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Brand guidelines

For members

Our brand
The ABC logo is a stamp of trust throughout the media world. These guidelines show you how to use our logo with pride to celebrate your achievements and show your support for industry agreed standards, whilst retaining the integrity of our logo. The new ABC identity is strong, powerful and instantly recognisable. It expresses our values, showing were innovative, objective and easy to deal with. To maintain the integrity of the logo please use these guidelines. The logo must never be redrawn or modied in any way. When reproducing the logo always work with the master artworks. Our marketing team are always on hand at info@abc.org.uk to answer any questions about using the new logo.

ABC brand guidelines

Member use of the ABC logo

We set criteria on the use of our logo to ensure your products and data are correctly associated with ABC. Our byelaws or our terms and conditions with you set out how you may use our logo. In general terms our logo must:  Only be used to promote a product currently registered with us and for which we have certied a product or service.  Not be positioned or used in such a way that it incorrectly implies a product or data has an association with ABC that we have not authorised. Please consider carefully whether including our logo on a generic company letterhead or website would infringe this requirement. In addition to the contractual requirements covering the use of our logo the word ABC, either in letter or logo form, is a registered Community Trade Mark in relation to the provision of audited or veried information across various media. If you are not sure about how to use our logo or have any questions please get in touch with us at info@abc.org.uk

ABC brand guidelines

Bringing the brand to life the logo

The ABC master logo has been developed to work across all media. This logo in all the recommended formats with the correct colour values can be obtained from our marketing department at info@abc.org.uk Please do not use any logo other than those provided. On no account should any of these logos be altered or edited in any way.

ABC brand guidelines

Logo versions preferred

Logo versions white keyline version

Choosing the right logo 5 The two-colour version should be used wherever possible, including on all printed materials, online and in electronic presentations. The monochrome (mono) logo should only be used for items printed in black.

When the logo appears on an image or coloured background, take care to make sure that it remains legible. If a background doesnt provide sufcient contrast for the grey keyline to be visible, then you should use the white keyline version shown here. A mono version is also available.

Two colour version

Two colour version

Mono version single colour Process Black

Mono version single colour Process Black

ABC brand guidelines

Logo what to avoid

Dont alter or recreate the logo in any way as this will compromise the strength of the brand mark. If you are unsure about using the logo correctly get in touch with the marketing team.

Do not squash or elongate the logo maintain its proportions at all times

Do not rotate the logo

Period ending 30/06/10

Do not place any text or graphic within the logo retain the clearance zone at all times

Do not change the colourways of the logo

ABC brand guidelines

Brand colours

The corporate colours are shown here. All brand marks produced in colour must use these references. Weve specied Pantone references to ensure consistency when the logo is being reproduced. Please note that the colours shown here and throughout the guidelines are for reference only. To view these colours accurately refer to the current edition of the Pantone Colour Formula Guide.
Pantone 185 CMYK: 0/91/76/0 RGB: 199/52/57 HEX# c73439 Pantone 7546 CMYK: 33/4/0/72 RGB: 82/93/102 HEX# 525d66

ABC brand guidelines

Logo clearance zone

As shown here, the logo should always have a minimum clearance zone around it. This ensures clarity of communication and prevents the logo from being lost or crowded. The clearance zone is set at 20% of the size of the logo, as shown here.

ABC brand guidelines

Logo minimum size

Logo with headline gure

To ensure optimum denition of the identity in reproduction, it should not be reproduced smaller than the minimum size which is 8mm. The size of the identity is measured across the width of the symbol (as denoted by x).

When displaying headline gures for a print publication or website, we suggest following the guidelines below.

For example


Headline gure Period

Clear zone Max. depth = height of logo

For a print publication

For a website

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ABC brand guidelines

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