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Task 2- Contents page analysis for my magazine of choice-

Masthead- The masthead contents is in bold, black font. It is jumbled and is reduced to the right hand corner of the page. This challenges convention as this is usually a dead space, in terms of rule of thirds. However, due to its layout the title stands out against the fairly bare background. The title is black, a mutual colour, suggesting the magazine is targeted at both genders. Features/ Page numbers- The page numbers are separated into groups with the subheadings; Feautures and Fashion. This demonstrates a clear distinction between article genres. This suggests, while the magazine is mainly music, it also caters to other niches interested in fashion. The main coverline is highlighted on the page as Kanye has been put in bold whereas the rest is normal meaning attention is drawn to it. Main image- The main image draws main focus, filling almost the whole page. The image is a medium long shot of famous rapper Kanye West. The miss-en-scene of the image is a, seen to be, womens hand placing a cardboard heart on Kanyes chest. This illustrates what the article may be about and is supported in the features column by the word misunderstood in the selling line to the main cover line Kanye. The image has a monochrome effect, similar to the rest of the page. His clothing is smart and upper class, signifying his status and importance on the page.

Advertisement- The magazine is advertising what Kanye has been chosen to wear. The prices and stores are named in this advertisement. This represents that the magazine is about the lifestyle of the rich and famous rather than purely music. Also it suggests that although the magazine is advertising high street stores it signifies that the magazine is aimed to those with disposable incomes that can afford the clothing.

Magazine Information- The magazine information is placed in the dead space of the bottom right hand side. The information is the last thing seen on the page and is fairly insignificant. The text is black and so is not a stand out colour as it is the same colour as other text on the page. The magazine uses very monochrome colours for their text and overall look of the page.

Miss-en-scene of the image- The miss-en-scene of the image is a red, may be cardboard, heart placed over Kanyes heart. The heart suggests as to what the article is to be based upon; such as love life, passions or heartbreak. The heart is a bright red, which is a contrast to the rest of the monochrome image. It stands out on the page, suggesting it is important. The heart is held by, what appears to be, a womens hand. Kanyes facial expression is sincere and his eye contact is strong. This causes a connection between the image and the reader.