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Magazine Title The title of the magazine that I want to produce is Live.

I have chosen this name as it connotes many elements and images associated with the hip hop industry; concerts, the sound of the genre etc. With this, I intend to use big bold letters in the primary optical area of my page, placed onto a box with a clashing colour to ensure it stands out and is easily recognizable. I will most likely use a simple colour such as black or white for the title font colour to coincide with the theme of simple but effective theme that I aim to create across my magazine. The font I use will be bold and have a squared shape such as IMPACT or stencil. I would use either of these fonts as they are bold, legible and squared. Genre The genre of magazine that I intend to crate is hip hop. My explanation behind this is because the target audience is easily accessible but incredibly diverse in its modern state. It has expanded from being predominantly listened to by black males to now being listened to by many races, cultures, ethnicities and both genders within them, which gives me a wider audience to target, allowing me to do more with my magazine. Also, I have an interest in this genre myself, so I have my own personal views on how the magazine should look. Target Audience My target audience is mainly teens ranging from the ages of 16-19 as I feel these are the ages where people find their music and realize what they like. In turn, this means that this age group has the most interest in music and the news and gossip from it. This means I can potentially write an article in which I, or my classmates, would be interested in as it has an appeal to us. Front Cover On my front cover, I would like to have a close up of a model in order to make them stand out, and have them easily recognized. This idea came to me when I was researching similar magazines and I noticed that magazines such as vibe and XXL tend to do this a lot when they have artists on their cover that are currently in the news for something important or they are a big artist in general. I would place them on a block colour background, either black or white, contrasting from whatever colour I choose for my masthead. Something similar to -

Contents Page For my contents page, I would like to use the same model that I used on the front cover to highlight that they are the main focus of this magazine, and there will be a big story on them inside. I would use the same colour scheme as that on my front cover, to keep it consistent. I would use a long shot, displaying the full body of my model. The image would also be associated with what the main story would be about, but it would not be clear unless the audience were to think into it. For example

Double Page Spread The double page spread will have a similar image to the contents page, with the large image on one side with the article on another, maybe with the article overlapping the image. The colours again will be consistent with the house them of the other areas of my magazine. Photographs To keep with the theme, the photographs I use will have a simple theme, with the models in block colours, preferably black. In regards to the shot types, I will use close ups, long shots and medium close ups.