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Thats right. My name, Mia. Say it again. I want to hear it. Gabe, she breathed.

She arched up, frantic as he relentlessly pushed forward, taking her higher. She twisted in his hold and then slumped forward, catching herself on his shoulders, holding tight as she sucked in deep, steadying breaths. Slowly he withdrew his hand and then wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in to his body, his warmth. She rested her forehead on his shoulder and closed her eyes, wrecked by the intensity of her orgasm. He slid his hands up and down her bare back, soothing and stroking, his touch gentle and comforting. Then his hand tangled in her hair and he pulled just enough that her head came up and their gazes met. Hold on to me, he said. Shed barely wrapped her arms around his neck when he pushed forward and then stood, lifting her into his arms. Wrap your legs around my waist. He hoisted her higher, his hands sliding underneath her bottom to hold her as she hooked her ankles around his waist. He strode from the living room and down the hall into his bedroom. Leaning over, he landed her softly on the bed and then just as quickly withdrew, tearing at his clothing. She lay there, dizzy with exhilaration, her body still humming in the aftermath of her release. Her pussy throbbed and ached. She wanted more. She wanted him. She lifted her head as he unfastened his jeans and yanked them down his hips. He was so freaking hot, standing there, his erection straining, his eyes burning over her with blazing heat. His desire for her was right there to see, in every inch of his tightly coiled body. She could stare at him for hours. He was beautiful and all brooding, alpha-in-control male, his muscles bunching as he reached for her. He grasped her legs, pulling her roughly to the edge of the bed, spreading them as he positioned himself between them. I cant go easy, Mia, he said, his voice strained and edgy. I want to be inside you more than I want to breathe right now. I have to have you. Now.

Im okay with that, she breathed out, her voice a husky whisper as she stared into those intense blue eyes. He hauled her the rest of the way to him and she felt the head of his cock push into her swollen heat. He paused only for the briefest moment before he surged fully into her, seating himself deeply into her body. Her gasp mingled with his. The shock of his entry nearly sent her over the edge. How could she possibly orgasm again so soon? The sensation of him inside her was overwhelming her. She was filled. Completely. So tight around him she wondered how he could possibly even move. Or how hed managed to go so deep. His fingers dug into her hips and then his touch gentled, almost as if he were reminding himself to take care. He stroked and caressed, sliding his hands to her belly and then up to her breasts, palming them and tugging at her nipples. Did I hurt you? he rasped. Even as seemingly out-of-control as he was, how desperate he was to possess her, there was concern in his voice. She knew without a doubt that if she wanted him to stop he would. No matter how crazy for her he was in the moment. And oh man did she love that he was this crazy. Over her. To have her. She shook her head. No. Not at all. Please. Dont stop. And it was begging. If he stopped now shed die. Her hands went to his wrists where his hands covered her breasts. She let them slide up his arms, reveling in all that strength he possessed. She could touch him forever. His hands moved to hers, covering them for the briefest moment. And then he yanked her arms over her head, her eyes widening at the ferocity in his face, at how his eyes narrowed as a low growl rumbled from his throat. Her hands went flat against the mattress just above her head as he leaned down, his palms flush against her, holding her down, holding her in place so she couldnt move. Couldnt resist. It sent a thrill deep into her belly and fluttered outward until it was almost as if a drug had invaded her body. She was high on him. His power and control over her. His dominance.

This was what she craved. Him on top of her, deep inside her, him having absolute power. She couldnt even draw a breath. She was light-headed from exhilaration and anticipation.