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Letter or Motivation Dear Sir or Madame I hereby present to you the reasons why I'm interested in doing graduate

studies in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management, International mode ENREM!, taught at the San Luis "otos# State $niversity and the $niversity o% &pplied Sciences in 'ologne, (ermany) *ne o% the main tools in solving problems is research that gives a wide range o% possibilities %or development, promotes science and technology and allows you to give an e+planation %or any environmental phenomenon and its importance in di%%erent areas o% society) ,owever, the most important %eature o% research is the opportunity it gives us in new areas where we can ma-e a signi%icant contribution to the development o% sustainable pro.ects and programs, which enhances the population's /uality o% li%e) &s a young student and a committed Me+ican citi0en, I care about the situation that e+ists in my country, my state and my community) I am unhappy with the %act that tourism is developed as a predatory practice o% natural resources, through savage capitalism) I have a degree in 1ourism, and because o% my education in tourism I have reali0ed that natural resources are the raw materials %or tourism developments) ,ence tourism should be socially e/uitable, economically viable and environmentally %riendly) I thin- my training as a researcher in environmental science would give me the tools to promote sustainability in tourism) I %irmly believe that all economic activities should be deployed in the conte+t o% sustainable development and tourism is most de%initely not an e+ception) $n%ortunately, the concept o% sustainability is merely used in tourism as a cosmetic element which only serves to mas- or disguise tourist developments) I have the conviction that in the San Luis "otosi State $niversity, I will have a solid and pro%essional academic training in the %ield o% environmental sciences, which comes to be an important element %or the development o% tourism pro.ects and activities) 1his is why, I %ind it important to %urther prepare a %ortiori in this area where the programs advance and the educational schemes are updated constantly to give society what it needs and demands) Stated above, I can only e+press my conviction that i% I am accepted into the program, I will put all my e%%ort and intellectual ability to contribute to the strengthening o% it and ma-e sustainability a reality and not a mirage) 1he state o% Nayarit, Me+ico my hometown and where the 2Riviera Nayarit3 is located! and the world, re/uire the presence o% pro%essional cadres who are speciali0ed in environmental science in order to promote sustainable tourism pro.ects o% all -inds) I aspire, with your acceptance, to become a tireless advocate %or the conservation o% natural resources and rational use o% them) I dream o% a better world and dream o% being a student o% this graduate program) Sincerely, 'arlos &lberto Muno0 Sanche0

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