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Research on Availability & Visibility of India times Business

Solutions product

“Market research”

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for award of

Master of Business Administration of Tilak Maharashtra University,


Submitted By:


PRN NO-0720815224

Institute of Business Studies and Research

Navi Mumbai

Tilak Maharashtra University

Gultekdi, Pune 411037

It is not possible to prepare a project report without the assistance & encouragement of other
people. This one is certainly no exception. Help Guidance and support are the three important
areas where the need of a true mentor is felt. He is the one person who can really carve
diamond out of stone. I feel, here I have the appropriate opportunity to introduce such a
mentor with whom I happened to interact in my Summer Internship.

I would at this point like to thank Mr. Imran Khan (Senior Executive-channel sales) Times
Internet Limited-Mumbai to patiently dedicate his time energy and effort to train us and make
sure we are ready to stand up to the corporate expectations in the coming future.

While interacting with him I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of corporate machine.
He gave us ample opportunities to interact with the institutional clients and learn the market
scenario in contemporary Service Industry.

I also express my gratitude to the faculty guide Prof. Deb Burman who has given us support
and with one more thing, which is really precious in the professional life, TIME.

I am thankful to the entire employee of Times Internet Limited for their cooperation during
the internship.
Last but not the least, I would thank Dr.M.L.Monga (Executive Director), Dr.Ginlianlal
Buhril (Director, Navi Mumbai) & all my lecturers for giving me an opportunity to work
with such an organization ,guiding & encouraging me throughout.

Thanking You:
Shamsh Tabrej Khan
Executive Summary

The most interesting part in any summer internship, for a learner is, the application of
concepts, he has learned. Apart from being an interesting thing, it is also the key phenomena
around which the concept of Summer Internship revolves.

The project was to analyze the Visibility and availability of indiatimes business solutions
products and services for Business Solutions. Indiatimes – India‟s leading portal has assisted
to a great extent to take their businesses online. The company had its major business in
providing domain, meramail , hosting and website .

Therefore I was asked by Mr. Imran Khan ( Senior Executive - Channel Sales , Mumbai ) to
discover business opportunities (Indiatimes B2B), manage business online. Hence my major
area of focus was to ensure

 Visibility of Indiatimes Products.

 Making Awareness about Indiatimes Business Solutions
 Knowing the Competitors
The only thing which Market Research does not give an in-depth knowledge about is Sales.
Although selling skill is considered to be one of the prerequisite of a marketing professional,
Market research does not give the taste of a hard core sales job.

This is a study done to understand, the key activities required for managing the business
online. I was asked to visit the Companies in certain areas of Mumbai and hence Visibility and
finding Input solution for their products. For this i visited Chembur, Vashi, Nerul, Andheri,
Sakinaka , Goregaon , Turbhe where I could find the companies for better business prospect.
Table of Contents


1 Rationale for the study

2 Objective of Study

 Title of the Project

 Objective of Study

 Scope of the Project

3 Company Profile

4 Review of Literature

5 Research Methodology -33

 Research Design

 Data Collection Methods/Sources

 Sampling Plan

6 Data Analysis & Interpretation

7 Findings

8 Limitations

9 Recommendation and suggestions

Appendix Questionnaire

Chapter -1

Rationale for the study


 Study helps the researcher and the company to find the potential customer.

 It helps the researcher to study the satisfaction level of the customers.

 The research also help in the promotion of the domain , hosting ,mera mail ,website etc

 This study helps researcher to know the usage level of the customer.

 Weather the usage is more of commercial or personal use .

 Segment the target market according to their income level and their business.

 This survey help the researcher too know about the competitors and strategies used by

 To study the visibility of Indiatimes products.

 To determine the competitors in various service departments.

 To have some insights on developing strong relationship and there by having fruitful B2B
Chapter 2

Objective of Study
Objective of the study

The objective of the summer training is to ensure that I as a management student develop in
real life experience for handling the specific project and also to develop all understanding of
the various management activities related to the area of my specialization. This training gives
us a substantial corporate exposure and also serves as a useful tool of interaction with the
corporate sector.

The project has been derived from the field of „Marketing‟ and is entitled as “Research Project on
Availability & Visibility of Indiatimes business solutions Products”. The main idea behind this
project is:

 Understanding the Visibility of Indiatimes (Business Solutions) products in Mumbai and

thereby evaluating the customer‟s preference in the purchase of its products.
 To understand the awareness level of other companies and their selling of the online
services. Which will be very much beneficial for the marketing strategies?
 To know the competitor of each product in the market.
Scope of the project

 The study was conducted in various areas of Mumbai located in various popular
market areas in a time frame of 70 days. This project therefore gave me an
opportunity to explore the markets for understanding various concepts related to
visibility and finding Input Solution. It also helped me to increase my observance and
analytical skills.
 This research would help companies to sell hosting, meramail, website and domain to
various companies.
 It also gives the permanent data base and probable range of existing customer
marketing areas and viability of approaching those probable customers.
Chapter 3

Company Profile

Indiatimes is part of India's largest media and entertainment house, The Times Group. One of the
most respected business houses in India, the 168-year-old group is a market driver across all media

Indiatimes continues to be the market driver in value-added services (VAS) for mobile phones
and landlines. Setting up the first VAS messaging service, Indiatimes 8888 quickly scoped out
to include multimedia messaging, dating, chatting and email on mobile. 58888 is available
with all service operators across India on both CDMA and GPRS phones, making it India‟s
largest operator-agnostic mobile short code.

Indiatimes pioneered airline ticket auctions in India. Not only have the auctions spurred air
travel in India, they have become a flier's first port of call. Indiatimes also has great deals on
hotel rooms and holiday packages across the world.

In its portfolio of content brands are two of the biggest: The Times of India and The Economic
Times. Timesofindia.com specializes in breaking news and has exhaustive India-specific
coverage with more than 1,000 stories every day. Economictimes.com differentiates itself
through its 24/7 business reportage, besides being a career launch-pad. With minute-by-minute
pictures, audio and video, news on Indiatimes is truly a 360-degree live show.

Ahead of the pack in online shopping, Indiatimes has more than 400 products to indulge in.
With convenient payment options, including cash-on-delivery, and a secure credit-card
payment system, Indiatimes has become a shoppers' favorite. Indiatimes in partnership with
ICICI Bank has also launched a credit card which is designed to specifically address the needs
of the e-commerce customer.

Whether you want to get a domain name for your business or a customized email for yourself,
Indiatimes has the solution. And that's not all: Indiatimes even helps you design your website

Indiatimes initiated a podium named Huesday which makes the skills of emerging artists
visible. It is working with Mobio, a mobile VAS provider to enable access to cricket or stock
news, contests, astrology, jokes, songs, ringtones, or latest political and business news through
iMobizo to mobile subscribers in India. Mobio will work closely with Indiatimes and top
Indian operators to provide a range of value added services. Indiatimes Mera Mail was
acknowledged with Genius of the Web Award.

The Times Group's Brands include

 The Times of India - World's largest broadsheet English daily.

 The Economic Times - India's largest and world's second

largest financial daily.

 Navbharat Times – Popular Hindi daily newspaper.

 Maharashtra Times – Popular Marathi daily newspaper.

 Mumbai Mirror – Leading morning newspaper in Mumbai.

 Radio Mirchi - India's largest FM radio network.

 Planet M - India's largest chain of music stores.

 Zoom - Lifestyle television channel. .

 Times Now - Television News channel.

 Femina - India's largest women's magazine.

 Filmfare - India's largest English film magazine.

 Times Jobs – India‟s leading job portal.

 SimplyMarry – India‟s leading matrimonial portal.

 Magic Bricks – India‟s premier real estate portal.

 Times Internet- The digital arm of the Times Group.


1999: Indiatimes webportal launched; BCCL enters music retailing business with Planet M.

2000: The Times of India crosses the 2 million mark in circulation.

2000: Timesofmoney - JV with Citibank.

2001: Radio Mirchi - Nationwide Private FM Broadcasting.

2001: 360 Degrees - Event Management Arm launched.

2002: Times Outdoor - Outdoor Advertising & Billboard Marketing.

2003: Times Classifieds - Classifieds site catering to web audiences, the group publications

also publications from other countries like Sri Lanka.


 Launch of the Times Private Treaties - The Innovative Branding Solution from The
Times Group stable.[4]
 Launch of the Jobs portal Times Jobs.
 Television Business launched with the launch of a lifestyle and entertainment
channel called z00m.

2005: Launch of a Matrimonials website TimesMatri.


 Launch of a television News Channel called Times Now in collaboration with

 Radio Mirchi holding company ENIL (Entertainment Network India Limited) lists on
the Indian stock markets. It is the first Times Group company to List on the bourses.
 Launch of a Property services Portal Magic Bricks
 TimesMatri is rebranded as Simply Marry [4]
 A new holding company by the name of TBSL is created. This company controls the
brands TimesJobs SimplyMarry (earlier called TimesMatri) and MagicBricks
 TimesofMoney launches Remit2Home, to cater to Global Remittance Market


 Launch of The Times of India - Kannada

 Launch of Bangalore Mirror
 Launch of Ahmadabad Mirror


 Launch of SimplyMarryZine.com
 Launch of The Times of India, Chennai Edition [13]
 Launch of Pune Mirror
 Acquisition of Virgin Radio (now known as Absolute Radio) in the UK .

2009 Launch of ET Now - A business news channel

Indiatimes Product Portfolio

The indiatimes product portfolio is divided in to two ie

1- Go online business D MeraMail ,domain Website ,SEO ,Hosting ,My E-Biz and

2- business online ,Tenders Legal Services Projects B2B Market ,Tenders Legal
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Product Portfolio

Go Online Business Online

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Hosting B2B Market Place
My E-Biz Sales CRM

A domain name is an identity of your business in cyber space .It is first step to take your
business online and present your service to your customer‟s .

The Unique Name which represents your

organization and create Brand Awareness.

How it will benefit your business ?

It is imperative to register a domain name.failing to register the same will adversely affect
your business:

1- Risk of domain hijacking.

2- Loss of established online identity-your place in cyberspace.
3- Damage of brand through website defacement.
4- Loss of intellectual property rights-your biggest assets.
5- Loss of traffic generated.
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Attachment 20 10 5

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Chapter 4

Review of Literature
With reference to the book Philip Kotler Marketing Management Service
there are distinctive characteristic of services.

Unlike physical product, services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, hearted, or smelled before they
are bought. A getting cosmetic surgery cannot see the results before the purchase, and the
patient in the psychiatrists office cannot know the exact outcome of the treatment., To reduce
uncertainty, buyers will look for evidence of quality by drawing inferences from the place ,
people, equipment, communication materials, symbols, and price. Therefore, the service
provider‟s task is to “manage the evidence,” to “tangibilize the intangible.”

Whereas physical goods are manufactured, put into inventory, distributed through multiple
resellers, and consumed later, services are typically produced and consumed simultaneously.
A barber can‟t give a haircut without being present. If a renders the service, then the provider
is the part of the services. Because the client is also often present as the service is produced,
providers-client interaction is a special feature of services marketing.

Because the quality of the services depends on who provides them, when and where, and to
whom services are highly variable. Some doctors have an excellent beside manner; others are
less empathic. Service buyers are aware of this variability and often talk to others before
selecting a service provider. To reassure customers, some firms offer service guarantee that
may reduce consumer perceptions of risk. Here are three steps service firms can take to
increase quality control.
1-Invest in good hiring and training procedures

2-Standardize the service- performance process throughout the organization.

3-Monitor customer satisfaction.

Service cannot be stored, so their perishability can be a problem when demand fluctuates. For
example, public transportation companies must own much more equipment because of rush
hour demand than if the demand were even throughout the day Some doctors charge patients
for missed appointments because the services value (the doctor‟s availability) exists only at
the time of the appointment. Demand or yield management is critical-the right services must
be available to the right customers at the right place at the right time and right price to
maximize profitability
Several strategies can produce a better match between demand and supply in the service

The service marketing mix is

 Product – the service offer

 Pricing – indicator of quality

 Promotion –role of personnel

 Place – ease of access

 People – „part time marketers‟

 Physical evidence

 Processes

 Customer service – customer perceptions of quality

With reference to the web-site www.wikepedia.org

What Reasons Are There for Starting an Online Business?
There are plenty of reasons as to why many people start an online business, and below we
will provide you with just a few of them.
For many people, the main reason that they decide to start an online business is to earn an
extra income. Usually, this is in addition to the income that they are already earning.
However for others, what starts as a part time venture, soon becomes a full time one. Another
reason that people decide to start up an online business is that they have more control over
their working life. Also, it provides them with a chance to spend more time with their family
and friends. Today too much time is spent working, and many people find that they have little
or no time to spend with those that they love. Furthermore, there are other reasons as to why
so many people now choose to set up an online business.

1-What rush hour?

No longer do they need to get up in the morning to rush off to work and get caught up in all
that traffic. Now that time which would normally be wasted sitting in traffic can be used to
their advantage. Plus, it is up to you when you work, so if you don‟t want to start until late in
the morning, you do not need to.

Because of the rapid advance in technology, many online businesses today tend be
prosperous, and so getting involved in this type of business is a good way to make some

3-Costs of Starting Up
This is probably one of the biggest reasons as to why many people choose to start an online
business. As many of the transactions are completed online, there is little or no need for lots
of paper and documents. What one really needs in order to get an online business going is a
computer, a high speed internet connection (ADSL), printer, fax machine and few other
essentials that an office may need. As you can see, these are just a few good reasons for why
setting up an online business might be the ideal choice for you.

Internet Usage across the world

The table shows rating of the countries (internet usage) versus the total population they
hold, Among all the nation india holds forth spot with only 7.1 % of people using the internet
which is to less for developing nation like India. This numeric value needs to be
internet user in the
Rank Country worlds % of population Year
People republic of
1 china 298000000 22.40% 2009
2 United states 227190989 74.70% 2009
3 Japan 94000000 73.80% 2009
4 India 81000000 7.10% 2009
5 Brazil 67510400 34.40% 2009
6 Germany 55221183 67.00% 2009
7 United Kingdom 43753600 71.80% 2009
8 France 40858353 65.70% 2009
9 Russia 38000000 27.00% 2009
10 South Korea 36794800 76.10% 2009
Chapter 5

Research Methodology
Research Methodology

A research process consists of stages or steps that guide the project from its conception
through the final analysis, recommendations and ultimate actions. The research process
provides a systematic, planned approach to the research on project indiatimes business
solutions product and ensures that all aspects of the research project are consistent with each
other. Research studies evolve through a series of steps, each representing the answer to a key

This research aims to understand the research methodology establishing a framework of

evaluation and revaluation of primary and secondary research. The techniques and concepts
used during primary research in order to arrive at findings; which are also dealt with and lead
to a logical deduction towards the analysis and results.Design the exploratory, descriptive and
causal research.

Exploratory Research
The method I used for exploratory research was
1-Primary Data
2- Secondary data

Primary Data

New data gathered from the specific area in Mumbai to help solve the problem at hand. As
compared to secondary data which is previously gathered data from the internet, books,
friends and other sources. An example is information gathered by a questionnaire. Qualitative
or quantitative data that are newly collected in the course of research, Consists of original
information that comes from organization (customer) and includes information gathered from
surveys, focus groups, independent observations and test results. Data gathered by the
researcher in the act of conducting research. This is contrasted to secondary data, which
entails the use of data gathered by someone other than the researcher information that is
obtained directly from first-hand sources by means of surveys and observation. Primary data
is basically collected by getting questionnaire filled by the respondents.
Secondary Data

Information about the indiatimes business solution product that already exists somewhere,
having been collected for another purpose. Sources include census reports, trade publications,
and subscription services. There are two types of secondary data: internal and external
secondary data. Information compiled inside or outside the organization for some purpose
other than the current investigation Researching information, which has already been
published. Market information compiled for purposes other than the current research effort; it
can be internal data, such as existing sales information of indiatimes business solution
product which is completed by the other researchers.

Secondary source of data used consists of books and websites

My proposal is to first conduct a intensive secondary research to understand the full impact
and implication of the business solution product of indiatimes, to review and critique the
industry norms and reports, on which certain issues shall be selected, which I feel remain
unanswered or liable to change, this shall be further taken up in the next stage of exploratory

Descriptive Research
STEPS in the descriptive research:
Statement of the problem
 Identification of information needed to solve the problem

 Selection or development of instruments for gathering the information

 Identification of target population and determination of sampling Plan.

 Design of procedure for information collection

 Collection of information

 Analysis of information

 Generalizations and/or predictions

Research process

The research process has four distinct yet interrelated steps for research analysis
It has a logical and hierarchical ordering:
1- Determination of information research problem.
2- Development of appropriate research design.
3- Execution of research design.
4- Communication of results.
Each step in research for indiatimes business solution product is viewed as a separate process
that includes a combination of task, step and specific procedure. The steps undertake are
logical, objective, systematic, reliable, valid, impersonal and ongoing.

Need For Study

The study aims to understand the awareness of Indiatimes products also tapping the major
Competitors. This study will give insights to the marketer that would help the markets to
understand the consumer segment. This helps the marketing people to arrive at meaningful
ways to promote Indiatimes products.

1. To study the visibility of Indiatimes products.

2. To determine the competitors in various service departments.

3. To have some insights on developing strong relationship and tereby having fruitful B2B .

4. To serve as guideline for further research in this area.

Information Required

1. Which is the Web-site that is being used by the companies?

2. Which mail-id do the companies use for business- Is it a free usage or a paid one?
3. On what products and services do they spend most?
4. What are the sources of information for purchase of products?
5. Which Hosting do they use Windows or Linux reseller Hosting?
6. How much space do they acquire for Hosting?
7. How do they spend?
8. What are the basic factors influencing their buying decision process?
Research Design

Research design is a conceptual structure within which research was conducted. A research
design is the detailed blueprint used to guide a research study towards its objective. It is a
series of advanced decision taken together comprising a master plan or a model for
conducting the research in consonance with the research objectives. Research design is
needed because it facilitates the smooth sailing of the various research operations, thereby
making research as efficient as possible yielding maximum information with the minimum
effort, time and money

1) Aim of Study.
The study aims to understand the awareness of Indiatimes business solution product
products also tapping the major Competitors.

2) Purpose of Study.
This study is being made for summer training (Topic given -“Research on
Availability & Visibility of Indiatimes business solution products”.)
3) Sample Area.
Mumbai is the financial capital of India- where I covered some of the major areas
including Chembur , Vashi , Nerul in (Navi Mumbai) , Andheri (E) , Shakinaka ,
Andheri (West) , SaakiVihar ,Goregaon, Turbhe.
4) Data Collection.
Data collection took place with the help of getting response from the customer on the
questionnaires. The questionnaire method has come to the more widely used and
economical means of data collection. The common factor in all varieties of the
questionnaire method is this reliance on verbal responses to questions, written or oral.
I found it essential to make sure the questionnaire was easy to read and understand to
all spectrums of people in the sample. It was also important as researcher to respect
the samples time and energy hence the questionnaire was designed in such a way, that
its administration would not exceed 3-5 minuts. These questionnaires were personally
administered. The first hand information was collected by making the people fill the
questionnaires. The primary data collected by directly interacting with the people. The
respondents were contacted at industrial areas, corporate offices. The data was
collected by interacting with 350 respondents who filled the questionnaires and gave
me the required necessary information. The respondents consisted marketing head,
owner of the firm or IT department, the required information was collected by directly
interacting with these respondents.
 The data which has been chosen for this report was primary data and secondary
 For the collection of data I have targeted the Veera Desai Road – Laxmi Industrial
Estate- Crystal Plaza, Morya House, Mittal Industrial Estate, Ansa Industrial
Estate, Marol Naka, Jogeshwari ,turbhe ,chembur, vashi ,goregaon, and some
others area.
 The study takes place from 20th June to 30th August.
 Data has been collected by preparing a set of questionnaire.

Preparation of Database
The industrial estate located in several areas of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai were focused. Now
the work that was to be done was to get the details related to Business Solution implemented
by the companies,.

Personal Visits
The main objective of personal visits was to meet the concerned persons viz., Managing
Directors, General Managers, Product Managers in companies and gather information
relevant to the service project.

Researcher visited the company as employee of Indiatimes group., and possessed the visiting
card of various Marketing Managers, Product Managers, This visiting card served as the first
step of an access to meet these esteemed people from the company. Once researcher could
meet the concerned persons and used to understand the requirement for company.

Follow ups
As any kind of business regarding purchase of indiatimes Product i.e

 Acquiring domain
 Built a web site
 Purchasing Mera mail
 Providing hosting in cyber space
The interested customers and follow the developments was done as per the guidance of our
mentor Mr. Imran Khan -Senior executive.

Error in the study

Interviewer error
There is interviewer bias in the questionnaire method. Open-ended questions can be biased by
the interviewer‟s views or probing, as interviewers are guiding the respondent while the
questionnaire is being filled out. The attitudes the interviewer revels to the respondent during
the interview can greatly affect their level of interest and willingness to answer openly. As
interviewers, probing and clarifications maximize respondent understanding and yield
complete answers, these advantages are offset by the problems of prestige seeking, social
desirability and courtesy biases.

Questionnaire error

The questionnaire designing has to careful so that only required data is concisely revealed
and there is no redundant data generated. The questions have to be worded carefully so that
the questions are not loaded and does not lead to a bias in the respondents mind.

Respondent error

The respondents selected to be interviewed were not always available and willing to co
operate also in most cases the respondents were found to not have the knowledge, opinion,
attitudes or facts required additionally uninformed response errors and response styles also
led to survey error.
Chapter 6

Data Analysis and

Data Interpretation

The following Table shows the user using business solution (web) product. Out of the total
population which is 350.The number of users using business solution product are 150 and
remaining that rely on traditional practices are-

Total sample size Business solution product User Business solution product

350 150 200

So, this indicates that the most of the companies or organization is not aware of benefit of
web product for their business.
Indiatimes VERSES others

Area where the availability of meramail business solution product of different service
company have captured their potential customer .

The below given data shows the percentage of meramail product present in the sample

Area indiatimes.com siffy.com yahoo.com rediff.com gmail.com

Andheri 20 15 24 13 28
Sakinaka 18 13 27 14 28
Marol 21 15 23 12 29
Vashi 15 14 28 13 30
Chembur 14 17 25 16 28
Nerul 15 15 29 13 27
Goregaon 13 14 28 16 29

Percentage of user paid mail id of each product in different sample

indiatimes.com siffy.com yahoo.com rediff.com gmail.com

29% 30% 29%

28% 27% 28% 28% 28% 27% 28% 29%
24% 25%
20% 21%
18% 17% 16%
15% 15% 15% 15%
15% 14% 16%
13% 13% 14% 12%
14% 13% 14% 14%

Andheri Sakinaka Marol Vashi Chembur Nerul Goregaon

The above mention chart shows percentage of individual products in specific sample area in
which availability of gmail is at the top followed by yahoo and indiatimes meramail products.
From the above chart, more than 50% of companies use yahoo and gmail. Indiatimes is used
by nearly 15-20% in each area.

Percentage of the awareness of indiatimes meramail product in the sample


Business solution product Competitors for

non paid email % potential customer
india times 10%

Rediff 17%

Siffy 13%

Yahoo 27%

Gmail 32%

The pie-chart shows the maximum people are aware of gmail services of non paid mail id,
it‟s mail by yahoo . India Times holds fifth position with 10%, where it has to make the
market aware about its web products (india times online Business Solutions product)
Availability of domain product in market

% user of indiatimes
Competitiors of domain product product
india times 17
direct India 9
net India 8
net core 11
Rediff 23
go daddy 12
tata indicom 20

The upper mentioned table gives the percentage of user of the domain product in the potential
market, in the sample area

The above mentioned chart shows the percentage of the potential customer availability of
hosting service product in the market in which indiatimes is at the third positon and with the
tata indicom and the rediff.
Percentage of Tapped potential customer of website

The below data show the availability and the opportunity for the company to capture the
target customer in the corporate market.

Availability % of website
competetiors of website user of indiatimes

india times 16%

net India 20%

Vsnl 13%

Rediff 10%

go daddy 23%

tata indicom 18%

The above chart shows that the user of the web site product service companies, in which tata
indicom and rediff stand at the top and indiatimes at the second and then the others. Even
though the non user are fourty percent.
Avilability of hosting product

Availability of hosting product Percentage of availability

Net India 12
Indiatimes 17
Rediff 13
Go daddy 23
Tata indicom 21
Net core 16

Percentage of availability
Net india Indiatimes Rediff Go daddy Tata indicom Net core

16% 12%




The pie-chart shows the maximum people are aware of go daddy services of hosting cyber
space . India Times holds third place, where it has to make the market aware about its web
products (india times online Business Solutions product).


1) It should identify the actual needs of the society and make efforts to identify their
2) It should avoid wastage of resources like money, effort, time to meet the competition
or to produce at competitive rates.

3) More intense research works should be initiated, studying the specific needs and
attributes sorted by the customer for different kinds of product categories.
4) Company should attract more consumers to lead in the market.
5) Service should be made according to market demand.

6) Company should pay attention on their consumers , so that they cannot think about

7) Demonstration effects consumers so company should increase its advertisement.

8) Company should take strict actions against the complaints.

9) Product should be made according to consumers demand.

10) Main aim of company should be to increase profit and decrease wastage of resources.

11) Consumers taste and preference must keep in mind while production.

12) Company should produce good quality of products.

13) Delivery of goods should be in time.

Chapter -8

Limitations of Project

During the project duration the main purpose was to collect the data and interpret it
with reliability and consistency. Though I have made my best efforts to make the
study fair, transparent, error free, but there might be some inherent limitations.
Throughout this project we tried our level best to make this report most accurate but
there were some limitations, which are as follows:

 The project was taken as a part of my summer training. As the time was limited,
so the survey was confined to few Companies only.
 The data collected in my report also contains views and information provided by
the staff and managers of the Company. So these observations might not be fully
free from errors.
 The opinions of staff and manager of the Companies are often in opposition, non-
cooperating, causing difficulty in data collection.
 Lack of proper coordination sometimes results in de-motivation.
 Company Managers were hesitant to disclose the true facts.
 The life of the people in metropolitan cities is running so fast. They don‟t have
much time to give reply.
 Human error is unavoidable.
Chapter -9

Recommendation and
Recommendation and Suggestions

1) Make premises so that the feasibility of achieving the objective in the assumed
condition can be thought of. In order to plan properly many factors and
situation are to be assumed so that the planning of activities and their
resources can be estimated.

2) Develop the alternatives activities to achieve the objectives by assuming the

availability of alternate resources, methods or if required alternative

3) In case of price, price of products should not be too high. Marketer should
follow the strategy of ‘Good services in fewer prices in time ’. That can
attract customers.

4) Instead of giving the customers respect and freedom to make their own choice,
the marketer should synchronize their product and service value with
customer attitudes. The marketers should dare to be different and
unconventional, so that their products click, if they were targeted at the
customer special youth, who in turn are willing to experiment with something

5) The marketer should understand the customer to have a strong sense of

identification and a sense of attitude that they sniff out of imaging. It has been
observed that offering value addition also works in the youth market.


We would be thankful if you share some of your valuable opinion regarding the following

I assure you that the information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used
for academic purpose only

Section -1

Name of the organization or companies




………………………Pin ……………………….

Email id if any


Website if any


Name of the contact person


Contact Number

1. Are you using internet for your business?

A- Yes ( ) B- no ( )

2. Are you doing online business?

A- Yes ( ) B- no ( )

3. Are you aware from indiatimes business solution product?

A-Yes ( ) B- no ( )

4. -Are u aware from the indiatimes? Its providing web solution product.

A-Yes ( ) B- no ( )

5. Are you using domain for your business?

A-yes ( ) B- no ( )

6. Which companies services you are using right now?


7. Which mail you are using?


8. Are you using paid mail id service?

A-Yes( ) B- no ( )

9. if no ,would you like to use paid mail id?

A-yes ( ) B- no ( )

10. -Do you know about indiatimes meramail id, which is unique memorable and made
just for you and your business?

A -Yes ( ) B- no ( )
11. 17-Are you using web hosting for the success and smooth run of your business?

A- Yes ( ) B – no ( )

12. 18-Which hosting you are using?

A-window hosting ( ) B-Linux hosting ( )

13. Which companies hosting are you using?



14. Are u using website?

A - Yes ( ) B- no ( )

15. If yes which companies website you are using?


16. What problem are u facing in this service sector can u please give some feed back?


-----------Thank You-----------

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2) Times Internet Limited official Website www.indiatimes.com

3) www.wikipedia.com

4) www.domains.indiatimes.com

5) www.meramail.indiatimes.com

6) www.hosting.indiatimes.com

7) www.websites.indiatimes.com