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Understand Whats Wrong with Obamacare, Healthcare Systems; Let It Guide Your idterm !

lection "ote
Midterm elections are only a few months away. With so many seats in Congress vulnerable to change, its an important election. Understanding whats wrong with Obamacare and our healthcare system is important to how you vote. A big part of whats wrong with Obamacare comes from the lies, distortions, mischaracterizations, and innuendos of Republicans. With 38.3 percent in favor and !." negative, sometimes hostile, view of Obamacare, it will continue to be a ma#or tal$ing point in the %&!'(midterm elections. And Republicans, loo$ing for more fuel to add to their fire, distort the recent )ongressional *udget Office +)*O, report b- impl-ing that Obamacare is a #ob $iller. .he problem is the )*O pro#ection does not sa- what Republicans impl-. )ongressional *udget Office +)*O, director /oug 0lmendorf sa-s that Republicans have mischaracterized the reports findings to suggest that under Obamacare millions of Americans will lose their #obs. 1e sa-s, 2.he reason we dont use the term 3lost #obs is there is a critical difference between people who li$e to wor$ and cant find a #ob 4 or have a #ob thats lost for reasons be-ond their control (( and people who choose not to wor$.5 6f someone decides the- can now retire, spend time with famil-, or pursue a hobb- because theno longer need to worr- about wor$ing #ust to provide healthcare insurance coverage for their famil- is a good thing. 6ts what Obamacare intended to do. Additionall-, 0lmendorf said the report is not pro#ecting the law would cause a bump in unemplo-ment or underemplo-ment, Obamacare will actuall- reduce unemplo-ment. 6f -ou want to $now a big part of what7s wrong with our healthcare s-stem, pa- attention to what 8oe 9lein has to sa-. :nderstand wh- 9lein and ;resident Obama favor the <eisinger 1ealth =-stem. ;a- attention to what =enator *ernie =anders has to sa-. :nderstand wh- his state of >ermont is moving forward with a single(pa-er healthcare s-stem. ;resident Obama desired these s-stems for Obamacare. 6f he could push a magic button and get

ever-one on board, its what he in the long run would li$e to accomplish. On the other hand, however, it7s #ust what Republicans are revolting against, because the probabilit- of Obamacare over time moving in this direction scares the pants off of them. *ut ta$ing the profit out of healthcare is possibl- the onl- solution to the healthcare problem. .his midterm election is important because all '3 seats in the 1ouse and 33 of the !&& seats in the =enate will be contested. .he results will maintain or overturn the Republican ma#orit- in the house and maintain or overturn the /emocratic ma#orit- in the =enate. 6f -ou want to ma$e sure Americas healthcare s-stem evolves and improves, vote for an independent who shares -our view or for a /emocrat. 6f -ou want to return to the healthcare status ?uo prior to %&!&, vote Republican. .he Republican ;art- has no intention of improving Obamacare or providing an alternative (( onl- an intention of destro-ing it.