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Dua Saifi Sagheer

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem. Allahumma Sallay Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa Aaley Muhammad.

My Lord make me to enter the sea of your Oneness, And in the heart of the oceans of your Monotheism, And strengthen me with the strength of your only rule, So that I be in the atmosphere of your encompassed mercy, And in my face rays of the light of nearness, From the effects of your support, Glorified by your Glory, Mighty by your favors! Dignified, Benignant by your teaching and your purifying! And clothe me with the attire of honour and acceptance, And ease for me the paths that reach and the destination, And crown me with the crown of your benignity and elegance, And befriend me with your friends, In the worldly abode and in the permanent abode, And provide me from the light of your name, Earnestness and Capaciousness, so that the hearts and souls are obedient to me, And the souls and spirits are humble before me, O before who the disobedient tyrants submit! And lowered before him are the neck of the rulers. There is no salvation nor refuge from you but You, and no assistance, but through you! And no reliance but upon you! Distance from me the deceit of the jealous, and the darkness of the evil combatants, And have mercy on me under the curtains of your throne. Ya Akramal Akrameen, Support me in achieving you pleasures, and enlighten my heart and my substance, By knowing the paths that reach you! My God! How can I return from your door loosing hope from you? Whence I came to it with assurance on you? And how can you let me down from your favors? Whence you commanded me to supplicate to you? And here I have faced you and have sought refuge in You? Distance between me and my enemies, As you have distanced between my enemies, And blind their sights from me by your Pure light, And the exaltedness of your Honor, Indeed you are Allah, the provider of great dignified blessings! Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyoom, Ya Dhul Jalaali wal Ikraam (O Living, O Eternal, O Possessor of all Glory and Benignity!) Wa sallalaahu alaa Sayyidina, Wa Nabeeyinaa Muhammad Wa Aalihee Ajmaieen, Al Tayyibeen Al Taahireen.