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The importance of daily lesson planning What kind of need does a teacher have at the moment of being losing

its time filling schedule charts ?...when at the moment of the class we could improvise anything we want, taking the advantage of the unknowing topic to see in classes ..and also the factor that we have the control of the classand the support of te book due to this why to plan?

Well in my point of view a trainee teacher without educational bases could teach in its own way and having volatile activities which are not established correctly at all. But in a real well prepared class ,the planning will keep teachers organized and on track while teaching, thus allowing them to teach more, help students reach objectives more easily and manage less. The better prepared the teacher is, the more likely she/he will be able to handle whatever unexpectedly happens in the lesson. This prepared lesson gives the teacher a coherent framework for an efficient learning. At the moment of the classes instead of being improving on what to give ,a good planning let the teacher to be more prepared.and also improves the confidence of the teacher when the class is given.provides a faithful basis for following classes which without this order could not take place correctly.this is for a common and unique method inn class but what about if we have students with different habilities of learning or perhaps who were sick during a period of time , in this case the planning help us when we prepare it , because we could add or modifiy the information. Also it is a proof and evidence of all the activities we have done during the class period and it is sometimes a guide for the teacher to know what to evaluate in the case of have forgotten it , and also to know the achievements and progress of students.

The plan of a class it is the imagination of how a class is going to be this involves prediction, anticipation, sequencing, organising and simplifying.all this planning has to have some characteristics like aims to be achieved or contain to be taught or resources for example. The decisions and final results depend on the teaching situation, the learners level, needs, interests and the teachers understanding of how learners learn best, the time and resources available. Planning let the teachers think about teaching in a systematic way before of getting into the classroom. It is a coherent framework which contains a logical sequence of tasks to prepare the field for more effective teaching and learning.

Plans only express your intentions and topics you want to teach in classes. Plans are projects which need to be implemented in a real classroom with real students it is not just to prepare in mind. Many things may happen which you had not anticipated so you have to have a plan B prepared or C is needed. In the end you need to adapt your plans in order to respond to your pupils actual needs nowadays the education is learning stuff for the real life . It is important to bear in prepare thoroughly. teaching the learners not the plan.