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Professional Practice JPT Jan 2007 (Arch.

Abelardo Firmeza) Pre Board Exam Nov 2006 Test 1 - MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST: Choose correct answer for each statement by writing in CAPITAL the letter corresponding to the chosen answer on the space provided in the Answer Sheet. Should there be a change in the answer, an ( X) mark should indicate such a change and the final answer are indicated again. ( 50 points) The is the submission of a dispute to an impartial board made up of persons acquainted a. Resolution b. Amicable Settlement c. Arbitration d. Adjudication The Architect releases the one-year after the acceptance of the project. a. Retention Fee b. Guarantee Bond c. Liability d. Contract The Building Permit is valid ___ months if construction has not commenced a. 3 months b. 4 months c. 6 months d. 12 months Substantial completion of the work shall mean the value of the work completed not less than: a. 100 % b. 98 % c. 88 % d. 95 % Under PD 1096, habitable rooms provided with artificial ventilation of more than one-storey shall have a minimum ceiling height of the first storey at: a. 2.55 mts b. 2.70 mts c. 2.40 mts d. 2.10 mts Under PD 1185, automatic sprinkler system shall be provided in buildings with heights over: a. 15.0 mts b. 10.0 mts c. 20.0 mts d. 25.0 mts Under BP 344, assembly places with a seating capacity of 51 - 300 persons shall have how many __ wheelchair seating spaces provided for disabled persons: . a. 4 b. 6 c. 8 d. 10 Under BP 344, passenger trains shall have at least how many designated seats for disabled persons: a. 4 b. 2 c. 8 d. 10 Under PD 957, minimum dwelling unit for household units in a condominium is how many square meters: a. 30 sqm b. 40 sqm c. 50 sqm d. 60 sqm Under BP 220, the required area for community facilities in terms of gross area of the subdivision for a density of 150 lots per hectare is: a.1.0 % b. 1.5 % c. 2.0 % d. 2.5 % The Contractor must request for drawings and materials ___ days before its actual need: a. immediately b. 5 days c. 7 days d. 10 days For non-creative projects, the Architect is compensated on the basis of: a. % of Const. Cost b. Multiple of Dir. Pers. Expense c. Salary d. Fixed Fee Building administrators are compensated based on: a. % of Const. Cost b. % of Gross Monthly rentals c. Lump sum d. % of Income Project Managers are compensated on the percentage basis of: a. 2% - 5% of PCC b. 1-1.5% of PCC c. 1 - 3% of PCC d. none listed The ___ is the penalty for every day of delay in the contract time: a. Penalty b. Liquidated Damages c. Interest Payment d. Surcharge The ___ is the current law that regulates the practice of Architecture a. RA 8266 b. RA 9266 c. RA 2266 d. RA 3266 The ___ mandates Gov't. support only to members of the Accredited Professional Organization. a. UAP b. EO 164 c. PRC d. LOl1000 When the Prof'l License has been revoked, it can only be requested for reinstatement __ years after its revocation a. 1 year b. 2 years c. 3 years d. 4 years The ___ are printed documents stipulating the procedural and technical aspects of the contract. a. The Specifications b. The Memo of Agreement c. Gen. Conditions d. The Contract The ___ cannot order changes in the construction except if based on technicalities only. a. Owner b. Architect c. Consultant d. Contractor Under the Civil Code, how long (number of years) is the liability of the Architect for the regular design of structures: a. 10 years b. 1 year c. 3 years d. 15 years Under PD. 1096, what is the max projection (m) of balconies & appendages for streets not more than 14 m wide? a. 1.00 mts b. 1.80 mts c. 1.20 mts d. 1.50 mts Within what period of time can a contractor, after giving due notice to the owner / architect suspend work or terminate a contract? a. 10 days b. 15 days c. 21 days d. 30 days What is referred to as construction in an existing building involving changes in materials used, partitioning, location / size of openings, etc., but does not increase the overall area? a. renovation b conversion c. repair d. alteration

In a typical owner-general contractor agreement, who is responsible for the payment of construction bonds? a. architect b. owner c. project manager d. contractor The ___ is the minimum possible deviation from standards which is permitted to make a highly beneficial housing project feasible: a. exemption b. min. basic reqts c. variance d. permit Under PD 1096, area in every storey, basement, or cellar used for habitation, recreation, dining, study, or work wherein fire-extinguishing systems are required? a. 100 sqm b. 250 sqm c. 200 sqm d. 150 sqm Under BP 344, what is the minimum size required for comfort rooms? a. 1.80 X 2.00 mts b. 1.50 X 1.60 mts c. 1.20 X 1.50 mts d. 1.80 X 1.70 m Under BP 220, ___% is required for areas allocated as community facilities, for project density of 150 and below: a 1.0 % b. 1.5 % c. 2.0 % d. 2.5 % What legal mandate provides for the minimum design standards for economic and socialized housing projects? a. BP 334 b. PB 220 c. PD 957 d. BP 220 Under the Architect's standard practice, how are projects classified in order to determine the basis for compensation of the Architect? a. tech'l considerations b. deg of complexity of structure c. structural systems d. material finish Based on the standard practice of Architects, w/c of the ff is not a factor in computing the architect's compensation a. talent & skills b. experience & imagination c. personal relations d. effort & time For sanitation purposes what is the min distance of septic tank of drainfield area of effluent from any source of water a. 10 mts b. 20 mts c. 15 mts d. 25 mts Under PD 957, large areas of land may be developed & sold in several phases. ___ is the minimum area req'd for each phase? a. 5 has b. 8 has c. 10 has d. 12 has Under PD 1096, which of the ff is not required in applying for a building permit? a. owner's occupation b. plans & specifications c. lot description d. work description Under PD 1185, what is the height of buildings (business occupancy) where automatic sprinkler protection is req'd? a. 10 mts b. 12 mts c. 15 mts d. 18 mts The ___ created the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) in the Philippines a. BP 233 b. PD 223 c. PD 323 d. PD 233 Which is not a factor in determining the height of buildings and structures? a. building bulkb. meteorological conditions c. population density d. zoning Under BP 344, what is the minimum dimension of parking slots for disabled persons? a. 3.70 mts b. 3.50 mts c. 3.00 mts d. 1.00 mts Under PD 1096, which of the following is not regulated or controlled in terms of minimum standards and reqts? a. construction system b. quality of material c. use & occupancy d. aesthetics Prof Fee of PhP 1,000, 000.00 how much will an architect receive when the construction has not been completed? a. PhP 150,000.00 b. PhP 100,000.00 c. PhP 850,000.00 d. PhP 750,000.00 For the design of a Hangar, how much will an Architect receive as Prof. Fee if the project cost PhP 20 million a. PhP 1.4 million b. PhP 1.2 million c. PhP 1.6 million d. PhP 1.8 million Under BP 220 what is the difference bet. underdeveloped & developed area in terms of circulation system reqts? a. hierarchy of roads b. type of pavement c. location d. width of road Under PD 1096 which of the ff is a reason for the non-issuance, suspension, or revocation of the Building Permit a. Incorrect Dwgs b. Lot not fully paid c. Non-compliance to code d. all of the above In the code of Ethics, to whom does the Architect have responsibility to give reasonable aid for the full understanding of the Contract Documents a. Public b. Manufacturers & Dealers c. Contractor d. Owner Which of the following is not considered in the assessment of building permit fees: a. land area b. occupancy / building use c. floor area d. height While the architect is not expected to provide the whole range of comprehensive architectural services, what role does he performs for the client? a. manager b. building administrators c. agent d. architect How many years can a suspended license be reinstated under the new Architecture Law? a. 1 year b. 2 years c. 3 years d. 4 years ___ is the period of effectivity of the Guarantee Bond: a. 1 year b. 2 years c. 3 years d. 4 years Under PD 1096, what factor based on a total customer area should be used to determine the number of parking slots for office buildings? a. 125 sqm b. 150 sqm c. 175 sqm d. 200 sqm

Test 2 - TRUE OR FALSE TEST. On the space provided in the Answer Sheet, write TRUE if the statement is correct or "FALSE" if the statement is Incorrect. Should there be a change in the answer, an (X) mark should indicate such a change and the final answer are indicated again. ( 30 points) it is ethical when the designing architect is also the supplier of construction materials. Superintendence is waived when the manpower requirement of the project has been completely supplied. 100% of the Professional Fee is paid when construction is not yet completed. Structural Engineers are required to sign the architectural plans for high-rise buildings. Architecture graduates can take the Board Exam unconditionally. design of any religious structures is not assessed professional fees. The Batasan Pambansa building was exempted from the payment of Building Permit fees. All architects are qualified to teach in an academic institution for Architecture. AII structural engineers are also civil engineers. All architects can also practice Interior Design anytime. Elevators are not mandatory for all 5 - storey buildings. Architects should be remunerated for all his architectural services. An Architect can take part in paid advertisement provided he is truly the architect of the said project. Architect may sometimes opt to offer free services to his client. Competitive bidding is mandatory for building construction for government projects. When conflict arises between the owner and the contractor, the Architect is the natural arbiter. The Quezon City Hall building is also required to acquire a Building Permit. Arbitration is the submission of a dispute to a partial board made up of persons acquainted w/ the project. PRC can revoke any Professional License for cause. The owner is sometimes responsible for the payment of Building Permit Fees. Guarantee Bond is released immediately after the acceptance of the project. Being an Architect is the privilege of every successful examinee. All Foreign Architects can practice in the Philippines unconditionally. Project duration is computed immediately from the date the contract is signed. Only the contractor of the project can suspend the construction work. Competitive bidding is mandatory for regular architectural design projects. The contractor is responsible for the As-Built Plans of the project. The owner can ethically order changes in the construction anytime. By the nature of his training, the Architect should be the contractor of the project. All Architects are qualified to a position in the PRC Board of Examiners. Test 3 - MATCHING TYPE TEST: Match the items in Column A with those in Column B. Indicate the corresponding letter on the space provided in the Answer Sheet. (20 points) 1. IAPOA PD 1185 2. Construction. Services Comprehensive Architectural. 3. Housing Projects Services 4. Design-Build Critical Performance Method 5. UAP Doc. 205 Intellectual Property Law Regular Design Services 6. General Conditions RA 9266 PD 223 7. Copyright School Business 8. Code of Ethics Exceptional Structure UAP Doc. 301 9. UAP Doc 202 UAP Doc. 203 Critical Path Method 10. Library Group 7 Integrated & Accredited Professional 11. Movie Theaters Construction Manager Org. of Architects 12. UAP Doc. 204 Post Construction Integrated Association of Professional 13. Working Drawings PD 1086 Org. for Architects 14. UAP Doc. 206 Prog. Evaluation Review Technique Recreational Element 15. CPM MBF + 50% Contract Documents 16. Alterations PD 1096 16 meter-building 17. Physical Planning PB 1185 18. Structural Engineers Construction Management 19. PERT Administration 20. Professional Practice Norms of Professional Conduct /CJW/1dec06