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Purchase and Sale Agreement

1. Purchase and Sale: The parties to this Agreement are _________ , hereinafter referred to as “Buyer” or
“Assignee, and ___________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Seller”, which terms may be
singular or plural and include the heirs, successors, personal representatives and assigns of Seller. Buyer agrees to buy and Seller agrees to sell
that real property located at ______________________________________________________________, ____________________________,
being located in ____________________________ County and being more fully described in the records as they are recorded in the County
Records of said county (hereinafter referred to as the “Property”).

2. Purchase Price: Buyer agrees to pay Seller and Seller agrees to accept ($___________________________________)
______________________________________________________________ Dollars Cash at closing Terms (see attached Addendum A.)
for the Property. Buyer has paid to Seller an earnest money deposit of $ 50.00 , in the form of a promissory note which shall be credited to
Buyer at the closing of this Agreement. This paragraph shall represent a promissory note for earnest money payable upon the successful
closing. Seller shall pay all delinquent taxes and assessments that may hereafter become due on property at closing.

3. Title: Seller warrants that Seller has good, clear and marketable title to the Property, subject on to property taxes and any easements and
restrictions of record. Seller will convey title to Buyer with a General Warranty Deed. Buyer will inspect title to the Property and Seller will
satisfy any encumbrances other than the aforementioned.

4. Closing and Possession: This agreement shall be closed on or before thirty days after acceptance with an automatic extension as needed
for additional title work and/or paperwork and shall extend for thirty days after all paperwork and title work is completed. Time is of the
essence of this Agreement. Property taxes shall be prorated as of the date of closing.

5. Access and Advertising: Seller agrees that Buyer may advertise property, put up signage and be given a key and have access during
reasonable hours to show property to others. Seller warrants that no notice of violation from any city, state, county, or other government
agency in relation to said property has been received. Seller agrees to complete and sign all required property disclosure forms for said
property prior to closing.

6. Seller Acknowledgement: Seller acknowledges that Buyer is purchasing said property for the purpose of profit through assigning of
agreement, contracting, resale, rehabilitation, renovation or rental. Buyer has the right to assign this Agreement and the terms and provisions
hereof shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their successors, representatives, heirs and assigns.

7. Closing Costs: Buyer will have Buyer’s attorney/closing agent prepare all required documents to complete this Agreement. Buyer shall
pay all standard escrow, title insurance & doc prep fees. Any additional title & curative legal fees shall be paid by Seller. This agreement shall
be made a part of or be used as the escrow instructions. This Agreement shall survive the closing, execution and delivery of the General
Warranty Deed, as agreed herein by the undersigned.

8. Inspection: This Agreement is subject to an inspection of the Property and approval by Buyer and/or his associates after acceptance of this
Agreement by Seller. Buyer will buy the Property in its present “As-Is” condition with all appliances, window treatments, blinds,
ceiling fans, lighting and plumbing fixtures, all plants and shrubbery and anything attached to the property. Seller shall remove all
trash from inside and outside property and leave property broom swept prior to closing.

9. Defaults: If Buyer defaults under this contract, any and all monies deposited by Buyer shall be retained by Seller as full liquidated
damages. If Seller defaults, Buyer may pursue all remedies allowed by law, including but not limited to specific performance and seller agrees
to be responsible for all costs incurred by buyer as a result of seller’s default.


A. Seller represents that there are no parties in occupancy other than Seller. Buyer will be given occupancy at closing. Any personal property
remaining after closing shall become the personal property of Buyer and Buyer shall have the right of disposal of same. Unless otherwise
agreed to by Buyer in writing, any tenant, if appropriate, shall be terminated and shall have vacated the property prior to the closing of this
Agreement. If tenant occupied, Seller shall pay all security deposits & a prorata of collected rents to Buyer at closing.


B. Other: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

This being the entire Agreement between the parties, they approve this Agreement on this _________day of ____________, 20_____.
X________________________________________ X_____________________________________________
Buyer: Seller: _______________________________________
Phone: Fax: Phone/ Fax: __________________________________
X_______________________________________ X_____________________________________________
Buyer: ________________________________ Seller: ______________________________________
Addendum A: Terms of Purchase and Sale Agreement
Property: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Subject To - Taking Over Mortgage Payments with existing financing remaining in place as outlined below.
Purchase with Seller Financing as outlined below.
Purchase Option: If checked & initialed this entire agreement shall be deemed an Option to Purchase for purchase terms outlined in Paragraphs A
– E listed below. No payments or financing will begin on this assignable Option until Optionee has located a tenant, buyer, or assignee. Buyer /
Optionee perform all marketing. Optionor/Seller shall execute all required conveyance documents to be held in escrow until option is exercised.
This option shall be exercised in accordance with paragraph #4 of Purchase and Sale Agreement.
Optionor/Seller Initials: _______________ Optionee/Buyer Initials: ________________
The Total Purchase Price $_______________________ to be paid by Buyer is payable as follows:

A. 1st Mortgage: "Subject to" existing loan balance encumbering the Property 1st Mortgage: $_______________

Fixed Adjustable – Int. Rate _______%

Lender ____________________________________ Loan #________________________

Monthly Payment $________________________________ PITI PI Only – Est. Taxes: $___________________

Buyer’s first payment shall begin on _____________________ or ______ days after closing.

Seller shall make payments through: ______________________________

2nd Mortgage: "Subject to" existing loan balance encumbering the Property 2nd Mortgage: $_______________

Lender ____________________________________ Loan #________________________

Fixed Adjustable – Int. Rate _______%

Monthly Payment $________________________________ PI Only Other: ____________________

Buyer’s first payment shall begin on _____________________ or ______ days after closing.

after locating a tenant/buyer Seller shall make payments through: ______________________________

B. Seller financing note payable at $ _______________ per month for __________ months. $_______________
Buyer’s first payment shall begin on _____________________ or ______ days after closing or
According To these Terms:__________________________________________________________________________

C. Proceeds of a new loan to be executed by Buyer to any lender other than Seller $_______________

D. Balance due at closing (not including Buyer’s closing costs, prepaid items or pro-rations) in U.S. cash or
locally drawn certified or cashiers check. exactly approximately: $_______________

E. Total Purchase Price. exactly approximately: $_______________

If principal balance of underlying loan is higher, then purchase price shall be changed by this amount and any cash due from buyer will be reduced.

Default and Recourse: Should seller’s mortgage(s) ever become more than 25 days delinquent, sellers will notify buyers and/or their assigns by
certified letter of the delinquency and buyers and/or assigns shall have 3 days to bring mortgage current and up to date or buyers and or assigns will
deed ownership of the home back to seller(s) within 3 days or legal action can and will take place.
________ Contract Agreement and Understanding: Seller acknowledges and understands that buyer is entering this transaction as an effort to take
over mortgage payments and this contract represents a real estate sale subject to sellers existing mortgage.

This being the entire Addendum between the parties, they approve this Addendum on this _________day of ____________, 20_____.

X________________________________________ X_____________________________________________
Buyer: Seller: _______________________________________
X_______________________________________ X_________________________________________
Buyer: ________________________________ Seller: _________________________________