, 2007. Non-compliance of the direction dated October 8, 2008 concerning first aid training. Reported verbally - workmen without protection Megantic yard, unloading cars with a boom without adequate protection.

Mai 22, 2009

Notice under the RSA

Managers meet with all employees to review the application of the Rules.

June 8, 2009

Inspection report

Company reps informed that they would soon comply.

Mai 2009

Inspection report

Company reps informed that they would soon comply.

May 22, 2009

Inspection Report

CROR Rules Non-compliance 34 b), 35 d), 83 a), 103 e), 104 i), 104 q), 104.5(included in the Notice May 22, 2009 and 121 a).; Onboard Regulations Non-compliance Sections Safety meetings were 6.14, 12.3, 12.4 (1), 12.4 (2) reportedly to be con ducted c), 10.17, 10.20(2). and employees re-trained.

July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

Two trains operating at 25 Discussions with the crews. mi/h without TIBS (Train Management said they Monitoring Report Correspondence Information Braking System) was sent to would be in compliance. request additional corrective measures pertaining to the Notice issued on May 22, 2009, as follows:; Concerning the corrective measures which you propose in your response to the May 22, 2009 notice, consisting of revision of the CROR Rules 112 and 104.5 by the employees, where continuous non-compliance were noted. We would like to remind you that these same measures were already put forward on several occasions since 2005 without having obtained the expected results.; These corrective measures August 12, 2009 response were previously identified as from MMA-; Additional follows:; We informed our corrective measures employee to be extremely pertaining to the Notice watchful , May 25, 2005 ; Re- issued on May 22, 2009, training has been conducted were submitted as follows:; we these rules , January 12, Following the Notice dated 2006; Safety meetings will be May 22, 2009 and the letter conducted one the following , dated July 17, 2009 July 17, 2006; We informed requesting additional all our employees to be corrective measures the extremely watchful , May 4, following were submitted: ; 2007; The crew will be met Safety meetings will be to put a bombast on conducted and employees Correspondence handbrakes February 21, re-trained.

October 14, 2011 Inspection report

Direction under February 21, 2012 CLC Sherbrooke Yard February 23, 2012 Inspection

CROR Rules Non-compliance 13, 34 b), 104 )q, 112(7), 121 a), 123 c), 123.2, 142 b), 315.; CLC Non-compliances Sections 125(1) d) (i), 125(1) (e), 125 (1) Z.17.; Onboard Regulations Non-compliance Sections 6.4, 6.8 b), 12.4 (2) c), 10.17, 10.20 (2) Direction (Canada Labour Code) concerning men working in the vicinity of rolling stock without proper protection. The same noncompliance was verbally reported in 2009. CROR Rule Non-compliance 112(8) (verbally reported to the Manager)

Safety meetings were held with the employees and the mechanical department.

Safety meeting was held with workmen involved.

Direction under February 29, 2012 CLC

N/A The customers were advised of the application of CROR Rule 26 as well as the MMA Internal Procedure Direction (Canada Labour on Blue signal protection. Code) concerning workmen The same non-compliance unloading cars without positive was verbally reported in track protection. 2009.; .