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59  Edgecroft  Rd  
Kensington  CA  94707  USA  
TEL:  1-­‐307-­‐220-­‐1516  
M.Sc.  Strategic  Leadership  Towards  Sustainability,  Blekinge  Institute  of  Technology;  Karlskrona  SWE                  2009  
• Thesis:  Strategic  and  Practical  Applications  of  Collaborative  Innovation  Networks  for  Sustainability    
• Courses  included  strategic  management,  engineering  for  sustainability,  applying  the  Framework  for  Strategic  Sustainable  
Development,  advanced  societal  leadership  GPA  5.0/5.0  
B.A.  Economics,  History;  Certificate  Environmental  Studies,  University  of  Wisconsin-­‐  Madison;  WI,  USA                    2005  
• Graduated  with  honors,  Dean’s  List,  GPA  3.7/4  
• Studied  sustainable  development  at  Murdoch  University  in  Western  Australia  spring  of  2004  
Applied  Experience  in  Sustainability  Leadership  
Project  Manager-­‐  Contractual  Basis,  Hotel  Terra;  Jackson,  WY                              2008-­‐2009  
• Developed   sustainability   action   plan   focused   on   assessment   mechanisms   and   long-­‐term   strategies   addressing  
management  needs    
• Managed  bi-­‐lingual,  international  working  group,  organized  project  design  and  facilitated  client/group  meetings  
• Consolidated  best  practices  for  the  industry  including  green-­‐building,  staff  management,  energy  and  product  sourcing  
• Presented  results  to  peers  through  frequent  presentations/lectures/workshops  and  written  reports  
President,  Business  Action  for  Sustainable  Enterprise;  Madison,  WI                                          2004-­‐05  
• Coordinated   operations,   events,   and   long-­‐term   planning   for   non-­‐profit   partnership   between   students,   university,   and  
local  businesses  to  promote  sustainable  business  practices  and  education  in  business  school  
• Launched  multiple  student-­‐led  enterprises,  including  fair-­‐trade  coffee  partnership  and  bio-­‐diesel  waste  fuel  project  
Professional  Experience  
Innovation  Consultant,  Adventure  Ecology;  London,  UK                            2009  
• Collected  and  managed  financial  and  strategic  data  through  market  research  regarding  on-­‐line  innovation  communities  
• Developed   a   strategy   deck   for   launch   of   on-­‐line,   sustainable   innovation   start-­‐up   along   with   team   of   individuals  
distributed  throughout  Europe  
Sustainability  Consultant,  Jackson  Whole  Grocer;  Jackson,  WY                                        2007-­‐08  
• Initiated  and  managed  store’s  implementation  of  the  Natural  Step  Framework,  guiding  long-­‐term  sustainability  planning  
• Developed  and  implemented  sustainability  training  sessions  for  green  teams  and  multi-­‐lingual  line  employees  
• Facilitated  visioning  and  strategic  planning  sessions  for  management  team  to  integrate  sustainability  planning  into  long-­‐
term  development  plans  
General  Manager,  Harvest  Organics;  Jackson,  WY                            2006  
• Managed  product-­‐sourcing,  scheduling,  employee  projects  and  goals  for  bi-­‐lingual  staff  
• Oversaw   store’s   transition   from   grocer   to   café   during   high   volume   summer   season   through   creative,   fast,   on   the   job  
thinking  and  outstanding  communication  skills  
Membership  Assistant  &  Policy  Intern,  Mono  Lake  Committee;  Lee  Vining,  CA                                      2005-­‐06  
• Managed   15,000   person   membership   database   for   a   leading   environmental   non-­‐profit,   acting   as   communication   hub  
between  members  and  organization  
• Coordinated   amongst   departments   to   execute   outreach   and   fundraising   strategy   throughout   duration   of   membership  
director’s  medical  leave  
• Initiated  and  compiled  research  on  best  practices  for  non-­‐profit  web-­‐based  outreach,  leading  to  new  communication  and  
outreach  strategy  
• Intern   projects   included   assisting   policy   director   with   legal   research,   implementing   new   office   sustainability   initiatives,  
developing  and  leading  outreach  tours  of  the  lake  
Program  Intern  &  Developer,  Sustain  Dane;  Madison,  WI                                          2004-­‐05  
• Program  director  for  PRISM,  an  on-­‐line  database  of  sustainability  related  news  for  Dane  County,  Wisconsin  
• Executed   program   basics   through   web   site,   met   with   local   sustainability   leaders   to   coordinate   marketing   and   growth  
strategy  for  program  
Additional  qualifications,  project  work  and  skills  
Blogger:  Developing  content  and  building  resources  to  support  collaborationninjas.com,  an  emerging  on-­‐line  community  
focusing  on  collaboration  best  practices  for  sustainability  entrepreneurs  
Network   Developer:   Leading   the   development   of   an   on-­‐line   collaborative,   community   site   for   alumni   of   the   Masters   in  
Strategic  Leadership  Towards  Sustainability.  Responsibilities  include  project  management  and  web  site  administration  
2009  COIN  Conference  Presenter:  Published  as  part  of  the  first  annual  conference  on  Collaborative  Innovation  Networks  
(COINs),  featured  as  a  presenter