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Spelling Activities

1.Write spelling words in ABC order. 2. Write a poem using at least 8 spelling words. 3. Use graph paper or the website www.puzzlemaker.comto create a word search using all of yourspelling words. 4. Create a cartoon strip using at least 8 spelling words. 5. Write your spelling words 4 times each. 12. Stairs Write each spelling word as shown below: Example: exit e ex exi exit 13. Write words in reverse ABC order. 14. Write the words neatly in cursive. 15. *Use all of your spelling words to write 10 questions. Each question should have one spelling word. Dont forget your punctuation. 16. Write an antonym for each word. 24. Write your words in a secret code (include the code legend) 22. Assign points to the letters of the alphabet and find the sums of the list words. eg a=1, b=2, c=3 28. Missing Consonants Write your spelling words, leaving blank spaces for all consonants. Example: __a__ __ e__ (answer: carpet)

23. Find the ratio of vowels to consonants in each words. Eg vintage 3/4 29. Missing Vowels Write your spelling words, leaving blank spaces for all vowel letters. Examples: bl__ck =black l__st =list b__x =box

25. Alliterative Phrases or Sentences Choose 5 of your spelling words and write 6. Write each spelling word you missed five alliterative phrases or sentences. An on the pretest 10 times each. alliteration uses the same initial letter. 17. Look up your words in the dictionary. You may include a word or two that do not 7. Divide each spelling word into syllables. Write their meaning. begin with the same initial letter. Be sure to underline your spelling words. 8. Put 10 spelling words in sentences. 18. Using your dictionary, find 10 of Examples: deep down in the dungeon, tiny (One word per sentence) your spelling words. Write down the page town sheep shout number and two guide words at the top of 9. Type your spelling list four times on a the dictionary page. eg Lone pg. 514, computer, with each list typed in a differ- loge long 26. Create a Word Search (use ent font. Print it out. 19. Classify the words according to part 27. Choose 5 of your spelling words. List 10. Write out your spelling words using of speech noun, adjective, verb, adverb these words on the left side of your pared for vowels and blue for consonants. per. Then write the definitions of each 11. Rainbow Words Write your spelling 20. Write a letter to a friend with several word on the right side of the paper but mix words with a crayon. Trace over each words in it. them up so a partner would be able to word with another color. Now trace each match the words and definition. DO NOT word one more time with another col21. Choose your favourite word and make SOLVE. our. DO NOT use black or brown. an acrostic poem

30. Money Code Choose 10 spelling words. Using the money chart, add up the cost of each of your words. Number your paper and write the words and their values. Example: thing t (5c) + h (10c) + i (15c) + n (5c) + g (5c) = 40c
31. Proofreading Practice Pick 5 spelling words. For each word write a group of words that look like your spelling word, but are misspelled slightly. Dont forget to include the correct spelling word to the group of words, too. DO NOT SOLVE. righht rite right Right

Spelling Activities
32. Scrabble Tiles Pick 10 spelling words and use your Scrabble Tiles to build the words. Add up the value of the letters in each of your spelling words. Number your paper and list your words in order from the lowest value to the greatest value. Example: house h (4) + o (1) + u (1) + s (1) + e (1) = 8 35. Telephone Words Choose 10 spelling words. Translate your words into numbers using a telephone key pad and add up the value of each letter. Number your paper and write the word and its value. Example: block= b (2) + l (5) + o (6) + c (2) + k (5) = 20 37. True or False? Pick 10 of your spelling words and write statements to explain their meaning. Some of the statements should be true, and others should be false. Be sure to write True or False next to each statement and underline each spelling word. DO NOT SOLVE. Examples: You go to preschool when you are 12 years old. True or False If you uncover a pot you take the lid 36. The Conversation Pick 10 of your spelling words and write a off. True or False dialogue between two characters using the words. Be sure to use quotation marks around the words that are being 38.Word Cousins said by a character. Underline each Choose 5 spelling words and put them spelling word. into a word bank at the top of your paper. Example: Hey Jack, do you want to skate Write 3 clues relating to each word and to the park? asked Matt. leave a blank after the clues. The words Jack replied, I would love to but where is can be related by similar categories. that place? Examples: Coat, raincoat, hat,____________ (answer:jacket) Toast, peanut butter, cream cheese, __________(answer:jelly) 39. Words-in-Words Choose 5 of your spelling words and then write at least two words that you can make from each. You may scramble the letters to create new words. Example: shower show owe row

40. Choose 15 words and draw a picture to illustrate each word. Make sure to write the words next to the picture.

33. Scrambled Words Pick 10 of your spelling words and write them on the left side of your paper, but scramble the letters of each word. Next to each word, leave a blank line, and write a clue or an illustration. Example: cholos________ a place where you learn

41. Write your words in a spiral, changing colours for each new word.

42. Write your spelling words in order from the one with the most letters to the one with the least letters. In case of ties, put the tied words in ABC Order.

34. Silly Sentences Choose 5 of your spelling words and write 5 silly sentences. Underline each spelling word. Choose one of your silly sentences and illustrate it. Example: The long line at the grocery store was empty.

43. Write sentences using the letters in each spelling word. Example: rain=Ronald always ingests nuts.

44. Write your words backwards. Example: school=loohcs