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abaisser abasourdir abattre abolir absoudre abstenir (s') accepter acclamer accompagner accorder accourir accrocher accueillir accuser

acheter achever acqurir adjoindre admettre admirer adorer adresser advenir affaiblir agacer agir aider aimer ajouter aller amnager amener amuser animer annoncer apercevoir apparatre appartenir appeler apporter apprendre app. par coeur approcher approuver armer arracher arraisonner arranger arrter arriver assaillir asseoir assister assurer astreindre attaquer atteindre attendre attirer attraper augmenter avancer aventurer avoir avoir besoin avoir raison baisser balancer balayer btir battre bavarder bler bnir blaguer blmer blanchir blesser boire bouger bouillir briser brosser broyer brler cacher casser causer cder ceindre clbrer cesser changer chanter charger chasser cheminer chercher chrir choisir chuchoter circoncire circonscrire circonvenir clore coller combattre commander commencer commettre comparatre comparer complter comprendre

to lower compter concevoir to daze, bewilder conclure to knock down to abolish concourir to absolve conduire to abstain confire to accept confondre to cheer, acclaim conjoindre to accompany connatre to admit conqurir to hurry conseiller to hang (up) consentir to welcome considrer to accuse, acknowledg e consommer to buy construire to achieve contenir to acquire conter to appoint continuer contraindre to admit to admire contredire to adore contrevenir to address contrler to happen convaincre convenir to weaken to annoy correspondre to act corriger to help corrompre to like, to love coucher to add coudre to go couper to fit courir to take coter to amuse couvrir to bring to life (a party) craindre to announce crer crier to see to appear croire to belong cueillir to call cuire culpabiliser to bring to learn danser dbattre to memorize to approach dcevoir dchirer to approve (of) to arm dcider to pull up/out dclore to hail dconfire to arrange dcoudre to stop, arrest dcourager to arrive dcouvrir to assail dcrire ddire (se) to sit down to attend dduire dfaillir to assure to compel dfaire dfendre to attack to attain dfricher to wait for dgager to attract djeuner to catch demander to increase dmnager to advance demeurer to venture dmolir to have dnoncer to need dpasser to be right dpartir to lower dpcher to sway dpeindre to sweep dpendre dpenser to build to beat dplaire dranger to chat to whine (like a sheep) descendre dsirer to bless to joke dsobir dessiner to blame to bleach dteindre to hurt, offend dtenir to drink dtester to move dtourner to boil dtruire to break dvelopper to brush devenir to grind dvtir to burn deviner to hide devoir to break diffrer diminuer to chat, cause to give up dner to put on dire to celebrate diriger to cease discourir to change discuter disjoindre to sing to load disparatre to hunt, chase dissoudre to walk on divorcer donner to look for to cherish dormir to choose doubler to whisper douter to circumcise chapper to contain chouer clore to circumvent to close conduire to stick couter to combat craser to order crire to begin, to start effacer to commit effrayer to appear gayer to compare lever to complete to understand

to count, intend to conceive to conclude to compete to drive to preserve to confuse to unite to know to conquer to recommend to consent to consider to consume to construct to contain, to fit to recount to continue to compel to contradict to contravene to control to convince to convene to correspond to correct to corrupt to put to bed to sew to cut to run to cost to cover to fear to create to shout to believe to gather to cook to make one feel guilty to dance to debate to disappoint to rip to decide to reopen to be beaten to unpick to discourage to discover to describe to retract to deduce to faint to undo to defend to lay groundwork to free to have lunch to ask for to move to live, stay to demolish to denounce to exceed to accord to hurry to depict to depend to spend to displease to disturb to descend to desire, to wish to disobey to draw to bleach to hold to hate to divert to destroy to develop to become to undress to guess to have to to differ to diminish to have dinner to say to direct to discourse to discuss to disconnect to disappear to dissolve to divorce to give to sleep to pass to doubt to escape to fail to hatch to dismiss to listen to crush to write to erase to frighten to entertain to raise

lire loigner embrasser emmener moudre emparer empcher employer empreindre emprunter enclore encourager encourir endormir enduire enfreindre enfuir (s') engager enjoindre enlever ennuyer noncer enqurir (s') enregistrer enseigner ensuivre (s') entendre enterrer entraner entreprendre entrer entretenir entrouvrir envoler envoyer peler pouser preindre prouver quivaloir esprer essayer essuyer estimer tablir teindre tendre tonner tourdir tre treindre tudier valuer viter exagrer exclure excuser exiger exister expliquer explorer exprimer faiblir fcher faillir faire falloir feindre fliciter fendre fermer feuilleter fier finir fixer fonder fondre forcer forclore fouiller fournir frapper frmir frire fuir fumer gagner garder gaspiller gter geindre geler gner grer goter grandir gratter grler grimper gronder gurir habiller habiter har hsiter hoqueter ignorer imposer inclure indiquer induire informer inquiter

to elect inscrire to move away insister to kiss, embrace instruire to take interdire intresser to sharpen to impare interroger to prevent interrompre to employ, use intervenir to imprint interroger to borrow introduire to enclose inventer to encourage inviter to incur jaillir jaser to fall asleep to coat jaunir jeter to infringe to run away joindre to bind jouer to enjoin jouir to remove juger to bore, annoy jurer kidnapper to state to inquire klaxonner to record lcher to teach laisser to ensue lancer to hear laver to bury lever to involve, to pull lire to undertake loger to enter louer to look after luire maigrir to half-open maintenir to take flight to send manger to spell manquer marcher to marry to juice maudire to test; to feel mconnatre to equal mdire to hope mfier to try mlanger to wipe menacer mener to estimate to establish mentir to extinguish, turn off mprendre to stretch mpriser to astonish mriter to stun, daze mesurer to be mettre to embrace modrer to study monter montrer to evaluate to avoid moquer mordre to exaggerate to exclude moudre mouiller to excuse to demand mourir to exist nager to explain natre to explore naviguer to express ngliger to weaken ngocier neiger to get angry to lack nettoyer to make, do neutraliser to be necessary nier noircir to feign to congratulate nommer to split, crack noter to close nouer to leaf through nourrir to depend on noyer to finish nuire to fix obir to found obliger to melt obtenir to force occlure to debar occuper to dig deeply offrir to furnish, provide oindre to knock omettre to shudder oser oublier to fry to flee ouvrir to smoke paratre parcourir to win, earn, gain to keep pardonner to waste parler to spoil partager to groan participer partir to freeze to bother parvenir to manage passer to taste patiner to grow payer to scratch, grate pcher pcher to hail to climb peigner peindre to scold to cure peler to dress pendre to live pntrer to hate penser to hesitate percevoir to hiccup perdre to be unaware of, ignoreprir permettre to impose to include persuader peser to indicate to mislead pianoter to inform placer to worry plaindre

to write down to insist to instruct to forbid to interest to interrogate to interrupt to intervene to question to introduce to invent to invite to spurt out to chatter to turn yellow to throw to join to play to enjoy to judge to swear, vow to kidnap to honk to loosen to leave to throw to wash to lift, stand to read to lodge to rent to shine to lose weight to maintain to eat to miss to walk, to function to curse to be unaware of to malign to mistrust to mix to threaten to lead to lie to mistake to scorn to merit to measure to put to moderate to climb to show to mock to bite to mill, grind to wet to die to swim to be born to navigate to neglect to negotiate to snow to clean to neutralize to deny to blacken to name to write down to tie, knot to feed to drown to harm to obey to oblige to obtain, to get to occlude to occupy to offer to anoint to omit to dare to forget to open to seem to cover, travel to forgive to talk to share to participate to leave to reach to pass, spend time to skate to pay to sin to fish to comb to paint to peel to hang to enter to think to perceive to lose to perish to permit to persuade to weigh to tap (ike a piano) to put to pity

plaire plaisanter planter pleurer pleuvoir plier plonger poindre pondre porter poser possder poursuivre pousser pouvoir prdire prfrer prendre prparer (parer) prescrire prsenter pressentir presser prtendre prter prvaloir (se) prvenir prvoir prier produire projeter promener promettre prononcer proposer proscrire protger prouver provenir puer punir qurir quitter raconter ralentir ranger rappeler rassurer rater ravir recevoir reconduire reconnatre reconstruire recoudre recourir recouvrir rcrire recueillir rdiger redire rduire rlire refaire rflchir reflter refuser regarder regretter rejeter rejoindre relire remarquer remercier remettre remoudre remplacer remplir rencontrer rendre renoncer renouveler rentrer renvoyer rpandre reparatre rparer repasser repeindre repentir (se) reprer rpter rpondre reposer reprendre rprimander reproduire rsoudre ressembler ressentir rester restreindre reteindre retenir retourner russir rveiller rvler revendiquer revenir rver revtir revoir riposter

to please rire to joke rompre to plant, to crash (pc) rougir to cry rouler to rain rouvrir to fold, bend saillir to dive saisir to dawn salir satisfaire to lay (an egg) to wear, to carry sauter to put sauver to possess savoir to pursue secouer to push secourir to be able sduire to predict sjourner to prefer sembler to take sentir to prepare sparer to subscribe serrer to introduce servir to have a premonition siffler to squeeze signaler signer to claim to loan signifier skier to pride oneself on to prevent songer to foresee sonner to pray sortir to produce souffler to project souffrir to walk souhaiter to promise souiller to pronounce soumettre to propose, suggest sourire to prohibit souscrire to protect soutenir to prove souvenir (se) to come from, be due t osubir to stink subvenir sucer to punish to summon succomber to leave suffire suggrer to tell, recount to slow down suivre to arrange supplier to recall supposer to reassure supporter to miss surprendre to delight survenir to receive survivre to renew survoler to recognize susciter to rebuild tapoter teindre to sew back on to run again tlphoner tendre to recover to rewrite tenir to collect, gather tenter to write terminer to repeat tirer to reduce tomber to re-elect tondre to redo tonner to think toquer to reflect tordre to refuse toucher tourner to look at to regret tousser to reject tracer to rejoin traduire to reread trahir to notice traiter to thank transcrire to put back (on) transmettre to regrind transparatre to replace travailler to fill traverser to meet tressaillir tricher to give back to renounce tromper to renew trouver to return home tuer to dismiss tutoyer to spread, spill unifier to reappear unir to repair user to iron, to pass again utiliser to repaint vaincre to repent valoir to locate vanter to repeat varier to answer veiller to rest vendre to take again, to recove venger to reprimand venir to reproduce verdir to resolve vrifier to resemble verser to feel vtir to remain vieillir to restrict viser to dye again visiter to retain vivre to return voiler to succeed voir to wake up voler voter to reveal to take responsibility vouloir to come back vouvoyer to dream voyager to put on warranter to see again zbrer to counteract zzayer zoner

to laugh to break to redden, blush to roll, to drive (a car) to reopen to protrude to seize to soil to satisfy to jump to save, rescue to know to shake to help to seduce to sojourn to seem to feel, smell to separate to grasp, squeeze to serve to whistle to signal to sign to mean to ski to dream to ring to go out to blow, pant to suffer to wish to soil to submit to smile to subscribe to support to remember to undergo to provide for to suck to succumb to suffice to suggest to follow to beg to suppose to support, endure to surprise to occur to survive to fly over to cause to tap to dye to call to strain, strive to hold to try, to tempt to end to pull to fall to shear, mow to thunder to knock to twist to affect to turn to cough to draw to translate to betray to treat, to negotiate to transcribe to transmit to show through to work to cross to shudder to trick, cheat to deceive, mislead to find to kill to use "tu" to unify to unite to wear out to use to defeat to be worth to praise to vary to stay up to sell to avenge to come to turn green to verify to pour to clothe to age to aim to visit to live to veil to see to steal, fly to vote to want to use "vous" to travel to guarantee with a warr to stripe to lisp to zone

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