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JPT Review Center Building Technology and Materials (January 2007 Answered heet!

! Pre"#oard e$a%ination& Multi'le choice& (ach o) the inco%'lete state%ents #elow is )ollowed #y three (*! suggested choices& Choose the #est answer to each state%ent& +& ,n a #uilding )ra%e- a structural ele%ent that is shorter than usual- as stud a#ove a door o'ening or #elow a window sill is called ...../ a. cripple stud #& vertical stud c& %ullion 2& A syste% used )or securing the )or%wor0 on wall concreting a. coil ties system #& #racing syste% c& wall syste% *& Alternative way o) 'roviding a 10 degree hoo0 #end on a *2%% #ar without the use o) a %achine #ender a& heating the #ar )or easy #ending #& cutting a 'iece o) #ar and welding it 10 deg& on vertical #ar c. bending two smaller diameter bars which are equivalent to 36mm bar manually 3& A %assive concrete wall that resists overturning #y virtue o) its own weight a. gravity wall #& #loc0 wall c& shear wall 4& 5u%#er o) days to re%ove )or%wor0s a)ter concreting a& 26 days #& +3 days c. 1 day 2& A ty'e o) hal)"la''ed 7oint that resists tension a& loc0 s'lice #& scar) s'lice c. square splice 7& 8sed to install la%inated )looring a. liquid nail #& glue gun c& casein glue 6& 'rocedure o) %i$ing concrete %anually a. mix proportion of sand and cement, then put gravel on top, water it, then mix #& %i$ ce%ent- sand and gravel- then 'ut water and %i$ c& %i$ 'ro'ortion o) sand and gravel- then 'ut ce%ent on to'- water it- then %i$ 1& The vertical 7oint #etween two wythe a. collar joint #& head 7oint c& soldier 7oint +0& Cutting o) concrete 'ouring on a #ea% should #e" a. perpendicular to the span #& 'arallel to the s'an c& diagonally across the s'an ++& Re)er to the 'ortion o) a #ea% where #ending %o%ent changes )ro% 'ositive to negative is" a. inflection point #& %id 'oint c& to' #ea% +2& u''ort used in steel dec0ing a& sca))olding #& #racing syste% c. props +*& A short )lat 'iece o) lu%#er which is #olted- nailed- or screwed to two #utting 'ieces in order to s'lice the% together a& )ish 'late #& s'lice 'late c. scab +3& Paint used to 'rotect galvani9ed sheet is" a& red o$ide b. red lead c& red%ani9er +4& A #ar used to hold the rein)orce%ent on a #ea% is" a& tie #ar b. web c& lateral ties +2& ,) the riser is +6c%- )ind the tread width using riser : tread 'ro'ortion )or%ula (R! (T! ; 74 a. 26. cm #& 26&22 c% c& *2&26 c% +7& 'eci)ication o) wide )lange as <"+2$23 %eans a& width and height b. weight and height c& thic0ness and height +6& =or 20 cu&%& o) concrete using >class A? %i$ture and 300g #ag o) ce%ent- we need" a& 200 #ags o) ce%ent- +0 cu& %& o) sand and 20 cu&%& o) gravel b. 1 ! bags of cement, 1! cu. m. of sand and 2! cu.m. of gravel c& +60 #ags o) ce%ent- +0 cu& %& o) sand and +0 cu&%& o) gravel

+1& This is used )or e$tending *2%% rein)orcing #ars a. coupler #& s'licing c& 'late 20& 8sing +2 )eet @&,& Corrugated roo)ing sheet- what is the distance o) the 'urlins/ a& 200 %% b. 66! mm c& 700 %% 2+& 8sing +:2? th0& Plywood and 2? $*? )or%wor0s- what is the econo%ical section o) a colu%n/ a. "!!mmx"!! mm #& 200$200 %% c& 700$700 %% 22& @lass 'anel used )or glass curtain wall a& 24%% th0& olid glass #& tinted glass c. insulating glass 2*& ,nclined structural %e%#er that su''orts the ste's o) a stair is called" a& )light o) ste' #& curtain ste' c. carriage 23& Rigid connection or anchorage at su''ort o) a #ea% a. restraint #& 'restressed c& tied #ea% 24& <hat is the thic0ness o) a two way sla# with a di%ension o) 4000$2000 %%/ a& +00%% b. 122mm c& +40%% 22& <idth o) 'restressed #ea% with a s'an o) 6&0 % on light loadings a. 2"!mm #& 400%% c& 300%% 27& A device used as a guide o) the hand saw- in cutting o#7ects to )or% a %iter 7oint is" a& triangle #& %iter #oard c. miter box 26& treet line elevation is A+0&00%- the re)erence 'oint is 2&00% a#ove street line- the natural grade line is *&00 #elow the re)erence 'oint& Colu%n )ooting de'th is 2&00% )ro% the natural grade line& <hat is the elevation o) the )oundation #ed/ a& A1&00% #& A4&00% c. #$.!!m 21& ,) the water content o) the soil is high- it is #etter to %a0e the )ooting " a& dee'er b. wider c& thic0er *0& Total #oard )eet o) +0 'cs& B) 2?$2?$+2? is" a. %! #& 40 c& 20 *+& <hich a%ong the structural #ond have alternate header and stretcher in a course/ a. flemish bond #& english #ond c& 7a%es #ond *2& Cyladecor is a 'roduct o)" a& dutch#oy #& davies c. boysen **& ,n %asonry- a hard stone or #ric0 used to rein)orce an e$ternal corner o) a wall a& slate b. coin c& 'eso *3& ,) the colu%n section is 300$300%%- the %ain #ar is 22%% with +0%% ties- what is the distance o) the lateral ties/ a. 3"!mm #& 300%% c& 360%% *4& A s%all )inishing nail is called" a. brad #& thin nail c& headless *2& tructural steel T"section is co%'osed o)" a. flange and stem #& )lange and we# c& )lange and )illet *7& ,%'ortant co%'onent to deter%ine the strength o) concrete a& ce%ent %i$ture b. water&cement ratio c& a%ount o) ce%ent *6& ,n 'recast construction- #earing 'ad used )or 7oint that rely on gravity #y 'lacing a #ea% on a cor#el o) a colu%n/ a. synthetic rubber #& high density 'lastic c& 'adding )oa% *1& The )ace or )ront o) a #uilding a. facade #& )rontal a''roach c& )aceli)t 30& Manu)actured #oard used )or la%inated ca#inets a& hard#oard b. particle board c& 'ly#oard 3+& =or% used )or 'recast )a#rication a& cast iron b. casting bed c& cushion #ed 32& Providing #olts on two girders within the s'an should have" a& concrete s'acer #& sli''er c. wood bloc'

3*& Jac0 ra)ter #etween the hi' and the valley ra)ters are called" a& hi' 7ac0 ra)ter b. cripple jac' rafter c& valley 7ac0 ra)ter 33& The distance #etween two structural su''orts a. span #& #ay c& 'oint to 'oint 34& tone 'laced on a slo'e to 'revent erosion a. rip rap #& )lag stone c& #order stone 32& Tool used )or tile adhesive a''lication a& s'oon trowel b. notch trowel c& tin 'late 37& 8sed to hold hori9ontal #atten on to' o) corrugated sheathing a& Corrugated @&,& sheet #& #atten nail c. vertical batten 36& The 'rocess o) re%oving concete )or% wor0s a. stripping #& clearing c& de)or%ing wor0 31& Raw %aterial o) glass a& crystal b. sand c& silica 40& ,n 'recast concrete #ea% with a s'an o) +0&00% carrying light load- de'th is" a. 62 cm #& +00 c% c& 6* c% 4+& Ceiling )ra%e that carries the )urring channel a. carrying channel #& rod hanger c& wall angle 42& Dardware used to a''ly tension on cross #racing a. turnbuc'le #& tie rod c& hinges 4*& A re7ected #uilding %aterial #ecause o) its #elow standard grade is called" a. cull #& out lu%#er c& run"o)"%ill 43& ,) a 'article o) soil is too large to li)t #y hand- it is a" a& co##le b. boulder c& )ine grained soil 44& Eu%#er that still contains %oisture is" a& rough lu%#er b. green lumber c& 3 42& ,n water'roo)ing- i) the hori9ontal %eets the vertical- ..... a. cant is provided #& sealer is a''lied c& dry 'ac0ed grout is used 47& Fistri#utes the load o) the colu%n eGually a%ong the 'iles a& )ooting b. pile cap c& 'ile )oundation 46& Co%'osition o) 'aint that 'rovides the hiding 'ower a. pigment #& vehicle c& solvent 41& <hat is the scienti)ic na%e o) wood a. xylem #& 'alochina c& victour 20& Rein)orcing #ars 'rovided within the s'an o) two colu%ns on co%#ined )ooting is a. top bar #& we# #ars c& te%'erature #ars 2+& A 'iece o) lu%#er used to dress u' the edge o) the 7oists a. draftstop plate #& #ridging c& tri%%er 22& A 7oint #etween ad7acent 'arts o) a structure which 'er%its %ove%ent #etween the% a& control 7oint #& construction 7oint c. contraction joint 2*& The hori9ontal distance )ro% the )ace o) a loc0 o) latch to the center o) the 0no# or loc0 cylinder is" a& loc0stile b. bac'set c& center'oint 23& ,n a sus'ended acoustical ceiling- a groove is cut into the edges o) an acoustical tile to receive s'lines or su''orting %e%#ers o) the ceiling sus'ension syste% is" a& ra##et #& 'lough c. 'erf 24& The angle- with one sur)ace o) a #ody %a0es with another sur)ace when they are not at right angles a. bevel #& ogee c& 'encil edge 22& The distance #etween in)lection 'oint in the colu%n when it #rea0s a& develo'ed length b. effective length c& eGuivalent length 27& ti))ener 'rovided #etween a s'an o) two #otto% chords a& cross #racing b. box strut c& #ridging

26& A nailer stri' incor'orated in rough concrete wall to #e 'lastered to act as guide and su''ort )or )inish tri% around o'ening and near the #ase o) the wall a& gravel sto' b. plaster ground c& tri%%ing guard 21& Joint #etween the concrete colu%n and CDB wall a& construction 7oint #& cold 7oint c. control joint 70& Technical ter% re)erring to earthGua0es a& )orces b. seismic c& )orensic 7+& Ru##er washer on te0screw used )or steel 'urlins a. neoprene #& ru##er #and c& gas0et 72& ($tended #ars 'rovided on sla# on )ill )or concrete stairs a. starter bars #& dowel c& diagonal #ars 7*& Pi'e used )or ground )loor drain a. 3( pipe #& 2? 'i'e c& 3? 'i'e 73& Rein)orce%ent on colu%n )ooting a. traverse bars #& %ain #ars c& te%'erature #ars 74& ur)ace 'rovided #y a 9ocalo and dro' wall a. spandrel #& curtain wall c& )acade 72& 'ace 'rovided on a water tan0 a#ove water level a. free board #& air s'ace c& over)low 77& @routing is necessary )or" a. cold joint #& construction 7oint c& #loc0 out 76& Jac0 ra)ters s'anning )ro% hi' ra)ter to valley ra)ter a. cripple jac' rafter #& valley 7ac0 ra)ter c& hi' 7ac0 ra)ter 71& A #ric0 laid vertically with the #road )ace e$'osed a. sailor #& soldier c& stretcher 60& A thin sheet o) wood rotary cut- sliced or sawn )ro% a log and used as a su'erior )acing to in)erior wood to )or% 'lywood a. veneer #& core c& cross#ond 6+& 5u%#er o) sel) drilling screws used in one gy'su% #oard a. 2$ #& 20 c& *2 62& <hich is not 'art o) the truss syste%/ a. girder #& to' chord c& girt 6*& The hori9ontal #race #etween two Gueen 'osts a& sag rod #& collar 'late c. strut 63& A #ric0 laid hori9ontally on the longer edge with the #road )ace e$'osed a& header #& rowloc0 c. shiner 64& Ty'e o) )ooting )or a structural colu%n within a 'ro'erty line a. combined #& isolated c& continuous 62& Class >A? %i$ture a& +H+ I H* b. 1) 2) % c& +H 2 I H 4 67& Dardi)le$ #oard is co%%ercially availa#le in what si9e/ a& 23? $ 36? b. % ( x *6( c& *2? $ 72? 66& Ty'e o) )or%wor0 used to 'rovide hori9ontal whaler a& 'er'endicular #& wall )or% c. longitudinal 61& i9e o) %easuring #o$ )or a 400g #ag o) ce%ent a& *0 $ *0 $ *0 #& *2 $ *2 $ *2 c. 32 x 32 x 33 10& ,n #uilding layouting- the re)erence 'oint is esta#lished in" a& natural grade line #& ground line c. street line 1+& Traverse %e%#er that su''orts the cut o)) 7oist a& tri%%er b. header c& tail #ea% 12& Adhesive used to install vinyl tiles a. rugby #& solvent c& casein

1*& A central 'ost )ro% which the winders o) a s'iral stair radiate a& center 'ost b. newel post c& s'iral 'ost 13& Any o) a series o) winders so arranged that they are nearly as wide at the inside o) the stair as the ad7acent )liers a. balanced step #& elli'tical stair c& geo%etrical stair 14& Jertical stri' at the edge o) the inactive door in a two"'anel door a& )illet b. astragal c& ra##et 12& An o'ening in the side o) the #uilding- as in a 'ara'et- )or draining o)) rainwater a. scupper #& roo) drain c& gutter 17& A se%icircular or se%i"elli'tical window over a doorway or another window a. fanlight #& transo% c& overdoor 16& A vertical window set #elow the line o) a slo'ed roo) a. internal dormer #& dor%er window c& s0ylight 11& A hinge that closes auto%atically #y %eans o) gravity a& s'ring hinge b. gravity hinge c& 'iano hinge +00&=ili'ino ter% )or )illet a. batidura #& i0a"i0a c& 'aleta Matching ty'e choose two words which relate to each other and 'ut the sa%e nu%#er on it )ro% + to 20& + to * are given as e$a%'les& 1 2 3 3 4 1 2 7 6 1 +0 4 2 +0 hear connector @alvani9ed Eate$ Truss #race Batten teel dec0ing Keystone drywall Mortised Pre"tensioning Bac0set Tile roo)ing Red lead Eoc0set ++ ++ +2 2 6 +2 +* +3 +4 1 +2 +7 3 Tile adhesive 5otch trowel Deader Aches Tenon tretcher =langes Cyladecor Bgee edge trand Turn#uc0le A")ra%e Eag screw 3 +6 +1 +7 +* +3 +6 +1 7 20 +4 +2 20 <ater Red o$ide Paneled door Cross #race <e# Anti"ter%ite ,ron tile @y'su% #oard ahara @lass to' Doo0 and eye <ater'roo)ing

True or =alse + +& construction log#oo0 is reGuired )or occu'ancy a''lication , 2& wooden )loor 7oist can rest on to' o) a concrete #ea% + *& add u' the total 'eri%eter di%ensions o) a sla# area- divided #y +&60 to get the %ini%u% thic0ness o) concrete sla# , 3& as #uilt 'lan )or occu'ancy 'er%it should #e signed and sealed #y the 'rinci'al architect + 4& )loor )lange is used to %ount water closet + 2& so%eti%es colu%n )ooting could #e without rein)orcing #ars , 7& di%ension lu%#er can #e used )or a wooden 'ost + 6& concrete s'acer should always #e used to %aintain the *c% concrete covering , 1& #ase )or% o) #ea% should #e re%oved a)ter 23 hours o) concreting + +0& a)ter re%oval o) )or%wor0- scratch coat is a''lied to the concrete sur)ace )or #etter 'lastering adhesion , ++& *2%% #ars are used )or road concreting to reduce thic0ness o) concrete , +2& 'rinci'al architect can #e the contractor at the sa%e ti%e in one 'ro7ect + +*& #ase%ent level can #e higher than the street elevation , +3& in 'lastering wor0- add %ore water )or #etter adhesion + +4& @&,& <ire can #e used as string in #uilding layout instead o) 'lastic chord , +2& in using ready %i$ed concrete- i) the 'eriod o) arrival e$tends- it is #etter to use 'u%'crete , +7& use +0c% thic0ness o) sus'ended sla# at all ti%es + +6& wide )lange is used )or colu%n and #ea% )or steel )ra%e construction , +1& concrete 'i'e is co%%ercially availa#le in 2&00 % length , 20& %e%#rane ty'e o) water'roo)ing is #est used in lacGuer 'aint + 2+& tile s'acer is used )or tile installation , 22& tinting color as ad%i$ture can #e used in lacGuer 'aint , 2*& %aster 'lu%#er can sign sanitary 'lans + 23& ogee edge is used )or glass ta#le to' + 24& 7o# ca'tain can decide on #ehal) o) the architect + 22& de'th o) steel structural #ea% section can #e at sa%e height with di))erent loads , 27& sand and gravel should #e well %i$ed #e)ore 'utting u' the ce%ent in %anual %i$ture o) concrete , 26& ground )loor o) a #uilding should always #e higher than the road access , 21& in a %odular syste%- series o) colu%ns should have one call"out only , *0& concreting o) sus'ended sla# cannot #e done in e$tre%e weather , *+& tinted glass is used )or overhead window o'ening- such as s0ylights , *2& +2%% dia%eter #ar ties )or 20%% dia%eter %ain #ar )or colu%n + **& notch trowel is used )or a''lying tile adhesive on wall sur)ace + *3& #ac0 hoe is used )or e$cavation wor0 + *4& e$'ansion or contraction 7oint is reGuired )or an 6"storey structure with an E"sha'ed )or% , *2& girder is a wooden #ea%- while #ea% is a concrete #ea% + *7& coil ties syste% is used )or concrete wall and large concrete colu%n with %ore than 20c% in cross di%ension + *6& co%#ined )ooting can #e used )or colu%n within the 'ro'erty line + *1& slu%' test is needed )or 7o# site %i$ o) concrete %i$ture + 30& concrete class %i$ture 'rovides the nu%#er o) #o$es o) sand and gravel )or eGuivalent o) one #ag o) ce%ent :CJ<:+*0102